Jason Momoa Makes a Rockin’ Entrance as Elvis

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Jason Momoa made a royal entrance as Elvis, and told Ellen about his longtime obsession with the King of Rock 'n' Roll, including the time he dressed as the music icon for a Playboy Mansion party. Plus, the Hollywood hunk chatted about his revealing cameo on "Saturday Night Live," and why he got in trouble with his former "Game of Thrones" co-star Kit Harington.

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Leo Nolan tribute to elvis
Leo Nolan tribute to elvis Hace 4 días
That suit cost near 3 gramd from b and k entetprises they made elvi's suits and clothing glasses cost near 100 and the shoes are wrong epvis wore floorsheim duke ankle boots
Esther Huang
Esther Huang Hace 12 días
He kind of looks like bob ross with that hair- is it just me-
SoNpL1X Hace un mes
Лайк если по превью подумал что - это Киркоров
Jeffrey Moscardelli
Jeffrey Moscardelli Hace un mes
The only man to pull off that much pink
Genisse Franklin
Genisse Franklin Hace un mes
Awww cute
M Nim
M Nim Hace un mes
You just can't help but absolutely adore him. 😘
Jamie Lyn Guzman
Jamie Lyn Guzman Hace 2 meses
If this movie thing doesnt work out, he can always be a stipper.
Fajra Arief
Fajra Arief Hace 3 meses
What is this? Santa elvis?
cool dude
cool dude Hace 3 meses
Dang he is so lucky that he got to go to the playboy mansion.
Luz Galan
Luz Galan Hace 3 meses
*imma need Aquaman, Eric killmonger in a black panther suit, and Thor odinson in a battle, make it happen* 😂
Jessica Dennis
Jessica Dennis Hace 3 meses
Ellen's hands look so uncomfortable
C Hace 3 meses
That wig he is wearing is horrendous.
Manow ;
Manow ; Hace 3 meses
I thought he was Rick flair the theme song
Shylah Maaele
Shylah Maaele Hace 3 meses
Polynesian people always look tough but we are just big teddy bears
Afif Abdullah
Afif Abdullah Hace 4 meses
You see how good he does the accent absolutely not exaggerating at all
Afif Abdullah
Afif Abdullah Hace 4 meses
Elvis and Cardi E?
Sander Legrand
Sander Legrand Hace 4 meses
The girl dressed like Sandy cheeks is super cute 😃
Ilona Majercsik
Ilona Majercsik Hace 4 meses
Jason Momoa! Not good! You can't follow Elvis! It's not good anymore, don't make yourself laugh! Elvis Presley was the King forever too !!!🤘👑🤴
Valarie Parks
Valarie Parks Hace 4 meses
I would have slapped" fainted!!!! Lol Love Jason❤
Jess in king
Jess in king Hace 4 meses
this show is so cheesy
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan Hace 4 meses
I like this Jason better than his 19 yo self
Happy Life
Happy Life Hace 4 meses
Do you know MARIO CIMARRO? See their similarity.
Debbie O
Debbie O Hace 4 meses
Ooohhhh, Baywatch! Ok!
jelly candy
jelly candy Hace 4 meses
Pink Elvis, pelvis
Lisa Earman
Lisa Earman Hace 4 meses
Ellen you have great legs!!!!!!
Silly Willy
Silly Willy Hace 4 meses
I love him
L Barcelo
L Barcelo Hace 4 meses
Butterfly Sky
Butterfly Sky Hace 4 meses
♡♥♡♥♡... :) :) :)
Noel Tobit de la Fuente
Noel Tobit de la Fuente Hace 4 meses
Jason Momoa needs to be in the LOTR series!
William González
William González Hace 4 meses
Chespi Ocanas
Chespi Ocanas Hace 4 meses
Thank ya ma ma
Stanley Mwadime
Stanley Mwadime Hace 4 meses
So the khal can dance. Never knew that did that. 😀😀
Velagala Reddy
Velagala Reddy Hace 4 meses
I never felt ellen so hot ....she looks freaking sexy in that dress ...
Keanu Rae Salles
Keanu Rae Salles Hace 4 meses
Jason momoa , Chris Hemsworth and Roman Reigns look like an alpha male imagine them in one movie
Jacob H. B.
Jacob H. B. Hace 4 meses
Nah. They are just the buff dudes. Guys like jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Ed Harris and Clint Eastwood. That's the real definitions of alpha males
Roxy KandyKoRn
Roxy KandyKoRn Hace 4 meses
My all time 3 favorite men!!!💋💖💕
Glen CoCo
Glen CoCo Hace 4 meses
My two favourite actors chris Hemsworth and jason mamoa
Glen CoCo
Glen CoCo Hace 4 meses
Flawless lawless
Flawless lawless Hace 4 meses
both Chris and Jason got that pure Leo vibes
Miss Kate Qazaqstan
Miss Kate Qazaqstan Hace 4 meses
Выход как мелодия из передачи Что? Где? Когда?
mcl karaboulad
mcl karaboulad Hace 4 meses
Gosh, it feels like this guy never shower ....
Larissa D.
Larissa D. Hace 4 meses
If Disney is going to make a new version of Lilo and Stich, Jason should be in it as an Elvis imitator. 😂
Strix aluco
Strix aluco Hace 4 meses
For the first time I find Ellen attractive
Anne Rubia
Anne Rubia Hace 4 meses
Jason mamoa hiding his pen** mark. Omg hevs huge. Haha
I BATMAN Hace 4 meses
Jason momoa exists Audience : WOWOODOOSOWIOWOOOOO
D-Rock Pain
D-Rock Pain Hace 4 meses
Love Momoa, love Elvis
Anna Otarola
Anna Otarola Hace 4 meses
Love Jason ❤️😍
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva Hace 4 meses
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Hace 4 meses
I saw Jason Momoa I clicked on Jason Momoa I like Jason Momoa I might be pregnant
250 jo
250 jo Hace 4 meses
Ellen feels strange with those long nails
SHARMILA sikindar
SHARMILA sikindar Hace 4 meses
Ellen dressed as Nicki minaj 🤣
Keisha Iz Awesome
Keisha Iz Awesome Hace 4 meses
Only Jason Mamoa can come out as Elvis tp Ric Flair'a music and still be cool 😍😂👏🏾
Mary Louise
Mary Louise Hace 4 meses
She pulls that look off perfectly..
Mermaid Soul
Mermaid Soul Hace 4 meses
Ellen, you have beautiful legs 🌸🌸🌸 Great show ✨✨✨
EZAN Hace 4 meses
0:45 that guy in blue is so cute omg. Clapping his paws omg 💙
Navy Hace 4 meses
shady bish
shady bish Hace 4 meses
The sexiest man on earth rn imo
Harsh Pratap Singh
Harsh Pratap Singh Hace 4 meses
Where Ellen was hiding those😍
Martin S
Martin S Hace 4 meses
Dude is a trip! I wouldnt be married of I were him.
Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect Hace 4 meses
Something's different about Aquaman. I don't know what it is... 🤔
Jason M
Jason M Hace 4 meses
I love him, man crush, seems like a great guy
Lilly Pahl
Lilly Pahl Hace 4 meses
I love how Ellen doesn't know what to do with her hands with those nails 🤣
rocklesson86 Hace 4 meses
He is sexy AF.
Кирилл Шишканов
Кирилл Шишканов Hace 4 meses
Ellen is very sexy!
Hasnain Raza Bawany
Hasnain Raza Bawany Hace 4 meses
Rajnikanth Tamil Super star 😀
Wouter Faes
Wouter Faes Hace 5 meses
for me he will be Ronan Dex forever
Austin Scottish
Austin Scottish Hace 5 meses
He didn’t move like Elvis at all
Miguel Ceron
Miguel Ceron Hace 5 meses
tengo bien prendido el anafre
Rosana Angela Costa
Rosana Angela Costa Hace 5 meses
Que bela performance Jason momoa adorei
rennie rad
rennie rad Hace 5 meses
Sai Misbah
Sai Misbah Hace 5 meses
Chakib. Smerjel. And. Said smerjel.
Derek Dsouza
Derek Dsouza Hace 5 meses
Lsd party
Ms. GoLightly
Ms. GoLightly Hace 5 meses
I want to clone an exact duplicate of him for myself! 🥰😍😘😍
Matt Sundby
Matt Sundby Hace 5 meses
Those seats are soaked.
Jones Family
Jones Family Hace 5 meses
Truly, a hunka hunka burnin’ ❤️!
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