Jason Momoa Lost His Shirt at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

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Hace 9 meses

Jason Momoa explained why he didn't have a shirt by the time he arrived to the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. Plus, the star talks about his future as "Aquaman."

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rocking rambo
rocking rambo Hace 6 días
Beardless aquaman
Fetina Wimberly
Fetina Wimberly Hace 19 días
nishqas Hace 27 días
Lisa Bonet ftw
Kimmy Hawk
Kimmy Hawk Hace un mes
Lisa Bonet is a lucky woman!
Melissa Warfield
Melissa Warfield Hace 2 meses
Jason is awesome! Jason, you look tremendous without the beard. Love you both ways.
Liz Hitt
Liz Hitt Hace 3 meses
He’s the only man who makes the man-bun look hot 😍
Mermaid Soul
Mermaid Soul Hace 3 meses
His so gorgeous 🌸🌸🌸
Donna Milligan
Donna Milligan Hace 3 meses
Lillith Rivera
Lillith Rivera Hace 3 meses
Our scrunchie wearing God
boston babe
boston babe Hace 3 meses
He is the perfect man.
Nahla _
Nahla _ Hace 4 meses
Besides being attractive, he seems a genuine, nice guy :-) I like him a lot.
Miss S.
Miss S. Hace 4 meses
Aquaman 2 would be fine, especially if another actor plays the part of "Mera".
Caitlyn Bowling
Caitlyn Bowling Hace 4 meses
Jason Momoa is a VSCO Boy.
Pedro Rivera
Pedro Rivera Hace 4 meses
Only real man can wear pink!
Kimberly Corbett
Kimberly Corbett Hace 4 meses
Clara Cerqueira
Clara Cerqueira Hace 4 meses
omg he's amazing i'm crying hahahahaha
Alex Hace 4 meses
The Sexiest man alive
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous Hace 4 meses
Is this man wearing a scrunchie
Raj Biswas
Raj Biswas Hace 4 meses
You see Aquaman and Ronan Dax of Sateda every time 😂
Lismary Perez
Lismary Perez Hace 4 meses
Grr that man bun 🔥 💀
Abdelfattah Ben Mahdjoub
Abdelfattah Ben Mahdjoub Hace 5 meses
Hold on did he say he loves pink and has pink cadilike
Sanuri Madushani
Sanuri Madushani Hace 5 meses
Love u Jason ❤️
Nikki Olson
Nikki Olson Hace 6 meses
Oh my heart!
Brian Nicole
Brian Nicole Hace 6 meses
He have a great personality I like him
S.L. S.L.
S.L. S.L. Hace 6 meses
Beautiful man inside and out
Kina Malondon
Kina Malondon Hace 6 meses
I love you Ellen 😍
Dan A
Dan A Hace 6 meses
He changed ALOT
Marilyn Catalano
Marilyn Catalano Hace 7 meses
Devastatingly, gloriously handsome. Has the voice and the body. He is the most beautifullllll man on this or any other planet. Adonis come to life. Whew!!!!!
Hotsauc3 Hace 7 meses
The only guy who can rock pink confidently and make it look manly😂
Leila Nevarez
Leila Nevarez Hace 7 meses
Randell Phillips
Randell Phillips Hace 7 meses
3:02 Aquaman becomes Davy Jones😂😂
dianne Davenport
dianne Davenport Hace 7 meses
Jason momoa the perfect man BEAUTIFUL!!! I want you I love you Jason God BLESS
Thea Jones
Thea Jones Hace 8 meses
Good God! What man!
Christabell Catherine
Christabell Catherine Hace 8 meses
Wow ,he's amazing
Kees Manuel
Kees Manuel Hace 8 meses
He is funny 😄 great artist. Greetings
Samantha Booth
Samantha Booth Hace 9 meses
My God he looks so good
Sandra Brody
Sandra Brody Hace 9 meses
I LOVE how he doesn't take himself to seriously. And how he talks about (and listens to) his wife he obviously adores her
K T Hace 9 meses
🗣️ I love you Jason 🤣
Miranda Mican
Miranda Mican Hace 9 meses
*puts hair up* Crowd gets pregnant
Dr. Chandan Gumra
Dr. Chandan Gumra Hace 9 meses
Lashena Rodulfo
Lashena Rodulfo Hace 9 meses
God knew exactly what he was doing when he created him
Sara Hace 9 meses
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott Hace 9 meses
What a man..
Jessy Jess
Jessy Jess Hace 9 meses
What a Man what a Man What a mighty mighty good Man 🎶 I would love him to carry me 🥰
The Bobby Jarel
The Bobby Jarel Hace 9 meses
He seems like such a nice person
Harry B
Harry B Hace 9 meses
The water can idea is great but will it be successful because aluminium will rise the price of the water sales and won't the manufacturing of the cans might produce lot of chemical waste. It is just a doubt I had in my mind I hope there will be on plastic and clean sea in the future and also I will be happy if it comes in India in later days. Ellen I love your show and I am a fan of your work I would love to do the same too
Isaac Hazan
Isaac Hazan Hace 9 meses
Hi ellen
Isaac Hazan
Isaac Hazan Hace 9 meses
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 Hace 9 meses
He’s cute like a teddy bear 🐻💓
rko32491 Hace 9 meses
So there's going to be a second
Μάνια Ελένη
Μάνια Ελένη Hace 9 meses
Aqua man water...what a genius🤷🏻‍♀️
SirWes Hace 9 meses
I think Ronin is awesome...
Vania Thomas
Vania Thomas Hace 9 meses
Men need to take notes. This is a MAN ☝🏼
Vania Thomas
Vania Thomas Hace 9 meses
Now this is what you can Masculinity. To a "T" . He loves his wife lisa bonnet to death . He's a mans man. I love it.
Isaias Barros
Isaias Barros Hace 9 meses
King!!! yeah
Allison taylor
Allison taylor Hace 9 meses
What a wonderful man he is and great to look at!!!
Snap Back
Snap Back Hace 9 meses
As he ages he will get sexier 😍
betterknownas Hace 9 meses
I think Ellen had to rethink about scaring him because he might actually punch someone out by instinct lol I mean, yes, he's a humble, sweet chill guy and all, but there's a primal side to him that I'm not sure she wanted to test with a prank lol
emercycrite Hace 9 meses
The pink scrunchie: the real measure of manliness
upasana sahoo
upasana sahoo Hace 9 meses
Destroying toxic masculinity with a scrunchie. That's Jason Momoa for ya world.!!! :*:*:*
Rayssa Barroso
Rayssa Barroso Hace 9 meses
Literally the most loved man ever. What a win Lisa Bonet
No Name
No Name Hace 9 meses
Does anyone else think of Micheal Keaton when they hear Jason Mamoa talk? I think they sound very similar.
ModaLisa Hace 9 meses
That man is beautiful INSIDE and out. Just like his stunning wife. The eyes truly are the window to the soul. You can literally see in thier eyes that they are genuinely humble, kind, good people. Just my humble opinion 💙
lilli lilli
lilli lilli Hace 9 meses
He do good 😍
Nersan Karen
Nersan Karen Hace 9 meses
I know this wont happen but what If Aquaman the alive avengers be a team
Safiyya Choonara
Safiyya Choonara Hace 9 meses
Khal Drogo 😍 who else?
Sarah Zaidi
Sarah Zaidi Hace 9 meses
God, I love him.
twistedcircus89 Hace 9 meses
jason and lisa are couple goals
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