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More than 74,000 people have now been infected with the coronavirus. Outside of China the biggest cluster of cases has been aboard the cruise ship the Diamond Princess, which has been in quarantine in the Japanese port of Yokohama for two weeks. Hundreds of passengers who have tested negative for the virus have started leaving the ship and are returning to their home countries. The death toll from the coronavirus has now surpassed 2,000, and the virus has spread to more than 20 countries around the world on five continents.
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あんこに包まれたもち Hace 14 días
i am japanese
Road Trip
Road Trip Hace 22 días
I have few friends currently living in Japan and when they contacted the government or local hospital to test for Covid-19, they were refused to take a test. This is very dangerous and Japanese government will be punished for not testing their innocent citizens
Michael Untouchable
Michael Untouchable Hace 27 días
Japan is a cunning country. Who says Japanese are accurate? Nope that is just past myth.
chima chibi
chima chibi Hace 22 días
It’s turned out they handled this admirably. Look at their corona statistics. Compare that to yours.
Luxury Trading
Luxury Trading Hace un mes
Japanese known for detailing and accuracy at work, had fallen to the ground on corona. Very lax quarantine done on cruise and berthed more cases.
chima chibi
chima chibi Hace 22 días
Luxury Trading They handled it admirably. I’m sure your country is doing far better with the coronavirus tho. Let the outcome speak for itself.
Saki A
Saki A Hace un mes
I don’t understand why all the blame on Japan , when the ship is owned by USA and Britain... It’s not fair to help hundreds of people and did everything Japan could do. and if you still want to criticize Japan, tell me better solution how it could have done for those possible infected people from different countries.
stephane g
stephane g Hace un mes
Quarantine to protect the country is strict in every country even USA.
Sturm Tiger
Sturm Tiger Hace un mes
I feel like japan is hiding something like the radiation.
Urashima Hanako
Urashima Hanako Hace 28 días
@Sanjay Gupta Um... I just don't get what you mean. Well don't worry, I've got better things to do rather than talking with someone saying strange things. Have a good day, sir.
Urashima Hanako
Urashima Hanako Hace un mes
Yu Kay Yeah, things they don’t like, they hide it.
Yu Kay
Yu Kay Hace un mes
they always do.
Experience Miyazaki Japan
Experience Miyazaki Japan Hace un mes
Panic Buying in Miyazaki Japan.
Neal Robinson
Neal Robinson Hace un mes
We can’t figure out how an enclosed ship where the AC system likely re-circulates air became an incubator for an airborne virus.
TBL College
TBL College Hace un mes
GOJ should leave medical experts handle the situation. Government officials in Japan are not qualified and they dismiss experts input. So absurd and detrimental to global society.
smokenbudesq Hace un mes
well they kept them there long enough to all be infected.
Allison Kelly
Allison Kelly Hace un mes
I Wish That Cruise Ship Would Just Go Back in China And Leave It Should Never Had Ported in Japan To Their Doorstep Those Scientist Who Are Definitely Working on Killing The Coronavirus For Good With a New Vaccine So This Quarantine Will Be Over
Coyote League
Coyote League Hace un mes
the medical system in Japan and S.Korea is soooo weak
John Christian
John Christian Hace un mes
Didn't Cain Murder Abel ? Why no internet for Abel ?
Kawaii geek
Kawaii geek Hace un mes
Haha the quarantine is a joke, the virus has an incubation time of 2 to 4 weeks.
天才みゆき Hace un mes
I'm sorry I was wrong. The person who returned home from Diamond Princess caught a fever to positive.
Tamara Fletcher
Tamara Fletcher Hace un mes
Governments want this to spread
Amy Hace un mes
It's a British flagship being managed by an American company. What do you expect to Japan, while you don't bing your own citizens back home?
Spiritual Awareness
Spiritual Awareness Hace un mes
This is concerning. If an infectious diseases doctor, that wasn't scared of ebola, sars and cholera, is scared of covd19, what hope is there for the rest of the world. I thank him for letting me know that the governments, authorities etc have no control of this out outbreak, even if they pretend to.
FRANK TORO Hace un mes
Anyone up for a cruise?
Alex Salecki
Alex Salecki Hace un mes
Why China why did u go on the Princess u's i am not being mean but why get sienctics to get on with the frikin cur
north undertaker
north undertaker Hace un mes
Stupidity kills
ママ茶利 Hace un mes
You English and US citizens keep this fact in your mind well. This ship 's nationality is English and owned by US company.
pure love
pure love Hace un mes
they just don't want the ship to become a huge graveyard.. so they rather let them off the ship and die somewhere else
pure love
pure love Hace un mes
dude, incubation time now is 40 days.. this is GG
Sharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis Hace un mes
This sad situation should never have developed .... airborne virus plus air con spells disaster. Letting passengers gaily go straight back into their Japanese community is promoting a pandemic. Please will someone somewhere see the reality. Isolate, monitor, stop international travel, forget the economy for a moment, life is our richest commodity.... please respect and act now with honesty and wisdom.
umibooozu Hace un mes
Somes Japaneses politicians are totally irresponsible. Providing there appearance before science. Now we know what kind of country it is
outdooralpin Hace un mes
Really is this true, that the dear japanese passangers left by public transport without further quarantine?
L Rina
L Rina Hace un mes
Yes, it's true. It was also found that 23 people left the ship without test and Japan Ministry of Health appologized few days ago but still has no intention of quarantine for those people. Ministry of Health officialy announced they have no plan of running any virus test to doctors, nurses and staff who were working on that ship except MOH staff as of now.
samurai 4444
samurai 4444 Hace un mes
Who to blame ? Communist China 🇨🇳! Xi hasn’t made apologies to the world :( Evil Communist :(
samurai 4444
samurai 4444 Hace un mes
Just remember who to blame ? This ship belongs to GB ! The US company planned this tour. There were already passengers who were infected in HK but no counties want this cruise ship to be handled but Japan ! Japan did your favor using our tax payers money !! But you must remember that the authority to handle this ship was given to GB who actually this ship belongs to! Japan’s hands were tied by two countries GB and The USA ! There could be the better way to handle but who will bring 3700 passengers to release from the ship to roam around Tokyo ? Thanks 🙏to Japan to handle this ship ! GB should take some responsibility and the US tour company who planned this tour ! DO NOT BLAME JAPAN PLZ 👿😡‼️
L Rina
L Rina Hace un mes
I don't think the world is blaming Japan for what they did on that ship. However you may want to see the fact that they let almost 1000 people off the ship without proper quarantine...and most of them took public transport. Not to mention, 1 tested positive and 23 people were not even tested.
CR CO. Png
CR CO. Png Hace un mes
Turn it into a Coronavirus Hospital Now, keep infectees away from other Hospitals.
6 jikojiko
6 jikojiko Hace un mes
Japanese government deliberately reduces coronavirus testing for fear of impact on the Olympics. The test will reveal that there are many patients. Actually, many people in Japan are complaining of unexplained pneumonia. But the government does not try to test. Japanese people are suffering very much because of government. Sorry for my poor English. But unless I tell this fact to the world, the Japanese government will not work.
L Rina
L Rina Hace un mes
I saw many people tweeting about being refused for the virus test in Japan(#検査拒否). 9 year old boy running 38+ fever & terrible cough more than 4 days but his mother is still being refused for a test and there isn't much hospitals can do. That is so sad. I am following the official announcement by Ministry of Health, Japan but the number tested so far is like 1,700....way too low compared to Korea and Singapore. Korea has done like over 30,000 tests. What is wrong with Japanese government? It is so corrupted and I feel sorry for you.
Xinguano Hace un mes
Dude,this is sad 😢😢😢😢
U CancerChina
U CancerChina Hace un mes
Don't blame japan, it's the China's fault.
Fumi Yama
Fumi Yama Hace un mes
Testing negative does not mean you are safe. it could hibernate in your body
Blessed B Thy WiLL
Blessed B Thy WiLL Hace un mes
I get phone calls saying I won free trips on cruise over the last 4 months... so glad I never said yes..
Lu5ck Hace un mes
Cruise ship air ventilation does not have flirtation in every single room. Being stuck in such air ventilation, it is only waiting to be infected. A country as big as japan cannot find a quarantine zone for 600 passenger prove how degraded japan has become.
Harry Fire
Harry Fire Hace un mes
How many people remain aboard the Diamond Princess as of February 24th? I've been trying for 7 days to figure this out no one mentions it although the lady in this video said several thousand the second guess it started with Sirius 700 in about 700 or left so there's 3,000 left in my opinion
ali hadun
ali hadun Hace un mes
japan help spreading corona virus in that ship.and world
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc Hace un mes
They've predicted several ways this bit is ends. 1) it goes away during summer when the weather is more humid then returns in winter 2) it will continue until everyone infected as been quarantined and it passes through 3) they manage to make a vaccine (which is unlikely as it's similar to other cold-related viruses where there is no way to cure it.. only treat symtoms.
Henry Boulder
Henry Boulder Hace un mes
This is where the United States military provides critical support. Military bases are where Americans are quarantined and taken care of because every base is like a little self sufficient city and the government can put in place controls to manage the situation. Japan doesn't have a military just a self defense force. They can't have a military based on the agreement signed after WW2.
Yvonne McHenry
Yvonne McHenry Hace un mes
Japanese Healthcare took tympanic(ear) temps. Reported only wiped the cap off between pts. Single largest way to spread the virus.
Sheena danielle Gomez
Sheena danielle Gomez Hace un mes
Cruise ship incubation ----> shows that virus is airborne.
smokenbudesq Hace un mes
they were passing notes around caused most of the contamination i will not rule out airborne but then every one should be infected if it is.
Dahyun Dubu
Dahyun Dubu Hace un mes
Things are getting out of hand to be honest!!!!... this is terrifying when japan didnt expect this. What more can a 3rd world country handle this situation?!?!
RioTube Hace un mes
No country has been “successful “ on this. Its not that Japan failed on quarantine of ppl on the ship, the only thing Japan could try that point was to keep infected ppl away from landing. Ppl on the ship had already been exposed to the environment full of virus for days. To see more and more ppl tested positive while the were on the ship was EXPECTED. And of course they would release the ppl after two weeks quarantine, why would they quarantine those thousands of ppl again? Where is such a place to hold thousands of ppl? And whats the point of keeping them with the same members in a same place for another two weeks again? When will it end??
Will Hace un mes
The number afterwards will tell you how many people was infected during this so called QUARANTINE. If they dont have the capacity to hold thousands of people, at least arrange the relocation step by step. THE MOVE DONE BY JAPANESE GOVERMENT SHOWS THEY HAVE CLEARLY NO COMPASSION FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER. AND ADMIT THAT, YOUR GOVERNMENT IS DUMB. And you, who will BENEFIT from that on your own, good luck my Japanese friend.
cj7 doll
cj7 doll Hace un mes
Dear Lord Jesus if you aren't in this plague please let it pass! Dear Lord, if you are in the virus please have mercy on all who suffer and die from it! Amen! Pray everyone! Pray the rosary and ask that our blessed Mother Mary intercede for us to save souls and end the virus just like she interceded at the wedding at Cana in the Bible!
Gabriel P. Rosa
Gabriel P. Rosa Hace un mes
LOL seriously 🤦🏼‍♂️
Mentally Hurting
Mentally Hurting Hace un mes
How in the world do you disinfect a cruise ship?
cj7 doll
cj7 doll Hace un mes
Interesting how this virus breaks out 10months after Bill Gates talk about his "fear" of a virus outbreak....
cj7 doll
cj7 doll Hace un mes
The people were an experiment? To see how fast it could spread and who it targets?
Truth Rainer
Truth Rainer Hace un mes
No country is prepared!!!
Tomasnok Hace un mes
Do they went home or to a proper quarantine facility to restart quarantine? If they were to go home, that was to spread outbreakes and this ship was choosen to make as an incubator. Lots of japanese to make an Olympic spread.
mary jaber
mary jaber Hace un mes
Where was the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION ...WHO... when this was all going down point the finger at the organisation that’s suppose to deal with this sort of situation. This virus will target the weak , elderly and very young. It’s still mutating they have well underestimated its incubation period. 1 month minimal but 48 days to be on the safe side. This virus will develop into a bleeding problem .... designed to mix with the Ebola??????? Shame on you people who work for WHO . STOP-white washing what’s really going on and playing dumb
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang Hace un mes
Does anyone have the doctors video from within the diamond Princess? I can't seem to find it
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang Hace un mes
@smokenbudesq thanks tho
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang Hace un mes
@smokenbudesq damn I really wanted to see it
smokenbudesq Hace un mes
They took it down because it showed the sloppy handling of the situation.
Gideon one
Gideon one Hace un mes
Today, China working on cure. Plague Inc be like.
harry333ism Hace un mes
Can you blame Japan? You didn't do anything.
David Davidcin
David Davidcin Hace un mes
Was a mistake to take all the people out of that ship.
Lynn Dalton
Lynn Dalton Hace un mes
The issue really lies in NOT ALL FACTS ABOUT THE VIRUS IS KNOWN. NO research proves how and why the virus is spreading soo quickly. The Chinese Government has now confirmed that the incubation period is much longer than the initial 14 days (a 70yr old man was diagnosed after 27 days of exposure to the virus). These factors were NOT known at the time, because the virus is fairly new. Besides the Chinese Government kept the initial outbreak quiet until it had already spread fairly wide.
jonathan Stafford
jonathan Stafford Hace un mes
It’s fun how we are all waging our fingers but truth is America and other countries don’t really have a good track record on the subject
Teresa Harley
Teresa Harley Hace un mes
Let’s hope please god that ship is in lockdown, as doesn’t sail again with new customers and could most likely pick this virus up, the ship should go straight to a lockdown hanger, and leave that ship of the seas
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith Hace un mes
This virus was mutated and made to spread and kill, then it escaped from China’s bio labs or more like leaked on purpose, then they lie and then WHO was in bed with China and taking blood money.
Gabriel P. Rosa
Gabriel P. Rosa Hace un mes
西村賢治 Hace un mes
Japanese people are required formal perfection. High-level officials near the center of the country and high court lawyers are required even more formal perfection. And they get to the post without knowing any frontline job. So when a serious incident occurs, they intervene, fail to respond, and even hide it. Because no small mistake is tolerated to protect their post. So they have to make sure there were no mistakes. For the same reason, the indictment rate is 98% and it is full of false charges, and the retrial system is not functioning.
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn Hace un mes
I HOPE that after this the world will value medical staff more than athletes and actors!
Gabriel P. Rosa
Gabriel P. Rosa Hace un mes
Doubt it, the world runs on entertainment, unfortunately
bowoR Hace un mes
Bad option for Japan to threat this virus.
MeiHua Zhu
MeiHua Zhu Hace un mes
take that 2020 Olympics!
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn Hace un mes
To me this was an experiment in transmission.
Mike M
Mike M Hace un mes
Scare ? Why ? This virus don’t kill everyone, just old and unhealthy people .
HippieSkippy100 Hace un mes
Japan: Coronavirus? Who care, you go to work! Sleep when you dead or commit seppuku! The public: 😬
iiMochi Playz
iiMochi Playz Hace un mes
Lord please help this world with this uncontrolled able virus. Please please in the name of Jesus....Amen.
Kathleen Muchka
Kathleen Muchka Hace un mes
Japan did not fail here. This ship arrived as one big festering boil.
Anthony Nicholson
Anthony Nicholson Hace un mes
We are finally in the future! He is wearing a future shirt. Like they always wear in movies of the future. Plus...you know...Armageddon was always in the future...now its here lol. Repent
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