Jane Elliott's "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" Anti-Racism Exercise | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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In this 1992 Oprah Show episode, award-winning anti-racism activist and educator Jane Elliott taught the audience a tough lesson about racism by demonstrating just how easy it is to learn prejudice. Watch as the audience, totally unaware that an exercise is underway, gets separated into two groups based on the color of their eyes. The blue-eyes group was discriminated against while the people with brown eyes were treated with respect. Jane says she first started this exercise in her third grade class back in 1968, the day after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit WatchOWN.tv/TOWS
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Jane Elliott's "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" Anti-Racism Exercise | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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Denean Saielli
Denean Saielli Hace 51 un segundo
God created one race, the human race, and humans beings created racism.
Enrique Sanchez
Enrique Sanchez Hace 52 minutos
30 YEARS and NOTHING has changed. It has gotten WORSE. Is there any hope that it will change?
Leepile m
Leepile m Hace 5 horas
Imagine being given food and missing your mouth. White people and this whole discussion
Infra Minced
Infra Minced Hace 7 horas
Please clone this woman.
G. J.
G. J. Hace 9 horas
I love Oprah's "I'm gonna let you rest" comment to that white dude
Jessica Hammerly
Jessica Hammerly Hace 11 horas
What about people with green eyes.. we don’t exist? :(
Kyesha Michelle
Kyesha Michelle Hace 17 horas
Imagine how tired we r of it
Think Hace 18 horas
@30:27 needs to be a GIF meme.
sound bite
sound bite Hace 20 horas
She is the ultimate bigot of low expectations. And Jesse Peterson was having none of it, when he spoke with her. This stuff doesn't even work in real life. Yet they tell educators, this is a good experience. No it isn't. Students think it's dumb.
SpKz FAiTH Hace un hora
Accept differences.
sound bite
sound bite Hace 20 horas
Jane Elliott was put in her place by Jessie Lee Peterson. And I bet she was quick enough to criticize him.
Daenon Morin
Daenon Morin Hace 23 horas
I’m sad she never got to teach me in person :( but I’m definitely learning from her
James Bonkowski
James Bonkowski Hace 23 horas
Look At fashion back in the 90s big earrings & shoulder pads & hair styles
Diane Monahan
Diane Monahan Hace un día
the Queen of ah..I feel uncomfortable....ideology of....victimisation....she is keeping it alive
Diane Monahan
Diane Monahan Hace un día
she is crazy...dangerous
Allan La Fontaine
Allan La Fontaine Hace un día
Janes teachings are outdated. She started this while America was coming out of segregation. Today this teachers people to treat people different based on their appearance.
Diane Monahan
Diane Monahan Hace un día
Oprah love money...as many black do...hey hey
Diane Monahan
Diane Monahan Hace un día
Jane Elliott...award for racist number one....leftist regressive...another time and space
Diane Monahan
Diane Monahan Hace un día
now Oprah's gang discriminating against white and blue eyes....rich black woman now can do it
Sonya Hace un día
The IRONY in first several minutes when the blue eyed people started revolting before being let in and then telling Oprah how they had been "treated" by the staffers and Jane. All the statements they shared with Oprah about what staff said to them or how staff treated them is exactly the same thing BIPOC people experience EVERY DAY. Same words, same treatment! THAT is the point!
calql8er Hace un día
Here what she doesn't understand. I don't have to get it. I treat blacks, and everyone else, with great courtesy and professionalism. I have voted for blacks at the national level three times. I wrote in Condaleeza Rice's name for POTUS in 2016. I have never used the "N" word and don't tell racist jokes. To "get it" Ms Elliot wants me to feel guilty as a prerequisite for how OTHERS treat blacks. I ain't buying it.
B L Hace un día
Miss. Elliot’s hypothesis that The United States is institutionally and systemically racist today is a very vague argument. That may have been the case when she was teaching in the 1960’s in Iowa (a state that did not even enforce Jim Crow Laws at that time). Miss. Elliot is an early “white woke liberal” who plays into the narrative that all white people living in The United States are inherently evil and racist. She reminds me a lot of Robin DiAngelo (author of “White Fragility”). She has made a career and name for herself through her blue eyed-brown eyed exercise by trying to be historically known as a “white savior” for all black people, and a “white educator” for all the horrible oppressive white people in America who need to be “woke” because they’re all “subconsciously racist”. I personally cannot think of anyone more racist than woke white people like Jane Elliot and Robin DiAngelo.
thiz'zird honeyboy
thiz'zird honeyboy Hace un día
My eyes are blue, and I know what you peole are like...wow
Preston Copeland
Preston Copeland Hace un día
Brilliant social experiment.
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon Hace un día
Brilliant experiment. Most people that talked proved how stupid they are and some how even intelligence doesnt have much to do with what youre like as a person like that one guy standing up that understood the point of the show but was still limited enough to say god created races to be different, technically smart but limited himself with stupid beliefs. so many good moments in this episode!
Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten Johnson Hace un día
19:52 CHILLS ....
shawn Colarusso
shawn Colarusso Hace un día
People really need to listen. The amount of sheer ego defending here is insane
shawn Colarusso
shawn Colarusso Hace un día
Man, she’s like a hawk. Just sits there and watches the whole situation go to chaos without even saying a word
Mayan King
Mayan King Hace un día
Jane The Karen Slayer
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Hace 2 días
Poor little flower, its called passion get some. And they are still not getting it.
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Hace 2 días
Sit down mustache
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Hace 2 días
Its called empathy
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Hace 2 días
I said it before I will say it again I LOVE JANE ELLIOTT
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Hace 2 días
We have a couple of Becky Boos
Professor Flowers
Professor Flowers Hace 2 días
"After 2 hours of being discriminated against, the blue eyed people started to revolt." 😂
sasha Hace 2 días
30 years later and almost no change
primalphil Hace 2 días
A privileged liberal black leader and her employees manipulating, and deceiving middle class white people into acquiecing to her version of racism. Just like what Obama and the Marxist democrats did to America. Thanks for being so effectively divisive!
season of the sunflowers
season of the sunflowers Hace 2 días
“Have you heard about the dumb blonde”😂😂😭
Dayana Cevallos
Dayana Cevallos Hace 2 días
Wow, some still missed the point 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jet T
Jet T Hace 2 días
When you believe you aren't racist, you are. Accept that, and you you'll be a better person
Ky Spark
Ky Spark Hace 2 días
when they addressed the POC in the audience and the blue eyed people still didn't get it... wow.
Rev. Matt Ripper
Rev. Matt Ripper Hace 2 días
No one was ever gassed by nazis because of their eye colour, this chic is whack.
Samantha Best
Samantha Best Hace un día
Looks like the point went over your head. Sad
Reece Hace 2 días
This feels so much like a sketch 😂
Kevin Pardini
Kevin Pardini Hace 2 días
She doesn't understand what a melting pot is and salad bowl promotes discrimination. She needs to actually learn something herself. She had good points then takes steps back. And the teacher she had no answer for.
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Hace 2 días
No one mentions the fact that Oprah , does an absolutely AMAZING job staying neutral and simply feeding questions and taking comments with ZERO influence or bias. THAT TOUGH especially being well f'n Oprah.
Kevin Pardini
Kevin Pardini Hace 2 días
The revolt ha. They were bored. You left them waiting for two hours. Duh. And discriminating off the the basis of eye color isnt racist, it's prejudice.
Leonard Hace 2 días
This exercise is so good. It makes so much sense!!!!
James Bonkowski
James Bonkowski Hace 3 días
Look At the fashion back in 90s those look at those big earrings & hair styles & clothes in the audience
Raj K
Raj K Hace 3 días
There's other approaches, don't upset the audience.
S Lynn
S Lynn Hace 3 días
Oprah gets on my nerves
Lamb Tail
Lamb Tail Hace 3 días
I've seen this been done on children in a 1960s experiment, and it shows a different effect because of the age difference.
bountifull Hace 3 días
DUDE! Sit down and shut up. “Someone has to be in charge,” let it NEVER be him! And the goofs who tell Jane that she’s angry,” anyone who ISN’T angry isn’t paying attention.
Serena Perez
Serena Perez Hace 3 días
does anyone ever wonder what they do with green/hazel eye people lmao
Philip Ezra
Philip Ezra Hace 3 días
The most ignorant bunch I’ve ever come across.
Femi M.
Femi M. Hace 3 días
Her mouth at 10:15 to 10:22.😮😯😂🤣😅
lisa verano
lisa verano Hace 3 días
I enjoyed this video very much.
water full
water full Hace 3 días
Racism is real & it does break bones 😎
Funeh Aliu
Funeh Aliu Hace 3 días
One of the subtle lessons to be taken from these experiments is that telling/agreeing with a group that they are 'victims' causes them to act like victims. They are less likely to succeed and more likely to act irrationally. In her similar experiment with school kids she made each group of kids take a test while they were 'superior' vs when they were 'inferior' and both groups did better while they were told they were superior. We need to stop talking about these differences/divisions and about supremacy. I believe it pushes the group that 'should be superior' to work harder since they have no excuse while the other group feels like victims hence does little, since they can blame any of their failures on the other group.
Phumlani Mncwango
Phumlani Mncwango Hace 3 días
This woman is soooo unfazed it’s amazing.
CoNvERsEKiDd09 Hace 3 días
I absolutely love Jane! She doesn’t just make her point but she truly does educate ppl to really understand that racism is real. & it makes me laugh because some white ppl get a little bit of the discomforting treatment, they can’t take it.
Marilou Scott
Marilou Scott Hace 3 días
It's 2020 and we are still grappling with racism!
joseph kerala
joseph kerala Hace 3 días
this is mauling racism
Kay Dee
Kay Dee Hace 3 días
I love Jane Elliot but arguing about Sweden during WWII when the US didn't join the war until you were bombed? Hmmm nah, you don't have the upper hand here.
Mary Hie
Mary Hie Hace 3 días
Now someone please explain to me why is Trump a president when they are people like Jane in the country? As a black girl, I myself was educated by this video and I love this idea and genuinely think that they should do this exercise in schools (even here in the UK) so that kids can start understanding and stop bullying and discriminate their peers. It broke my heart when she was being emotional after she tried to be so calm🥺🥺
Precious Debnam
Precious Debnam Hace 3 días
Everything she said back then is happening and being seen on a grand scale
Mike Z
Mike Z Hace 3 días
25:15 - Colin Kaepernick
Peter Hoeller
Peter Hoeller Hace 4 días
I think the other thing people fail to realize is that when Jane calls out the fact that we live in a society that favors whites and disfavors blacks, it's not to say that this is the only way; it is simply making a statement to describe the world we live in, and to show to white people who are ignorant of this difference in power that THEIR world is not the world of everyone else, and that we should not accept it for what it is and instead should be trying to change it for the better.
Peter Hoeller
Peter Hoeller Hace 4 días
The hilarity is that all the white blue eyed people take it as an attack against them personally- and why wouldn't they? So many even once they figure out that it's an experiment fail to see that black people take it in the exact same way personally for as long as they live. Obviously the point is not to vilify the blue eyed people but to simply use them in the experiment and hope that they can see outside themselves to learn something. And really this gets to the root of the issue, which is that white people in this country will STILL take it as a personal offense when people point out even the most basic of prejudices or ignorance that they carry, even if it is simply an act of learning to to make that person aware of their own biases which they might otherwise be ignorant of.
Peter Hoeller
Peter Hoeller Hace 4 días
The difference between this and when she does it with students is the students' minds are still able to develop and change and LEARN, these adults are already too set in their ways.
Judith Silfrene
Judith Silfrene Hace 4 días
Oprah kept interrupting Jane. She kept saying "let Jane speak" and then speaking over her. She was truly a bad host in this episode.
lolitahaze02 Hace 4 días
This just means it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks.. Kids are more receptable to new things.
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