Jake Gyllenhaal Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Jake Gyllenhaal ("Spider-Man: Far From Home", "Brokeback Mountain") stops by to play with pups while answering fan questions about everything from joining the MCU, to working with Tom Holland, to settling who would win a fight between Deadpool, Wolverine, and Mysterio...and plans a very special gift for his friend, Ryan Reynolds.
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BuzzFeed Celeb
Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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era 12a
era 12a Hace 16 horas
Riri Airi
Riri Airi Hace 2 días
As much as I loved seeing the beautiful Jake holding these gorgeous babies...he should've let them run around doing puppy things. They're yelping a bunch so it's obvious they wanted to be set free.
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez Hace 3 días
Licked in the Face 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕 oh wacky camlia the dog layed me on My bed and My lab licks My Face hahahaha
Rem Runa
Rem Runa Hace 4 días
I'm gonna be honest.... I didn't hear a word he said. Those puppies are soooooo cute!!
Alicia RB
Alicia RB Hace 5 días
I could watch this guy hold puppies and speak insightfully for hours lol
doga kurklu
doga kurklu Hace 6 días
I love him
Paola Prado
Paola Prado Hace 7 días
boxofbugs Hace 7 días
thats donnie darko
joeblackakareaper Hace 8 días
Jake is really a good actor and underrated IMHO. If you haven't seen Zodiac SEE IT! One of the best screenplays and actors ever assembled IMO. This movie was so well done every piece meshed together perfectly. Jake played the part of the obsessed newspaper guy trying to find the Zodiac killer and played it in an award-winning fashion. TheReaper!
Raahim Ali
Raahim Ali Hace 8 días
i just want to see jake gyllenhaal play with puppies for 10 hours
Magda Hace 8 días
Does anyone know what breed this is?
Agena Nicollette
Agena Nicollette Hace 8 días
The world needs more videos of Jake talking about whatever and getting nibbled on by puppies✌
Ben Schaeffer
Ben Schaeffer Hace 9 días
That’s my Baby Daddy
nunasnu Hace 10 días
Hola saludos d3sde Bogota, Colombia, bendiciones. tiene que venir
Summer Jayne
Summer Jayne Hace 12 días
this cured my depression
Mouriya ViyanithShal
Mouriya ViyanithShal Hace 12 días
need a Buzzfeed Interview with Puppies & Emma Mackey #SexEducation
Scarlate Padilha
Scarlate Padilha Hace 15 días
Play with puppies, with Camila Cabello
Spiro Stratoudakis
Spiro Stratoudakis Hace 16 días
His is just cool...
Dark Wolf's World of Gacha
Dark Wolf's World of Gacha Hace 16 días
4:00 LOL!
Matthew Daltrey
Matthew Daltrey Hace 18 días
I rewatched Brokeback mountain a little while ago, and I just started thinking how adorable it would have been if Heath Ledger was still around to play with puppies on Buzzfeed.
Muhammad Yusuf Ali
Muhammad Yusuf Ali Hace 18 días
cute little puppies what more do I need
Kroshnov Gracias
Kroshnov Gracias Hace 20 días
The true Prince of persia
Diana CSCG
Diana CSCG Hace 22 días
¿Nos besamos, Jake?
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Hace 22 días
This Sweater is Destroyed. 1:47
MissBjedrona Hace 23 días
These pups are the happiest animals in the world.
Guldinatorrr Hace 23 días
Max Dressler on TikTok?
J stockin
J stockin Hace 23 días
This is the cutest thing I've ever saw in months
عقيل الحميداوي
عقيل الحميداوي Hace 23 días
اكو عرب يحبو جيك
FacheChanteDeux Hace 23 días
Jake is obviously a good guy. He has a lot of love for animals.
Tessa danielle
Tessa danielle Hace 24 días
Peks Driks
Peks Driks Hace 25 días
his hair is so fire
Michael Pugmire
Michael Pugmire Hace 26 días
Click 3:58 for the funniest part of the video
take me somewhere nice
take me somewhere nice Hace 26 días
Finn Wolfhard please!!!
ITrollStreamers Hace 27 días
why is every question about tom holland
Nat Le
Nat Le Hace 28 días
Jumper ruined
C Lene97
C Lene97 Hace 28 días
Somebody please, what is the breed of the puppy in his right arm?! 😭😭❤️❤️
K Deloris
K Deloris Hace 28 días
There's nothing like a cute man and puppies
Elisabetha Cronqvist
Elisabetha Cronqvist Hace 28 días
"Guys,I try asking questions..." :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D oh,Jake...
Rypli Donahue
Rypli Donahue Hace 28 días
On the word souls at the end the puppies nuzzled there face against James at the exact same time ☺️😫😍
Sammy G
Sammy G Hace 28 días
why is he so attractive
Sujata Hace 29 días
You just KNOW that sweater cost like 600 dollars ☠️
thomas tripp
thomas tripp Hace 29 días
Jake gyllenhaal plays with puppies while people ask him questions and he plays with puppies
wewelo welo
wewelo welo Hace 29 días
He is HAWT . . . . .
Leah Evansson
Leah Evansson Hace un mes
If you could go back in time and revisit any set from your past movie roles, which would you choose? I was hoping for him to say Brokeback Mountain there and maybe talk a little about how it was working with Heath Ledger,, ,
Snehan Ghosal
Snehan Ghosal Hace un mes
That little black puppy is soooooo huggable!!
Jdizzle Daplaya
Jdizzle Daplaya Hace un mes
Mysterio playing with puppies. Plot twist!: It was all an illusion to make everyone think Spiderman hates puppies.
Jdizzle Daplaya
Jdizzle Daplaya Hace un mes
0:14 Hey guys I'm trying answer a question.
diallo Hawa
diallo Hawa Hace un mes
He is the cutest puppie
Eileen Mccarthy
Eileen Mccarthy Hace un mes
Hey, you were really great in Donnie Darko, perhaps get back to your roots - where people don't see you in major rolls and are disappointed by your lack of
Eileen Mccarthy
Eileen Mccarthy Hace un mes
you havent been spiderman in ages? Come to think of it, you haven't been in anything worth seeing a long time. With the reference to the Marvel movies, you insinuate that you are still Spiderman...but you aren't and haven't been for years. Are you working on a Spiderman movie where you are going to be the "old" spiderman recollecting on his life lol? Wow, we certainly don't see you in many movies these days...you're kind of "B-List", that would be kind of a come back.
PEEJ Hace un mes
his voice is so soothing 🥺
lil wolfy
lil wolfy Hace un mes
i need to see James McAvoy read thirst tweets
Dream Sky
Dream Sky Hace un mes
I wanna be those puppies.
BG Hace un mes
We get an actor genuinely interested in the complex craft of acting, yet it takes almost three minutes to get past the damned superhero-related questions. Unbelievable.
Sabie Aldover
Sabie Aldover Hace un mes
the answer to the 2nd question made me laugh so hard. i can actually see the two of them cracking up multiple times over a HANDSHAKE. also it's relatable. big mood
Dragonlord the king of dragons
Dragonlord the king of dragons Hace un mes
I hope Jake kept the black puppy it seems to love him
Jimbo Tuazon
Jimbo Tuazon Hace un mes
Inspirational Videos
Inspirational Videos Hace un mes
Here is a cool video about our pets eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-vIKBqE_RHsQ.html
sethnakht12 Hace un mes
multi tasking can be hard for some men lol including myself!
Connor Dayman
Connor Dayman Hace un mes
He seems like a nice guy. One of the few celebrities that isn't a bellend.
7cordrom Hace un mes
0:29 i got a call from *wheeze* yeah and he just asked me... Who'd you get a call from?
ashley ann
ashley ann Hace un mes
Jake: *you guys are gonna poo and pee alllllll over it, then we're gonna send it to myy friend ryan!*
Maqui 93 Viera
Maqui 93 Viera Hace un mes
Julian Vidovic
Julian Vidovic Hace un mes
I love how half of this is him trying to form sentences but can't because the puppies keep distracting him
Slata Le Voir
Slata Le Voir Hace un mes
that background music is honestly horrible.
Jesima Bauer
Jesima Bauer Hace un mes
Coco Blondie
Coco Blondie Hace un mes
the sweater is not destroyed now it's designed from puppies 🐶❤️👍🏻
Mnxe Hace un mes
Please for the love of god do one with Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan.
Lufhi Z
Lufhi Z Hace un mes
Lindo e talentoso!!!!! E me lembra muito Clive Owen ;)
Saanvi Jha
Saanvi Jha Hace un mes
I love how all the puppies are concentrated in his lap and in the other celebrities interviews they are just running around everywhere";)
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