Jada Pinkett Smith SPEAKS OUT Amid August Alsina Drama

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Jada Pinkett Smith is bringing herself to ‘Red Table Talk,’ seemingly to discuss her relationship, or lack thereof, with August Alsina. The actress hit up Twitter on Thursday saying that there’s ‘healing’ that needs to happen following Alsina’s claims that Smith’s husband, Will Smith, gave him his ‘blessing’ to be in a relationship with his wife.
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Daniel James
Daniel James Hace 7 días
the view
7 Billion Hera
7 Billion Hera Hace 8 días
Yassss ❤️
Rg4127 Hace 12 días
two words I would of said to jada, BYE FELICIA!!😂
e n i y a
e n i y a Hace 13 días
not the ✨😹entanglement 😹✨
Angela Baker
Angela Baker Hace 13 días
Blessings 🙏 are supposed to be a great thing for you!
Bouchra Jama
Bouchra Jama Hace 14 días
Are they calling each other life partners because they don't want to divorce and loose money??????
pryese7 Hace 16 días
Nobody's going to discuss how August Alsina look like somebody Aunt going through a mid-life crisis?
sean martin
sean martin Hace 16 días
It’s on July and Jada has already entangled August.
Keirri Kendrick
Keirri Kendrick Hace 17 días
She made his balls drop and them left him hanging that's why he so hurt he wasn't a man before he met her now he is🤷‍♀️it's a whole mess I know that
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Yes one day you will get married and have your own children
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Let It Go Let It Go Let It Go moving forward it's over with you move on
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
And maybe you should wait next time till you get married
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
You would know when the right one comes along
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
So live your life baby boy
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Sometimes we just don't think Maybe we'll just fatuation are. Lust
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Yeah they were separated but they were still married
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Shet. always love her mr. Will Smith that's her husban.
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Oh and another thing young main lesson learned
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
I couldn't see myself dating someone so young close to my children age
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Remember that young that lady's honor to be your mother
Armenia Jones
Armenia Jones Hace 18 días
Well mr. August is over with now
Allen Houston-Bey
Allen Houston-Bey Hace 18 días
Jada admitted at the Red Table with Willy that she was in what she called an enter twining(a down play for a relationship and an exposed and embarrassed courtesan). Willy challenge her statement,pressed her and she she said and she admitted that it was a relationship and called it that. She said that it was when things were bad between them. What does that say about her as a person? Because clearly she and her representatives lied we they denied anything going on between them, then admit it at the Red Table. Her honesty is at play here,and makes one wonder about how much is truth at the Red Table, and how much are lies. That whole family is psychologically impacted. They've changed the true meaning of a God given union between a man and a woman,and are mocking the sanctity of marriage based on the curse of free will(for many)that is a gift from Allah. They've adopted the wrong way as the right way and the right way as the wrong way.
Catina Mauro
Catina Mauro Hace 18 días
Um...years ago, and I mean, years...because I am old...I remember talk about these two having an open marriage, so what's with this..let's get attention about this because no one can remember way back that you were open to start with? Dude, not cool. www.slice.ca/love/photos/celebrities-open-marriages/#!celebs-open-marriage-will-jada
D Tanielu
D Tanielu Hace 18 días
2pac I wonder why they call you bitch that song was towards jada
Mattie Davis
Mattie Davis Hace 19 días
Why get married just to have a life partner? Just be in an "entanglement" relationship? Makes more sense!? 🙄🙄🤔🤔🤪🤪
Brave Soul
Brave Soul Hace 19 días
Are they members of Scientology? I am just curious..
Abigail Sanchez
Abigail Sanchez Hace 19 días
I no longer have the respect that I once had for Jada. Not just because she had an affair, we all have made at least on bad choice in our lives, but because she wasn’t woman enough to just cut out all the bullshit and say “I screwed up. I have no excuse for my behavior and now it’s time for me to apologize and try to mend my family”.
Ang3l_N_Blak Holiday-Bowen
Ang3l_N_Blak Holiday-Bowen Hace 19 días
I really like him and i am glad he spoke his truth..he has a good heart..i feel really sorry for Will though..he didnt deserve that!
yasinpatel12345 Hace 20 días
jada is a monster
Cancel Culture
Cancel Culture Hace 20 días
Now, this is a story all about how My wife got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how August Alsina had Jada ass in the air 👀
Eric CORNUTE Hace 20 días
Will would've beat your ass if you told him that
T W Hace 20 días
Who they fooling.... they just decided that they can just live their lives however they feel but, in the end have to understand the consequences of this life partnership.... She openly said, she wanted to feel loved... so, this guy August loved her... His interview is one of the best I've seen in a while... he honestly LOVED and Adored her... And it's obvious that Jada still got the good good...because she held him with that grip... he said he died when the relationship ended....So, sometimes deep emotional connection coupled with good sex can be traumatizing and I believe he was traumatized by the emotions and the good grip... It's so sad that it happened this way... He hasn't had sex in over 3yrs... because he is now searching for another emotional connection like what he had with Jada... but, I honestly hope he finds that Love out there
Man Jada is not the women for will if she gon do shit like this
balam the knowledge
balam the knowledge Hace 20 días
3:16 the girl in the backrounds' face says it all
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki Hace 20 días
Her mother is also as deluded as she is.. (can't stand jada)
nemo biri
nemo biri Hace 21 un día
kanye was right,, we want pre nupppp
Kainoa Ke-a
Kainoa Ke-a Hace 21 un día
I guess august got some good...Ames
liz nakagiri
liz nakagiri Hace 21 un día
In life things turn upside down and u question if there are even true friends out there. Sometime back, I caught red handed my husband with my own best friend in our own bed. I couldn't believe it wen I saw it and my heart started beating so fast and felt like my body is shaking then I ran straight to my elder sisters house. I cried so much and my sister left me to cry and told me it would ease the pain I was feeling then she sat me down and asked me if I still love my husband and I told her yes of course and she told me that we all learn and grow through mistakes and no one is perfect and told me that if I wanted my man back I should fight for him and never trust friends again. My sister told me to contact Mama Anna and told me she will help me bring my man back. It took me a month to think about it because we come from a strong christian background but things worsened because i could not even concentrate at work and i got fired, after that i remembered what my sister about consulting with Mama Anna. so I contacted Mummy Anna immediately and told her everything, she listened and she told me that she will solve all my problems with in 24 hrs. since it was my first time doing this, i could not believe her words just like that but i had to wait for the the 24 hrs, she cast a love and binding spell for me and immediately the spell worked, my husband called me and asked me where I was and he came straight to me and confessed how my best friend seduced him and he was sorry to fall into her trap and showed me all the messages my best friend was sending to him and promised never to see her again and promised to love me and only me. That evening he took me to a romantic dinner and he had baked a very delicious and beautiful cake for me. Since Mama helped me, I got a better paying than the previous one, my husband is back to the old man I used to know.he loves me so much and does everything to see that am happy. Thanks so much Mama Anna your spells indeed work. If your going through struggles, You can contact her on +277 8239 1426
Solo 93
Solo 93 Hace 21 un día
With sin comes a price. God didn't create life partners God created marriage between man, and woman. Anything other will fail.
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Hace 22 días
What is that on his head.
Ismael Calvo
Ismael Calvo Hace 22 días
Will needs to move on. I think he loves her but she disrespected him and doesn't really love him.
Gee Dee
Gee Dee Hace 22 días
🗣August said he sat down and talked to will. "Will gave me his blessing." Sounds like a open relationship to me!!!
Diane Brown
Diane Brown Hace 22 días
@ least Will & Jada are honest with each other, & are TOTALLY committed to each other.
They are trying to destroy the natural order of nature. It will bite them back in the ass. I won't be surprised their children will give interviews about this story in the future and how their parent's marriage affected their lives
MiaNaomi Post
MiaNaomi Post Hace 22 días
Jada giving him the mama 👀 look like you betta not say nuthin or I’m gone whoop yo 🍑
phindulo rasivhaga
phindulo rasivhaga Hace 22 días
1:58 and yet he is on a talk show, is this some kind of publicity stunts?
This World IsCrazy
This World IsCrazy Hace 22 días
And they're going to make money every time we click
Chanelle Van heerden
Chanelle Van heerden Hace 22 días
Jada is a miss. Know it all and im always right
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee Hace 22 días
More and more I listened to Smith couple's talk more and more I feel like they are in pain and not in love anymore but they are TOO AFRAID to let all the fame and glory of "power couple" go so they are in DENIAL.
Ronique Barrows
Ronique Barrows Hace 23 días
Why he wanted some old P***¥ anyway??? Smhhh she just used him for some young meat... wish him healing.
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond Hace 23 días
They need to just divorce lol
Jay DR
Jay DR Hace 23 días
Nobody wants the commitment they want to call it everything else.
Larry Howard
Larry Howard Hace 23 días
Man that's mess up kiss and tell he's not smart
Demo B
Demo B Hace 23 días
Life partners I have one. It I a great thing to be married to your friend.
Svn8 Layemstrait
Svn8 Layemstrait Hace 23 días
3:49....Umm Will doesn't that mean you guys have an "Open Marriage"?!
Lay Zoe
Lay Zoe Hace 23 días
Entanglement lol
Barefoot Priceaction
Barefoot Priceaction Hace 23 días
When it comes to poking Will Smith's wife - you're gonna have your haters, permission or not - just "Shake it off"
leann haup
leann haup Hace 23 días
All of that coz that man never assumed being gay LOL, had to fake an entire life. Will it's about time 🤦🏻‍♀️
Clark Gammon
Clark Gammon Hace 23 días
Why do you y’all care so damn much and why is he speaking on it. Leave it alone. Move on.....
MB 777
MB 777 Hace 23 días
Now im fucked up damn will
D MAN Hace 23 días
will is SCREWED,wife CHEATING son taking dddk,up th butt,just sad
gixxer750cc Hace 23 días
2:22 Talk about an Indecent Proposal... I say Give that A$$ the boot and keep half ya loot!!!
Iam Flashin
Iam Flashin Hace 23 días
remeece Hace 23 días
I'm always looking DEEPER into issues. Soooo a GROWN and MARRIED WOMAN befriends HER CHILD'S HOMEBOY who she called "Son" who has LIFE THREATENING health issues, has been sexually abused, is somewhat troubled, and has family issues. This SAME GROWN MARRIED WOMAN begins a sexual relationship with her childs homeboy WHO SHE WAS "HEALING" and "HELPING" overcome sickness, a troubled past, molestation and entertainment industry woes and Y'ALL ARE WORRIED ABOUT AN ENTANGLEMENT. I CANNOT!! I SIMPLY CANNOT. 😡😡🗣🗣🗣😡😡😡🤬🤬 Ms. Jada the Village wants you to step from behind the red table and come to the front porch. I am SICK OF PREDATORS.
James Percell
James Percell Hace 23 días
I think she pur a wammy on will
James Percell
James Percell Hace 23 días
He can sing
Mike Boost
Mike Boost Hace 23 días
Idgaf who you are no man or woman will ever give another his “blessing” to smash his wife or husband point blank.
Brooke Freeman
Brooke Freeman Hace 23 días
Pascal Bisimwa
Pascal Bisimwa Hace 23 días
Entangle man
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