Jacob Collier: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music's Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit - stripped-down sets, an intimate setting - just a different space.
July 9, 2020 | Colin Marshall -- Polymath musician Jacob Collier has been championing this style of one-man-band music videos since 2012, singing every note and playing every instrument. His cover of Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing"earned him a devout ESwomen following at the age of 19, and he hasn't slowed down since. The London wunderkind owns four Grammy Awards already, including two at the age of 22 in 2017, and his evolution as a bandleader has been evident in his live performances ( like when he came to NPR for a Tiny Desk concert last year). Now 25, and with nearly a decade of experience producing every aspect of his own music from his home, Collier is uniquely positioned to crank out his best work from quarantine. In this video, each of the four parts was recorded in a single take. Pay close attention ; it's easy to get tripped up inside Jacob's head as he arranges this Rubik's Cube of a video production, which feels both like a magic trick and a no-strings-attached bedroom session.
Since the pandemic hit hard in March, Collier has been hustling in his Internet-famous room. He's played duets over Instagram Live with the likes of Chris Martin, JoJo and Daniel Caesar, recorded a song in his bathroom, and he's in the middle of releasing his ambitious four-volume record, Djesse. The last song in this video is the premiere of his new single "He Won't Hold You," which will appear on Vol. 3, due out later this year.
"All I Need"
"Time Alone With You"
"He Won't Hold You"
Jacob Collier: vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums
Video By: Jacob Collier; Video Co-producer: Ben Bloomberg; Audio By: Jacob Collier; Additional Mixing: Ben Bloomberg; Producer: Colin Marshall; Audio Mastering Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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Janet Dawes
Janet Dawes Hace 45 minutos
Amazing that's all I can say 💝💝
Il Mata
Il Mata Hace un hora
that bass at 5:49/5:50 makes me m o i s t
Daniel Cabral
Daniel Cabral Hace 4 horas
Do anyone know the model of the fender rhodes he's using here?
Bern Peñaflor
Bern Peñaflor Hace 9 horas
if Jamie Madrox was a musician
Joe Santora
Joe Santora Hace 13 horas
All I can say is that I really dig his guitar socks👍🏼 GREAT MUSIC AS WELL🔥
Kit Nuthall
Kit Nuthall Hace 14 horas
Him and Paul McCartney working together would be amazing
Andre Hace 20 horas
how does he get that snare tone with such a small popcorn snare??? and this thing is a masterpiece
Fabricio Franco
Fabricio Franco Hace 20 horas
Sarahí Aguilar
Sarahí Aguilar Hace 20 horas
Does someone else feels that they have heard melody on 7:42 to 7:53 on another song? It sounds sooooo familiar to me, but I can't recognize it. HELP.
Michael Mackus
Michael Mackus Hace un día
He is amazing at everything but the vocal harmonies and arranging- unbelievable!!!
lucas ayestaran
lucas ayestaran Hace un día
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson Hace un día
I think the guy sitting in the middle sings best. 😉
Jose Betancourt
Jose Betancourt Hace un día
Las tres piezas me encantaron!
Azrel Qaib
Azrel Qaib Hace un día
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Hace un día
He wont hold you is so epic
Yeahx3 Hace un día
dang how awesome is that... i wonder if there's a click track going in the headphones to help with syncing
noah Hace 2 días
Guess the order of recording? Keys, drums, bass, then enlightened one on the floor
Drew Lorenzo Music
Drew Lorenzo Music Hace 2 días
You know what is blowing my mind right now? There's a curved mirror just above the left monitor speaker and it's showing at least two of the Jacobs: drum Jacob and piano Jacob. This attention to detail is just incredible.
Neai Tuppi
Neai Tuppi Hace 2 días
He can't just do an amazing musical presentation in his room, but also a state of the art crop screen video, that would leave any professional filmmaker envious.
Neai Tuppi
Neai Tuppi Hace 2 días
He has as much clothing options as musical instruments.
Anita Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who prefers his live versions?
Jackson Buckner
Jackson Buckner Hace 2 días
Which order were these recorded, anyone know?
Kate Elizabeth Nicholsen
Kate Elizabeth Nicholsen Hace 2 días
omg the tambourine is a star! also this is life goals.
eeek143 Hace 3 días
9:19 if I know Jacob, he probably intentionally clapped his hands at three different speeds to create some godly poly-rhythm yet to be discovered. Someone get Adam Neely on it
MrChromaticMan Hace 3 días
Makes me want to quit making music. Makes me want to keep making music. Very confusing.
NaturalDietHerb Hace 3 días
Hola Jacob; de que Lejano Planeta vienes? .Seas de donde seas , viva la madre que te parió. Gracias
TUZACH Hace 3 días
Absolutely shocking voice
Cacho Carne
Cacho Carne Hace 3 días
Great set Jacob, I like the last song the most, looking forward to the next set
Bazar Beats
Bazar Beats Hace 3 días
Cameron Crittenden
Cameron Crittenden Hace 3 días
My man really used his Grammy as an instrument
Rabbii pictures
Rabbii pictures Hace 3 días
Progression similar to love theory by Kirk Franklin
solarsystemboots Hace 3 días
What hihats are those??
impr0visati0n Hace 4 días
Jack Carrington
Jack Carrington Hace 4 días
The barber collier quartet
Rubem Masson
Rubem Masson Hace 4 días
0:00 "All I Need" 4:28 "Time Alone With You" 10:34 "He Won't Hold You"
MrHotshot Hace 4 días
You are such an amazing artist, listening to u inspired me to start taking up piano trying very slowly to catch up to where you are. Thank you soo much for this!!!!
Vai Sottana
Vai Sottana Hace 4 días
Uohhhh! Lo acabo de conocer! Es INCREIBLEMENTE talentoso!
M. Ryan Taylor's Micropolis
M. Ryan Taylor's Micropolis Hace 4 días
Boo to ESwomen for putting an ad in the middle of the first song! Yay to Jacob, you're awesome!
Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett Hace 4 días
How are the drums miked? Can anyone spot it?
chillermusic1 Hace 4 días
Dopest instrument part might be the shaker groove from sitting Jacob on Time Alone With You
George Maycock
George Maycock Hace 5 días
thank you for ' he won't hold you' x
Colliding With Mars
Colliding With Mars Hace 5 días
this is so impressive
Gregorius Garry
Gregorius Garry Hace 5 días
kagebunshin nun jutsu
Squrpion Hace 5 días
Has anyone mentioned the fact that all the reflections in the circle mirror are all there? He didn't have to include that.
David Joyce
David Joyce Hace 5 días
A stunning piece of work, sir!
ERWYN LEBOY Hace 5 días
Can't even begin to imagine the mental agility needed here - even by JC standards.
Stu McLellan
Stu McLellan Hace 5 días
First judgmental thought - 'ah, you can't really have one person playing everything, digitally layer it up and it have any kind of real soul.' Several seconds in - *eats words*. Man has more musical talent in his nose-hairs than most of us have in our entire geographical region.
Tirta Leonardi
Tirta Leonardi Hace 5 días
now I'm convinced that there are ATLEAST 4 of Jacobs in that house, that explained everything.
Allan Koay
Allan Koay Hace 5 días
what a talented bunch of quadruplets! their parents must be so proud.
Kevin Insan
Kevin Insan Hace 5 días
Some deep web sh*t right here... We are not alone in the universe
Antônio Montemuro
Antônio Montemuro Hace 5 días
esse fim... parece até que tu entende meu sofrimento
Fer Bos
Fer Bos Hace 6 días
Sreekanth Narayanaswamy
Sreekanth Narayanaswamy Hace 6 días
Jacob: will I be playing by myself Collier: yes
Austin Emuang-Stubbs
Austin Emuang-Stubbs Hace 6 días
Cool that the whole band bought the same headphones.
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence Hace 6 días
I don't know who is responsible for the placement of adverts, but maybe consider demoting them to tea boy?
Kris Singleton
Kris Singleton Hace 6 días
I always knew Jacob Collier was 4 people
Christian Petrozza
Christian Petrozza Hace 6 días
wait how did he even do this?
J Huff
J Huff Hace 6 días
who is the drummer?
Craw Craw Chronicles
Craw Craw Chronicles Hace 6 días
"He Won't Hold You" made me feel the same way I feel when I hear the song "Don't Know Why I Didn't Come"
Daniel Irvine
Daniel Irvine Hace 7 días
Never heard of him monster bass player ! In fact musical genius
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence Hace 7 días
Probably the most impressive thing is at 10:29 where bass Jacob finishes what he's saying then comes in perfectly on a harmony note without any guide notes being given nor any count-in, all in the space of a fraction of a second. Of course it's quite possible (likely?) that he overdubbed any mistakes afterwards, but I like to imagine he just hit it first try.
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin Hace 7 días
The multi-Jacob thing is honestly just a whole 'nother dimension of performance on top of his insane musicality and charm
Tracy Hardy Johnson
Tracy Hardy Johnson Hace 7 días
and every time I'm watching this I can't stop watching this
sweet lullaby
sweet lullaby Hace 7 días
imagine 4 Jacobs existing in this universe.. I want to marry one 😂
Flying Chef
Flying Chef Hace 7 días
Sock it to me, you guys SOCK, all 28 of you!!!!! Love it!
Tracy Hardy Johnson
Tracy Hardy Johnson Hace 7 días
Floor Jacob mocking Bass Jacob when he's explaining the new album coming out.
Oswaldo Rosales
Oswaldo Rosales Hace 8 días
Mickael Ange MKG
Mickael Ange MKG Hace 8 días
Don't forget Elohim !!!!!
Ficco Clivano Ikhsan
Ficco Clivano Ikhsan Hace 8 días
The Doobie Collier
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