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Jack Black gets his arm shot off

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Hace 10 años

the part in the jackal when jack black gets his arm shot off by a depleted uranium bullet


Saxy Man
Saxy Man Hace 3 días
My reaction to jablinski games
Manchurian Candidate
Manchurian Candidate Hace 3 días
Why didn’t he just lay down?
YOUCEF AIZEL Hace 4 días
Anthony De Los Reyes
Anthony De Los Reyes Hace 4 días
wait.Jack Black was skinny?
I fucking hate that white man who killed jack that's why he will die of ligma or cancer fuck you and got to hell /p.s. sorry for cussing God and people but common that was cold!!!
Daniel singh
Daniel singh Hace 5 días
What’s the movie ?
T8 Y33T
T8 Y33T Hace 5 días
Anupom Ghose
Anupom Ghose Hace 5 días
2009: Nope 2019: (Puts in recommendation)
LJ Marzula
LJ Marzula Hace 5 días
Just enjoying my morning cup of coffee and Jack black getting his arm brutally shot off. Thank you recommended.
Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
Desidedo Mohabal Jr. Hace 5 días
The Jackals
AhmtMte Canik
AhmtMte Canik Hace 5 días
Film name
sdmfbastard Hace 5 días
1:19 Welcome! Youve got mail
Azim Qureshi
Azim Qureshi Hace 5 días
It’s sad cause this is a movie while in Syria I believe Isis made a video of doing something similar using an artillery weapon to blow off a prisoners head unfortunately😲. It’s all real
Nick DiSanferdinando
Nick DiSanferdinando Hace 5 días
How many times do I have to watch this a month for it to stop showing up in my recommended🤦‍♂️
R B Hace 5 días
Finally, Jack Black is Died!!!
rustytr Hace 6 días
Robby D Durham
Robby D Durham Hace 6 días
This was a dumb movie, they should have called it The Gun. That's all the movie was built on.
rjeption Hace 6 días
10 years ago wow
eeJOKERee Hace 6 días
why is this on my recommended list? and this movies looks like it sucks anyway
Harvey’s Channel
Harvey’s Channel Hace 6 días
Jack black isskinnu
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale Hace 6 días
For some context: his character kind of had it coming in this film. He was ripping off Willis - the Jackal - and gave him equipment that was not calibrated correctly. That's why his arm was shot off - because the aiming mechanism was off. This was too harsh a punishment of course. But when dealing with professional killers - it's a good idea not to push your luck. Not to mention he was just incredibly annoying in this film. Had he conducted himself more professionally Willis wouldn't have harmed him.
Jeremy Dale
Jeremy Dale Hace 5 días
@Johnathan Reynoso The Jackal. It's a good action movie. Worth watching in my opinion.
Johnathan Reynoso
Johnathan Reynoso Hace 5 días
Jeremy Dale what movie??
Dope Fiend
Dope Fiend Hace 6 días
Coolili Kid
Coolili Kid Hace 6 días
Who heard "jack jack gets his arm shot off" Just me :(
Want to be TTV
Want to be TTV Hace 6 días
LG Gangsta
LG Gangsta Hace 6 días
Why you son't mess with guys with guns
Pharaoh 2009
Pharaoh 2009 Hace 6 días
Man feels bad for jack black
misterphilly memegod
misterphilly memegod Hace 6 días
When the car scean happend i laughft so hard idk why
Coslix is the name
Coslix is the name Hace 7 días
Who else is getting this in 2019 Hit this button if you did 👇
woknded fan
woknded fan Hace 7 días
I wish I can see the out takes of these 2 comedians from their scenes.
Cameron Traill
Cameron Traill Hace 7 días
How’s he gonna play his saxaboom ????
Marcus Reyes
Marcus Reyes Hace 7 días
5:20 is what you guys came for, you’re welcome
Danky Twinky
Danky Twinky Hace 7 días
Jack Black fucking dies
Brady Smith
Brady Smith Hace 7 días
I guess he should have worn his bulletproof vest of destiny...
Ramond Rose
Ramond Rose Hace 7 días
NRA recommended.
François Bigey
François Bigey Hace 7 días
Le chacal
AVR116806 Hace 7 días
Bruce being a fucking asswipe in this movie.
Killian Curtin
Killian Curtin Hace 7 días
He die
Jerzy Kajmowicz
Jerzy Kajmowicz Hace 7 días
Oh man the same exact thing happened to me once but instead of my arm I got my head completely shot off, god that was a headache.
pendragyn777 Hace 7 días
Right Arm...
Darrin Harris
Darrin Harris Hace 7 días
Poor jack black. All he did in his early roles is get killed
David Hertzzz
David Hertzzz Hace 7 días
You don’t know how long I have been looking for this scene🤦🏻‍♂️
Darvin Weitkam
Darvin Weitkam Hace 7 días
Neat Demolition Ranch episode
Azflakes Hace 7 días
Deleted scene from School Of Rock
հokцƽ ρokus
հokцƽ ρokus Hace 7 días
This scene makes me feel bad for dumb people and I hate people like that asshole in charge of the gun. Wtf. 😡
Static/ShockWave Hace 8 días
10 million almost.
Денис Репин
Денис Репин Hace 8 días
клевый фильм,умели раньше делать
Lala Land
Lala Land Hace 8 días
Murder she wrote
Dariusz Wohlfeil
Dariusz Wohlfeil Hace 8 días
Aż się zesrałem
Adam Jennings
Adam Jennings Hace 8 días
abdul Dk
abdul Dk Hace 8 días
10 years later
MyLife 4ever
MyLife 4ever Hace 8 días
Random ass hell
Fernando Cardoso Silveira
Fernando Cardoso Silveira Hace 8 días
Greatest internet mistery of this century, youtube algorithms.
Mathieu Martineau
Mathieu Martineau Hace 8 días
Why the fuck is this in my recommended?
Cliff Yablonski
Cliff Yablonski Hace 8 días
Why did he kill Jack black?
Melly Kwan
Melly Kwan Hace 8 días
500 yards of open field vs the deep woods 5 yards behind him Choices my friends Choices
David López
David López Hace 8 días
Real time video through a modem? No way
Jaga Hace 8 días
Me at 2 AM :let me watch one last video before sleep. ESwomen recommendation : JACK BLACK GETS HIS ARM SHOT OFF!
Kid Thug2428
Kid Thug2428 Hace 6 días
Jaga bro that is dead ass me right now is .2am and after this ima sleep
Revilo uhc asobrab 21
Revilo uhc asobrab 21 Hace 8 días
Sure his arm got shot off, but you should have started with him dying!
Wise Guy4U
Wise Guy4U Hace 8 días
Ah good ol action movie days.
Rexy1000 Hace 8 días
I keep getting this recommended and I keep putting not interested over and over again, w.e might as well watch it.
themlg kid
themlg kid Hace 8 días
I just got this its 10 years old
Luke Friend
Luke Friend Hace 8 días
If only jack lost a arm we wouldn’t of had to suffer school of rock!
Mr. Nibble Nips
Mr. Nibble Nips Hace 8 días
tchevrier Hace 8 días
The Jackal Very good movie
Victor Uribe
Victor Uribe Hace 8 días
His audition tape to Tropic Thunder! LOL
Rome_05 Hace 8 días
someone as retarded and stupid as Jack deserves to die like this lmfao How the fuck are you gonna just run far and become a fucking target, fucking fight the guy to the death at the very least instead of giving him what he wants. Dance around the bitch lol
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore Hace 8 días
Finally a movie role that best captures the real Bruce Willis.
Spider Man
Spider Man Hace 8 días
Can bullets really make cars explode?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 9 días
That wouldn't have happened to Chuck Norris. Norris is so intimidating, bullets are afraid to hit him.
Nikita Bezugly
Nikita Bezugly Hace 9 días
At least poor guy was killed, and his suffering was stopped
Parthiv Hace 9 días
Thumbnail~ If Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan had a baby
BershkaBoss Hace 9 días
blasted his whole body not only his arm 🤣
Armin Wessler
Armin Wessler Hace 9 días
Motherfucker blew up a tree that held a nest of a rare red tailed swallow. Thats an endangered species. You bitch
Nathan Biller
Nathan Biller Hace 9 días
“I have been touched by your kids. And I’m pretty sure I’ve touched them” Dewey Finn had it coming
Richard1 Hace 9 días
this is sad
David M
David M Hace 9 días
I've never liked Jack Black, and this is one of my favorite scenes. Seeing him get blasted is great.... GO JACKAL!!!!!
Anand dedly
Anand dedly Hace 9 días
Tat was sad
william badovinac
william badovinac Hace 9 días
Whoever thought J Boy Black had any blood?
Told you it was off “Now move over by the car!”
fesoJ Hace 9 días
Why do i have this in the recommended list? (2019)
MrBrown871 Hace 5 días
@Ve1ocity Official yeah, I never saw Jackal, but I always thought that movie is badass, and watching this scene I had the confirm, oh, and I love Willis and Jack Black <3
Ray Padilla
Ray Padilla Hace 5 días
Same 😂
Cobra K1NG132
Cobra K1NG132 Hace 5 días
Same lol
Ve1ocity Official
Ve1ocity Official Hace 5 días
@MrBrown871 idk it caught my attention because like, the arm. It gets shot off. And that stuff is cool apparently.
77 Mochi
77 Mochi Hace 6 días
fesoJ got you to 100 likes
ilmari404 Hace 9 días
Jablinski gaming
Oscar Mogie
Oscar Mogie Hace 9 días
The development of the Walter White machine gun
Oscar Mogie
Oscar Mogie Hace 9 días
Why is this being recommended 10 years later
DF Hace 9 días
What the name of the movie?
wino0000006 Hace 9 días
He is dellusional - get him to infirmary.
nikushim666 Hace 9 días
Whoever came up with that mounting didn't understand physics.
Mohammed Nihal
Mohammed Nihal Hace 9 días
If Salman khan and Anil Kapoor had a son.
lil reed
lil reed Hace 9 días
I would eat that nigga jack balcks stanky ass until he farts and creams in my 👄
Daequan Hace 9 días
Something from 10 years ago shows up today, thanks for this discovery youtube
Rowdy Roddy Sniper
Rowdy Roddy Sniper Hace 8 días
Daequan Oh, ok, Chief. 👍
Daequan Hace 8 días
Rowdy Roddy Sniper scene was posted 10 years ago chief 💀
Rowdy Roddy Sniper
Rowdy Roddy Sniper Hace 8 días
Daequan This movie is actually from 22 yrs ago, chief. 🤣✌️
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Hace 9 días
Idiot if he threatened to kill him with that robotic gun he should have just kicked his computer and run lol but no he was scared of that gun lmaf
Ninj a
Ninj a Hace 9 días
Okay why???????
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs Hace 9 días
I thought this was done hard six
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs Hace 9 días
How does jack black brush his teeth with one hand
Landon Wayne
Landon Wayne Hace 9 días
the relic?
Rene Ledesma
Rene Ledesma Hace 9 días
The best JB movie scene in his career. 😎
lil nef
lil nef Hace 9 días
*_Whaatt?? How did ESwomen figure out that I wanted to see Jack Black get his fucking arm shot off his body_*
J Barquero
J Barquero Hace 9 días
This is disturbing. Borderline psychotic. Creepy how everyone acts like it’s all good. If this is chilling? Then something is wrong with us.
Tatsujiro Kurogane
Tatsujiro Kurogane Hace 9 días
It would be if it were any other actor, but it's Jack Black, so it's good to see
Fire Angel Chris
Fire Angel Chris Hace 9 días
I guess a dead man can’t teach a music class
Austin SY
Austin SY Hace 10 días
Why did he shoot his arm off and kill him?
Austin SY
Austin SY Hace 9 días
Tatsujiro Kurogane oh
Tatsujiro Kurogane
Tatsujiro Kurogane Hace 9 días
@Austin SY He's a very annoying, very untalented actor and comedian
Austin SY
Austin SY Hace 9 días
Tatsujiro Kurogane i never watch jack black’s movies so I don’t even know what this is all about
Tatsujiro Kurogane
Tatsujiro Kurogane Hace 9 días
Because it's Jack Black
Hace 10 días
*But did he hit the cigarette packet?*
Kilo Byte
Kilo Byte Hace 8 días
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