Jack Black and the price of fame!

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Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon

Hace 11 meses

In the premiere episode of 'Hiking With Kevin', Season 2, comedian/actor/musician Jack Black hikes with Kevin Nealon as they search for the elusive Bat Cave in the Hollywood Hills. Jack chats about Tenacious D, the price of fame and lack of privacy, his technique on how to repel fans, Queen's influence, his eyebrow technique, his disgusting gall bladder, his new movie, The House With The Clock In It's Walls, ...plus more.

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Rafinha Bastos
Rafinha Bastos Hace 11 meses
Best show on the web. It’s the only show in which you can see lungs working. I love it. Great!!! 🙌🙌🙌
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace 2 horas
matt69savage nah, that's just Kevin promoting his own lame content.
matt69savage Hace 2 días
Mate, you must be simple.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace un mes
This isn't hiking Kevin. It's just walking on a country road.
Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse
Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse Hace 2 meses
0 1 are you implying that he's black??
Quincee 33
Quincee 33 Hace 17 horas
I remember Jack Black from The Jackal .
B-Man 123
B-Man 123 Hace un día
Nacho....best movie EVER!!!
TVguy9999 Hace 3 días
At 6:26 ...classic JACK BLACK!
jennifer Loy fairhurst
jennifer Loy fairhurst Hace 3 días
Well done Jack!! You're such a gentleman.
flnthrn2 Hace 3 días
Year One is a damn good movie.
ssslatten Hace 4 días
Their boobs like nice in this video.
Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker Hace 5 días
The Peter Pan was chunky.
arrghgarry Hace 7 días
i remember him from the charity film when he refused to help a starving black child
Cathy Whiting
Cathy Whiting Hace 7 días
You are inviable Kevin
Cathy Whiting
Cathy Whiting Hace 7 días
Kevin has no fans
Kendra Payne
Kendra Payne Hace 7 días
People forget he was in The Cable Guy
princewish Hace 9 días
I would never go up to a famous person and bother them. People that do that are obnoxious.
Gigi D
Gigi D Hace 9 días
Work those brows Jack!! Its your superpower! and I loved you in the Holiday. Meet Cute!
Maria Salazar
Maria Salazar Hace 10 días
Amazing !! That's all i can say ...AMAZING !!!!!
SHARK BITE Hace 10 días
A little Peter Pan in my sauce 😂
bloom hana
bloom hana Hace 11 días
Aaaaaaaahhhhh I love this show 👏👏👏
Daniel Booth
Daniel Booth Hace 12 días
Can I go hiking with you?
David Ash
David Ash Hace 12 días
Been sleeping on this. Just woke up on a Kevin binge
Two Fishes
Two Fishes Hace 14 días
Kevin, just found you. It's a good thing what you're doing. I popped my cherry with Theo, and followed up with Jack Black... nice people
Monet I.
Monet I. Hace 15 días
Kevin says, "I'm a huge fan of yours." He then says, "That's where I know you from," like he didn't know of him well.
Alf Landon
Alf Landon Hace 15 días
Are you wearing a bra Kevin?
Rob Mangeri
Rob Mangeri Hace 15 días
I’m that dork who would have gone with them to find the batman tunnel 😎
Cuthbert Bracegirdle
Cuthbert Bracegirdle Hace 15 días
Jack Black is still a thing. Weird.
cellothegreat Hace 12 días
Jablinski Games
Kaskadia Jackass Watch
Kaskadia Jackass Watch Hace 15 días
I would have never recognized Jack Black with the sunglasses.
Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas Hace 11 días
Yeah, but maybe they heard the voice.
JazzSparky Hace 15 días
This is the nicest video I've ever seen.
Jesse Grimley
Jesse Grimley Hace 16 días
Need a couple of oxygen tanks lol
Você tá certo, cara!!! Eu concordo!
Você tá certo, cara!!! Eu concordo! Hace 16 días
How could a person even recognize him with those glasses?
Simetis World
Simetis World Hace 17 días
How does no one recognise Kevin though...dude is legendary
enter a name here
enter a name here Hace 18 días
Tall guy looks like he started his transition
Marisela Osuna
Marisela Osuna Hace 19 días
I wouldn't have interrupted, but I instead would've yelled, Nachooooo!
Mike Boucher
Mike Boucher Hace 19 días
Are you just going to not mention the rock crop circle in the background at 15:03?
nectarandice Hace 20 días
Jack's got a water bottle!
Devon Marie
Devon Marie Hace 21 un día
I love this channel ❤️
toby Golding
toby Golding Hace 22 días
Jack needs to do this more often and stop eating glutton not to lose weight but to live longer.. that's why everyone is loosing gallbladder these days
toby Golding
toby Golding Hace 22 días
My favourite so far
toby Golding
toby Golding Hace 22 días
You don't pay them do you
Paul Stock
Paul Stock Hace 23 días
Saving Silverman..best ever..
Nerlakt Hace 24 días
thank you for supporting Minecraft channels
Redeemed7777 Hace 25 días
I thought it was neat how he dealt with his fans; however, I was disappointed in his swearing. :(
Redeemed7777 Hace 24 días
@Piscator 2DeePIn ThIrtYODDsIxeR lolrotf!
Piscator 2DeePIn ThIrtYODDsIxeR
Piscator 2DeePIn ThIrtYODDsIxeR Hace 24 días
I didn't kno old people watch you tube.
JBest865 Hace 25 días
These people don't recognize Kevin Nealon??
Ass ho
Ass ho Hace 25 días
LMAO no .... wait for jack bro you can't leave him behind..
Ass ho
Ass ho Hace 25 días
Cognitive Chaos
Cognitive Chaos Hace 26 días
It's quite obvious his price was his soul. He's quite open about it! Good thing Hell isn't for humans or Black Jack would be there for selling his soul.
Testikuski TestdriVR
Testikuski TestdriVR Hace 26 días
LOL this is like hot ones, get them pumped get them talking, be funny and witty with them and we all will have a good time.
James King
James King Hace 26 días
Very interesting to see you getting a taste of invisibility, Kevin! The "What's your go-to laxative?" question really did it for me! Meilleurs salutations de Paris!
Shan Rafnezden
Shan Rafnezden Hace 27 días
Jack cleans your camera lens and you complain?
Dan Letts
Dan Letts Hace 27 días
A grapefruit the size of a tumour?? lol. I think Kevin meant that the other way around
diego arguello
diego arguello Hace 27 días
"There is a little peter pan in my secret sauce" lolol
Loretta Player
Loretta Player Hace 28 días
Hey Kevin! Just found you. Was unaware of these hikes you take. Very fun to be included but can do w/o Peter and secret sauce. Love you man! We're probably the same age,grew up together more or less.
Tom Chorak
Tom Chorak Hace 29 días
Nice to meet you Mrs. Hannaday
Ganiscol Hace un mes
But seriously, I dont get people constantly interfering with (famous) people for selfies and autographs. I feel its selfish and I would never do it beyond walking past saying hi and wishing a great day - give them the recognition alright, but dont stop them when they're off work... I realize some celebs bath in this sort of interaction, but unless you heard your star say "Yes, please come at me at any time because I love interaction with my fans at all times!", cut it out for courtesy reasons. Theyre just entertaining us, theyre not Gods and should not be at the center of your world.
Thomas Salazar
Thomas Salazar Hace un mes
Keep your politics to yourself, stick to what you know... Pretending for a living...
Fatefullyyou Hace un mes
reminds me of gerard way
Thahigher Priestess1111
Thahigher Priestess1111 Hace un mes
I love this, it shows me a different side if the celebrities that I never get to see 😊
RC44E The Lone Coyote
RC44E The Lone Coyote Hace un mes
Would be cool to have you invite @homemadewanderlust Dixie on a hike with you. A fellow youtuber who hikes. Check out her channel Kevin. Maybe you can give her some hiking tips. ;)
Jeremy Jansen
Jeremy Jansen Hace un mes
Jack made a great point about the breathing and I suggest shorter steps. I love this idea for comedy, conversation, nature, and real/rawness
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh Hace un mes
It's so weird to see Jack Black this famous now. Back when I used to watch him and Kyle just make extremely raunchy skits in the 90's, and now people see this almost kid-friendly celeb, lol. Jack and Kyle made some of the most disturbing comedy I've ever seen back in the day, lol.
William Brown
William Brown Hace un mes
Not to mention Jack's role in The Jackyl with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere
Jo Weger
Jo Weger Hace un mes
awesome!! did not know who JB was 10 years ago until someone said I look like him! get it all the time....he's a handsome funny fella....suits me
K.S. Muncie
K.S. Muncie Hace un mes
You rock sir 😎
baseballman74 Hace un mes
Jack black rules!!!!
Shiloh Pacheco
Shiloh Pacheco Hace un mes
Jack is cool.he really appreciates his fans n he should we keep him working.
Trill.E Hace un mes
It’s nice to see how kind jack was to the fans who interrupted them.
Slappy McButterballs
Slappy McButterballs Hace un mes
how are people not recognizing Nealon?! It's astounding.
Jrockjeff Hace un mes
Let's see some hike stats - total distance, time, elevation. Let us know what these hikes are all about
Mr. Sharps
Mr. Sharps Hace un mes
I met jack black I delivered food to his house over by Griffith Park this guy is awesome!
Potter County Diggers
Potter County Diggers Hace un mes
awesome first time viewer will catch up on them all... Great idea!!
mrs minty
mrs minty Hace un mes
Is Kevin tall or is Jack short?
Lucas Bell
Lucas Bell Hace un mes
Shane Coffey Outdoors
Shane Coffey Outdoors Hace un mes
Love this man!! Keep up the awesome work. Best show on the Tubes. Nothing better than getting told by jack black to call it the, Bat Cave. He’s such a nice guy! Mr. Handshaker!
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