It's Finally Time... Abby VS Baby J!! | The Last of Us 2 - Part 16

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iBerleezy Hace un mes
for yall mad about the thumbnails and intro clips spoiling did yall think they werent gonna fight? 🙄 yall be killing me dude
Azzim King
Azzim King Hace 3 días
I see the Beverly Hills hillbillies quotes
Aidyn Jones
Aidyn Jones Hace 8 días
Why is Abby so dammmmm BUFFFF
JustBeanz Hace 10 días
I don't be mad I like it like that shit be cool #EEZYGANG
Sekai Wrld
Sekai Wrld Hace 11 días
iBerleezy it’s true
Your alt Account
Your alt Account Hace 16 días
Can someone look at my friends stream Also love you berleezy
Maria Jay
Maria Jay Hace 25 minutos
I don't agree with Tommy here. At some point the cycle has to stop. People are dying in real life because of this long ass cycle of violence that doesn't seem like it will end. They do a good job showing how pointless it all is by showing the conflict between the Seraphites and the WLFs. They could not let it go and now hundreds (maybe more) of their people are dead, their lands are in shambles because no one can decide to end the fight. I'm not Team Abby or Team Ellie. I feel like the revenge took a lot more from them than it did them any good. All I see is what they've lost. There isn't any victory.
MUKAShIII Hace 2 horas
This ep was a big turn off, not the way leezy played it but the way the game was written, like fgs what did we get out of this part of the game!!!
Yousef Dannoui
Yousef Dannoui Hace 4 horas
“CMON DAVE CHAPEL” fucking got me 😂😂😂
Taeler Jackson
Taeler Jackson Hace 15 horas
I'm confused...didn't they murder Mel while she was like 8 months pregnant?
sai reid
sai reid Hace 18 horas
berlin: owen sucks for not thinking about his baby also berlin: ellie should totally risk her life and family for revenge
Jan Sibug
Jan Sibug Hace 18 horas
Abby and Lev 👍❤
SwenglishGamer Hace 19 horas
Notice that both Abby and Ellie’s decisions to spare each other comes from a place of honouring someone they care about. For Abby to kill Ellie and Dina out of hatred with Lev standing there wanting it to stop, Lev being like the physical embodiment of the damage this cycle of violence does to people (that kid having lost his whole family and community because of it), she would be betraying him because he never fell victim to that. So by sparing Ellie and Dina she gets to keep that one last person she cares about in her life, but she gets to do that by following Lev’s example. For Ellie to kill Abby in the end, she would be doing to Lev exactly what Abby did to her, brutally murdering his parental figure and leaving him alone and directionless, she would become the very thing she hated. By sparing them right after saving their lives, she honours what Joel would have wanted for her, which is to just have a life of her own, but also honours his legacy by letting the spirit of what she and Joel had live on through Abby and Lev, forgiving both her and Joel at the same time, maybe even forgiving herself too for how she treated him before his death. Like that in itself is pretty deep, but this game goes a lot further than that. Fuckin masterpiece of storytelling... haters don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about or what the fuck they want. Games like these show the whole world how stupid gamers are, man. I can’t even bring myself to be sad or mad about it anymore, I’m just disappointed...
-Tye_onn_a- Hace un día
I love how he thinks this was dark but not Tommy wanting Ellie to go out of her happiness and trauma to go kill someone far away and her almost going through with it after Abby was kidnapped for a month and was weak and fragile and had Lev to take care of smh.
Yikahlo Edwards
Yikahlo Edwards Hace un día
Berleezy you are a confused person smh.
GG Academia
GG Academia Hace un día
bruh, you're red pilled too? lol, so I assume you saw the legendary 'Four Horsemen of Game'
GG Academia
GG Academia Hace un día
"stop screen looking"- The epitome of playing your little brother lmbo
Phoenix C
Phoenix C Hace un día
So far I just see people talking about Dina and stuff. I'm just impressed that in the very same episode, Berlin legit forgot Tommy got shot in the back of the head and asks 'Dud he get shot?'
Kerry Mapp
Kerry Mapp Hace 2 días
Yes I ended the game on survival and by the time i got to the 1st fight against Ellie she was hard af to fight at first
Basketball Mixtapes
Basketball Mixtapes Hace 2 días
JESUS loves you all you can accomplish all your dreams just put your faith In GOD and trust and believe in him JESUS is coming repent from your sins and turn away JESUS loves you✝️✝️✝️
Basketball Mixtapes
Basketball Mixtapes Hace 2 días
GOD bless you all✝️✝️✝️
fuster cluck
fuster cluck Hace 2 días
I don't know bru I feel like Abby is pretty cool man
Introvert Melanholikovich
Introvert Melanholikovich Hace 3 días
His face)
Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson Hace 3 días
Why the A.I as Ellie so viscous 😂😂😂😂
April B
April B Hace 3 días
the reason i dont like every video is bc i be binge watching the shit out of these videos & forget sometimes but ima drop the like rn
Brendan Beckett
Brendan Beckett Hace 3 días
You really wanted Lev's 70 pound ass to row instead of Abby the Hulk?
noodle Hace 3 días
Honestly I get when berlezzy hates and loves and hates characters it’s the flashblacks and different angles.😭😔
April B
April B Hace 3 días
pause. Lev didn't lose his identity, he found it ☝🏽
Madison Burchett
Madison Burchett Hace 4 días
honestly ion see the point in goin after abby. abby lost people. ellie lost ppl. ellie doesn’t need to lose dina or the baby. or tommy. i respect berleezy but i didn’t agree with what he was sayin about dina and ellie bein fake. i think they were making the right decision.
Jeffrey Holub
Jeffrey Holub Hace 4 días
Why do games/movies/TV shows make badass female characters gay like, I'm not complaining but it happens a all the time
Madison Burchett
Madison Burchett Hace 4 días
ellies ptsd episode made me cry bro...i can’t imagine living with all that.♥️ i still respect her bro
Madison Burchett
Madison Burchett Hace 4 días
bruh, dina is one lucky girl. ellie be so attractive bro
Madison Burchett
Madison Burchett Hace 4 días
bro..the part where abby sees alice, owen, and mel dead is just breaking my heart...bc i love ellie..and it just makes her seem like a monster...
Madison Burchett
Madison Burchett Hace 4 días
10:02 you and me both berlin 🥵💀😂
jen Hace 4 días
David Williams
David Williams Hace 4 días
Damn Dave Chappelle 💀💀💀💀
Headphonebear :3
Headphonebear :3 Hace 5 días
"Imma find Dina and punch her in her stomach" -Berlezzy 2020
Jacara Watkins
Jacara Watkins Hace 5 días
Playing as Abby feels beyond weird when your fighting Ellie. Dina was wrong for pursuing Ellie after she broke up with Jesse XD Well both her and Ellie.
galaxie- calotom
galaxie- calotom Hace 5 días
27:49 the best réaction
Caleb White
Caleb White Hace 5 días
Idc bruh, Owen is the reason they died cause he too impulsive. Plus he was tryna go with Abby and Yara, so what if that had happened? Either Mel would still be alive, or Ellie would’ve killed her because Mel was gonna go out defending herself and the baby, and Owen woulda still been the reason his baby mama and baby died. RIP Mel and Baby Mel tho 😔
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart Hace 5 días
Joan Ayres
Joan Ayres Hace 6 días
Bro... wtf
Niles Threlkeld
Niles Threlkeld Hace 6 días
This shit sad, Ellie was just trying to move on in life and Tommy had to instigate ellie. Tommy is filled with vengeance and he trying to spark that shit back up again back in ellie. can't leave well enough alone
I Adams
I Adams Hace 6 días
Yo tommy made me sick with that shit
Don Flamingo
Don Flamingo Hace 6 días
Tbh it got me thinking. Four people from Jackson and one of them who was pregnant. Killed essentially an army and only lost because they got caught of guard. Manny don't really count tbh cause he was stupid not putting someone on the front door just incase. So imagine just TWO OR THREE more people from Jackson? It would've been a disgusting wrap. Jacksoneers are basically all Abby's. If we being real. Cause before jessie went out they called entire squads just for him. And dina was fucking shit up while pregnant. Jackson is where it's at.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis Hace 5 días
This is so flawed bruh to be honest. The WLF's were to busy fighting against the Scars so it was easy for Tommy, and Ellie to maneuver around them, and plus luck rolled around Ellie's way when Jordan captured her and tried to torture her for info, when they're orders to kill her and he took way to long. I mean this nigga saw Dina kill his friend, shot through the glass and was like "Shit let me strangle this bitch, and give Ellie a chance to come from behind and stab me" lol
Don Flamingo
Don Flamingo Hace 6 días
What melody was he singing in the beginning.
Scourge88 Hace 6 días
Destroy Joel, how? You knew the lie was going catch up with Joel Berlin. Ellie is obviously upset with him still its not destroying his character.
Reginald Boggs
Reginald Boggs Hace 7 días
Please dina not be dead
Reginald Boggs
Reginald Boggs Hace 7 días
No Tommy
Android 21
Android 21 Hace 7 días
Ellie: *points her arrow at Abby while she’s hiding* Berleezy: Stop screen looking.
Regis Hallowcrest
Regis Hallowcrest Hace 7 días
Not a lot people like this game precisely because of Abby. She ruins the game. Her revenge story makes no sense. She just expects Ellie and her friends to kiss her ass and be nice to her despite her friends trying to kill them. She goes overboard with violence just to vent out her delusional nonsense that- she's a person of justice and life is so hard for her. Well it wouldn't have been if she didn't decide to kill everybody who so much as in the same room as her. Super Bitch mentality.
Gabe Villarreal
Gabe Villarreal Hace 8 días
18:15 the actual power of this game.
I Only Speak Fax
I Only Speak Fax Hace 8 días
27:38 Berlin thought Seth was gonna kill Abby 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Flash Phantom
Flash Phantom Hace 8 días
Please. PLEASE make more content like this with this depth of story🙏🏽😭💯
Aidyn Jones
Aidyn Jones Hace 8 días
Why is Abby so dammmmmm bufffff
question mark
question mark Hace 8 días
28:19 it’s 3 dark souls games
Alya Lopez
Alya Lopez Hace 8 días
Ellie Deserved So Much Better Than The Bullshit Naughty Dog Gave To Her🤦🏾‍♀️ Same Goes For Joel💔 This Is The Last Naughty Dog Game That Will Have My Attention 🤷🏽‍♀️
Akash Samson
Akash Samson Hace 8 días
One thing that bothered me was why on Earth was Dina being a dick to Jesse in the flashback before she danced with Ellie. That seemed really uncalled for to me.
Your average light skin
Your average light skin Hace 8 días
When he said “GAZER GAZER” I lost it🤣
L. Bray
L. Bray Hace 9 días
I feel like most of the people commenting don't even have kids or a real relationship for that matter. Because JJ is not Ellies kid and Dina is not Ellies wife. Their relationship was based on Dina breaking up with Jesse using Ellie as a rebound finding out she was pregnant and the baby daddy being killed while helping Ellie but he was really only there for Dina. They bonded off of trauma which isn't love. Belinda is right in what he is saying. Some of yall are just inexperienced in this area
Chide Ogan
Chide Ogan Hace 9 días
Damn Dace Chapelle almost made me cry
Alexander Rose
Alexander Rose Hace 9 días
Lol you a fool "looked at lev, like your my back-up?????"
Davey J All day
Davey J All day Hace 9 días
That “To this day!!!!” Got me ctfu
Flossy Ent.
Flossy Ent. Hace 10 días
abby spared dina life which permitted her to have her child and them have that life together going after abby would just be leading to her death you wrong for this one bro
JustBeanz Hace 10 días
Dina look like the girl from that live action Dora movie
JustBeanz Hace 10 días
Ellie's AI mode is more dangerous than Untucked Jersey Kyrie
Mint™ Hace 10 días
And honestly I really don't want to see Ellie make the same mistakes again
Mint™ Hace 10 días
Berlin needed to chill out at the end of the video
DarkLess89X Hace 10 días
Ethan Hace 10 días
It kills me how slow Berlin is to understand he has to be stealthy for once in the gameplay
Ethan Hace 10 días
This man Berlin fuc around too much😂
Sayso Beam
Sayso Beam Hace 10 días
Just scrolled down to go to the next video and seen god of war bruh u gotta finish it😂💯
dea him
dea him Hace 10 días
"She said good and was ready to slit throats bro" xD
Its Elishhaa
Its Elishhaa Hace 10 días
I haven't seen one ESwomenr witness the potato song that Ellie sings to JJ on the tractor, and its stressing me out lmao
One More
One More Hace 11 días
Nobody: 41:33 "Let me get you some slop" Bruh XD
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