IT CHAPTER TWO (2019) Ending Explained

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27 years after defeating the killer clown Pennywise, the grown up Losers Club are called back to their cursed hometown to face the past and takedown IT once and for all. Learn all about the Losers next journey, the infamous Ritual of Chud, and explaining the ending.
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Asher Tathren
Asher Tathren Hace 18 horas
Honestly I loves the ending especially because they made Richie gay for Eddie and I love it also I'm happy that Bev and Ben end up together. Though I feel bad that they just straight up rosted Pennywise.
Diamond Angelina
Diamond Angelina Hace 22 horas
Aaw I was hoping Eddy wouldn’t die in this one
Hayden Dominguez
Hayden Dominguez Hace un día
“Ending explained” and then this dude gives us a whole scene by scene review...
Ipod 757
Ipod 757 Hace un día
Can you do crawl
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez Hace un día
Are you explaining the ending or just bashing the movie in general, thumbs down
Raph Rodriguez
Raph Rodriguez Hace un día
it made me cringe every time this dude mispronounced words
Veronica Greene
Veronica Greene Hace un día
So I feel like the humor is this point of not being scared 🤷‍♀️ I actually like the ending in the remade version because it made sense although your right about CG the horror between flashbacks and gathering tokens was good and gave completion to what was missing in the chapter 1 plot ( I was scared asf) 🤔🤔🤔 And yea so I loved this movie ❤️😊😁
Justin Watson
Justin Watson Hace 2 días
Mini series was so much better
Caroline Karpenko
Caroline Karpenko Hace 2 días
5:06 me looking at the target one way mirror trying to see the employees
Megan Campbell
Megan Campbell Hace 2 días
Ben’s treehouse is more of a groundhouse
Gamethon/Noobmaster69 Hace 2 días
I legit feel like the ending was a bit bad because of Bill
{Minoko Shio}
{Minoko Shio} Hace 3 días
Bill was the best character in my opinion. In Dean’s death scene, he said: “I’m here this time, take me.” He was actually risking his life to save Dean who was kinda mad at him for following him. I’m super happy Bill is still alive- •v•
Amel Hicks
Amel Hicks Hace 3 días
I don’t understand how they can still c pennywise as adults wen I thought only children can c him
Atlas the Champ
Atlas the Champ Hace 3 días
@Amel Hicks yes but actually no, they probably know something took them but because it control their mind, they just don't care or forgot
Amel Hicks
Amel Hicks Hace 3 días
Atlas the Champ so then they know they know the cause of why children are missing and disappearing
Atlas the Champ
Atlas the Champ Hace 3 días
Everyone can see him, the adult in the town are just subconsciously ignore it
Andrew Jaramillo
Andrew Jaramillo Hace 4 días
Why do directors think CGI will make a movie better? Practical effects are way better and make scenes look more realistic
Quite literally a disgusting creature
Quite literally a disgusting creature Hace 4 días
It was obvious but I still got jump scared by the lumberjack part
Tony Xavior
Tony Xavior Hace 4 días
So it is a celestrial being
OSarcasticOne Hace 4 días
Aww! He used A'tuin!
davante barbain
davante barbain Hace 4 días
So they really did take out the pivotal cosmic elements that made ot possible to explain the supernatural clown and its shit
Generic Protag
Generic Protag Hace 4 días
So was the one dude gay or naw
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Hace 5 días
It 2 explained... it sucks! The end
elsa margaret
elsa margaret Hace 5 días
R + E foreverrrr
Ryan Hace 5 días
I had to wait an entire month to watch this because I just saw it this past weekend! I’m super excited to watch this and get your thoughts on it. :)
Jean Germain
Jean Germain Hace 5 días
If only they knew roasting pennywise could've killed him, they would've roasted his ass in the the first movie😂 richie alone would've killed him🤣🤣
Kaycee Clark
Kaycee Clark Hace 5 días
Where did you get your shirt? It’s awesome 👏
djlowtek Hace 5 días
This movie pissed me off!!! So horrible!! Just a lazy direction and scene design but an animators dream. Pretty graphics, horrible execution. So bad.
Carrie Peaters
Carrie Peaters Hace 6 días
Am I the only one who's surprised that penny wise isn't a clown he's a spider
Shamar Mills
Shamar Mills Hace 6 días
So this takes place in 2016
Kainkain 110
Kainkain 110 Hace 6 días
i love your shirt 👕
ToonGrin Hace 6 días
While it'd be cool to see Maturin and the exploration of the macroverse, and wouldn't remotely be a hard sell, we live in a marvel cinematic post universe now we even just had King of the Monsters. If a movie with a talking tree and raccoon fighting a purple scrotum chin alien can happen and a movie where an extraterrestrial 3 headed astro-dragon fights alongside a magma pterodactyl against a butterfly life goddess and a land dragon that breaths radioactive fire, then I think we can be more open-minded to imaginative ideas. For crying out loud we live in a post Harry Potter world. No, see the thing is Maturin while cool in his own right the truth is Maturin undercuts one of the main ideas of the story. The idea of showing courage in adversity and overcoming fear. Doing that with friends, that's powerful stuff. Ding that on your own, thats even more pretty powerful stuff. Doing that because an entity named Gan and a cosmic turtle named Maturin helped you by getting high in a den... THAT undercuts the losers doing it themselves. At that point its divine intervention that helps them, but that can also be looked at as an exploration of the ideology of belief and how belief in a god or deity gives us the internal strength we need to overcome hardships. People tend to forget that It was written in the 80s. King admits to being a pretty heavy drinker and coke user at the time so you can see where there is a great story about fear, its ability to consume us, and how belief can help us overcome adversity but its also at a time where this dude got coked-out his brain meat writing about how cosmic turtles save us... so ya know... take the quality of writing with a grain of salt. By removing and streamlining the story it actually works in favor to strengthen the characters themselves and how they battled with a core of the book: Belief and overcoming bullies. Pennywise at its core is a childish bully who is a coward. It's ancient and has never had opposition before and now when confronted with opposition it becomes scared. It's thematically clever that at the end they starve the entity by becoming more and more courageous and thus Pennywise can't hold its vast form (what they believed it to be) and Pennywise starts to deflate (like a balloon) then it takes a form to what it feeds on, a defenseless child.
Johnny Love
Johnny Love Hace 6 días
So the lesson is, bullying is good?
IS7AHAN Hace 6 días
1 like = 1 prayer for Eddie and Stanley
Nature Storm
Nature Storm Hace 7 días
Wait Eddie died. Homasetos MEANs BUllsHit. also Rip...
Nature Storm
Nature Storm Hace 7 días
Wouldent this be Chapter 3 since the old movie They can't even remember there movie.
Etienne Hace 7 días
Conclusion : read the books instead of going to the cinema to watch bad movies.
Baby Scatha
Baby Scatha Hace 7 días
I actually loved the movie because it had a lot of heart compared to most horror movies. Though I agree with the CGI it isn't something that bother me all that much either since my focus is with the characters themselves. So the lame takedown of Pennywise is like "whatever get back to Eddie!" :(
Bleak Automaton
Bleak Automaton Hace 7 días
Seems the movie itself kept forgetting Mike, but maybe some dvd release has deleted scenes of what he was doing during the 'scavenger hunt' plot point.
Affan Jamsari
Affan Jamsari Hace 8 días
Request: the banana splits movie (2019) ending explained
The Breakfast Clubber
The Breakfast Clubber Hace 8 días
I still don’t see how he survived that stab on the face, i mean it was inside his cheek...or brain. i thought it was an instant kill, i want a explanation as to how he survived.
ShaniceS Hace 8 días
When they were on the scavenger hunt each monster that attacked them I found them soo funny, I wasn’t even scared but laughing the whole time
Brandon Hace 8 días
My best memory of this movie is being in the theater opening day, during penny wise line "for 27 years ive dreamt of you" and hearing my fiance say under her breath. "Damn, you hold a grudge" I sat in my chair for 30 minutes silently laughing
clash of littness
clash of littness Hace 8 días
pennywise: I fear no man but that MW2 Lobbies: WHO DA FOOOK IS THIS CREEP AY, GET, EM BOIZ
TEA Hace 8 días
I hate that nerfed the deadlights, Just glancing at it could make you go crazy, But here you just go braindead for a couple of seconds
John Duncan
John Duncan Hace 8 días
They ruined this so 27 years from now someone can remake it.
Tardo Glass
Tardo Glass Hace 8 días
no offense but i disagree, humans are not scary at all in horror movies, i love dat monster CGI element. i’ll even do practical effects too, anything but a human antagonist because lets be real... dat shit not scary. i’ll tell u whats scariest for a black man. some drug addicted holding u at gun point in the dead of the night.
Alo The Radio God
Alo The Radio God Hace 8 días
This movie was great your being a hard critic ... i loved everything about It chapter 2 very entertaining
Marcus_Aloha Hace 8 días
They treated Pennywise like people do to Keemstar in the comments of his tweets.
Ya boi Jakob
Ya boi Jakob Hace 8 días
"Small pile of clown"
Francoootv Hace 9 días
so they basically they roasted pennywise to death
Happy Cheerios
Happy Cheerios Hace 10 días
Me and my mom went and she said that it was, “Way too long” and “Every time she thought the movie was almost over there was still more.”
djlowtek Hace 5 días
Tooootally. Really boring and tiring to watch this one.
Linnea Hace 10 días
Am I the only one who always felt kind of empathy “for” pennywise? I mean the main reason for that (in my case) is that I always picture bills face on pennywises (which is kinda dumb since pennywise is a fictional character and bills my absolute fav person in the world) but i always had this “connection” of felling bad for him lmao when he ate Vicky I was just like “k go for it” haha (sry if the grammar is ABSOLUTELY WRONG haha english is not my main language) and that’s why I also felt super sad when pennywise died
masked pacifist
masked pacifist Hace 10 días
Great video, as always! The film didn't work because they invested in CGI and not the characters.
Austine 3
Austine 3 Hace 10 días
They should have made a show about the book
Louis Peterson
Louis Peterson Hace 10 días
If the tribe moved away how did Mike meet them if he never left derry? Also how does bill know what drain his little bro went missing?
joi_is _love333
joi_is _love333 Hace 10 días
I love Part 1, it's the coming to the age story, reminded me a lot of my childhood. The 2nd part is good, but dragged on too long.
нey peacн
нey peacн Hace 10 días
Eddie and Stanley are okay, Eddie and Stanley are okay, Eddie and Stanley are okay..
Felicia Taylor
Felicia Taylor Hace 23 horas
AliceYoko Hace 11 días
I feel like im the only one who really enjoyed CG in Horror :') i really like the idea of being creative in creating all these monsters pennywise can transform into, and i enjoy seeing the monsters and different kind of monsters for more than just a 2 second jumpscare. So i can really get a close look at the details. Like i LOVED the fortune cookie monsters. That was amazing. But yeah, i guess opinions differ! 😌✨
Billie Carmen
Billie Carmen Hace 11 días
Cupcakelover 2007
Cupcakelover 2007 Hace 11 días
This is how many horror movies this guy has watched 👇 jk don’t give me likes but srsly I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!
Tim Tube07
Tim Tube07 Hace 9 días
At least you said dont give me likes instead of left it like that...
Tim Stifler
Tim Stifler Hace 11 días
in the book, it seemed like the turtle made the word Cüde appear in Ben’s mind
Nuttty Hace 11 días
Thank you. It was way too much comedy.
leila ibrahim
leila ibrahim Hace 11 días
I think it was weird that this movie focused a lot on weird spider creatures and little creatures instead of the actual penny wise
Elykyn 8055
Elykyn 8055 Hace 11 días
I feels like bill wrote the story of this movie because I don't like the ending
Foebane72 Hace 11 días
Of course this cut of this movie had problems, THE ORIGINAL CUT IS FOUR HOURS LONG!!
luna yamamoto
luna yamamoto Hace 11 días
Honestly did anyone ever think that the ritual might have actually worked? I mean it was supposed to be a battle of the minds and after starting it all the members had to face pennywise illusions, ridding themselves of their fears again until they finally found the solution. I doubt just chanting and holding hands was the whole ritual.
juli peters
juli peters Hace 11 días
for me, it 2 was not nearly as good as the first chapter. the first movie was actually amazing, it had been a long time since i was genuinely scared watching a movie.
Hex Pool
Hex Pool Hace 11 días
the drug that mike gave bill is called maturin like the turtlegod
Hex Pool
Hex Pool Hace 11 días
what ? it did not feel like 3 hours
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams Hace 11 días
I fast forward the 1st one. The original made me LOSE a week of sleep in the 8th grade. And reading the book as my 6th grade book report selection really messed up any chance I had growing up "normal" so...THANK YOU for recapping this one so I can ✔ it off my to-do list! 😘
Jason Fullerton
Jason Fullerton Hace 12 días
I thought the old lady scene was well done, .
Roger Antle
Roger Antle Hace 12 días
every1 slowly remembers it when they return to derry excepted stanley who never returned but remembered right away. explain that!
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart Hace un día
He instantly remembered he wasn't strong enough
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