IT CHAPTER TWO (2019) Ending Explained

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27 years after defeating the killer clown Pennywise, the grown up Losers Club are called back to their cursed hometown to face the past and takedown IT once and for all. Learn all about the Losers next journey, the infamous Ritual of Chud, and explaining the ending.
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it chapter 2it chapter twoit chapter 2 ending explainedit ending explained

oliver Hace 13 días
yes the ending sucks. but let's be honest, r + e 🥺😭
dkguy 05
dkguy 05 Hace 22 días
Bruh, the movie would have literally lasted less than 1 hour if they just called him names the second they all saw him
guy tremblay
guy tremblay Hace 23 días
It was a total flop for me
Tommy Hace 26 días
send eminem.
18coolblade Hace 26 días
There is a theory about the ritual working and it makes a lot of sense
12-24-16 Hace 27 días
This movie sucked
Dontae Papa
Dontae Papa Hace un mes
It’s weird how bens actually look alike
Alison Kelly
Alison Kelly Hace un mes
Hey the orgy will be in the movie director cut cause he said interview everything that was cut will be in the movie
N7Bane12000 Hace un mes
Proof that bullying is a good thing 💪👏✊... wait 🤔
survivor turnover
survivor turnover Hace un mes
it is a dank meme bruv
TooLateToTheStory Hace un mes
So Penny is killed in the same way as a fucking fourth grader? Just bully them into dying? What else could they have done. Pull his clown hair? Stick bubblegum in it? What an absolute pussy.
Joey K
Joey K Hace un mes
Kind of lame that they pretty much just roasted a cosmic being go death
Nick Anissimoff
Nick Anissimoff Hace un mes
He basically got it on point except the part why the director allowed the token ritual not to work. The reason why (Andrés Muschietti the Director of It chapter number two) didn't want the ritual to work was to challenge the viewer and many other reasons as well. The ending of the first movie was to show how a bunch of friends or Losers can defeat Pennywise on a basic level. But what Pennywise feeds on and represents is fear which is why Pennywise was able to come back because the Losers didn't official defeat Pennywise from his core. In order to defeat Pennywise like Freddy Krueger you need to overcome fear since they are the embodiments of fear. They are also examples of what happens when we don't overcome our fear and that is when we don't overcome fear it will inevitably destroys us. If the token ritual would of worked there would of been a third installment of the movie which wouldn't make any sense. Therefore, in order to have defeated It or Pennywise the Losers needed to have overcome their greatest fear which was Pennywise. This is why they were ridiculing Pennywise at the end so that they can overcome not only their fear but their greatest fear which was Pennywise. Also the director wanted the group of Losers to defeat Pennywise but it needed to have made sense of how they did that. The director needed to have build the Losers up to having that type of courage to defeat Pennywise. Which is why they all got their individual fights with Pennywise during the token hunt. The Losers needed to have overcome their fights on their own in order to build up their self confidence to defeat Pennywise at the end.
Jacob Swiney
Jacob Swiney Hace un mes
I loved Chapter 2. Watched it at least 3 times and still love it. Ending makes sense to me, whatever.
Tayler Packard
Tayler Packard Hace un mes
Theory, IT is 1,000 pages because King didn't know how to end the novel so he just kept going
Drew5876 Hace un mes
I always thought it was CHUD not CHUDE!?
Kara Miracle
Kara Miracle Hace un mes
This isn’t explaining , it’s simply your opinion . The movies were great , you’re just weird
Axel De León
Axel De León Hace un mes
I defy you to make a compelling argument as to why Pennywise is better and/or equal to Art the Clown.
Jonathaniel Cha
Jonathaniel Cha Hace un mes
they got lost in the sauce
Jakku NoShi
Jakku NoShi Hace un mes
I hope they make IT Chapter Three
Braeden Lotz
Braeden Lotz Hace un mes
Thought this movie was pretty bad with all the crappy cgi, but the part at the end with the "I fucked your mom" was hilarious
LilEric Inna'cut
LilEric Inna'cut Hace un mes
Pennywise would never survive 2009 Call of Duty Lobbies
Jared Rubin
Jared Rubin Hace un mes
this movie was really bad. agree with CGI. entire film was boring and slow
22tour Hace un mes
Pennywise would never survive the xbox 360 COD days
Dim Sufferer
Dim Sufferer Hace un mes
In Stephen King’s defense cocaine is a hell of a drug
kommo1 Hace un mes
I think by this point, the prosepect off seeing the orgy scene is much more scary, than the actual plot.
Samantha Drew
Samantha Drew Hace un mes
Sadly I have never read the book but I was wondering how long is penny wise awake for before he has to hibernate again. Really must read the book
Me Me
Me Me Hace un mes
Dude, this pussy never saw these movies as a kid, so he doesn't understand, the creepy concepts it exposes children to. Sad
cory mccolligan
cory mccolligan Hace un mes
Duds the cast was fucking perfect like holy shit (also how hasn't the guy who played in split gotten any awards)
kacere lee
kacere lee Hace 2 meses
gordan ramse could kill him by himself
Kitty Hetheriton
Kitty Hetheriton Hace 2 meses
plez plez can u remake IT 2, from what you've said, IT needs U, >'-'< Thx
Kristen Ibrahim
Kristen Ibrahim Hace 2 meses
Personally, I feel it was the adult actors that took away from the movie. It could have been much better if it didn’t have the distraction of A list actors.
Mandogy - Games
Mandogy - Games Hace 2 meses
It Chapter 2 is reskin of Endgame. Group of people come together to try to stop a cosmic entity wanting to kill people. To defeat it they have to go back and experience their past to collect an item to perform a big thing to kill the cosmic entity. Ends with people reminiscing the ones they lost.
Devin Harbert
Devin Harbert Hace 2 meses
Review Annabelle
your F.B.I agent 602
your F.B.I agent 602 Hace 2 meses
So just verbally abuse it
Asia Mcclue
Asia Mcclue Hace 2 meses
they clowned the clown to death
Jack Low
Jack Low Hace 2 meses
I kinda saw it coming considering the amount of times the movie kept saying "the ending suck".
Kian Semmens
Kian Semmens Hace 2 meses
Me dealing with pennywise - screw you cus your ugly Me dealing with my bully - screw you cus your ugl... (then continues to leave me crying in a corner with a bloody nose 😂😂😭
Kian Semmens
Kian Semmens Hace 2 meses
It's the ritual of chud not chewed 😂😂😂
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown Hace 2 meses
One thing I don't really understand is how the daughter of pennywise just got weird, did a few jiggy dances, turned into a lord of the rings orge and then we literally never saw her again. They should have made more scenes with her and looking into that background story at the same time. Why was she living in the girls old house!!!!!
ᛋᛋ- The beast of Bunchenwald-ᛋᛋ
ᛋᛋ- The beast of Bunchenwald-ᛋᛋ Hace 2 meses
Why didn't they show the turtle 🐢
Royal Freddy
Royal Freddy Hace 2 meses
Film Theory And foundflix Movie Snob Starter Pack
Sophia Vastra
Sophia Vastra Hace 2 meses
Stanley at the start got me so confused tho, I seriously didn’t think he was *that* traumatised
Mavet Martinez
Mavet Martinez Hace 2 meses
You got it wrong
Javier Ramire
Javier Ramire Hace 2 meses
We don't come here to hear bitching we come for an ending explained lol
Lyonnie Bohannon
Lyonnie Bohannon Hace 2 meses
Like jack and Finn, with out bill and James the movie would have been terrifying
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes Hace 2 meses
you also cry...yes CRY too much about CGI. you lose sight of the narrative a lot because of your dislike, where the story is more important. now that said, I do think this is narratively a failure, and no the novel's ending is not unadaptable. in fact adapting it would have narratively saved the film. gangbang (yes, gangbang is a better description not orgy as orgy implies it was mutual unfocused decadent behavior where everyone took and received and in this case the girl who mind you initiated it, was the single point of focus for a group, a gang of partners. gangbang) scene aside, cause King should be lynched for that...the book should have been fully is possible, and easily done...for a price. one of the issues with adaptations is the excuse that certain concepts can't be adapted to the big screen and that's just a lie. a lie from the writers, and directors trying to push their vision. yet they're honestly just being disrespectful, in their pride thinking they are better and can do it better but also do it worse.
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes Hace 2 meses
the Dead Lights are It's true form. the spider is the nearest a physical form can come to being true. like a manifestation of how we perceive it. a way humans view it that doesn't cause one to lose their self and their minds. also, he is a she...
Bunnn Babyy
Bunnn Babyy Hace 3 meses
Aáaaaaaaaáaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
brandon cormier
brandon cormier Hace 3 meses
i liked chapter 2 more than i did 1
Rocky Y
Rocky Y Hace 3 meses
Let's just be happy that Ben got the girl.
Kobe Marion
Kobe Marion Hace 3 meses
Thumbnail: *ENDING Explained* Video: *90% opinion and criticism*
DarrenDJW 7
DarrenDJW 7 Hace 3 meses
Eninem vs Pennywise
Nav The Mammon
Nav The Mammon Hace 3 meses
Fun fact: C.G. Is used primarily because it’s cheap and actual props can get very expensive. So I sort of disagree when you say most the budget went straight to that.
Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan Hace 3 meses
The tv mini-series was a lot better to me.
aygo Hace 3 meses
I think you meant baseboard, not banister, since banister is a completely different thing.
David Parry
David Parry Hace 3 meses
I read the book when it was first published. I read it non-stop one long holiday weekend. Amazing journey. Stuck with me for years. Ben, the architect kid. He was always my favorite character. It is a great story but unadaptable as live-action... as a Japanese animation, it could be done.
Cam Cam
Cam Cam Hace 3 meses
I’m sorry but if my friend called me up saying “it’s back” I wld play dumb & not go back.
Kryspi Ox
Kryspi Ox Hace 3 meses
This movie was bad
yuri the doki doki cat :3
yuri the doki doki cat :3 Hace 3 meses
The absolute best part of Chapter 2 was the adult cast and how they mirrored their child counterparts in appearance as adults.
Tonii Flores
Tonii Flores Hace 3 meses
Eddie's Death Really Hit My Feels But Bill Hader's Ritchie Performance Was What Brought Out The Tears Man
Joshua Prado-Saccoman
Joshua Prado-Saccoman Hace 3 meses
Penny wise wouldn’t last In a highschool
Ulises Ibarra
Ulises Ibarra Hace 3 meses
.... I liked it.
Barrythe Speedster
Barrythe Speedster Hace 3 meses
McDonald's the horror movie
A NoT sO nOiCe dAy .-.
A NoT sO nOiCe dAy .-. Hace 4 meses
My heart when Eddie died: that sheet hurted
madisoned Hace 4 meses
Stephen King: space turtle that birthed the universe Me: Okay Stephen King: Kid orgy Me: Ewwww but okay Stephen King: Bill and IT biting each other's tongue while telling jokes Me: WTH?!?
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk Hace 4 meses
Well I just shit my self
Terry Mair
Terry Mair Hace 4 meses
To be fair they did tell us several times during the movie the ending sucked!
John Bard
John Bard Hace 4 meses
How about a new IT Chapter 3 Movie ? 🤔
Francois Grobbelaar
Francois Grobbelaar Hace 4 meses
If anyone is interested, MatPat at Filmtheory did a very interesting video on the ending of chapter two. Well worth the watch.
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