IT’S BRUNO Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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It’s Bruno is a new series about Malcom, his beloved canine companion Bruno and the hilarious things that happen on their vibrant block in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Dog lovers welcome.
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IT’S BRUNO Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
A old-school Brooklyn native devotes his days to caring for his adorable dog, Bruno -- and making sure the neighbors show his pooch the proper respect.

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elijxh_05 Hace 5 días
The scream from the start we’re is that from
DrymouthCWW Hace 13 días
Lawrence ville
Lawrence ville Hace 27 días
Does anybody know the sound effect when the video first starts...that "ahaaaa"
Claudio Santos
Claudio Santos Hace un mes
Good Things Never Will be Back! Claudio - Itajai - SC - Brazil
Anthony Sclafani
Anthony Sclafani Hace 2 meses
M BC Hace 2 meses
Season 2, pls. This show is perfect. I'm telling everybody on the block to watch it.
David S
David S Hace 2 meses
Just found this show. What's the delay on having a 2nd season? Seems like mostly favorable comments.
Lisa Tohuwabohu
Lisa Tohuwabohu Hace 2 meses
Season 2?? 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
Sleven Kelevra
Sleven Kelevra Hace 2 meses
Best show
JenAndrews Hace 2 meses
Loved this show! Ended up naming my new baby Bruno actually lol
Oli Lori
Oli Lori Hace 3 meses
What is this a pot head crow.
Anthony Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony Anthony Hace 3 meses
The best netflix series
Maria Riveira
Maria Riveira Hace 3 meses
Para cuando la temporada 2??? Amo a Bruno!
maritza Hace 4 meses
this shows so good i love bruno
שלומי אלבז
שלומי אלבז Hace 5 meses
Brilliant show!
FullSky CutFilm
FullSky CutFilm Hace 5 meses
Ss2 please
Dj Cue
Dj Cue Hace 5 meses
This shows dope gives me a spike lee vibe
isaac007 Hace 5 meses
for when the second season
Angeles Quisbert
Angeles Quisbert Hace 6 meses
Season 2 Please🐾
Kandela Brown
Kandela Brown Hace 6 meses
This show is hitting me just right!
Eugene Farrier
Eugene Farrier Hace 6 meses
Still waiting for season two
The Dutch Service dog
The Dutch Service dog Hace 6 meses
Oh my So now shows are allowing fake service dogs ok great
Dave chappelle
Dave chappelle Hace 7 meses
Dude. Where is season two? I am waiting. I want to see more Bruno
Ruben Vega
Ruben Vega Hace 7 meses
Execelente serie me ha encantado. Amazing!!
Emma Roe
Emma Roe Hace 8 meses
Does bruno have a social???
Slick Naim
Slick Naim Hace 7 meses
Wen L.
Wen L. Hace 8 meses
i just started and i love the serie :3
Hashirama Hace 8 meses
Neebee Hayden
Neebee Hayden Hace 8 meses
Ran out of episodes too fast, another please
Athena M
Athena M Hace 8 meses
I’m so confused with this show
Leandro VXTP2015
Leandro VXTP2015 Hace 9 meses
Charlieeeeee! It's Bruno!
mandadraws Hace 10 meses
this show actually made me cry because i love dogs so much and seeing malcom’s pain in “rock bottom” really got me
Rj Chavers
Rj Chavers Hace 10 meses
Only gave me a 73% chance, but I love this series. Hilarious.
JÁNEEL Hace 10 meses
PLEASE EVERYONE. GO THUMBS UP THIS SHOW - COMMENTING IS NOT ENOUGH, GO LIKE !!! This show is aaaammmaaazzzzinngggg !!!!! I stan
JacoZawinul Hace 11 meses
"but he looks like a Charlie"
OC Wood
OC Wood Hace 11 meses
What’s with all of the stereotypes in this series?
Gloriastic Hace un año
its bruno durand
Guilherme Nunes
Guilherme Nunes Hace un año
Sit...... downnnnnnn....
Mauricio L
Mauricio L Hace un año
Season 2
Jindriska Andrlikova
Jindriska Andrlikova Hace un año
I love it 😍🤗
WillianSP Hace un año
Season 2, please Netflix!
03 Greedo
03 Greedo Hace un año
0:52 loool
markyncole Hace un año
Awesome show. VERY funny.
Daytimeblu Hace un año
I have a fat puggle called bruno and when someone told me about this I was so happy 😁 you'll see him on my insta @twisteredtom
Caffeine Corey
Caffeine Corey Hace un año
Cant wait for season 2
Bzh Atao
Bzh Atao Hace un año
A fucking hilarious show 🤣 So refreshing
Bader Hace un año
The silliness and flairs of comedy in this show is incomparable. Its simplicity in delivery is what makes it outstanding! The salsa dancing heists absolutely killed me😂😂
Luciana Huerta
Luciana Huerta Hace un año
Saaquen otraaaaa
georgecholera Hace un año
Absolutely loved it's disturbed sense of humor. Hope they're already filming season 2... A big thank you from Athens, Greece!
Iesha Brownieee
Iesha Brownieee Hace un año
This show is the best! My boyfriend and I started watching it and it’s different but hilarious 😂 it’s also great to watch while high too lol Bruno.... DOWWWWNNNNN
randomness 1257
randomness 1257 Hace un año
Hello...welcome to the commets
MoorsBoors Hace un año
Just started watching this, it’s actually creative and unique! Something refreshing compared to the same old shit we always see.
ralph hayre
ralph hayre Hace un año
That opening melody makes this series so amazing
LaRadio EnTuCabeza
LaRadio EnTuCabeza Hace un año
Me encantó! Espero le den segunda temporada :) Es una excelente serie :) Bruno es adorable
Vampirebloodthirst Hace un año
Does anyone know if Netflix was condoning faking service dogs in the last episode or is the whole show some weird way of saying "this isn't right?"
Vampirebloodthirst Hace un año
@・ All I asked was if Netflix was condoning faking service dogs in the last episode or is the whole show some weird way of saying "this isn't right?" what on Earth does that have to do with animal abuse?
Deborah Stoneburner
Deborah Stoneburner Hace un año
@・ how is it animal abuse?
Hace un año
this comment is animal abuse
A gg
A gg Hace un año
Very binge worthy show!
Regiane N
Regiane N Hace un año
* Amei a Sério 😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Alex Elijah
Alex Elijah Hace un año
Loved the show. Cannot wait for season 2!
GabbeЯ Skillz
GabbeЯ Skillz Hace un año
This show is really damn good.
Alexander Maranion
Alexander Maranion Hace un año
Everybody on the block knows this is a good show
Darth Chihuahua
Darth Chihuahua Hace un año
Please make season 2
Detona's Gamers,com
Detona's Gamers,com Hace un año
1:15 100% convinced... I will watch again.
Gianclaudio Santoni
Gianclaudio Santoni Hace un año
The soundtrack title?
BG general
BG general Hace un año
They film in my nails salon LN beautiful nails 687 Seneca ave
TTv GOTM_ Boys2
TTv GOTM_ Boys2 Hace un año
Good show but I’m bewildered because I’ve never seen a show that’s a sad fuckin 11 minutes long tf is that about?
Wanessa Marques
Wanessa Marques Hace un año
Aguardando a 2 temporada por favor 😂. Série muito criativa!!! Amei o Bruno e o Malcolm♥️♥️
Regiane N
Regiane N Hace un año
* Amei os dois também, eu trato o meu Pet igualzinho .
Indicaap0ppin Hace un año
This show is so amazing😩 The script is phenomenal and portrays diversity so naturally and isn’t a forced agenda. This shows needs the credit it deserves I’m so impressed😩👌🏿
Gnida Kucheryavaya
Gnida Kucheryavaya Hace un año
Any one knows the soundtrack? The techno one
Adriana Carolina
Adriana Carolina Hace un año
I love this show. can't wait to see more!
Penny Lope
Penny Lope Hace un año
I laughed out loud soooo many times watching this show. Good stuff
Crash Test Zach
Crash Test Zach Hace un año
When I learned of this show I went bananas. I’m super attached to my puggle Rosco as he is to me and everyone says jokingly that the show is based on my life 😂
It's Bruno
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IT'S BRUNO Official Trailer (HD) Netflix Comedy Series
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