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Say goodbye to yesterday
I wanna feel a different pain
Give me anything but this
Cigarette against my wrist
You speak and bullets fly
Our love is crucified
Heaven only sees behind these eyes
Symphonies in my head keep my alive
I feel my pulse bumping like a beat I can’t deny
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
Turn the music loud
I’ll drown you out
You cannot kill my peace of mind
There’s something bout the way
The bass can take the taste
Of blood away
Symphonies in my head keep my alive
I feel my pulse bumping like a beat I can’t deny
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
Think I found my cloud nine
Symphonies in my head keep my alive
I feel my pulse bumping like a beat I can’t deny
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
I can’t feel you now
I’m in love with the rhythm
Beautiful oblivion
Think I found my cloud nine

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Mireya Ascencio
Mireya Ascencio Hace 15 días
Beautiful. 💖💖😍😍🎶
Karras Johnson
Karras Johnson Hace un mes
Bad ass album!!!!
TheWalkingMan Hace un mes
Guitar is so powerful omfg !
Alex Kor
Alex Kor Hace un mes
Well that's strange.....pop-Djent?
caubi gore
caubi gore Hace un mes
panaceanfrequency Hace 2 meses
There needs to be be a remix to this!
Destiny Perception
Destiny Perception Hace 2 meses
this album rlly hit hard. i can’t stop listening to it. these songs are just wonderful
Lookingforthrifts Hace 2 meses
agreed still jamming
Watch Me Breathe
Watch Me Breathe Hace 2 meses
I am so fired for sleeping on this new album! This song is pure genius on so many levels
Sierra Nicole
Sierra Nicole Hace 2 meses
I think Issues have really changed, but from a musical standpoint, they've really done something different and i love it. I love the lyrics. This album is groovy. Without you, Rain, Tapping out, and this song are some of the best ones
Tony Danilovich
Tony Danilovich Hace 3 meses
No screams. So much for them not changing too much with booting Michael... Sucks because live they still can do the screams, but recording the new album they just decided not to?
Zcumbag Hace 3 meses
I can't believe Tyler Carter from Issues is literally Sigma from Overwatch
iRock Hace 3 meses
I dont like that SO MANY bands go pop or lighter voices BUT like I see stars BMTH they do it well this band has merged the two perfectly aswell
Zack Apostolakis
Zack Apostolakis Hace 3 meses
This is popcore and I fucking love it.
Denzel Espinola
Denzel Espinola Hace 4 meses
Non-Energy Reptile
Non-Energy Reptile Hace 4 meses
Please, music video of this
Hebrews Demise
Hebrews Demise Hace 4 meses
Fuck issues for what y’all did to Michael no respect.
Little Erika
Little Erika Hace 4 meses
This song is absolutely beautiful. I feel like you can cry and fall in love with this song over and over. If I knew the meaning to it. I love words to the music it matches so well. Have always loved issues since day one and this album is so different but beautiful!
Val Blacutt
Val Blacutt Hace 5 meses
This whole album is my cloud 9
Itsamefigaro Hace 5 meses
Issues with Zombies
Oliver Moussavou
Oliver Moussavou Hace 5 meses
It my favorit album!!
Britt KitKat
Britt KitKat Hace 5 meses
I fucking love this band, man
Aurelio Moreira
Aurelio Moreira Hace 5 meses
Im addicted to this song.. I put "repeat1" on Spotify and listen to it everyday everytime
Daryll Esconde
Daryll Esconde Hace 5 meses
Watch their live performance of Beautiful Oblivion, you'll witness Tyler doing the screams 🔥
mega man
mega man Hace 5 meses
Hahahahah lol this is fucking proper trash use have turned to trash ever since use kicked Michael out hahahaha
Gilberto Silva
Gilberto Silva Hace 5 meses
This the best song on your album IMO. Just finding out about you guys, I'm impressed.
patrick miller
patrick miller Hace 5 meses
ColdRoomNoise Hace 5 meses
I got raped to this song
Sheila Enid
Sheila Enid Hace 5 meses
This song awakens something inside me and I’m sooooo here for it😩 this record is monumental for the scene!!!
Jasper C
Jasper C Hace 5 meses
Who did the screams?
Daryll Esconde
Daryll Esconde Hace 5 meses
@Jasper C Beautiful Oblivion
Jasper C
Jasper C Hace 5 meses
I meant he did the screams of blue wall in live hahaha!
Jasper C
Jasper C Hace 5 meses
@Daryll Esconde Can you give me the link bro? Coz I only know tyler screams only in their song "Blue Wall". That's fuckin' awesome! 😂
Daryll Esconde
Daryll Esconde Hace 5 meses
@Jasper C yes he did! Just watch their recent live performance. Also he did the screams on Second Best
Jasper C
Jasper C Hace 5 meses
@Daryll Esconde OMG REALLY?
NoZaku Hace 5 meses
At 3:01 to 3:03 I think theirs a mixing error. Like a random chorus just starts and ends in like a second or two. Idk maybe it’s just me.
Journey to Redemption
Journey to Redemption Hace 5 meses
I feel like Issues have perfected pop metal with this album here. You really can't classify this album any other way but calling it "progressive pop metal", this is something I've never heard before from any band prior, it just takes the best elements of funk, soul, R&B, and contemporary pop and throws in a heavy groove, it's not heavy the way metal is traditionally heavy, but it ain't trying to be here. I think Issues are really just spearheading the next form of pop metal, what hair metal was to the 80s, stuff like this is going to be to the upcoming decade, Issues is creating something completely new here, and this style doesn't have a name yet, but it certainly will, I think is gonna catch on, and actually make heavy/hard rock somewhat relevant again for the first time in well over a decade. At least I hope so..... Either way, a good amount of songs on this album sound like good songs to make love to your girlfriend or boyfriend to,......this band knows what they're doing, and I support it! ;)
L to da G
L to da G Hace un mes
@Josh Martin haha yeah pretty much man !
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Hace un mes
@L to da G asking metal heads to be open minded is like asking a goldfish to breathe out of water
Steven Dugger
Steven Dugger Hace 3 meses
YES! I love the genre bending going on here! Expertly done and musically unique!
L to da G
L to da G Hace 4 meses
Nocturnal Folf can second that, I’m coming from adtr - architects - Polaris etc and yet I’ve become addicted to Issues like a crazy amount. I think metal heads just need to be a bit open minded and give some non-heavy songs a chance, because once you do you end up loving Issues 🤙
Journey to Redemption
Journey to Redemption Hace 4 meses
@Zac Poirrier ah yes, too pop for the metalheads/hardcore kids and too heavy for the pop fans. It sucks. Lol
Farenanda Hace 5 meses
Felipy Sena
Felipy Sena Hace 5 meses
"I can't feel you now I'm in love with the rhythm In love with the rhythm" I groove so much to this song.. holy shit so good💙
Pocah Doll
Pocah Doll Hace 5 meses
My ISSUE with this album is that its completely different and they still are called Issues. When bands completely change the sound, change the band name like Oceana did. Fans from the beginning are going to be disappointed because it isn't what they know as Issues. Anyone trying to vouch for this album, yeah we all get it. My opinion is that it's just wack af.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Hace un mes
Been a fan since day 1. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with this album. It's actually my second favorite one. Self Titled>Beautiful Oblivion>Headspace I will say though, wish they didn't put Flexin' on this album. It's not bad, just not a fan of that song.
Pocah Doll
Pocah Doll Hace 5 meses
True fans hear it. Thank you though
Regnar Bensin
Regnar Bensin Hace 5 meses
all they did was use less screams and write actual songs instead of stitching a ton of unfinished ideas together. literally nothing changed in terms of sound except less screaming since the last album.
SPRGNZ Hace 5 meses
Michael Bohn helped you reach the status you drink from today.
lil clair
lil clair Hace 5 meses
Think I found my Glock ni-i-innne
Nick Reid
Nick Reid Hace 5 meses
Reminds me of BMTH....
Colbsvox21 Hace 5 meses
Nick Reid dude how?? 😂😂
Christian casteel
Christian casteel Hace 5 meses
This album is so different and I love it. Some of the songs are strange out of context so I recommend listening to the whole album straight through and it all comes together beautifully I think.
Yves Lubanda
Yves Lubanda Hace 5 meses
A beautiful song to close out what is a Sumptuous album! Well done Issues! 😊👌👍
Nornfang Hace 5 meses
if you prefer self titled to this you are insane. I used to love the heavier issues, then I graduated high school lmao. issues music matured with my tastes, and some of you still have the mental state of a middle school scene kid.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Hace un mes
This and self titled are both my favorites. It's not because I like screams and heavy shit more. I just liked the vibe Scout brought to self titled. Also, that album was there through the best and worst part of my life. Self Titled is a part of my soul at this point. There's absolutely nothing wrong with liking one over the other. Music taste is subjective. There will never be another album like Self Titled. It's special, and I'm hoping there won't be another album like this one either, because I want this one to stay special.
marcus talerico
marcus talerico Hace 2 meses
@Samuel Antics nah fam, my music tastes have exponentially expanded throughout the years.
TheSeveredTongues Hace 3 meses
@Samuel Antics what...what kind of autistic ass comment is this..
Kyure Hace 4 meses
Trust in the truth. Lol
Combat Dreams
Combat Dreams Hace 4 meses
@Nornfang You're speaking as if you're any better than them because they like heavy music. No need to be a condescending dickhead over music lmao. My brother is 28 and he jams to heavier music too, I don't get why you gotta try and make yourself feel better and put other people down because they have different tastes than you.
PWTR Dalton
PWTR Dalton Hace 5 meses
I could just imagine them doing a video somewhat similar to Coma where the band is playing and the camera sweeps back and forth between the members. Each time the sound switches back and forth between chillstep/house and their Issues sound, the graphics can switch between anime (LP Breaking the Habit style animation) and the band members images exploding outward in different colored paint. It could continue with them all adopting a colored version of the statuesque paint AJ wore in the Drink About It video. It could close with them all walking through the same door the woman on the album is walking through.
Michael Sproles
Michael Sproles Hace 5 meses
I'm keeping my compaints to a minimum on this album. Its great, but hey, AJ, Sky, Tyler. Please, scream more on the next album. I think im not alone when i say it would be well recieved.
LieonMusic Hace 5 meses
Pedro Ribas
Pedro Ribas Hace 5 meses
Yeees my boysz!! come to bra bra soon
madbruei Hace 5 meses
02:26 tyler goes scream
JakeYouOff Hace 5 meses
Way better than Flexin💜
Do Not Look Down At MGTOW
Do Not Look Down At MGTOW Hace 5 meses
Reminds me of Tessrract
robotcow28 Hace un mes
Same here bro
Josh Williams
Josh Williams Hace 5 meses
Was once pretty into them. A fan of both them and DGDs style. Unfortunetly cant get into issues as of late. Glad to see them doing what they love.
keith centeno
keith centeno Hace 5 meses
This album is pretty... Djunky
ThisxFate Hace 5 meses
This is the most beautiful issues song... jesus christ
lezt cerdeña
lezt cerdeña Hace 5 meses
Wish Palisades will go like this
Javier Oviedo
Javier Oviedo Hace 5 meses
Can someone explain what means find cloud 9?
Tess Oruba
Tess Oruba Hace 5 meses
Like finding or being in your happiness, peace or bliss
Kai Leverett
Kai Leverett Hace 6 meses
One thing I really don't get about the fanscomplaining about Michael, is that it seems like they're only real desire was just to listen to one member of the band who got kicked. like we all get it you guys really miss Michael. You missed the screaming. We get it but the thing is it really only sounds like you guys are saying you didn't care about issues you only cared about Michael. As if Michael was what made the band "the band". Both sides of this three-sided coin all make sense. I get everyone's argument here, but some of you were coming off a bit too strong. I personally don't care if Michael was kicked or stayed, I only cared to hear if issues sounded like themselves.with this album's inception it seems like they've lost touch of themselves in an exchange for a new them. If they're happy doing this music, then so be it. I'm sure even with Michael you guys would probably dislike their musical choice of route.
Prizz Hace 6 meses
I found my cloud nine in this album swear to god.
cena the best
cena the best Hace 6 meses
Where is the scream
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman Hace 6 meses
Ok so the comments section on each one of the new songs are hilarious. Michael is gone and he aint coming back. Bands evolve over time and that is nothing new. This is what Issues sound like now, it's a very unique sound that still incorporates the genre mash up they became known for. It is still distinctly Issues and for me, it's really refreshing to hear a band develop in a way that doesn't completely abandon everything. (Bring Me The Horizon). Yes, there's no screaming. If you want that, this isn't the band for you now. I know it'll be hard, but I'm sure you'll get over it. Woe is Me is still available on Spotify. The irony of course is that Michael is now part of a band that play softer generic alt rock.. with no screams. The guitar work on this album is fantastic and the grooves are on point. Issues have always been good at that. Tyler's vocal work is really strong and again, provides a very distinctive front to a sound that has always been pretty interesting. It makes me laugh that people refer to this as the Tyler Carter show as if he hasn't always been the lead singer? We could always ask for Michael's cleans to come back? No? Didn't think so. I love Issues first album, I love this album. If you don't like it, move on, no one cares. Surprisingly, the band probably won't care that you're upset about it.
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Hace un mes
He's not being an asshole. I agree with him. You just get tired of hearing people bitch about the same thing constantly. Like Michael not being in the band
Combat Dreams
Combat Dreams Hace 4 meses
I respect you trying to be the middle guy, the all-rounder, but you're just being an asshole lmao
macaron3141592653 Hace 5 meses
It infuriates me because there are THOUSANDS of great new bands that use screams, either or entirely or excessively. This is refreshing.
Drip Boyz
Drip Boyz Hace 6 meses
New we came as Romans is where my hype is at
Mitch Prentice
Mitch Prentice Hace 6 meses
1:25 - 1:42 Wow, that groove is infectious!
Aiko Miyazaki
Aiko Miyazaki Hace 6 meses
Não sei
Seiryu Hace 6 meses
I listen to a lot of band, and I can't count all of them on one hand. Issues is probably the most unique band I ever listened, and I'm in love with this album, and with their songs. And it was a *beautiful oblivion* when I discovered them.
Jerry r.
Jerry r. Hace 6 meses
Love this song the chorus is amazing!
David Meadows
David Meadows Hace 6 meses
Some of yall complaining about the direction they're going act like Issues was ever actually heavy in the first place lmao they just had heavy elements, Michael's vocals mostly, Sky and AJ can obviously scream but they didn't want to make a metalcore album, this album is fantastic in a different way than the other releases were, get over it
kyle spejewski
kyle spejewski Hace 4 meses
I'm a big fan or experimental and prog metal, I like this, I hate saying it after hating Tyler Carter so long. But that 2/2 section. You can tell the guitarist is a djent fan for sure with some odd little signatures in the cd
stillcrashlanding Hace 4 meses
I went through highschool blasting Woe, Is Me on a daily basis. These dudes grew up, just like we all did. I couldn't be happier with the way they developed into something entirely unique from everyone else.
Kality Designs
Kality Designs Hace 5 meses
@Journey to Redemption They're on another level for sure. I've never heard anything like this. Give me the instrumentals of this album and I'll immediately recognize their style. They're just that good!
Journey to Redemption
Journey to Redemption Hace 5 meses
It certainly isn't metalcore, that's for sure, it's something different and way more interesting, that and it scares the metal elitists away which is always a good thing.
Benjamin Dawson
Benjamin Dawson Hace 6 meses
Sad what's become of them
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman Hace 6 meses
Yeh so sad that they sound even more unique..
David Meadows
David Meadows Hace 6 meses
Far from sad, they're a better band now, incredibly unique and different
Joshua_Why Hace 6 meses
Love it!
Matias Coronel
Matias Coronel Hace 6 meses
I am a little disapointed with this album i like it but its not the same like the last album so I guess i prefer Headspace
Kai Leverett
Kai Leverett Hace 6 meses
@Dan Coleman but they really have though. I get that they were trying to do something new with this album, and that's fine, you know? Because it's their album. But With this album, it sounds totally not like themselves.Yes it's different and unique but it's so much so that it doesn't even sound like its issues anymore, without Tyler Carter's voice to help you identify it as such. The final song in the album: "beautiful oblivion" is the only song that really seems like something issues would do, and then of course drink about it seems like the next closest thing. If they wanted to sell their point in making a unique track, drink about it really does that well without them losing touch of the sound everybody here complaining about knows and loves. Every other song sounds like I'm at church listening to an R&b jazzy soft rock band. and although it's not for me, others like it and that's fine. Edit: I forgot to mention tapping out, which also highly resembles the issues everyone complaining about knows and loves. These are the two songs on this album that actually sound like something they would have done on their previous albums and who's to say that they didn't complete those two songs when they were working on their other albums, but didn't put it in there other albums and put it in this one? My whole thing is yes they did their own unique album, and I totally get wanting to do some unique sound. Me not having a preference for it doesn't make it bad that just means I don't personally like it. Yet I can also understand why others are showing disdain for this album, and all I'm doing is simply pointing out that I can see why they don't believe this sounds anything like issues, give or take three songs ie: this one, Tapping out, and drink about it ( halfway through once those orgasmic "sweat you out" vocals come in.)
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman Hace 6 meses
Headspace was a good album, this is just something new. The band have done a really good job of developing their sound without losing too much of what is distinctly and uniquely Issues.
Szymon Ż.
Szymon Ż. Hace 6 meses
It has so much sexy vibes. Love it!
TEISAN Hace 6 meses
Man this is some tasty stuff.
Bartek Staniak
Bartek Staniak Hace 6 meses
this whole album slaps so hard
intrinzik Gaming
intrinzik Gaming Hace 6 meses
This is amazing.... Speechless
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 6 meses
IMO this whole album sounds like a Tyler Carter solo project and then they were like uh oh let’s just had the same djenty guitar riffs in all the songs and people will call it issues. Such a disappointing album considering where these guys started and sounded
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 6 meses
Dan Coleman glad you like it
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 6 meses
Tristan Mock glad you like it dude
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman Hace 6 meses
What on Earth are you listening to? This sounds like every single band member has poured themselves into this album. It's unique.I think that's why people are struggling with it.There aren't really any other bands that compare to this style. Clearly, the screaming held it together for some people.
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 6 meses
Kevin Accettulla sounds like we are listening to different albums haha
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Hace 6 meses
Well glad someone’s digging it🤷🏻‍♂️
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