Is THIS What The Aliens Looked Like? | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 14

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Is this what the aliens in Subnautica always looked like? I found a statue that might lead us to learn more.
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ADAM DA BOSS Hace 47 minutos
4:34 autotune?
Sophia Melendez
Sophia Melendez Hace 3 horas
You Jack whatever you play i watch 💚💙
Fizzie_soda Hace 3 horas
bruh forgets drill arm
ShadowSoul720 Hace 20 horas
My reasons for liking subnautica...: It's a great game, it's chill to watch, and it's a game that I want to discover more about, but I personally wouldn't play it much. I'd rather watch a lets play of it, than play it, get lost and have a headache finding all the materials, locations etc.... but that is also what makes the game so great. The complexity and difficulty, is both the reason that makes the game "worth" watching/playing, but also I can't make that big of commitment personally. Plus watching you play it makes it all the worth the while :)
Gus Sutherland
Gus Sutherland Hace 20 horas
also u keep forgeting to turn on the jukebox
Gus Sutherland
Gus Sutherland Hace 20 horas
don't forget the coldsuite
Fireblade - Does random stuff
Fireblade - Does random stuff Hace 21 un hora
Jack:And you guys are like "Hey Jack you missed something" As he misses a Ruby
Caitlyn Stewart
Caitlyn Stewart Hace un día
You had the chance to make a great LOTR reference and you didn’t. YOUR ONLY JOB IS TO MAKE ME LAUGH😂😂😂
Emelyn Leon
Emelyn Leon Hace 2 días
Gerald Pineda
Gerald Pineda Hace 3 días
You lack the right social interaction. That is why your brain thinks of everything. You are playing too much that your brain processes like you are there and it finds it hard to adjust to new environment because normally on a daily basis of a work of people, they don't exercise surviving That's why your brain is like that. So, it is partly your fault.
Adyeri 98
Adyeri 98 Hace 3 días
Jack: I have ADHD because my brai- Even as I’m reading things... He couldn’t even complete his sentence before moving on to the next one. I have ADHD too, I know the feeling.
Keiran Williamson
Keiran Williamson Hace 4 días
The sci fi horror part
Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts Hace 4 días
That alien is thiccccccq
lisa firman
lisa firman Hace 4 días
23:03 anyone else see that p.e.a module that he passed three times lol
elli engle
elli engle Hace 6 días
Subnautica is my favorite series anyone has ever done. granted you're the only youtuber i've watched play it. you make it fun with your commentary.
Connor Gordon
Connor Gordon Hace 6 días
Jack i have add adhd and a shit ton of other things including a high functioning form of autism so i have the same shit probably worse lol
christian hidayat
christian hidayat Hace 6 días
Is a moonpool even in the game if so, where are the fragments
FeelingSquatchy Hace 6 días
giant fish
Ohs Hits
Ohs Hits Hace 6 días
Melia she's pretty cute and she's in my class too😋
Vinom Frasier
Vinom Frasier Hace 7 días
Jack i feel really bad at 39:37 when you saw the oxygen plant because thats where you died from oxygen loss... i wanna make this a meme
Ashley Zander
Ashley Zander Hace 7 días
To be honest with you Jack, watching you play subnautica is really fun. You have an energy about you that makes it all the more enjoyable.
Cyro Hace 7 días
BTW when Jack scanned the first prawn suit he missed the drill right next to it...
oliwiak Hace 7 días
Honestly i enjoy watching Subnautica because Jack's enjoing it so much!
Kaylee Griffieth
Kaylee Griffieth Hace 7 días
All of it i love subnautica the ice worms i hate them the spooky but the story is amazing 😄😄😄😄😄 make more subnautica video s
Lil Yomp
Lil Yomp Hace 7 días
Jack talking abt his adhd makes me happy 😌 me too man, me too 👊
Anthony Penny
Anthony Penny Hace 7 días
I'm on a adventure in my little sea truck
kyle mclean
kyle mclean Hace 8 días
i love seeing all the scary and cool monsters and its funny seeing u get scared
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Hace 8 días
you missed the cave entrance at the beginning in your backup camera
Panini Hace 8 días
i actually wait for like 5 or 6 episodes to come out so i can binge them
Erik Sundstrom
Erik Sundstrom Hace 8 días
A, B, C, D, E, F, G! Someone should have told you to not fuck with me!
LULU AJ Hace 8 días
Sean: What’s your favorite thing about Subnautica? There are too many things I love about this game that are amazing. Subnautica is actually beautiful. I love the technology, the stories, and the environment. I love the little pet you can get in the first game and I love the emperors. (The emperor scenes lowkey made me cry) The new creatures are so cool and so are the characters. The graphics are literally amazing and I love how you can build so much over time and start out with almost nothing.
SamuraiDragon27 Hace 8 días
Oooh hard to say. I guess my favorite thing about subnautica is the size factor. I mean when you first see a reaper, “Holy fuck, that thing is huge” is your first reaction. Reefbacks? Gigantic. Cyclops? Huge. Ghost leviathan? Ginormous. These huge items are just a wow factor. The bases you can build, the creatures. It’s all amazing. Also, I love the lore and just amazing design of it all. In the first game, The Degasi story line was so amazing I stopped the main story just to finish that one. The designs of the creatures are phenomenal. I just love subnautica because of how star struck you get by every little thing in it. From the shuttlebugs, to the leviathans, it’s all amazing
PLUSHY BOSS Hace 9 días
Jack talking about missing stuff and literally goes up to 3 pieces of the thermal reactor and turns around and leaves
Bunch_of_weirdos :3
Bunch_of_weirdos :3 Hace 9 días
Jack: You know what.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Trinity C.
Trinity C. Hace 9 días
I really enjoy the story but what I love is Jack's commentary
Angel Contreras
Angel Contreras Hace 10 días
One reason I like Subnautica: I am absolutely obsessed with space and I'm absolutely obsessed with the ocean. Seeing those two things come together so beautifully and in such an interesting way it's absolutely astonishing. And the graphics just make it so much better. those are also my to dream career Fields so it's really interesting to see that as well. Also you're my favorite ESwomenr and to have you on that experiences while it's awesome
I’m a seal!
I’m a seal! Hace 10 días
9:44 even the reefies?😢
Justine Santos
Justine Santos Hace 10 días
Jack: whats your favorite in subnautica? You playing itttt your content is amazing it keeps me watching over and over again i think i've watched your subnautica vids like 7 times hahahaha love your your conteent! Cheeeeers to you jack! Fan from ph!
Javen Breaux
Javen Breaux Hace 10 días
I got A.D.H.D
Rainbow Glitch
Rainbow Glitch Hace 11 días
Jack, my favorite thing about Subnautica is seeing your goofy reactions all the cool stuff you see. I think it’s awesome how much you gush about how cool everything is! I just enjoy watching you play the game and just talk about random things, it makes me feel like I’m actually talking to you in person.
Mark Cash
Mark Cash Hace 11 días
I have ADHD as well
Hunter Dillon
Hunter Dillon Hace 12 días
I love the open world games like this
TheHidden Hace 12 días
15:53 "If you could pin point something that you like in Subnautica" Me: *ALIENS*
Pvpnoobs Plays
Pvpnoobs Plays Hace 12 días
The deep down dark deep dark is my favourite thing about subnautica
Keira Hace 13 días
“Wassup I’m a Lilly padder and I love to go to raves and give LSD to lets players, hmuuuhhuuuuuu”
2027 Christopher Velazquez
2027 Christopher Velazquez Hace 13 días
At 13:56 it was like when the reaper attacked sally like if you remember plz
Too smart studios
Too smart studios Hace 14 días
Why I like subnautica: your commentary
Slack O'Lantern
Slack O'Lantern Hace 14 días
*Jack talking about going to the grocery store and getting more than you need of something* Oh Jack...that's going to be a theme in the future
alexus pollestad
alexus pollestad Hace 14 días
It’s crazy that there might even be a planet like this somewhere out in space
7dragonhunter Hace 16 días
If you carry a second oxygen tank you can swap them while you are down there just make sure to swap them on the surface to fill them both up.
Shmaro-caro Hace 16 días
I appreciate the brief ADHD talk in this one cuz wow it's sometimes nice to hear that other people deal with the same things I do
bean man
bean man Hace 16 días
You should be able to put Alan in a prawn
Noah Presti
Noah Presti Hace 17 días
The Architect is Orochimaru
Adam Starks
Adam Starks Hace 17 días
If only he knew he just had to disconnect the back to get his sea truck in there
cameron glass
cameron glass Hace 17 días
I love this game, Because you love this game, The crafting and wondering around, getting scared and excited about everything that you find in the game, the ups and downs around each corner is why I love most of your videos.
FreezingHot Hace 18 días
You think building Al-An a vessel is end game? You have zero clue Jackieboyman :D
Crystallized Snowflake
Crystallized Snowflake Hace 18 días
I think you can fit your sea truck in that opening before that really long downward tunnel if you disconnect the back module, because its wider with the back pieces connected.
dragonstar81 Hace 18 días
Well, since you asked, I love Subnautica because the ocean just really fascinates me. It's so different and beautiful and relaxing and exciting all at the same time. I love going to aquariums and Subnautica is one step better than that, even though all the creatures are fake. I hope to go scuba diving someday and maybe even go into marine biology. Also, the story in Subnautica is really good too.
Colton Petit
Colton Petit Hace 18 días
JACK how could you leave pepper like that you are a cruel man how could you NOOoOoOoO
xd_Woodmanman Hace 19 días
I watch this alot because I like seeing jack scared
King Of Beasts GODZILLA
King Of Beasts GODZILLA Hace 19 días
No but when ya see a glow whale you can say heeeeey whaleys
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer Hace 19 días
What happens when those creatures put that affect on his screen?
Doggo Taco
Doggo Taco Hace 20 días
fish are friends, not food. _even though they commit genocide for breakfast_
Grégory Bastogne
Grégory Bastogne Hace 20 días
12:06 Hey Jack you missed a ruby there on the right :).
Bob Waterson
Bob Waterson Hace 20 días
I love Subnautica because you make funny memes in it and you make my laugh and it's a fun game
Joel Jairaj
Joel Jairaj Hace 20 días
Sanskurti Khopade
Sanskurti Khopade Hace 20 días
When Jack is reading something me:(Fast Forward the video) like if you do the same.
AseEntertainment Hace 21 un día
My fave thing about Subnautica is the exploration of it.
Rio Lee
Rio Lee Hace 21 un día
You missed a PDA in mines
Darkthunder Hace 21 un día
At 11:52 missed Ruby’s on your left
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