Is This $350 Umbrella Really Indestructible?

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

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Has this ever happened to you? Your umbrella turns inside out during a storm. It has even happened to President Trump. But a new company claims to have built the world's most indestructible umbrella. It's called the Davek and costs as much as $350. Inside Edition's Victoria Recano put it to the test with an industrial fan, where it passed the test. Then Alison Hall tested it out in Mother Nature's real-life conditions, where it also passed muster.

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Inside Edition
Inside Edition Hace un mes
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Alex Skateboarding
Alex Skateboarding Hace 19 días
She is my favorite reporter
Alex Skateboarding
Alex Skateboarding Hace 19 días
Bruh? Were is Lisa Guerrero????
Mudbone gaming
Mudbone gaming Hace 29 días
4Build Filmz lmfao Foh.
oikawa is my husband
oikawa is my husband Hace un mes
Shai Lets Play with inside edition
4Build Filmz
4Build Filmz Hace un mes
Inside Edition
Please subscribe Without any videos
Please subscribe Without any videos Hace 4 horas
How is this retaliated to news
Rkt_Darkness1442 Hace 7 horas
My little cousin will break that in seconds mate...
Brandon Gover
Brandon Gover Hace 23 horas
They didn’t say it was indestructible
baxzzi Hace un día
Everett Young
Everett Young Hace 2 días
Can it just be a yes or no question?
Alexx Stonemen
Alexx Stonemen Hace 2 días
mary poppins would be proud.
【 Scribzie Sakuzie 】
【 Scribzie Sakuzie 】 Hace 3 días
It happened to me BUT The umbrella broke LOL
å d d ï ę
å d d ï ę Hace 3 días
Donald Trump (nasty) : OOP my umbrella Supporters: you gud? People that hate nasty: ahaha
K-popper love
K-popper love Hace 5 días
But I wanna be like Mary Poppins 🥺
Quintessence 679
Quintessence 679 Hace 5 días
Oswald Cobblepot likes this
Anuar Musa
Anuar Musa Hace 6 días
It passed Mary Poppins quality standard.
Tae Sung Park
Tae Sung Park Hace 6 días
Who among ya guys here waiting for the umbrella to be destroy? 😁🤣
Nick Wiehe
Nick Wiehe Hace 6 días
I’d rather get wet then pay $350 for an umbrella
nonchalant Hace 6 días
am I the ONLY one who does NOT use a umbrealla while its windy outside
Hidori Akiyama
Hidori Akiyama Hace 6 días
Mary Poppins isn't pleased
mark mark
mark mark Hace 7 días
Interesting. Life changing
Bahishta Mirzai
Bahishta Mirzai Hace 7 días
Honestly the prize is too much
Owen Chua
Owen Chua Hace 7 días
Bring the costs down, then I'll think about buying it.
GC 415
GC 415 Hace 7 días
*yes! I can finally complete my dream of becoming a male version of Mary Poppins*
badbeatking80 Hace 7 días
Problem with umbrellas offs really not available when you really need it
lonzo maggard
lonzo maggard Hace 7 días
Who tf would be outside even using an umbrella with wind that strong
1pyroace1 Hace 7 días
Can I parachute with it?
Pseudo X
Pseudo X Hace 8 días
You can also use it as a weapon of mass destruction
itzCyver Hace 8 días
Why would you go out in a storm
2 subscribers with 0 videos
2 subscribers with 0 videos Hace 8 días
*Its even happened to the president* Oh the horror!!! Not the president's umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!
a guy
a guy Hace 8 días
ɪ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ɢᴏɴɴᴀ sʜᴏᴏᴛ ᴀ ɢᴜɴ ᴀɴᴅ sᴇᴇ ɪғ ɪᴛ ɢᴏᴇs ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez Hace 8 días
"Wind machine".. You mean a facking fan?
Jushua Sevilleno
Jushua Sevilleno Hace 8 días
5 years later that umbrella will used as a bullet proof
Ghettodi nixoh
Ghettodi nixoh Hace 8 días
Won't buy until they release the bullet proof Version with led sceen and smoke grenades 🤷
Roodle Hace 8 días
Lisa guerrero should confront the umbrella
Shmacked Muffins
Shmacked Muffins Hace 9 días
Cool commercial
Kittycool 70
Kittycool 70 Hace 9 días
You haven’t seen an indestructible umbrella till you’ve seen Neo’s weapon (RWBY)
Mabit Hace 9 días
Gamerknives 16
Gamerknives 16 Hace 9 días
“$350 dollars for umbrella” can i fly with it?
I thought it's a shield
Aaron-justin Anderson
Aaron-justin Anderson Hace 9 días
Can it block bullets though ?
Micole Paras
Micole Paras Hace 9 días
The Cadillac of all umbrellas
UCHIAH Nick Hace 9 días
Can it stop bullets like the kings men
Hank Poer
Hank Poer Hace 9 días
That’s the back of a swamp boat I’ve been on one
Marki 5
Marki 5 Hace 9 días
I'm just gonna bring 3 umbrellas with me then.
Sebastian M
Sebastian M Hace 9 días
Grab some scissors and a hammer. Then its destructible.
Super Soldier
Super Soldier Hace 9 días
It’ll be much appreciated if you people can report some real news Rather than Blowing some Umbrellas. For an Example Amber heards Audio Recordings
IHateEveryjuan Hace 9 días
This reminds of Kingsmen
NitSUj Hace 9 días
She nearly became Mary Poppins
Syed Ahmad Mikhail Hayat Syed Zulkarnain
Syed Ahmad Mikhail Hayat Syed Zulkarnain Hace 9 días
How to become mary poppins 1) buy the umbrella 2) go to a giant fan or a windy place 3) FLY
Mike Hace 9 días
This umbrella is the price of my car insurance.
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real Hace 10 días
Indestructible Umbrella: I’m Inevitable. Super Typhoons, Super Hurricanes & Super Tornados Has Joined The Server! Super Typhoons, Super Hurricanes & Super Tornados: Anyway I Start To BLOWN Them AWAY WITHOUT KNOWING! Grim Reaper/Death: This Is Why I MANIPULATE ENVIRONMENT, RANDOM OBJECTS, ETC. Also Me The Human God: Bye Felicia!
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real Hace 10 días
Industructible Umbrella Version Of Nokia
Isagani Jore
Isagani Jore Hace 10 días
Get this umbrella connected to siri.
Soham Sharma
Soham Sharma Hace 10 días
Reona sabskrep
Reona sabskrep Hace 10 días
An Umbrella that more expensive than your laptop. . . Why not?
I’m shooketh to the Core
I’m shooketh to the Core Hace 10 días
Where’s Lisa?
James j
James j Hace 10 días
350 dollars nope
MLG WOLF TRIX Hace 10 días
Who else seen the subs and dubs ad on youtube?
Sonictheheghoge Hace 10 días
*Mary Poppins would like to know why you know her secrets*
Simply me
Simply me Hace 10 días
An unbreakable umbrella that's gonna break the bank
Daft Bot
Daft Bot Hace 10 días
It’s never happens to me
Devan White
Devan White Hace 10 días
Did that fan start up like a damn car 😐 sounds like a Diesel engine too.
Ken Dela Cruz
Ken Dela Cruz Hace 10 días
Burn it.. 350 dollars?? Gone 👋
hames100 Hace 10 días
wind machine lol... u mean a fan
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Hace 10 días
Lisa Guerrero wouldve confronted that 🌂☂️
Rezakoplak !
Rezakoplak ! Hace 10 días
HAT KID UMBRELLA CAN KILL MAFIA! only some people will get that reference
NX_ HEART Hace 10 días
TheTrueElo Hace 11 días
But can it protect me from tornado winds tho? I think not. Gimme my money back.
Victor Chavez
Victor Chavez Hace 11 días
The one time you’re actually paying for quality instead of being price gouged.
Asyraf Majid
Asyraf Majid Hace 11 días
It can fly away when the wind blows, goodbye 350 dollars...
lotus evra35
lotus evra35 Hace 11 días
She's going to fly with that umbrella though
Michael Jayification
Michael Jayification Hace 11 días
You will be able to find one on AliExpress titled "Indestructible Coronavirus Umbrella," Made in China, lol 😂😂😂😂
RoCk-N-PaRtY Hace 11 días
You need real strong air
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