Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?

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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace un mes
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tactical yoink incoming
tactical yoink incoming Hace 13 días
The m car Nissan released could be a new micra
Antwan Cannon
Antwan Cannon Hace 23 días
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civoksarK Hace 26 días
yes you mention it in every fkn video cmon
Blake Swan
Blake Swan Hace 28 días
Can you guys do a podcast on modern car talk and not just do stories in 28 parts?
E DG Hace 29 días
make a koenig/koenig-specials episode !! these cars were nuuuuuts
Robert Daone
Robert Daone Hace 7 horas
If they manage to make the Z turbo charged again and afordable unlike the GTR.
Mohammed Abdulhussin
Mohammed Abdulhussin Hace 13 horas
it's better if they stop making their cars in Smyrna Tennessee!!!!
Joric Magallones
Joric Magallones Hace 21 un hora
Jordan Hace un día
Looks to me like a classic hostile takeover strategy
Dr. Venture
Dr. Venture Hace un día
do you want to save Nissan? Maybe make a turbocharged vehicle that's all wheel drive in the Altima not a front-wheel drive turbo Altima so stupid
AHS Kwan
AHS Kwan Hace un día
Love this clearing of Carlos name. Let's go Nissan!!! To Infiniti and beyond!
Why are you reading this
Why are you reading this Hace 2 días
I toight it was a jaguar xk
SimplyBloxxed Hace 2 días
*Please stop accepting sponsorships from omaze, they barely donate any money to anybody. And some people havent even recieved their vehicles.*
halftonedeaf Hace 3 días
It would have been cool if this had more than thirty seconds of content about the 400z.
doomtomb3 Hace 3 días
Sports cars no thank you.
Darth Father
Darth Father Hace 3 días
350Z is a legend. If any car deserves to be a real classic is that mega bomb. Its been doing car lovers a service for over a decade. It is amazing. Its one of the best driving cars for the price in the world. 400Z will have its work cut out for it if it ever wants to become a similar legend than its older bruh. 350z for life!
D. League
D. League Hace 4 días
Dump that rubber band transmission with no gears to a 7-speed automatic transmission, and many more people will buy their cars. Audi tried this in the past, and they dumped the transmission. Subaru is riding high with the CVT transmission, and their day is coming soon.
Jose Argueta16
Jose Argueta16 Hace 4 días
Nissan M-URANO, just saying
CCCanyon Hace 4 días
Japan has a weird judicial system. Carlos said he doesn't wanna touch that. That's when I was starting to lean on his side.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 4 días
take a look on for the high resolution pictures of these cars.
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen Hace 5 días
The Answer to you’re questions is....No, the new Z cannot save Nissan The sales numbers of one sports car are too low to dramatically effect the bottom line It is not a Halo Vehicle and won’t get much Press, that might drive brand prestige and purchase of other models
Yetticuda Hace 5 días
Nissan - what are we going to do to save our ass? The internet - S chassis Drift scene - S chassis Your girlfriends grandpa - S chassis Nissan - a new versa
Everywhere is politic,,
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar Hace 6 días
It should be a 400zx and hopefully it won’t cost way too fucking much. They need a new 240 and a 400zx 90’s cars were great for a reason. New cars fucking suck.
HForceClan Hace 6 días
Biggest question, will it be better than the BMW Supra, sorry, Toyota Supra?
Giordano Silva
Giordano Silva Hace 7 días
the front is the result of a mate between a punto and an F-type
stupidplungers Hace 7 días
That Nissan looks like an f type
BOSSE Channel
BOSSE Channel Hace 7 días
Wait, it's looks like Sony's Concept Car
SlvrWlf88 Hace 7 días
I had stock invested in mitsubishi auto Co. over a decade ago....i should have kept it in mitsubishi freight......
Mike Kraemer
Mike Kraemer Hace 7 días
Yall still rippin off NoriYaro?
James Hoy
James Hoy Hace 7 días
Looks like an F-Type.
SlpprEatrr 03
SlpprEatrr 03 Hace 8 días
Nissan sells so many altimas and sentras lmfao
Brennan Saenz
Brennan Saenz Hace 8 días
It looks like a f-type
chucka187 Hace 8 días
Simple the Supra was a hit so Nissan get there shit together and just DO IT !
andypacmanperez Hace 8 días
Nissan needs to rebate the evo. It is the only thing that will save them. Since Mitsubishi ain't gonna use it might as well.
Kinson Ceoi
Kinson Ceoi Hace 8 días
Nissan need to upgrade the gearbox anyway
IWD420 Hace 8 días
Them: It looks like an F-Type Me: Oh sh*t, it does!
Ken Hoglund
Ken Hoglund Hace 8 días
Kevin Mccole
Kevin Mccole Hace 9 días
Imagine winning the Corvette then going bankrupt from insurance
Rali272 Hace 9 días
CVT?!!?!?!? No thank you
Daniel Pires
Daniel Pires Hace 9 días
I can't see Nissan developing a new engine for the new z . You would assume they would use the 3 liter TT that Infiniti is using for their red sports . It could be a 300 z for 3 liter or 400 z for 400 HP which is what the TT engine makes I believe
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
They are not making the right step if they are not making the idx donut I hope you guys have someone reading this and I hope it reaches you
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Idx 5 idx 10
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx Idx
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
They will listen to you please idx make a video tag Nissan
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
The concept car the idx would save Nissan please Nissan please
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega Hace 9 días
The concept car the idx would save Nissan please Nissan please
Bates Jernigan
Bates Jernigan Hace 10 días
A fellow far side stan
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz Hace 10 días
5:17 very nice indeed
Alex Carrasco
Alex Carrasco Hace 10 días
If Nissan would fix the reliability issues in certain models they could turn around significantly
Jared Lancaster
Jared Lancaster Hace 10 días
It needs to be a 4.0 liter straight six with a cast iron block, aluminum heads, direct injection with a 6 spd manual. And it'll sell like hot cakes
scott mcbride
scott mcbride Hace 10 días
OMG. I hope not. This is the most generic looking sports car. Please Nissan make it but make it better. This car is ugly. It looks like a miata..
Ledder Havit
Ledder Havit Hace 10 días
That CVT transmission killed Nissan for me. Build quality sealed it for now. But we will see.
Hariprasad V Prabhakar
Hariprasad V Prabhakar Hace 11 días
What’s that “ M” Car ? May be Magnite
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Hace 11 días
They copied the Jaguar
O S Hace 11 días
10 seconds on the alleged 400z in a 13 min video... Pure clickbait
saurab krishna
saurab krishna Hace 11 días
Why no one is talking about the design. It looks just like an F-Type.
Pablo Alejo
Pablo Alejo Hace 8 días
Here is hoping they manage to deliver the classic 240z aesthetic but modern. Kinda like they did with the IDX concept. That was a killer design.
Accelerator Magazine
Accelerator Magazine Hace 11 días
Came here to see the 400Z. Got drama instead, as you will see.
Alex Dixon
Alex Dixon Hace 11 días
"I think that the burden of proof should be on the one making the argument, not the other way around." I like this guy
mlungisi nsele
mlungisi nsele Hace 11 días
It all makes sense for me now. I've been wondering why Nissan cars have been looking like SH*T in the past few years! Here is South Africa, the legends such as the Sentra and Almera have been reduced to granny cars with such a cheap look and feel. So more other cars that just don't make for me.
sam miller
sam miller Hace 12 días
The M car might be the Nissan Micra?
GoodGoodDay Hace 12 días
What's the song that plays at 5:40?!
RevMatchTV Hace 12 días
I thought this video was about the 400z? Come on Donut!
Dreamy Hace 12 días
Carlos Ghosn belongs in prison and far away from Nissan + Mitsubishi
Jacob Withrow
Jacob Withrow Hace 12 días
the $20,000 cash should cover 2 months of insurance on that stingray
kevin kim
kevin kim Hace 12 días
Too little too late..
Chris Robbins
Chris Robbins Hace 12 días
I hope the Z doesn't look like the silhouette in the teaser. It looks boring. Nissan better make it AWD with a 0-60 in the sub-4 sec. range. If they don't, it will be a disappointment like the Supra.
PISTOL1337PETE Hace 12 días
i live next to the nissan plant in sunderland and its not just nissan there, there is all the logistics companies and others if Nissan shuts down it will be way more than 6 thousand jobs lost
Authent1c Hace 12 días
Gtr r36.
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