You SHOULD Try Smoking Cake

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The King of Random

The King of Random

Hace 27 días

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In today's video we're testing out three different desserts and seeing what results we get by baking them in a smoker.
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kersyboy Hace 28 minutos
You missed the biscuits.
Shaquille Clarke
Shaquille Clarke Hace 2 horas
Smoke dope
Peppa pig world World
Peppa pig world World Hace 12 horas
I tried it and the joint wouldn’t light
Jonny 6631
Jonny 6631 Hace 13 horas
Try smoked eggs
OrangeStar Hace 14 horas
I just got high off of cake
Ale Hurlbut
Ale Hurlbut Hace un día
Can you smoke raw eggs and pancakes?
Selen Rose
Selen Rose Hace un día
your tasting the smell is what i call it. lol
Audio Tool
Audio Tool Hace un día
You did not smoke anything. You grilled them.
Sonicgott Hace un día
I'm thinking that the biscuits ended up a culinary failure.
mike guffei
mike guffei Hace un día
s that a shed r a guest house ?
Zerthzy Hace un día
“You should try smoking crack”
Mads Damgaard
Mads Damgaard Hace un día
What has this show become, before it was awesome things and exposions, now it's just a cooking show....
Giana Hill
Giana Hill Hace un día
Corner pieces all the way
Petrea Sångfågeln
Petrea Sångfågeln Hace un día
You never tried the buiscits
Frenzy Hace un día
What's the brand/model of the smoker used for this?
Hace 2 días
wow i did't know cake was a drug that you could smoke (;
Rupam Sinha
Rupam Sinha Hace 2 días
Why don't you try dehydrating acid
Sam C
Sam C Hace 2 días
Corners of the brownies are the best
Captain Chromosome
Captain Chromosome Hace 2 días
way ahead of you *hits a fat bong rip*
JJ Switzky
JJ Switzky Hace 2 días
do a DIY again
Mob Ties
Mob Ties Hace 2 días
I used to steam bread with nutella and it tasted like normal chocolate cake.
Anthony Mitts
Anthony Mitts Hace 2 días
who else loves corner pieces of brownies??? | | \/ hit like if you do!!
West Loje
West Loje Hace 2 días
Smoking a cake sounds like something a stoner would do
AidNAbedding Hace 3 días
edge brownies are way better
iAsus Hace 3 días
John Robert Easton
John Robert Easton Hace 3 días
I watched the video just to see the biscuits
Syed Yasin Alam
Syed Yasin Alam Hace 3 días
did i skip the biscuit part of the video???????
Haden Miles
Haden Miles Hace 3 días
I rolled up some cake into some rolling paper.. DON'T "Try Smoking Cake"
Lucas Atwell
Lucas Atwell Hace 6 horas
That is exactly what i thought.
Billdip_stories X3
Billdip_stories X3 Hace 3 días
Gorden Ramsey- 'disgusted, confused pikachu face'
Kevana Bushroe
Kevana Bushroe Hace 4 días
Butiful video XD
Dalton Savoy
Dalton Savoy Hace 4 días
6:58, I'd just be glad I got brownie 😂😭
Flynn Crang-casey
Flynn Crang-casey Hace 4 días
But have you tried smoking Girl Scout Cookies 😉
Denise Ream
Denise Ream Hace 4 días
No offense but Calli is my favorite because she is pretty, funny, and she seems really nice
Miri Alexanderwicz
Miri Alexanderwicz Hace 5 días
I like ANY and ALL brownies... make sugarless brownies and cookies...somehow??
Golden Flame
Golden Flame Hace 5 días
Can I get some🍦🍪🎂🍩🍫🍬🍭
Mr PizzaCat
Mr PizzaCat Hace 5 días
Quietly rolling joints using red velvet and vanilla
mfmageRaids Hace 5 días
You are a baker, and yet you still incorrectly cracked an egg on the corner of a bowl instead of on the flat counter? Why?
Kevana Bushroe
Kevana Bushroe Hace 4 días
There isn't a difference
Isaac Flowers
Isaac Flowers Hace 6 días
what do you mean you dont like cookies!?
DayBreak Hace 6 días
we need biscuits
Fyre Shot
Fyre Shot Hace 6 días
I thought they meant smoking 🚬 smoking not BBQ smoking
Mauricr Pelzer
Mauricr Pelzer Hace 6 días
You should try smoking crack
Karou Seraphim
Karou Seraphim Hace 8 días
The name of the video worried me up until I opened the video XD.
Krakens Tale
Krakens Tale Hace 8 días
that moment when you picture cali baking oooooooooooh the blow torches..
E E Hace 8 días
Your wierd cali
Jax Grenier
Jax Grenier Hace 9 días
3:44 lol very gentle
random human
random human Hace 9 días
The crazy woman makes cakes?
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson Hace 9 días
The king of random, more like the royal couple of absurdity 😂. The royal couple, Nate and Calli
Anais Parks
Anais Parks Hace 7 días
Are they a couple?
Christo Lappen
Christo Lappen Hace 9 días
wait a minute! she bakes, BUT DOESN'T BAKE COOKIES!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Wait. SHE DOESN'T CARE FOR BROWNIES EITHER!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱
jeff w
jeff w Hace 9 días
I wanna see your mini house!$
jeff w
jeff w Hace 9 días
Best intro ever! that was great!!! :D
TEW 58
TEW 58 Hace 9 días
what about the biscuits!!! We need to know you two!
AbbieIsMe Hace 10 días
My uncle smoked pie before, both cherry and apple. He said it turned out amazing
Yitocuk Kilic
Yitocuk Kilic Hace 10 días
*supreme moist*
Gibby Gibran
Gibby Gibran Hace 10 días
Tkjr 2012 experiment tkjr 2019 cooking
Agi n
Agi n Hace 10 días
Cali: “uhh it’s not tho it’s a white cake” refers to the vanilla cake comment* 2 seconds later Cali: “that’s a smoked vanilla cake
Kin KEY Hace 10 días
I’d be straight pissed off if I ordered a $300+ cake and find out the person who made it spent $10 on making it
Mary Nguyen
Mary Nguyen Hace 11 días
7:40 The sad part is I know what they mean
Lost Melody
Lost Melody Hace 11 días
The look on her face when she said "I would actually recommend this"
Ashleigh Berkley
Ashleigh Berkley Hace 11 días
I agree with nate on the corner piece of brownies
NUCLEARNERD 948 Hace 11 días
Wait 4 of July it's the 22 of June
BrextonLeIdiot Gaming
BrextonLeIdiot Gaming Hace 11 días
When I clicked on this I had the wrong idea:/
The russell ranch
The russell ranch Hace 11 días
Why didn't u try the biscuits?
Mervic Shaju
Mervic Shaju Hace 12 días
Wait... Biscuits?!?... Oh, wait... I forgot... America...
Peachhh_ Hace 13 días
ant bat
ant bat Hace 13 días
You should try apple pie in the smoker.
999eclectic Hace 13 días
you should have made this video with mark wiens
Tim Sneed Jr.
Tim Sneed Jr. Hace 13 días
🤔 what happened to the biscuits?
Vera Ng
Vera Ng Hace 13 días
Try boiling cake batter
Brendan Derocher
Brendan Derocher Hace 14 días
Can you try out fireworks
Tyler Furrison
Tyler Furrison Hace 15 días
The southern way...
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