How Good Is Smoked Cake?

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The King of Random

The King of Random

Hace 3 meses

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In today's video we're testing out three different desserts and seeing what results we get by baking them in a smoker.
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Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken Hace 24 días
I think for that sort or thing you dont want direct heat you use something between the flame and the thing you are baking. Like another pan about midway between.
wxtchblades Hace 25 días
_what monster eats the corner pieces_
Josh Wehrmeyer
Josh Wehrmeyer Hace 28 días
With baked goods in a smoker, low and slow does WAY better. You get a lot more of the smokey flavor, and you have a lot less issues with uneven baking. There's a BBQ place in my city that does smoked cookies and pies, and they are A-MA-ZING!
DragonBladeM Hace 29 días
I side with Nate on the brownies, because I like that little bit of crunch from the edges
Joseph Bohm
Joseph Bohm Hace un mes
Nate is right the border is the best.
Arush Mukker
Arush Mukker Hace un mes
Do a how to make cake tutorial from scratch.
PickledGingerMan Hace un mes
No biscuits
Mc PaulCommander
Mc PaulCommander Hace un mes
Roses are red Ketchup is too I got a like Wait why is it blue?
gorbashin Hace 2 meses
Pellet grills work like a wood fired convection oven, so it cooks faster generally than a regular oven. Would have stuck with just apple or cherry for the pellets to keep the flavor mild.
liam Hace 2 meses
the cake is supreme MOIST
Barnicle Man
Barnicle Man Hace 2 meses
Nate was right about the corner pieces nobody in my family likes the corner but they can tolerate the sides so I get most of the crunchy stuff
DisNoGud Hace 2 meses
Ryan Hayman
Ryan Hayman Hace 2 meses
Hey hey hey what if you smoked it with brown sugar
Niko Gagnon
Niko Gagnon Hace 2 meses
A month later and this video only appears now -.-
Teletion Hace 2 meses
how can you not like cookies? literally the whole point of them is to be delicious.
Mort Share
Mort Share Hace 2 meses
Been doing focaccia bread on the smoker for several years, pretty standard recipe, chopped onions & seasoning on top.
Cat Man
Cat Man Hace 2 meses
I know y’all smoking that pack
Pearly Moonstone
Pearly Moonstone Hace 2 meses
My question is can you cook a cake in a car🤔
Holly King
Holly King Hace 2 meses
Lol 8:30 Calli- it’s not a vanilla cake it’s a white cake -=Ten Seconds Later=- 8:40 Calli- *tastes the cake* Yup! That’s a smoked VANILLA cake So what is it? Vanilla or White What’s going on here? 🤔
Trevor McCoy
Trevor McCoy Hace 2 meses
Do you have any videos of some of the things you bake?
RunAwayGuy7 Hace 2 meses
brownies from the corners 👌👌👌👌
ZB TV Hace 2 meses
Spazz attack
Spazz attack Hace 2 meses
He said it doesn’t smell like a vanilla cake. Then she said no it’s a white cake. She took a bite of the “white cake” and said mmm, a smoked vanilla cake
JT Hace 2 meses
Popcorn in a smoker.
Jennifer Vlogs
Jennifer Vlogs Hace 2 meses
I love caliy
Iron wolf 2005
Iron wolf 2005 Hace 2 meses
Why just why
Alexander Ludvigsen
Alexander Ludvigsen Hace 2 meses
Corner peice is the Best (sorry for bad writing im not from England)
Zach Dutton
Zach Dutton Hace 2 meses
am i the only one that just watched her throw the egg into the sink
Hezza Ezzachary
Hezza Ezzachary Hace 2 meses
Smokin that cake
Geneviève Leclair
Geneviève Leclair Hace 2 meses
Are they a couple? genuinely just curious.
Geneviève Leclair
Geneviève Leclair Hace 2 meses
Oh Yeah I hope u mean nate and Callie. that’s sweet, those kids probably having a very fun childhood
Hannawoo Hace 2 meses
@Oh Yeah They were* :(
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah Hace 2 meses
Yes they're married and have kids
J&R Comedy
J&R Comedy Hace 2 meses
Rip bro
Big Injun
Big Injun Hace 2 meses
I read this as would you eat smoked cat. I immediately clicked.
Ava Sorenson
Ava Sorenson Hace 2 meses
I hecking love corner pieces on a brownie
Decipher The Rapper
Decipher The Rapper Hace 2 meses
isnt smoker grills just rotten teeth? 😂😂
Naked Raccoon
Naked Raccoon Hace 2 meses
Those ain't biscuits, mate.
Aqua Wolfy
Aqua Wolfy Hace 2 meses
Smellavison I can smell the smoke
QUEEN BEE ASMR Hace 2 meses
Yes I would
Marilyn Badra
Marilyn Badra Hace 2 meses
RFN Sympily
RFN Sympily Hace 2 meses
Eating is canceled for the rest of the year since yall don't know how to act
Roger Stibbins
Roger Stibbins Hace 2 meses
What about cake mix that has been in the vacuum chamber? Will it work better?
can edneh h
can edneh h Hace 2 meses
5 year olds be like 5:51
Tippy The Tank
Tippy The Tank Hace 2 meses
try brownie smoked in Cherrywood , not so much a woody flavor/smell but the sweetness and smell of cherries too
Viper Stalker
Viper Stalker Hace 2 meses
Hey! I got a cool shirt from you but... IT WAS BURNED... IS KALE'S FAULT!!
Katie McAnulty
Katie McAnulty Hace 2 meses
When I bake in my pellet smoker (pitboss) I put pans on a riser ... then things don’t burn/over cook
Fred Pembleton
Fred Pembleton Hace 2 meses
We need baking videos with Callie!!
Carter Sharpnack
Carter Sharpnack Hace 2 meses
Nyx . Eden
Nyx . Eden Hace 2 meses
*Biscuits pop open* Callie: Woah, ah! Nate did not warn me! Nate: Nate did not know! XD
gizmo vlogs
gizmo vlogs Hace 2 meses
Caliy is his wife they have tree kids together
Jay Knise
Jay Knise Hace 2 meses
Why is she so awkward?
kersyboy Hace 2 meses
You missed the biscuits.
Shaquille Clarke
Shaquille Clarke Hace 2 meses
Smoke dope
Peppa pig world World
Peppa pig world World Hace 2 meses
I tried it and the joint wouldn’t light
Jonny 6631
Jonny 6631 Hace 2 meses
Try smoked eggs
OrangeStar Hace 2 meses
I just got high off of cake
Ale Hurlbut
Ale Hurlbut Hace 2 meses
Can you smoke raw eggs and pancakes?
Selen Rose
Selen Rose Hace 2 meses
your tasting the smell is what i call it. lol
Audio Tool
Audio Tool Hace 2 meses
You did not smoke anything. You grilled them.
Sonicgott Hace 2 meses
I'm thinking that the biscuits ended up a culinary failure.
mike guffei
mike guffei Hace 2 meses
s that a shed r a guest house ?
Zerthzy Hace 2 meses
“You should try smoking crack”
Mads Damgaard
Mads Damgaard Hace 2 meses
What has this show become, before it was awesome things and exposions, now it's just a cooking show....
gingermaniac Hace 2 meses
They got hungry
Giana Hill
Giana Hill Hace 2 meses
Corner pieces all the way
Petrea Sångfågeln
Petrea Sångfågeln Hace 2 meses
You never tried the buiscits
Tristan mays
Tristan mays Hace 2 meses
wow i did't know cake was a drug that you could smoke (;
Rupam Sinha
Rupam Sinha Hace 2 meses
Why don't you try dehydrating acid
Sam C
Sam C Hace 2 meses
Corners of the brownies are the best
Captain Chromosome
Captain Chromosome Hace 2 meses
way ahead of you *hits a fat bong rip*
JJ Switzky
JJ Switzky Hace 2 meses
do a DIY again
Mob Ties
Mob Ties Hace 2 meses
I used to steam bread with nutella and it tasted like normal chocolate cake.
ibxrealdog Hace 2 meses
who else loves corner pieces of brownies??? | | \/ hit like if you do!!
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