Is Mitch Trubisky a good quarterback?

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Brett Kollmann

Brett Kollmann

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Mitch TrubiskyBearsNFLMitchell Trubisky

Brett Kollmann
Brett Kollmann Hace un mes
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Zay Artis
Zay Artis Hace un mes
Hey Brett when are you gonna do your fantasy football videos this season???
The Mexican Scout
The Mexican Scout Hace un mes
Bro could u still use L'endecis Blind for the background music plz 😜
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
I fear the 2018-2019 Bears are the 2017- 2018 Jaguars. Defenses always regress, defensive dominance is never 2 years in a row, even the 2014 Seahawks declined. Look at the 2017-18 Vikings too. Blake Bortles QB'd the FIFTH most scoring offense at 417 points. Same problems, inconsistent mechanics, decision making. It's easy to look good with a great defense, besides only needing 17 points...Passing works best when you don't HAVE to pass, your run game is decent, and don't have to score. When the Defense fears the run, cannot vacate the gaps to go all out for the passer.
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
@Deshone Kizer Yes! First ballot.
Walter White
Walter White Hace un mes
​@JoeyFiveandDimes That's ridiculous, Aaron Rodgers SECOND year starting is great. Steve Young's FIRST year starting is great. The bench can help but only ONE year, since its just film study. Extra years don't count. New Quarterbacks get good in their 2nd year, 3rd year tops...or they don't. 2nd year tells you a ton. The only exceptions are weird cases like Eli Manning, who sucked until the 2007 Postseason, had a great 2011, me you didn't want to be a Giants fan in 2009,2010, 2012 all the way till now.
Erutan Revol
Erutan Revol Hace un día
Trubisky will always be compared to Mahomes and Watson though, both are better at this point.
Jr Webster
Jr Webster Hace 3 días
Wow really second year and you are already calling him a vust but lead the bears to a divisional tital and threw 6 tds in one game hah get a life hater
Scott Schilling
Scott Schilling Hace 4 días
This is very in depth. I liked it. I been a bears fan since i was in my mommas tummy. And, if uve seen our QB's b4 Trubisky... ud know y we like this guy. But, u did make alot of good points. And, the clips where u have frame by fame of his release vs Peyton Mannings... like, im watching this wanting to go to the park with my little brother and play catch lol.. i need Mitch's QB coach to watch this.. NOW
Money Blaise
Money Blaise Hace 7 días
Great job really explaining it but to sum it up Mitch Trubisky is inconsistent so you can’t call him good or bad rn he’s an average QB
Detroit Rage
Detroit Rage Hace 9 días
This young man will be ok. Let him work his issues out. It's not much. Lions fan here.
calvin dillard
calvin dillard Hace 10 días
Do you ever stream? If so would you stream film breakdown sessions?
well thats tuff
well thats tuff Hace 10 días
I got the same mechanics as mitch can you help me
DanOakenshield Hace 10 días
It’s easy to to say this or that but when it comes down to it, it’s not you in there. There are variables that happen in split seconds. This video is pointless.
Kosal Yous
Kosal Yous Hace 11 días
Last year trubisky threw 24tds and 12ints with a few td runs thats 27 tds to help his team out,thats not bad at all,the real question is,with all the talent around him on offense and defence can trubisky and tha bears take it to another level?..i bet they can.what do u guys think,please comment and like thanks!
AJ Styles
AJ Styles Hace 12 días
So what you’re saying is ... he’s Tim Tebow
C Mac
C Mac Hace 12 días
“Cody Parkey being Cody Parkey”.... bruh the kick was tipped, no reason to shit on the guy for an awesome defensive play.
youranimesucks Hace 10 días
Cody parkey hit the upright like 7 times that season plus it was going wide left anyways
agentorange20 Hace 12 días
An indecisive Bears QB... oh, I thought you were talking about Rex Grossman.
Graham Brown
Graham Brown Hace 12 días
I’m giving him two more seasons
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton Hace 12 días
What I don't understand is isn't that what position coaches are for, to teach technique? The mental aspect of it oh, I understand. You can explain Concepts to death but if a guy just can't master the mental aspects under pressure, I get that. But, How is it that these teams with unlimited resources, who undoubtedly see the same things that you see, and have dedicated staff who's jobs are to help with these issues, why can't they address at least the technical Parts such as mechanics?
Joshua Apathy Miller
Joshua Apathy Miller Hace 12 días
As i die hard bears fan, i could not agree more with you. We have enough talent to do "big thangs", IF Mitch can stop getting in his own way...whether he can do that or not, we'll have to see. Im hoping he can, but i dont have high hopes. After this 1st weeks preseason game im even more skeptical. Im hoping im wrong and he gets his head out of his ass.
Battlecrewser Hace 12 días
Aka the Tim Tebow effect
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Hace 12 días
So do you think the coaches told Mitch about the hips?
Gregory Gorzycki
Gregory Gorzycki Hace 12 días
This was a good analysis of mitch well done. I find myself disappointed in his mechanics the most. I feel if he cleaned up his lazy and bad mechanics he would be a lot better. I told my friends this last year and they said what do I know. You can see the hip flying out and him, having lazy footwork, not using his body just his arm to make throws. You would think the Bears would be all over him to clean these things up. That's also what made Cutler a bad QB he had lazy mechanics.
Mahoon_A BTW
Mahoon_A BTW Hace 13 días
Just remember that that game against the rams was the coldest game of the year for the bears and Goff played even worse
mrminiature11 Hace 14 días
Complacent then
Luckystrike Hace 14 días
Mitch went 11 & 3, thru 24 TDs and 12 picks and won the division going away. Just think what he could have done with you as his coach instead of that know nothing Nagey
Reggie101 Hace 14 días
Soooooooo basically he's 50/50/and 50 which is where I'm standing cause I'm a bears fan myself and I don't pay attention to him as much
Noah Woods
Noah Woods Hace 14 días
" He let that mother -beep - fly and put it on the money " nice
Andrew Le
Andrew Le Hace 14 días
He is Bortles 2.0 enough said
Zac Childs
Zac Childs Hace 14 días
Trubisky has the clutch gene. That’s huge. Nagy will fix him and make him great
Andrew K
Andrew K Hace 15 días
Sweater Boi
Sweater Boi Hace 15 días
This is so fuckinh true 😂😂😂
pglover2010 Hace 15 días
He was drafted ahead of Mahomes and Watson, he ranks Andy Dalton, Dak Prescott, and on a good day an Alex Smith 'game manager' though drafted high he's not in the class of Rodgers, Luck, Wilson, or Brees.
World Wide Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling Hace 15 días
Cody Parkey is a god! He makes every field goal. It was totally Mitch’s fault the bears lost. #CodyParkeyGoat
onewithmyself Hace 15 días
As far as I can tell hes serviceable. His flexibility in molding and his ability to be a system QB with Nagy is a huge positive. I like his intangibles more than our last QBs. I dont worry about him downward spiraling by losing self confidence the way I did with cutler and Grossman. 2 QBs that on ability alone I'd say eclipse Mitchell. But with them it was a constant worry that one mistake would snowball into a horrowshow. All I need to know about Trubisky is the last drive against the Eagles. It was his essential rookie season. 1st playoff game. The most pressure a young and fresh QB can be under. "Get us to the FG line and its ours. It's all on you playmaker." He rose to the fucking occasion. He completed pass after pass when it counted most and the most pressure was on. A missed FG isnt going to eclipse that. I think as a person, hes got the stuff. He doesn't have the raw arm and talent. But his growth overall was shown this season and he showcased it in those final moments. It gives me at very least, excitement, going into this next year
cnking27 Hace 15 días
I wish you'd been around to do this when Tebow was in the NFL. It always felt like his situation was very similar. Bad reads, bad mechanics, terrible accuracy through 3 quarters, and then when he'd be forced to stop thinking, he'd fling a beautiful deep ball on a perfect read, or make a perfect manipulation of the pocket and a clutch first down scramble. I said this about Derrick Henry on a video about him basically just deciding to be more physical and play harder after talking to Eddie George, but as much as we want to make everything about scheme and preparation and raw talent, these guys are not robots and they're not a sum of attributes like in Madden. They're human. Sometimes it's all mental, or emotional.
Daniel Black
Daniel Black Hace 15 días
wow this video was really well done. Great video
MST3Killa Hace 16 días
Bears had, in my eyes, a 3 year window to make something happen with the Trubisky/Strong defense set up they've got. One year has now ticked off, so two left. This 3 year window is largely due to Trubisky's relatively cheap contract (as well as a couple other young stars) that has allowed the bears to stack a great defense, but greatness doesn't come cheap and once Trubisky's contract needs a looking at, pieces will get expensive...likely too expensive. 2021 (first year out of that 3 year window), Bears will have to decide on Allen Robinson, Prince Amukamara, Kyle Long, Cordarrelle Patterson, Mike Davis, Leonard Floyd, Eddie Jackson, and Tarik Cohen. Those are some big names on offense and defense and it doesn't get better the following year in 2022. Kyle Fuller, Akiem Hicks, Charles Leno, Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel, Buster Skrine, Roquan Smith, James Daniels, and Anthony Miller. Of course, Bears could find new free agents/draft well, but these are some established stars that are the backbone (Hell, nearly the whole skeleton) to the current success the team is having. A change in QB might be on the near horizon, but no guarantee that QB performs as well as Trubisky (inconsistent or not), and obviously no guarantee guys they bring in to fill possible vacancies will perform as well as who they're looking to replace.
Liam O'Malley
Liam O'Malley Hace 16 días
Is he from Chicago... howd he know about the goose creek😂
Jon Tranchita
Jon Tranchita Hace 16 días
His numbers were fantastic for a 2nd year quarter back running under a new staff. Find another job you’re definitely inconsistent in your knowledge. Also made the pro bowl. Ignorance is bliss.
Anthony Gong
Anthony Gong Hace 16 días
Sounds like a tebow but throws with a right arm
Seabreeze Hace 16 días
this video of my qb is so accurate thanks for making this video (widened my football knowledge too!)
CamTheCowboy Hace 16 días
I feel like Mitch’s final year to prove it will be next year. Final year of his contract. If he fixes all his mistakes, top QB in the league. If not, Nagy moves on.
Guilherme Moritz
Guilherme Moritz Hace 16 días
He would make good use of a bunch of psychology sessions to stop overthinking and deal with his troubling emotions. But if there's a thing that's hard to get, is how to deal with pressure, and Mitch already has that. *make a displeased packer's fan noise*
Steven Alwine
Steven Alwine Hace 16 días
Shroedinger's Trubisky. You can only determine if he's good or bad by observation in real time.
I'm Kash
I'm Kash Hace 17 días
Love the video! But from a bears fan, you mentioned the Wild Card game a little too much. I’m still salty about it
Keith Edwards
Keith Edwards Hace 17 días
Mitch throwing arm was injured in the rams game honestly..
Spencer Shipley
Spencer Shipley Hace 17 días
Either the next Tom Brady or Eli Manning
Edwin Diaz Jr
Edwin Diaz Jr Hace 17 días
You belong on ESPN, you are so spot on with everything. I never heard analyzation like this. Great job, you weren’t biased at all, just totally honest. I like that. Bear Down
Teng Yang
Teng Yang Hace 17 días
So to beat mitch rush one guy and let him make a bad throw. :^)
Jeff S
Jeff S Hace 17 días
TGSGAMER360 Hace 17 días
can i watch a football video without hearing about someones Shaving Problems??
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran Hace 17 días
Same with Russell Wilson, he only shines in the 4th quarter. Perhaps because Defenses are playing softer coverages to avoid the deep ball??
Booty Eater
Booty Eater Hace 17 días
He aight
Andre Bissonnette
Andre Bissonnette Hace 18 días
Hes a stiff, guy throws ducks
Danny Hawk
Danny Hawk Hace 18 días
When your Little Brother plays vs When U play
Luke Bhawk
Luke Bhawk Hace 18 días
Brett you nailed this breakdown perfectly I think the exact same thing of Mitch as a bears fan watching him every week. Awesome job here I know you put a ton of hours into this!!
Ryne Neville
Ryne Neville Hace 18 días
Great evaluation! However, I think you missed one of the largest holes in Trubisky's game. If you watch the games you will see at least once a game a wide open player (usually the tight end) coming over the middle of the field on about a 20 yard drag route (maybe an extended post route, not sure what to call it), and every time without fail Mitch will overthrow the player by 4 to 5 yards. I honestly can't remember a time when he hit the throw. If he would connect on this it would have made a huge difference in games! It annoyed me all season long tho, because every time I saw the play develop I knew exactly what was going to happen. Every. Dang. Time!
David Ritchie
David Ritchie Hace 18 días
New Theory: Mitch Trubisky is point shaving
saigonbond Hace 19 días
Keep in mind and take it with a huge grain of salt (if you can tolerate watching this entire video without laughing, cussing, or vomiting) that this is the same dumbass who trashed and talked shit about the league MVP Patrick Mahomes... SMH PFFFT
DaGoat#18 Hace 19 días
Da Bears
Tommy Schemes
Tommy Schemes Hace 19 días
You have an uncanny ability to breakdown football to laymen terms
hunnedmillion Hace 20 días
Bears took this guy over mahomes and watson lmao
Walter Harris
Walter Harris Hace 20 días
Its pretty hard to grade a 2nd yr qb who is learning a 2nd offensive the potential there? Yes, absolutely now he just has to learn to utilize that potential properly.
Christopher Dawson
Christopher Dawson Hace 20 días
I am a bears fan, and I wanted Watson but i am starting to like trubisky a lot more every game. Last year was his 3rd offense in as many years. It is way to early to make a judgement on Mitch. Let’s see how he does these next 2 years before we right him off. Let’s call it as it is, he’s inconsistent. Which is what you expect from a young QB.
soxbearshwks Hace 20 días
Bears will go only as far as the defense takes them....
J Nell
J Nell Hace 20 días
Trubisky is just conditioning himself unlock Ultra Instinct
Topic 2k
Topic 2k Hace 21 un día
As a bears fan this is both gut wrenching and satisfying to watch. Great video love the amount of detail that is in your content! 👍👍
Todd Rhone
Todd Rhone Hace 21 un día
You never address his ability to run. He obviously has flaws in his throwing game, and that should factor into his evaluation. However, you never address the HUGE benefit that his running game provides.
GKMatt42 Hace 21 un día
Doesn't this sound almost exactly like what people were saying about Tebow back in the day?
Patrick King
Patrick King Hace 21 un día
Just a hunch; the Bears don’t make the playoffs and finish 3rd in the NFC North.
Josh H
Josh H Hace 22 días
So basically mitch T is Jay Culter 2.0. Very talented but very inconsistent. Congrats Bears lol
wicked Hace 22 días
jay culter had 25 tds and 24 interceptions his first year with the bears trubisky in his first whole season got 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions try again hes more talented then jay culters shitty ass and clearly has more love for the game and room for improvement
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez Hace 22 días
If Mitch can integrate himself into this offense successfully in 2019 then he'll be a Stud!
Michael Kaplan
Michael Kaplan Hace 22 días
outstanding breakdown. beautifully demonstrates what I've been saying for the past two years about Trubisky's throwing problems. I part company on the projection; in my view, he's an average QB now and forever. the Bears might win a SB with him, but not multiple ones and never because of him. Pace blew his shot to take Mahomes and wasted a pick to trade up for Mitch. and I think the self-consciousness that causes him to miss so many reads is a poor match for Pace's dazzle-dazzle. Trubisky is at his best when his options are strictly limited, not when he has lots of them.
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