"Is It A Fetish??" Karlous Miller Can't Believe This Secret | What’s My Secret?

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Can Karlous Miller (Wild ‘N Out), Nilsa Prowant (Floribama Shore), and Brittany Broski aka Kombucha Girl outsmart these contestants and guess their hidden secret? On this episode of ‘What’s My Secret?,’ two insane physical secrets are revealed - one of them dealing with tight spaces and the other has to do with disturbing moms all across New York City. What could they be?!
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MTV Hace un mes
This Dirty Secret SHOCKED Karlous Miller 🤯 What’s My Secret? eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-_kKHCXhJOkA.html
Tiff Hace un mes
Straw D Hat
Straw D Hat Hace 2 días
Why isn't Nilsa fired yet? She can't handle her liquor, kinda dumb and more annoying than entertaining.
Crowned Curly
Crowned Curly Hace 4 días
CinCereGentlemens Hace 5 días
That 2nd girl can do audio entertainment easily
Talyah Adams
Talyah Adams Hace 6 días
I laughed so hard I had to take my pump
Kailey Leon
Kailey Leon Hace 6 días
Bruh why she scream so much😕🙄
Karma Came
Karma Came Hace 6 días
The second girls facial expressions 🤣
Myshieka White
Myshieka White Hace 8 días
Brittany and Karlous are the best people on the show🤣 Karlous is so funny, and I would love to meet karlous. And the other girl is always screaming😮
TheProdigyThatKeepsItReal Hace 8 días
She can get paid in Hollywood
Hope M
Hope M Hace 9 días
The first one is sofie dossi in disguise
lemiah. marie
lemiah. marie Hace 9 días
I kinda like Nilsa lol.
keelah_ asia06
keelah_ asia06 Hace 10 días
"She's a suga baby".🤣🤣
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte Hace 12 días
Yo karlous is funny asf
Jayla sumpter
Jayla sumpter Hace 12 días
Before I watch the rest of episode, Ellie is a contortionist
Q S Hace 13 días
"we good.. we dont wanna hear that" 🤦🏾‍♀️😅
Christopher Ayettey
Christopher Ayettey Hace 13 días
Why you guys hating on the loud chick? So what if she's loud.....Different personalities make up a show! Jheeeze
Anneisha Mcwilliams
Anneisha Mcwilliams Hace 14 días
2:49 - took me out! peep brittany & karlous place😂
Lee Elexis
Lee Elexis Hace 14 días
“Oh my God she’s possessed by the devil!” 😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀
The Nameless King
The Nameless King Hace 14 días
what a freakshowxD
Mossgeneral Phodiso
Mossgeneral Phodiso Hace 15 días
OMG she is possessed by the devil
Lohh Hace 15 días
"I'm excited" 😭
misssugarcoated08 Hace 16 días
“She had a baby at the train station” 💀💀💀 what is wrong with Karlous 🤣
misssugarcoated08 Hace 16 días
This show is hilarious!!!!
Caylaa Hace 16 días
I can’t stand these people🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
louise mc
louise mc Hace 16 días
the girl on the far right peeves me
Brianna Mercer
Brianna Mercer Hace 16 días
So nobody gone talk abt how he said billie elish
AsianSlickCurry -_-
AsianSlickCurry -_- Hace 17 días
Wait she’s the girl who drinks the public restroom stuff
jasmine smith
jasmine smith Hace 18 días
I honestly love Nelsa🤷‍♀️i love Flora Bama Bama Shore what do you expect😗
jasmine smith
jasmine smith Hace 18 días
Yall don't even know her name lmaoo
Piaa Henderson
Piaa Henderson Hace 18 días
The first girl look like the white version of nba young boy baby momma jania
Saadieq Faison
Saadieq Faison Hace 18 días
Replace that girl in black with Chico
Benjamin Ochoa
Benjamin Ochoa Hace 19 días
They wasn’t rocking with the second contestant at all 😂
Code Dee
Code Dee Hace 19 días
M&Ms head
The Life Of Babyj
The Life Of Babyj Hace 19 días
“mA’aM dO yOu KnOw WhAt YoU dO?” 😂
Strxwberry Kisses
Strxwberry Kisses Hace 20 días
Is it weird that I can cry like a baby too?
Tehilla Machayi
Tehilla Machayi Hace 20 días
Good in tight spaces karlous: what that mean😂
Carol Ngatia
Carol Ngatia Hace 20 días
TSM Hace 21 un día
unpopular opinion: I don't mind Nilsa & don't understand the hate
Justin Murillo
Justin Murillo Hace 21 un día
😭😭 I got the head 🤣🤣
The great one
The great one Hace 21 un día
The secret from the first goal should not have taken this long.
Ken Seals
Ken Seals Hace 22 días
AutumnsReign Hace 22 días
lil money
lil money Hace 23 días
nilsa is so annoying she need to get off the show
jiraiya night
jiraiya night Hace 23 días
This is the most random combination of people on the internet 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Curruth
Kevin Curruth Hace 24 días
She had a baby at the train station? 😭😂🤣
It’s Hace 24 días
Brittany and Karlous gets along , and the other girl don’t even understand what they saying😭💀
Snipe Jones
Snipe Jones Hace 24 días
Dis man said Billie eilish. I’m through
Bethan Louise Beauty
Bethan Louise Beauty Hace 24 días
'I'm good in tight spaces' clearly a contortionist! Got that straight away!
Tiara King
Tiara King Hace 25 días
These are hilarious
Rachaal B
Rachaal B Hace 25 días
“I thought you didn’t like it!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol
Juliana MacDonald
Juliana MacDonald Hace 25 días
The first girl looks like Hailey Steinfield to me👀
Vive.Vive Hace 26 días
Bring back Kellie
eli Hace 26 días
Karlous is a sweetheart, look at this (high) cutie
Nay’s World
Nay’s World Hace 26 días
Karlous and brittany should be on this alone😭💀! they have amazing chemistry and carry the show , Lous is hilarious and brittany is just amazing💕💕! we tired of the screaming girl 😂
Sloshed 4 Life
Sloshed 4 Life Hace 26 días
My guess she dresses as a baby
Lawrence Spėllman
Lawrence Spėllman Hace 26 días
As soon as the first girl said she was good in tight places I know exactly what she was
Chris Hace 26 días
They did Nilsa wrong in the thumbnail lmao
Olivia Hace 26 días
i LOVE this show
The 3 Musketeers
The 3 Musketeers Hace 26 días
“she had a baby at the train station “ 😭😭😭
Iamnotvxncent Hace 26 días
Why is it everytime you see a blonde and a brunette. The blonde is the calmer more subtle one and the brunette is the crazy and extra one.
Justice Yates
Justice Yates Hace 27 días
ummmmmm... nilsa gotta go 👀
Aja Marie
Aja Marie Hace 27 días
Bring Back Kellie Sweet!!!
a'scence xoxo
a'scence xoxo Hace 27 días
ik people think Nilsa is annoying but these three crack me up! especially when we see Karlous and Brittany fed up with Nilsa’s crazy ass😂😂
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Hace 27 días
lol karlous was a lil mean to the last one. she use that skill for voice acting
cristahl Hace 27 días
If y’all are gonna continue to have nilsa on this show, I’ma need you to have her hit a bong before going in that box.
Avanu LaneWay
Avanu LaneWay Hace 27 días
Jason Jantjies
Jason Jantjies Hace 27 días
i was not expecting the second secret
Blueberry Axolotl
Blueberry Axolotl Hace 27 días
Bruh I was dying
Nigel Rivers
Nigel Rivers Hace 27 días
Nilsa Provant looks like Billie Kay from WWE she acts like her is this like her like what is goin on is that Nilsa secret
Ava Girnius
Ava Girnius Hace 28 días
I love how Brittany is just calling Nilsa out now for just yelling hahaha
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