Is Cancel Culture Good or Bad?

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Is Cancel Culture a good or a bad thing?
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tom sørensen
tom sørensen Hace 4 horas
Gulty until proven innosence? Im pretty good at minding my own buisnes but if I here someone takl about It I cant hold my cool. Being so ignorant will force me to speak up and educate them on how bad it is to judge some one for something they did a long time ago. I was in jail for 2 days for selling weed and now im a psychologist. Should i loose my job? I feel bad for Kevin Hart, Jenna marbles and even S**** D***** Im going to be honest , i've done 100 times worse then all these 3 combinee. If this comment get some likes i will confess.
ouanes achouche
ouanes achouche Hace 6 horas
why is it that the right people are on the left and the left people are on the right?
Gizelle Smith
Gizelle Smith Hace 10 horas
Pewdiepie said he knows how to defend himself? Is he threatening me? We need to cancel him right now!
monke 01
monke 01 Hace 12 horas
I just couldn't care less
MoleCuleFFF Hace 13 horas
Moses, Jesus and Muhammad walk in to a bar... and the priest, rabbi and imam say: what is this some kind of joke?
Mala Lalka
Mala Lalka Hace 16 horas
Notice how most people who endorse cancel culture are also pro-choice, which totally contradict eachother. They literally use the argument ‚if you dont want to get one then dont, but give others the choice’ but boycott this argument when it comes to artists and influencers.
S Dash
S Dash Hace 16 horas
Can we cancel the cancel culture...? In a distant future when cancel culture has outgrown its roots and is aiming blindly towards the destruction of the world. A group of warriors rise, a war will emerge between the ones who wanna cancel the cancel culture and the ones who don't wanna cancel the cancel culture. The winner takes it all, doesn't matter right or wrong. That's just how it is. That's how it always has been.
ana Hace 21 un hora
Most of pro cancel culture ppl are coming from twitter
lobsterb 737
lobsterb 737 Hace 22 horas
this is wise af
Daisy Maldonado
Daisy Maldonado Hace un día
Shane was dropped because of his inappropriate videos with children were recirculated. Taken to PD, they could be interpreted as child grooming records, even if produced with the "permission" of the parents. Racism/sexism can be brushed under the rug or more easily forgiven than this. When dealing with the exploitation of children it's difficult to imagine the perpetrators are capable of change, and many interpreted this case as that.
El de abajo me la chupa
El de abajo me la chupa Hace un día
They are more delayed than Steven universe community
Jillian Santoro
Jillian Santoro Hace un día
Cancel culture is so toxic.
Umer Nadeem
Umer Nadeem Hace un día
cancel the cancel culture
ʙᴏʙʙɪᴇ ᴀɴɴᴇ
ʙᴏʙʙɪᴇ ᴀɴɴᴇ Hace un día
i don’t support cancel culture on cancelling people for small things really but stuff like shane dawson i can see cancelling. he’s done stuff i don’t think is forgivable and he’s should of been held accountable for his actions. he should of been called out awhile ago but everyone was to blind to see through his lies.
ALX Hace un día
You know what. We should cancel. Cancel culture.
Monochromatic Hace 2 días
Cancel culture did not exist because of Twitter or any social media platform. It exists probably back then when crucifying Jesus or burning the “witches” was the thing.
Nik Leduc
Nik Leduc Hace 2 días
How has pewds managed to get threw what feels like an endless stream of cancel
Thats why i just stopped thinking about starting a youtube channel or become famous in any social media platforms.
Ismail Omar
Ismail Omar Hace 2 días
What does he mean he's technically been cancelled?
Showtime123 Hace 2 días
FACT: everyone who supports cancel culture has done something worthy of being cancelled
Wanded Hace 2 días
pewdiepie: "i'm actually HENTAI"
pikagirl TL
pikagirl TL Hace 2 días
I hate, how people try to cancel someone innocent because they don't like that person. Again, reminds me of the Soviet times. People would put blame on someone innocent (by saying, that they aren't praising Stalin) and then the person would be sent to prison or messed up places like those camps (Sorry, English isn't my national language)
Aienbalos Aienbalos
Aienbalos Aienbalos Hace 2 días
Bad. The solution? Try to minimise the amount of crap you say in social media, because it gets recorded forever. If you really want to use social media, the public kind, get an anonymous account.
Sigouss Hace 2 días
Cancel the cancel culture! Its toxic and destructive.
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams Hace 2 días
Cancel Twitter. This will fix 65% of societies problems.
huevonesunltd Hace 2 días
Cancel Culture is the pussified version of a witch hunt, all behind a monitor miles away
TettteT Hace 2 días
Epstein was a danger to other rich people with even more resources, though.
Derick Leal
Derick Leal Hace 3 días
Pew news💝
LondonFog Hace 3 días
Whenever I lose faith in humanity, Pewdiepie reminds me that not everyone is brainless
Truthful Program
Truthful Program Hace 3 días
I can’t stop looking at pewds 2 in his moustache
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Hace 3 días
I’m a red blooded American and I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks
C W Hace 3 días
Here's my take: If a person or a group of people conducted behavior that offended or harmed the livelihood, personal beliefs, or health of someone else, with the intentions of doing so, then they do not deserve support or profit. If a person or a group of people conducted said offensive or harmful behavior but were not aware of the effects and are apologetic, then let it go and move on. *It's that goddamn simple*
jordan howard
jordan howard Hace 3 días
chose your fighter: pewdiepie: king of youtube ability: says N-word without getting cancelled
Above Water
Above Water Hace 3 días
Perfect example of Cancel Culture gone wrong. Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp abused her. Because of that, he was cancelled from being Jack Sparrow, and kicked out of the role. Now we find out that he didn't abuse her, and that Amber Heard lied, and she was the aggressor. So many people got on their high horses and went after Johnny Depp without any facts.
REDSP1R1T Hace 2 días
Useful idiots
Roker 80tih
Roker 80tih Hace 3 días
-cancel culture +comunism
DynastyAspct Hace 3 días
just wait till people start cancelling youtubers who have 1k - 10k subscribers
hello world
hello world Hace 3 días
20:58 it's okay pewd's fellow 9 years old and floor gang will defense you
Apache Helicopter
Apache Helicopter Hace 4 días
It's a bad idea like historical revisionism and censorship like the Orwellian nightmare we are all living in.
ccc310 Hace 4 días
After witnessing countless Internet dramas, I came to the conclusion that the best thing is to just not comment about it at all. Just let the people involved sort it out themselves, they didn't ask you to defend them and definitely didn't ask you to send death threats to the other side.
UnknownBoss Hace 4 días
Cancel culture is trash!
horvinyoo Hace 4 días
Wow, If i am a female and I make sex with a well-known pervert producer to be a famous actress I will be a victim. I did not know that. Its a cliche that you have to fuck your way up in the industry. I really deslike the guy thou but I dont consider victimes those women who did it for money and fame.
Tara Thompson
Tara Thompson Hace 4 días
black mirror did an excellent episode on cancel culture. and the "everyone loves cancelling until they're the ones being cancelled" theme of things.
Nursem Ezgi Findikkiran
Nursem Ezgi Findikkiran Hace 4 días
This video looks surprisingly high quality.
Just a person
Just a person Hace 4 días
Cancel culture exist because they want to feel apart of something meaningful.
David Newcomer
David Newcomer Hace 4 días
Honestly cancel culture is bad. If you want to hate someone then hate them but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. For example Harvey Weinstein is a horrible person there’s no doubt about that but I still watch some Of the movies his company made because I like the movie. I’m not going to stop liking it just because some idiot on the internet told me that I should hate everything that Harvey created. So if you don’t like someone then don’t associate with them or things they made it’s as simple as that.
Swobble Bobble
Swobble Bobble Hace 3 días
But I don't really think that's the point. Yes people are more concerned about being on a moral high horse and 'the tea', but I think people are ignoring the fact that in some of these cases there are victims and people affected and that they should be heard. Cancel culture is warped but is the solution really that people should go back to shutting up?
fivenightsofben Hace 5 días
Who's Shane? It's not Shayne Topp, is it?
Imad Kassimsaad
Imad Kassimsaad Hace 5 días
“The people who assume that people can’t change are the people that have never changed themselves” - my grandpa
Hoony K.
Hoony K. Hace 5 días
This video is very agreeable, but I can't help but think this has been scripted, and if it was I think it's not by pewds. His eyes are constantly refocusing to his bottom right.
Yet Another Simple Human Being
Yet Another Simple Human Being Hace 5 días
I hate how they kept bringing up R. Kelly because him being exposed wasn't a cancel culture thing to begin with. The documentary is what led to the demise of R. Kelly cancel culture just hopped on the train. Most cancel culture cases are some shit that someone did 276 years ago that was not severe or was a joke. Cancel culture 80% of the time is bullshit.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Hace 5 días
Wow. This video was quite interesting. And I agree with your thoughts on the whole James Charles/Tati thing. All that drama was pointless. Anyway, thanks for expressing your thoughts on this matter. It was worth watching.
Squotty_Patty Hace 5 días
People should take those sticks out of their butts and start living a normal life. I've learned about Jenna quitting just now from you. Full honesty now, I've seen her videos in the past, but I stopped cause it just wasn't my thing I guess. I totally forgot that she even exists. And now, hearing this, I literally felt sadness, and I just don't know what to think about it. I have no idea what happened over the years that people suddenly became so easily offended with every single thing you do or say. This really goes the wrong way, and if people won't wake up from this madness, it will end badly.... I hope she will come back. She shouldn't be treated like that for some stupid satire made that long ago, and the same goes for every other person canceled for some stupid things done in the past.
Vigilance Hace 5 días
This is really sad. No sense of history at all.
Sampige Man
Sampige Man Hace 5 días
They're taking away some legendary comedy off people's plates for selfish snowflake reasons
Morris Gautreau
Morris Gautreau Hace 5 días
Cancel Culture is so wrong! We need culture for the health of the Humanities! Entertainment is more than just a distraction, It's important for our Mental and Spiritual well being. If we Cancel Culture: We cancel humanity!!! I love humanity, and would hate to see it be destroyed from the inside out. Keep culture ALIVE!!!
vic Hace 5 días
Innocent until proven guilty is stupid, Guilty until proven innocent is stupid. I think, before hearing both stories with proof, we shouldn't point fingers.
Vickey Kumar
Vickey Kumar Hace 5 días
संस्कृति को रद्द करेंसंस्कृति को रद्द करें
Vickey Kumar
Vickey Kumar Hace 5 días
The1920sChannel Hace 5 días
I think Pewds should bring back Pew News but not focus on ESwomen drama and instead just focus on something stupid like funny news stories or Florida man news or something like that
BricePurpleCreeper 19
BricePurpleCreeper 19 Hace 5 días
Cancel culture is basically karens disguised as teenagers
Jorj Hace 5 días
i met pewdiepie in 1987 and he punched my baby he must be cancelled
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 Hace 5 días
Cancel culture is much worse than just "seeking justice for victims of crimes" Cancel culture is also about silencing political dissidents. "This guy doesn't believe the same thing we do, he should never be allowed to work again"
Lil Yomp
Lil Yomp Hace 5 días
I think it’s not that justice is revealing someone’s bad behaviour to them, rather to protect others from a dangerous person
I am an idiot
I am an idiot Hace 6 días
why are alpine coasters cancelled
jkeener1988 Hace 6 días
Cancel Culture is BS!! Rosanne is a perfect example!!
i wish everyone would just have the mentality of "innocent until proven guilty"
Fip Dibwibbler
Fip Dibwibbler Hace 6 días
Learn from the owen benjamin banning.
Laurel H
Laurel H Hace 6 días
RIP freedom of speech
Robder Hace 6 días
First question: *start* Me who like 6ix9ine: yesssss...
ass gum
ass gum Hace 6 días
why are felixs teeth so white
Squaul DuNéant
Squaul DuNéant Hace 6 días
People don't want to learn and want to face their mistake and then they want to deliver justice ? They can't face the real world and be in peace with it and they want to judge others ? Stupidity never dies.
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