Irish People Try Red Velvet Everything

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Irish people try all things red velvet! Even red velvet WINE?! MERCH MADNESS:
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A delightful fan named Reya sent a selection of red velvet treats to TRY after seeing Dermot say how he liked red velvet in a previous video. And so, our Irish people got to trying all these red velvety yum-yums in this video! All that wasn't tried in this video was gifted to Dermot for being such a red velvet lover! How sweet!
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Sim Trate
Sim Trate Hace un día
Where was that cork screw made? Let me guess....
Darnell Lyons
Darnell Lyons Hace 4 días
Lolsy’s hair is Red Velvet 👍🏽
Doug Hace 8 días
The artificial flavoring is red food coloring, which is why red velvet sucks. It's just a chocolate with a metric fuckton of red food coloring, and that stuff is not tasty.
Meniscus6 Hace 9 días
the wine in the title brought me here , I bought it a few months ago cause a customer said it was just like a cupcake... made me want to vomit. still got the empty bottle
Michele Parker
Michele Parker Hace 9 días
Dermoit had to be high...😂
Cisium Hace 10 días
Red velvet is chocolate with buttermilk and a hint of vinegar to bring out the earthy complexity of the chocolate - colored with red food coloring. Cream cheese frosting is usually used as well, because it offsets the sourness of the buttermilk & vinegar.
Jam Gart
Jam Gart Hace 10 días
When he takes off the shades and his glasses are underneath 😂🤣
angel whispers
angel whispers Hace 10 días
The guy who hates peanut butter is incredibly entertaining in this one especially the red Kit Kat shower that was just funny. Dead Velvet omg too funny Red velvet cookie dipped in red velvet wine. As much as that should be a universe shattering paradox as much as the I hate peanut butter guy I loved it I think I'm going to have to try that.
Calais McNeely
Calais McNeely Hace 11 días
I want to know where to send stuff to y'all bc y'all need some GOOD southern staples to try food wise.
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy Hace 11 días
"Please?" "NOPE!"
psychedelictripper Hace 11 días
The wine appears to be oxidized(believe it or not air got past that cheap cork). however you almost had the right idea. Had that wine not gone bad it wouldn't have been a bad pairing at all with those oreos. I prefer chips o hoy with cab though. It's basically a $9 bottle of wine that sits on shelves a good long while. At one time it probably wasn't that bad for the intended purpose however without a vintage mark on the label there's no telling how long it's been sitting around. Cheap wine isn't meant to be aged. Synthetic corks don't work either.
TheRedGameboy Hace 12 días
This is every xmas rolled into one for Dermot.
TheRedGameboy Hace 12 días
4kitties Hace 12 días
Red velvet is red food colouring added to chocolate.
Kristina  Digiovanni
Kristina Digiovanni Hace 13 días
LMAO the flat earthers of chocolate
Barf Salamandruid
Barf Salamandruid Hace 14 días
I'm getting REALLY tired of that childish anti chocolate girl. I don't believe her. Ever. I think shes just being an immature picky baby about everything..
Chronix Extra
Chronix Extra Hace 20 días
... so like.... Sorry to be a "flat earther of chocolate" but red velvet is literally a red dyed chocolate layer cake...
Kristie C
Kristie C Hace 20 días
How can you like red velvet🤮 but not peanut butter smh
meagan dorsey
meagan dorsey Hace 21 un día
Red velvet is basically a cocoa sponge with food coloring and buttermilk as the only difference often served with cream cheese frosting
ehh887 Hace 21 un día
*dips red velvet cookie into the red velvet wine* mooddd
Liz Que
Liz Que Hace 21 un día
I should make a care package of Rhode Island food!
Danielle Homer
Danielle Homer Hace 22 días
No Red Velvet Irish Cream? c'mon
3PM Hace 22 días
Red velvet is just red colored chocolate things lol
stitchesbysue Hace 20 días
3PM actually, red velvet is made with cocoa powder(and not much) buttermilk and vinegar. So it has no butterfat like a true chocolate item would have.
Frisk is me
Frisk is me Hace 23 días
I love when the KitKats came out both Dermot and George acted like children in a candy store XD
mbr715 Hace 24 días
wait... Reya Sunshine? hang on now... *the* Reya Sunshine?
Wonder Lady
Wonder Lady Hace 24 días
No more peanut butter
Jacqueline Franklin
Jacqueline Franklin Hace 25 días
Red velvet is a flavour created by a chemical reaction between cocoa powder and the red food colouring 🌹☺️
Gracie Ortega
Gracie Ortega Hace 25 días
Lol "plz nope "
WizardPandora Hace 26 días
Red velvet is actually devil's food cake with buttermilk, it's not naturally red
The Mute Collector
The Mute Collector Hace 28 días
Needed more peanut butter
kyoung2918 Hace un mes
Dermot is so awesome! I wanna party with him some time lol
EugenePatti Valitzski
EugenePatti Valitzski Hace un mes
Honey red velvet is the nectar of the Southern United States ...FACT
Tijjeroo Woopdidoo
Tijjeroo Woopdidoo Hace un mes
The only necessity for the "flavor" of red velvet, is a little bit of chocolate and cream cheese icing. And come on, how could you not like cream cheese icing? It's the only icing that's worth a damn 😎
Sandra Cox
Sandra Cox Hace un mes
George looked so let down when Dermot received the goody bag.😥
Sandra Cox
Sandra Cox Hace un mes
Dermot is just giddy there's no peanut butter. I keep thinking they are going to sabotage him.
Sandra Cox
Sandra Cox Hace un mes
I hate oreos
Johnny Eyeball
Johnny Eyeball Hace un mes
You're right though, red velvet isn't a flavour. It's just chocolate cake with cream cheese icing so unless both are implemented in a product, it's senseless to label it as a flavour. It was never originally dyed red either, the colour comes from cocoa and the process used to make that cocoa gave a rich red colouration.
Heather Sippel
Heather Sippel Hace un mes
Wait i wanna see what else dermot got!
Victoria Ivicek
Victoria Ivicek Hace un mes
True red velvet cake is a southern thing and it's AMAZING.
K Lilly MacDierney
K Lilly MacDierney Hace un mes
"Is an orgasm better than a kick in the dick" is my new favorite quote
deborah DeborahR
deborah DeborahR Hace un mes
bacchusacolyte Hace un mes
Stop having the anti-chocolate girl on videos where you give people chocolate
prufrockrocks Hace un mes
Why is he wearing sunglasses inside?
Andyc Ofin
Andyc Ofin Hace un mes
Red velvet is regular chocolate with buttermilk, vinegar and red dye added
Nanashi Nemo
Nanashi Nemo Hace un mes
He has glasses under his glasses!
Caerigna Hace un mes
Real red velvet uses beet juice/beet root, the rest is sad modern cheapness.
Hannah Ford
Hannah Ford Hace un mes
I love dermot
Don Belanger
Don Belanger Hace un mes
Lolsy is a riot. l love when she doesn't like something the best. There is no hiding it with her. :-) she is quite witty too. :-)
Silver Hace un mes
Yuck. Cupcake is what I give unsuspecting college kids who don't know any better
Liberty Belle Blessings
Liberty Belle Blessings Hace un mes
They just needed to eat a nice piece of homemade red velvet cake.
cliff sharp
cliff sharp Hace un mes
I think I like seeing Dermet either in complete agony or complete ecstasy and not where in between
Cal Bonar
Cal Bonar Hace un mes
Well Dermot was hungover
Krystal Leonard
Krystal Leonard Hace un mes
Dermot is such a beautiful glorious mess! George caught between dealing with and edging him on, even better!
PreferAndroid Hace un mes
Red velvet is actually chocolate with red food color. Check out the recipe for a red velvet cake. The key ingredient is coco powder
SweetD x3
SweetD x3 Hace un mes
"There's brown chocolate in here?" It's called milk chocolate... and it's RED VELVET!!!
monicapdx Hace un mes
Dermot, you're a man after my own heart. If you enjoy a food, you make orgasmic noises! Full stop.
gabrielle wolf-stahl
gabrielle wolf-stahl Hace 2 meses
I'm surprised no one used a lighter around the bottleneck to pop the cork...
Shelly Hooper
Shelly Hooper Hace 2 meses
Niamh and Brian are a great pairing. Dermot needs to go to red velvet anonymous for treatment.
Levi Leiataua
Levi Leiataua Hace 2 meses
Red velvet also has almond flavor along with chocolate.
Vickie Hickman
Vickie Hickman Hace 2 meses
I want to party with you guys. I'm coming to Dublin in May.
Samantha Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez Hace 2 meses
Try different strains of weed 💨💨👌
tiffinal Hace 2 meses
lolsy "Why would you do that" Well because 99% of people are not hatters and will try things especially if they are in service to an industry called Try but no your dislikes TRUMP's trying. So lame. I used to like LOLsy but more and more I prefer her gone.
MrDaHawk Hace 2 meses
I think an orgasm is better than a kick in the dick. Now put them together, yeah baby
Sandi Higgins
Sandi Higgins Hace 2 meses
Southern Red Velvet Cake is CHOCOLATE CAKE
Kevin /RDT Ramos
Kevin /RDT Ramos Hace 2 meses
I want Irish people try weed and or edibles lmao xD
bighappie624 Hace 2 meses
When he took off his glasses and still had on glasses I lost me shit hahah
Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell Hace 2 meses
Ha the best part of the video: 5:11
Marcelino Dreams
Marcelino Dreams Hace 2 meses
I don't think we're proud of our artifical flavors, we have to label them by law, do you guys have to label yours or can they use artifical flavors at all? Red Velvet is caused by a chemical reaction caused by cocoa and baking soda ( I hear), the red isn't very bright so people now add red color. Red beet root is used to naturally color things like the tea.
bboyias Hace 2 meses
Anti peanut butter for Dermot and George!! If I could, I'd send a box from my home state of Kentucky. Some Burgoo from Moonlight Bar-B-Que, rum balls and all types of yumminess
Rebecca L. Batz
Rebecca L. Batz Hace 2 meses
I hate everything red velvet. However. Seeing Dermot enjoy a full episode was worth the 👍🏻
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