iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Hace 28 días

There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Unboxing every green iPhone: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-QK8Se8CvyHc.html
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Rakesh Kusuma
Rakesh Kusuma Hace 6 horas
Rakesh Kusuma
Rakesh Kusuma Hace 6 horas
Wallpaper ink
Isma Rgz
Isma Rgz Hace 7 horas
MKBHD has a crush on suprapixel
kristian barker
kristian barker Hace 9 horas
One bug I experienced was trying to listen to Apple Music yesterday. When I clicked on a song it popped up “cant connect to the server”? Even tho I had 4 bars service. After about 3 or 4 minutes it worked. Never have had that problem before.
kristian barker
kristian barker Hace 9 horas
Do a camera comparison with the pixel 4, iPhone pro max and note 10!! Please phone master?
Sourav Roy
Sourav Roy Hace 13 horas
can you send me the wallpaper Download link
10k subs with no videos?? ?
10k subs with no videos?? ? Hace 14 horas
Who else watching this on an 11 pro or pro max 😂
Dragonfire 187erz
Dragonfire 187erz Hace 12 horas
10k subs with no videos?? ? Me my rich friend
Martin Petauer
Martin Petauer Hace 14 horas
I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I don’t need it I NEED IT
Zachary Hace 15 horas
It’s essentially in laymen’s terms. The same fkn phone.
Dj Mod
Dj Mod Hace 15 horas
Iphone 6s all the wayyyy
Gal Hace 16 horas
A step in the right direction, now get rid of iOS.
Cody Jay
Cody Jay Hace 19 horas
This intro tho
Saif imran
Saif imran Hace 19 horas
A great realistic review. Loved it.
samun haque
samun haque Hace 20 horas
What an intro song 👌🏻
Ameya Paranjpe
Ameya Paranjpe Hace 21 un hora
Casey Neistat's Intro Song!
chitterlingsrtasty Hace 23 horas
I would notice and appreciate brightness 100%
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje
Rudy Kalkbasepijpje Hace un día
watching this on my LG v30... upgrade? nahhh..
John F
John F Hace un día
Have you noticed a difference in signal strength? I know Apple uses intel vs Qualcomm however I would love to see if there is a difference between last years models vs this years models in signal strength
saikrishna thiwakar
saikrishna thiwakar Hace un día
Super retina display HDR,the name is pretty lame🤣🤣
The Miss Saigon
The Miss Saigon Hace un día
Hahaha iPhone 11 Pro camera's looks like a KITCHEN HOB😆😄😃😀😂 looks ugly and NOT that attractive👎👎👎
jrtps Hace un día
i focused on his chest
weightycarlos Hace un día
Still no headphone jack?
Diego Chicot
Diego Chicot Hace un día
Does anyone else not give a shit about cameras on their phone?
Kenny Byers
Kenny Byers Hace un día
Sorry to sound ignorant but... do we have to use haptic tough?? How laborious to have to hold instead of just tap... or there must be settings where we can adjust touch like on the laptops...? Thank you ::))
RuStY CoMEnDaDoR Hace un día
Why your iphone 11 has a google
Keyur Payak
Keyur Payak Hace un día
Are you secretly 21 savage? You sound so much like 21 savage
Slashed Beauty
Slashed Beauty Hace un día
I felt that LEEEEANNNN to unlock a phone on a desk lollll
JohnstasBACK Hace un día
watching on my GOLD iPhone Pro Max and i turn 22 in 30 minutes :) if you'd like send $1 to JonnysCashstash on cashapp and maybe i'll wake up a MILLIONAIRE.
rubles Hace 5 horas
Fuck off
Ali Hace un día
11 pro still looks trash. Best phone was 8, XS.
Christopher Juan
Christopher Juan Hace un día
Jersey !!! Great Review iPhone love your work 💪🏼
Sparts Hace un día
But it's not a Huawei... Apple, still playing catchup.
Steven Vaughn
Steven Vaughn Hace 2 días
I love that framing feature honestly that with the grid overlay enabled=perfectly centered images. It drives me crazy if my subject is not perfectly centered.
Atin Singhal
Atin Singhal Hace 2 días
That wallpaper tho (*_*)
LEXPIX Hace 2 días
USB-C would have been a no brainer for this "Pro" upgrade.
Dragonfire 187erz
Dragonfire 187erz Hace 12 horas
LEXPIX yeah then it would be perfect
Cassia Hace 2 días
If only it wasn't so goddam heavy it would be the most appealing phone of the year (and I'm an android ho)
jasper carasco
jasper carasco Hace 2 días
I know why Apple skip the 9 and went with the X. That is, to make them seem like they are advance in the marketing or advertising aspect e.g. 2016 = samsung galaxy s7, iphone 6s .2019 = samsung s10+ , iphone 11pro
Mohnish Gopi
Mohnish Gopi Hace 2 días
Stop being biased u like apple and trying to hate pixel
Martin Florinov
Martin Florinov Hace 2 días
what about Sony xperia 1 ? it does good pics. and videos !
Eeshdeep Singh
Eeshdeep Singh Hace 2 días
dude is that tech review tuesday intro??
Steve Mano
Steve Mano Hace 2 días
Ok, so it’s a win.
Shibby120 Hace 2 días
Dang nevermind this video made me not want an iPhone anymore lol
Shibby120 Hace 2 días
What makes you say that the bionic chip is going to be more important at the end of the phone's life?
CloudDayLight Hace 18 horas
After a year most iPhones start to slow down because of heavier software requiring faster processors and ram. That's why. It dosnt matter at all for the first year.
Shibby120 Hace 2 días
I love the finish on these phones. And I'm not even an Apple guy. They are matte and they are satin and the cameras are built with such precision. It clearly is a high-end product.
udx Hace 2 días
Imagine paying $1000 for a phone with 4 GB of RAM...
Delan Edwin
Delan Edwin Hace 2 días
Doudymac Hace 3 días
Best smartphone camera by far... And then... Pixel 4 comes out. 😁
Doudymac Hace 17 horas
@dennis leon Hasn't been a side by side comparison yet. But Pixel 1, 2, 3 have been #1 consistently in the camera department.
dennis leon
dennis leon Hace un día
Iphone still better
Naveen Hace 3 días
My iphone Xr got lost. :( I don't know what to go for?
Amit Verma
Amit Verma Hace 3 días
Anyone after Pixel 4 launch .. 😅
Sebastian Pretorius
Sebastian Pretorius Hace 3 días
Intro- I miss 368
vivek msa
vivek msa Hace 3 días
Marques kindly let us know about the iphone 11 displays are getting easily scratched. Kindly confirm ur review on this matter on priority
Rahul Radhakrishnan
Rahul Radhakrishnan Hace 3 días
0:12 wait the logo is ticking like a clock
Alvin li
Alvin li Hace 3 días
Well don’t you think that 90hz is enough for mobile devices? 120hz on iPhone 12...I just simply don’t want the battery life same as the X
Revanth Kaja
Revanth Kaja Hace 3 días
can u PLEASE make a vid on ubeam, aira and future wireless tech for electronics
Jason The Creato2
Jason The Creato2 Hace 3 días
Anyone else upgrading from the iPhone 1 to the 11 Pro?
François Sio Arnaud
François Sio Arnaud Hace 3 días
These intro are craaaaaaaazyyyyyy !!
Aroder Hace 3 días
i'm waiting for a camera which comes with a phone on it
l Pxrks l
l Pxrks l Hace 3 días
The phone feels so good in my hands!
Wicked Constantine
Wicked Constantine Hace 4 días
Same old same old, couldnt they just change the design a bit, like remove the notch please Apple get with the program and justify your prices
Jason Grace
Jason Grace Hace 18 horas
Wicked Constantine apple dropped the price of iphone 11, thats best you can get with ios installed
hydro px
hydro px Hace 4 días
Iphone,ISO suck. with android you can multi screen. multi task (you can watch YT and answer a TEXt or whatever else you want to do)....if you ever had a friend say they have bad signal, its because they have an iPhone. all the things you need an apple watch to do ie. heart monitor, health monitor, are all on the android phone, there is no finger print reader. did i mention that no matter who you have as an IP or cellphone provider i promise you , with an Iphone you will have bad signal nothing to do with your carrier, its the Iphone.
WAi SAi Hace 4 días
I like one-handed build but also love it big screen while playing the game. So just comment to me which phone should I buy 11pro/11 pro max?
Tharun Kallati
Tharun Kallati Hace 4 días
Anay Pradhan
Anay Pradhan Hace 4 días
6:40 his devices look like an entire twitter feed
Andrew Wells
Andrew Wells Hace 4 días
Apple made great strides with battery and camera with this update, but if you are a visually oriented person who uses a phone as a primary camera, dealing with the outdated display design with those three year old bezels and the horrendous notch, and no ability to mask it as in Android means you have to deal with an unacceptable design failure every time you unlock your phone... and if you are a visual person that will just ruin your day over time... as much as I wanted to return to iPhones with this generation I just can't because of that issue... as Mr Jobs said when he introduced the Retina display "after all, what do you want to be looking at all day?"... even if you have the longest lasting battery and best camera, you still have to confront that design failure on a constant basis, which you are then sanctioning with your purchase... and no one who really understands design and function and the meaning of both in the context of this company would do that... hopefully they get it right with the next one?
Trei Silich
Trei Silich Hace 4 días
The 11pro has finger print proof glass and from what I have seen, the glass has only broken from 11ft above being dropped onto the Pro Max.
Xavier Hayes
Xavier Hayes Hace 4 días
Very nice introduction
Владимир пушкин
Владимир пушкин Hace 4 días
Imagine how much better the 3 cameras would look if they didn't have that stupid box outline around them
Ohh Yeah
Ohh Yeah Hace 4 días
I'm just happy the cams are great I'm not tryna be one of those guys that so spoiled lol notch or no notch...the notch lets me know I actually have a phone
Todd Samson
Todd Samson Hace 5 días
I hate the unoriginality companies have, they just slap "pro" on shit and thinks its cool.
Kausar Atif
Kausar Atif Hace 5 días
Give your previous iphone to me. Please
Prodigy Developer
Prodigy Developer Hace 5 días
Love the intro music 🎵
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