iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.. Actually incredible results!
(8) iPhone 11/11 Pro Giveaway: gleam.io/a1Z4V/mega-iphone-11-giveaway
Phone Rebel cases: instagram.com/phonerebel/
iPhone 11 vs XR Drop Test: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ULEulJAKfZs.html
#iPhone11Pro #DropTest

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crazy mac
crazy mac Hace 44 minutos
If it shattered I won’t mind
Tamzin Stevens
Tamzin Stevens Hace 44 minutos
Why didn’t he throw the phone like you throw a ball ⚽️😂
crazy mac
crazy mac Hace 44 minutos
Please give me a phone
God Na
God Na Hace un hora
떨어질때마다 내 심장이 쿵하네 ,, 맴아프다
Sai Srinivas
Sai Srinivas Hace un hora
pool 2435
pool 2435 Hace 3 horas
pool 2435
pool 2435 Hace 3 horas
Marius Lehmann
Marius Lehmann Hace 7 horas
He says that its his first time Holding it BUT My guy have one hanging on his Wall!
Jenris Simorangkir
Jenris Simorangkir Hace 7 horas
Aneh aneh aja Kelakuan Nya
Roman Kozlovskiy
Roman Kozlovskiy Hace 8 horas
Perfect flat clean concrete how about rocks or outside wound be more likely.
Roman Kozlovskiy
Roman Kozlovskiy Hace 8 horas
Glass is glass !!!!
Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar Hace 9 horas
Give me 1 piece of 11 pro plz
ADAM ABU FARES Hace 10 horas
מי שיודע עברית לייק
Silas Super soozy
Silas Super soozy Hace 12 horas
if i win an iphone 11/pro i will eat my cats poop
Lexi Wheeler
Lexi Wheeler Hace 13 horas
Cringed every time they were dropped and when they hit the ground. It would take me over a month to earn the money to buy those just to have them be dropped and broken?!😬
Vj Baba
Vj Baba Hace 15 horas
Worth buying pro max 😎😎😎💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
xxfirezxx Hace 15 horas
"apple is just flexing on the other company's" Okay apple fan boy at least my Samsung does not break from a 1 inch drop.
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Hace 11 horas
Megalodon Shark
Megalodon Shark Hace 15 horas
I like his videos fit my phone
Martin Velazquez
Martin Velazquez Hace 16 horas
You are breaking my heart and am poor
Ye Hace 18 horas
Dont buy this shit, I have one and it fell out of my pocket during class and the whole back shattered
R W Hace 17 horas
Ye that’s what a case is for
Mortis The Mortal
Mortis The Mortal Hace 19 horas
Can you drop then on my hand please?
Brady Walker
Brady Walker Hace 19 horas
Realistically you're not going to be dropping it on a perfectly flat concrete surface usually drops happen outside where theres rocks and stuff which do a lot more damage
JoaoGamer410 Hace 19 horas
If you lived in Brazil you wouldn't do that.
eh sar
eh sar Hace 20 horas
TBH I don’t trust the screen glass that they made cuz I just bought iPhone 11 pro max last week and it drop only ones and broke right away 😡😡
Ben gjere
Ben gjere Hace 20 horas
What about if you drop it on the corners
Norma Perez Jimenez
Norma Perez Jimenez Hace 20 horas
yo lo quierooooooo
TheImmortalNoob Hace 21 un hora
Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7
اسطوره الكيمنك The myth of the cymen/
اسطوره الكيمنك The myth of the cymen/ Hace 21 un hora
ما تنطينياه
Harsh Raikwar
Harsh Raikwar Hace 22 horas
Sir I fill all the terms of your please 🙏 give me any I phone but give me.i believed you to give me phone . And your a very rich and brave person. Thank you so much sir for your kind. Break iPhone but running
Immanuel Yemane
Immanuel Yemane Hace 23 horas
Pick me
Mario Borisov
Mario Borisov Hace 23 horas
stupid test
Angelica Eupena
Angelica Eupena Hace 23 horas
so saaaad I can’t afford any iphone :< and u just destroyed them all :
Angelica Eupena
Angelica Eupena Hace 23 horas
so sad haha i cant afford one of those IPhones and u only destroy all of it? oh c’mon :< can u just give it to me? hahahaha
Tremez E-shop Online store
Tremez E-shop Online store Hace un día
Arabella Almeda
Arabella Almeda Hace un día
Mine literally slipped out of nowhere and now I have a scratch on my phone. Literally bought my iPhone 11 Pro Max 2 days ago! 😭😩😂
rakhee akhil
rakhee akhil Hace un día
Please stop breaking phones. We’re like just even getting a iPhone 11 pro is out of our budget and you cracking them makes creepier. If you want to find out really how durable they are,send me one.
Cadet Mirathul
Cadet Mirathul Hace un día
iPhone : My worth is $$$ Nokia 1200: My worth is ৳৳৳. Iphone: I am strong. Nokia 1200: Even I am strong too..
Cadet Mirathul
Cadet Mirathul Hace un día
From next don't test on any iphone. Rather you give it to me. plz...
Pedro Clasher
Pedro Clasher Hace un día
Aieu coração
Técnico Vs iPhone
Técnico Vs iPhone Hace un día
Look at that what test iphone xsmax eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ZMt6Q7_ZiSU.html
Honey Butter
Honey Butter Hace un día
Now I’m mad I bought the $40 casr
Sajid Ahmed
Sajid Ahmed Hace un día
Press a like if you were helped www.technovallue.com/looking-to-buy-a-new-iphone-11-pro-here-is-what-you-should-consider/
King RAJ
King RAJ Hace un día
Giveaway iPhone 11 Max pro
We are craving for iPhones,😲 if you dnt want it pls give it to ME ! I'll be much Happy......but pls dnt do such things🤦.....dat makes us cry.....😣😫🥺
GuLlu MulLu
GuLlu MulLu Hace un día
Gazab drop test
Miguel Santigago
Miguel Santigago Hace un día
Ok but my LG survived a hammer
Adista Pratama
Adista Pratama Hace un día
Give to me
daniel Aj
daniel Aj Hace un día
That idiot standing there could have moved the phone to the side so that they don’t hit each other and ruin the experiment 🤦🏿‍♂️
Rhulanienes Baloyi
Rhulanienes Baloyi Hace un día
I love your video
Pluto Musiq
Pluto Musiq Hace un día
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾please man give me one , IDC if it's the broke one 😭 anything I'd better than this Android
Pluto Musiq
Pluto Musiq Hace un día
I visited the Website !!!! I subscribed!!!! I need this iPhone bad!!! I'm using an Android 😩 it's gonna explode any minute now 😭
I OwnYouMate
I OwnYouMate Hace un día
He time for a iphone11proMAX DROP TEST!! Me saving money for 2 years for iphone8
Logan Stevens
Logan Stevens Hace un día
You should do a water resistance test
Reggie Bailey
Reggie Bailey Hace un día
I really really hope I win
ندى قاضي
ندى قاضي Hace un día
ناس مش لاقيه تاكل ولاتشتري وانتو تسو كذا
Matełooo !!
Matełooo !! Hace un día
Send me one worked but crushed phone okay ? Maybe with not worked camera.
Sabdullah Dindang
Sabdullah Dindang Hace un día
Don't break plss.. give me the one.. iPhone 11pro.. my phone is 1000pesos only..😭😭😭😭😭
Mvyx 11
Mvyx 11 Hace un día
Mvyx 11
Mvyx 11 Hace un día
Give me one only
Hanoofhanoo Hanoofhanoo
Hanoofhanoo Hanoofhanoo Hace un día
His bro
service Hace un día
Name your channel EverythingSamsungPro
Josh Daniel
Josh Daniel Hace un día
I shit you not, I was walking and looking at my iphone 6 and an acorn fell from a tree and cracked my screen!
Jayesh Varchand
Jayesh Varchand Hace 2 días
The only one glass it's not break even 6ft height
Mavericks play
Mavericks play Hace 2 días
Bro you are dropping those stuffes there and I can feel shock in my kidneys..😣
xXNoraizer PlayzXx
xXNoraizer PlayzXx Hace 2 días
Who else thinks the google pixel 4 copied iPhone 11 a bit with the camera
노기문 Hace 2 días
MCS Hace 2 días
Why you doing drop test for 10 years? Apple using same glass for every generation. The result must be the same.
MCS Hace 2 días
Why is this guy so famous for so long???
Excalibur Hace 2 días
I feel stupid for putting my $1500 iPhone 11 Pro Max in an Otterbox Defender Pro
Ricky Hace 2 días
Omg brother you are crazy man
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