iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and everything we're expecting at Apple's September event

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Hace 9 meses

We think we have a pretty good idea of what we're going to see from Apple on September 10th. We've got the final rumors about Apple's three new phones and Apple Watch.
New Apple Watch Incoming! Here's what we know eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-D9T5CPVcuh4.html
iPhone 11 or Note 10? How the rumors stack up eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-llVOrhXknsA.html
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Joe W
Joe W Hace 7 meses
You need to ditch the que cards. The pacing and face acting are way unnatural.
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio Hace 8 meses
Thanks a bunch for sharing. I really like the iPhone. 😊
Brenya Martinez
Brenya Martinez Hace 8 meses
Heard it may have a wider camera lens but not sure how broad it maybe. Hopefully, a descent size like the google pixel. Also, no reduction in the gap and wondering if images are compatible with window picture viewer automatically without needing any HEIC converter. Hmmm not so sure yet. However, still feeling optimistic about the iOS 13 updates.🤷🏻‍♀️
kevin zhou
kevin zhou Hace 8 meses
Lol 😂 Americans can only choose Apple. They don’t know huawei so good smart phone
LJGE2 HD Hace 8 meses
I actually like Android better (LG, Samsung, Huwaei, Motorola, Sony, & HTC.)
John Aly
John Aly Hace 8 meses
Iphone i love
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dave dimartino
dave dimartino Hace 8 meses
No one will talk about the brain cancer PANDEMIC from radioactive spy devices they force on YOU ! SHEEP
果郭 Hace 8 meses
Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick Hace 8 meses
11 PRO- Pupusa
gamez buddy
gamez buddy Hace 8 meses
Apple pays them
Ryan Job Babiera
Ryan Job Babiera Hace 8 meses
wow this means I can jumpstart my car w iphone11 battery?
My Stock
My Stock Hace 8 meses
i used to upgrade my iphone every year but I WON'T buy it this year... that SOCCER FIELD CAMERA is UGLY... if u put a cover case on ya phone, it's going to LOOK very UGLY... if they don't change the design of that UGLY CAMERA...i never use IPHONE AGAIN
Raditya Oe
Raditya Oe Hace 8 meses
When you reach the end of creativity road, on the same time you keep need bigger money from others to feed big thirsty machine you've builted already. Desperate solution : lets add one more camera for every version. Thats what really define for overvalue product.
Sagittarius Baddie
Sagittarius Baddie Hace 8 meses
I’m good with my iPhone XS MAX because I’m sure this new 11 will be buggy asf..same as the max was after 3 damn replacements now it works great..Smh! No thank you !
lexi xo
lexi xo Hace 8 meses
no wonder why my phone has been acting up
TheEtbetween Hace 8 meses
Don’t say it like it happened
TheEtbetween Hace 8 meses
Wrong NO Pro MaX
Ryan L
Ryan L Hace 8 meses
Does have wireless charge?
allistair61 Hace 8 meses
I was under the impression that Apple Watches already monitor blood pressure and pulse rate, I was recently in hospital and the doctors use my Apple Watch to monitor my biometrics during rounds. They jokingly suggested that it was that sensitive they could tell which of the student nurses had checked my blood pressure without even looking at the signature. And yes, she is cute I have photos!
Tayyab Malik
Tayyab Malik Hace 8 meses
Great caught up.
Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi
Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi Hace 8 meses
Just The Facts
Just The Facts Hace 8 meses
iCamera with Phone Call ability. Apple Project Managers have lost direction, to make a simple phone call, you now have to spend over $900. How much faster is the phone conversation? How much faster can it call a number. Great camera lousy price to pay for a simple phone. This device is made for Hollywood Movie Moguls. Apple is now a Camera Company. Want to make a simple phone call? Plenty of cheaper phones out there, want a good Camera and Movie Camera, buy an iCamera Pro from Apple.
The Loose Sushi
The Loose Sushi Hace 8 meses
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 8 meses
The new iPhone trypophobia!
#RanFamily Hace 8 meses
Camera at the back is crazy NAH🤦🏼‍♀️
Bon Alegre
Bon Alegre Hace 8 meses
K M Hace 9 meses
For this high price they should include the ear buds !!!!
K M Hace 9 meses
They must avoid the glass at the back .. it costs a lot to be replaced !! They do it on purpose , I suppose 😡😡
StormerMusic Hace 9 meses
Expect those iphones to break the bank and steal all your monies , "GO APPLE GOO"!!!! 😂
Polski partacz w jukej
Polski partacz w jukej Hace 9 meses
What's new on iphone 11? Old screen from samsung 🙂
HammRash Hace 9 meses
A big no for this apple this time. Maybe iphone design next year is better....
andy klompenburg
andy klompenburg Hace 9 meses
No se2...im out
Angela Wheeler
Angela Wheeler Hace 9 meses
That square is the reason I am not upgrading. I am going to give them a year to change that nonsense.🤮
David yu
David yu Hace 9 meses
Apple Music low powered. Spotify and pandora too much power. Apple TV app low powered. Netflix, ESwomen, xfinity too much power. Chrome, opera, internet explorer too much power. Safari low powered. Skype too much power. FaceTime low powered. Fortnite, clash of clans, clash Royale, vain glory, too much power. Apple Arcade probably low powered, awesome. Apple TV plus probably low powered, awesome. Apple needs to make an app that stops the hate on iPhones and an app that makes people stop calling it a status symbol.
mr. vidal
mr. vidal Hace 9 meses
Now i know iphone are for gays
R H Hace 9 meses
What do you think about the apple AR glasses and do you think they will announce them at the event
fernando teliz
fernando teliz Hace 9 meses
What about New AirPods? Do u think we will get new ones before 2020
Th33Vultur3 Hace 9 meses
they should do what they did NOT do last year, the smallest model should be the least priced and the middle should be the next expensive and then of course then the biggest model
10,000 subs with no videos
10,000 subs with no videos Hace 9 meses
Still miss Brian Tong.
Will Holla
Will Holla Hace 9 meses
I’m still rocking my 6s I see no reason to upgrade yet
TaeJa Hace 9 meses
It would not be bad if the bump of the camera is minimal like that. Why don't they make camera that is not raised?
FlamingKillerMC Hace 9 meses
You can clearly tell she’s an Apple fan and only wants apple iphone
Russell Regulator
Russell Regulator Hace 9 meses
There is a reason for the similarities with the CNET and CNN logo.
RosedoesSports \/
RosedoesSports \/ Hace 9 meses
Snack Hace 9 meses
The price? You don't know. But it's an IPhone, so you'll probably buy it.
Giovanni Barrera
Giovanni Barrera Hace 9 meses
When an android phone like the pixel looks ugly, that's all they say even though it has the best camera but when the iphone makes an ugly phone, they dont care. What a bunch of isheeps
Giovanni Barrera
Giovanni Barrera Hace 9 meses
The iphone 11 is so boring that people are already talking about next years model that they say will be "revolutionary"
Aron H
Aron H Hace 9 meses
Never had an android owned every model iPhone but The Galaxys are looking nicer everyday
Poppi3579 Hace 9 meses
I love honest reviews
quangvb916 Hace 9 meses
Just a bunch of notches again..
Jenmae xo
Jenmae xo Hace 9 meses
Sigh... does this mean my iPhone XS will stop working properly now😔😔😔
Vincent Collins
Vincent Collins Hace 9 meses
Buying last year's phone for a higher price in other word's
Calvito Bonito
Calvito Bonito Hace 9 meses
Cable and box are now sold separately!
wow yman
wow yman Hace 9 meses
Naming is a problem. Pro is wired. I still do not like the design of new camera. Apple can design better than that.
coklaternusu Hace 9 meses
Anybody notice her voice tone is so nervous and shaky? 😅
John Doe
John Doe Hace 9 meses
No usb C? :/
KyleTVProductions Hace 9 meses
I need a budget phone to replace my SE
StormerMusic Hace 9 meses
A budget iPhone ? 🤔
Lexman214 Hace 9 meses
That’s why they dropped that Apple Card 1st so people can enslave themselves with debt for the new soon to be old devices
Bobby L
Bobby L Hace 9 meses
Apple is garbage
Brian Carter
Brian Carter Hace 9 meses
Are you pregnant?
Bonsai Keto
Bonsai Keto Hace 9 meses
I was hoping for that bigger MacBookPro in September, anyone know what size it will actually be? 16 or 16.5 or ?
Ahamed Althaf
Ahamed Althaf Hace 9 meses
There are more better phones than iphone.he he he trust me.it's long gone.
Isaac kent
Isaac kent Hace 9 meses
Dam, who is she, she's one attractive looking lady.
josephine ANDY
josephine ANDY Hace 9 meses
When are they gonna make a new iPhone Se
riley dalisa
riley dalisa Hace 9 meses
do you think the HomePod can be saved?
riley dalisa
riley dalisa Hace 9 meses
plz do not take my 3D Touch its why I bought the 6s and the one true innovation apple has made in a while
They all love Kee
They all love Kee Hace 9 meses
I'm gonna stick with my xr
Simon P
Simon P Hace 9 meses
Er, what is Liy Lak. You mean Lilac.
omar al rakhaimi
omar al rakhaimi Hace 9 meses
could somebody please send me the link of the Apple event September 2019 page, i’m having a hard time looking for it on Google and everywhere. I will sincerely appreciate if somebody could please send me the link.
charitybritt Hace 9 meses
Been a long time iPhone user, but I might just have to play around in the Samsung’s 10+ pool after seeing this mess!!
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