iPhone 11 & 11 Pro | Apple Event Recap 2019

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Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy

Hace un mes

Walk thru of the new iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 5
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Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. New videos on my channel every week! I upload vlogs, tech reviews, how-to / behind the scenes travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.
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Sara Dietschy
Sara Dietschy Hace un mes
Was hoping yal would gloss over me saying "A12" once in the beginning 😅 but yes iPhone 11 = A13. Had the iPhone XR in my head and only a few minutes in the room to film the talking 🤣
numspacsym Hace 27 días
Sara Dietschy FYI your video is being used illegally - eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-AHnMpI6DNLI.html. Report it.
wjahatsyed Hace 28 días
One of the best review around!
Jabulani Harvey
Jabulani Harvey Hace un mes
...and there i was thinking i would make a comment today.
Devin Kolarov
Devin Kolarov Hace un mes
you are cute anyway
gannat Queen
gannat Queen Hace un mes
Rohan Biker
Rohan Biker Hace 6 días
Is that technical guruji behind the yellow iPhone?
ABO TOYAB Hace 11 días
Wow you look like nice why i see iphone you look everything i forget
Neo You Ming
Neo You Ming Hace 12 días
Huawei fan here, just stopping by to say hi to you Apple fans 😁
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio Hace 17 días
Awesome video! Thanks heaps. I really love my iPhone. ☺️
Luis J Gomez
Luis J Gomez Hace 22 días
Hola sara , its me again true( FAN) just askin what camara you used on the apple event , please help , very good image 🙏🏼
Jacqueline Carisma
Jacqueline Carisma Hace 22 días
Hello Sarah D😍 wow ilove iphone
shivam vishwakarma
shivam vishwakarma Hace 23 días
Great video. But the slofies are actually not slow enough
Erick Emmanuel Garcia Delgado
Erick Emmanuel Garcia Delgado Hace 25 días
I'm in love.
J D B Hace 25 días
I like your voice. I know it’s weird but to me it makes a difference when you’re watching listening to someone channel if you guys are so many of them
Rileylala Hace 25 días
the cool camera feature with multiple angles is so great for vlogging!
Hicham Gouchida
Hicham Gouchida Hace 26 días
Cool give me one please thanks 🤔
T. j.
T. j. Hace 26 días
I love your face.
Michael Ah
Michael Ah Hace 27 días
How had I not found this channel yet? 🤩🤩🤩
Alejandro A
Alejandro A Hace 28 días
She is pretty
musice Hace 28 días
Congrats Sara, this video is awesome. A big step up.
danny Hace 28 días
Apple should allow high low key mono for former phones............ it looks so good and it’s obvious it’s only software matter............ so not cool using the features like that............
Anku Choudhary
Anku Choudhary Hace 28 días
very nice your indian fan
Younes Ten
Younes Ten Hace 28 días
The most beautiful girl in the world 😍👍 and the most beautiful phones in the world 😍
The Diwaan
The Diwaan Hace 29 días
Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta Hace un mes
U r looking so pretty pretty
Onyok Jr.
Onyok Jr. Hace un mes
My iPhone 11 pro max is on the way, thanks for very useful info Sara.
Andrei Jedidiah
Andrei Jedidiah Hace un mes
Audio out of sync?
P YRU Hace un mes
Perfect GF for MKBHD :)
Jenkins The Vibe
Jenkins The Vibe Hace un mes
loved everything about this video!
Peter Starzynski
Peter Starzynski Hace un mes
How have you not reached 1 million yet!
Station 2Station
Station 2Station Hace un mes
your edits are too close to the last thing you said, sometimes chopping off the last syllable.
Invisible man LOL
Invisible man LOL Hace un mes
Yal ????,,, 😳😳
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan Hace un mes
Dietschy love u great content love the quality! u r so sweet!
Weldermike Hace un mes
I am so happy to see someone do these videos that got the xr and talked about the 11 with so much more passion. New to your channel. Hope to see a video you testing the 11 full review!
فله ونااسه
فله ونااسه Hace un mes
جيمل ⁦❤️⁩
misfit Hace un mes
Intro... 💕❤️
Md. Nayan Parvez Ratan
Md. Nayan Parvez Ratan Hace un mes
Owe some
Leighton Cooke
Leighton Cooke Hace un mes
Love the intro 💚
Matteo Andretti
Matteo Andretti Hace un mes
you are a very beautiful girl!!!!
Son Tung
Son Tung Hace un mes
I like iphone 11
es1able Hace un mes
God she’s so irritating
Riniesya Sahathevan
Riniesya Sahathevan Hace un mes
Even your slofie should be an Apple ad
Hamlock Maneuver
Hamlock Maneuver Hace un mes
karthik krishna
karthik krishna Hace un mes
girl or phone ?? you're damn cute sara
Will Chin
Will Chin Hace un mes
2020 should be the S series...so means they will look exactly the same again ...i mean i love apple, and i will buy iPhone no matter what, but just i wish they could be a bit less lazy with their design, especially when they are known for designs to begin with........also i really thought they would have found a smarter way to deal with that notch.......not a deal breaker for me, but just they're cleverer than this..........as well as the option to have on screen touch ID......
Boston Red Sox fan
Boston Red Sox fan Hace un mes
ClubLulu Hace un mes
God damn it these phones keep getting bigger. Bring back the SE!
Brandon Brends
Brandon Brends Hace un mes
I wait for the Banana phone in 2040 The Apple will be rotten
Jayda Nguyen
Jayda Nguyen Hace un mes
I love the purple!!!! 💜💜💜
Fabiola Hysa
Fabiola Hysa Hace un mes
Luganenhum Hace un mes
I like the humor and you really seemed that you knew what you were talking about. +1
Josh Dhadwal
Josh Dhadwal Hace un mes
first time watching your videos. I really like your style!!
검은머리사나이 Hace un mes
I love this viedeo because of u💙
Aman Deep
Aman Deep Hace un mes
You are more beautiful than a iPhone ❤
Tarak Jamil
Tarak Jamil Hace un mes
Nice work!
Neur0bit Hace un mes
Great review. Thank you. BTW, no thanks for Apple TV+. At this point, their shows look like the most boring ever, all nine of them...
Channel Gnz
Channel Gnz Hace un mes
you are so Beautiful 😍😘❤❤❤
Azmat Ahmed
Azmat Ahmed Hace un mes
Apple 11 not beautiful than you
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 Hace un mes
How’s the yellow I person ? Please help lol
prince yousaf
prince yousaf Hace un mes
Sooooooo goooooooddddd
Zheng Guo
Zheng Guo Hace un mes
- Midnight Studios -
- Midnight Studios - Hace un mes
I feel scammed with this iPad I got the new IPad Air like Two months AGO!!!!
Andrew Giovanni
Andrew Giovanni Hace un mes
the green color are beautiful, both the iphone and your eyes. aw aw aw
life-is-fun Hace un mes
So....welcome to 2019 cameras. So they have dropped the price of xr, as this is what this is. Well do not wory, you'll buy more apple services to make up the money. Same thing, so stay with your X for another year and drop a skin on it.
Tutur Irkham
Tutur Irkham Hace un mes
Green on iphone 11 🍏🍏🔥🔥🔥
amir hussain
amir hussain Hace un mes
My goodness.....i am in love with you....
Music Hace un mes
Zero innovation👎
Kike Ross
Kike Ross Hace un mes
You have face Ángel 😇🌹Beatiful 🌹
Luis V
Luis V Hace un mes
Why a pretty girl wear's boyfriend shirt?
Runningman21 Hace un mes
Good job, I like how you waited for the event to wind down and got a much better quieter video with lots of useful informatiom🤙🏼
Irfan Hace un mes
noting new , at the end its basically phone , and Apple still lacking that category of Phone tech .. gig LTE Modem not CAT20 or at least CAT18 , very slowly apple is opening its IOS software features where Android have most of them already , i will skip this phone because i do not see any change and 3D touch is gone too ... waiting for 5G next year .
Daniel YSC
Daniel YSC Hace un mes
I watching you from Romanian and i like
Rao Aakash
Rao Aakash Hace un mes
1:00 did any one frome india notice tachnical guruji in back there
Shada James
Shada James Hace un mes
I just order the rose gold but now I regret getting tht color it look so ugly 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Giorat23 Hace un mes
Shada James rose gold? Doesn’t exist
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