Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson

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shane Hace un año
I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew
cadence mcmillan
cadence mcmillan Hace un mes
shane 500th reply
hoes mad
hoes mad Hace un mes
shane I love you so much, your so amazing and inspire me so much 💖✨
reistatic x
reistatic x Hace un mes
shane ilysm you are my favorite youtuber and in 12💀💗
reistatic x
reistatic x Hace un mes
shane ily
Bonnie Stull
Bonnie Stull Hace un mes
The gambling thing at choice cheese is the same as any other arcade. Really, but the pizza thing you just BLEWW MY MIND! I won't be taking me neices and nephews there. NOPE... THANKS .p.s. what it someone has an allergy to let's say peanut and the last person that had the pizza had peanut butter on there hands like from a Reese cup.... Wouldn't this be like threatening, is crazy and gross
MB Enterprises
MB Enterprises Hace 27 minutos
Stooooppppp!! With the jumpscares. Ur scaring children and giving them nightmares
Alyson Acosta
Alyson Acosta Hace un hora
wait wait wait i swear to god these videos were posted in 2018
Gavin Francis
Gavin Francis Hace 3 horas
These are the only tho ya getting me thru quarantine
Gavin Francis
Gavin Francis Hace 3 horas
Things* that* are*
TommyNC2010 Hace 3 horas
I still love it that I got featured in The Shane Dawson video
Sebastian Gzz
Sebastian Gzz Hace 4 horas
Trish would have beat the shit out of him
Dawn Simmer
Dawn Simmer Hace 4 horas
I've watched this video🎥📹 so many times Shane Dawson no joke my favorite is checky cheese
David Hace 5 horas
U need a fucking show on Netflix. I said this in another video but like geez. Talk to Netflix see what they think and get that fucking show. You are literally the best conspirator i know Shane.
Emma Farley
Emma Farley Hace 7 horas
11:06 I know someone who used to work at Chuck E Cheese. What actually happened was that they would throw away any bitten slices and eat the rest xD
Tenzing Diki
Tenzing Diki Hace 9 horas
Ok but why does the grandma sound like every other immigrant grandma ? Possessive, “my baby “ , dual citizenship , saying your baby has no flows ect that’s all pretty common
M Peppy
M Peppy Hace 9 horas
Omg wait just imagine garret with the voice thing that would be the funniest thing
Baka Mikica
Baka Mikica Hace 10 horas
Oh fuck, what a way to represent my country...ah Milos....
Teresa D'Alessio
Teresa D'Alessio Hace 12 horas
brittany talking about the selling of her house brought me to tears too. to just be robbed of trust and belief in the moral goodness like most do; it's so hard to get over it, but im praying for her. she seems so sweet.
Gavin Messenger
Gavin Messenger Hace 13 horas
1:27:05 I and trained with firearms and I can tell by his form he knows how to shoot a gun and has experience dm me bc I know a lot about him by just watching this video.
Teresa D'Alessio
Teresa D'Alessio Hace 13 horas
lolol chipotle- i died lol
Suki Hace 13 horas
This is where it all began
Waterbottleflip Dodah
Waterbottleflip Dodah Hace 13 horas
41:24 *I have a hardcore gamling problem.*
noah gogo
noah gogo Hace 14 horas
shane could say my cat is an FBI agent and i would believe it
Pokèdrawings s
Pokèdrawings s Hace 15 horas
I swear I have seen his face before.
-Sweet_Lemonade- Hace 18 horas
The peeps who disliked where the people who got to scared 😂
TheAccusinGamer Hace 16 horas
Yeah 😂
Crazy Charlotte
Crazy Charlotte Hace 19 horas
my dog died yesterday and this is keeping her off my mind😭😭😭😭
TheAccusinGamer Hace 16 horas
Crazy Charlotte My condolences for your dog 😭🙏 Rest in Peacd
Catie Walker
Catie Walker Hace 20 horas
Am I the only one scared of the intro?
GamersTVlife Hace 21 un hora
I'm thinking maybe they store slice's instead of whole pizza's , then you put them together and reheat
Ky Hace 21 un hora
ok honestly i hate milosh with a passion (i probably spelt milosh wrong but whatever) i never told anyone to end there life but this is different
dark wolf animation yolo sans
dark wolf animation yolo sans Hace un día
I like vids like these
Daphne Alvarez
Daphne Alvarez Hace un día
this video is freaky scary especially the girls story parts
Roux Hace un día
Ok but why has no one thought of taking a single bite out of every slice of pizza they serve you so that they can’t “repurpose” it? Easy.
Ava Franco
Ava Franco Hace un día
" chip-a-lote"
I Feel Fine
I Feel Fine Hace un día
I love how all the different stories are intertwined into the one video. This was edited soo well. Amazing!
John Sieber
John Sieber Hace un día
3 grown men, one camera, no kid, walk into a Chuck E. Cheese...
Payton Kiziak
Payton Kiziak Hace un día
anyone else start to feel sick looking at the pizza or is it just me
Alaila Vandegriff
Alaila Vandegriff Hace un día
yo same
Elise Cristens
Elise Cristens Hace un día
How sure are we that Milos is his real name.. I mean when she said that there are a lot of people with his name, i immediately thought 'Fake name'
Darwin Medrano
Darwin Medrano Hace un día
U should do a video for mr anonymis
dank watermelon memes
dank watermelon memes Hace un día
Milos prob has like 38 kids.
JackieMWAH Hace un día
Brittani is literally sooooooooooooo gorgeous💕💕💕💕💕
heidi Hace un día
Shane should of asked specifically for an uncut pizza because then that would prove better whether or not the pizza is put together
Urtė Perminaitė
Urtė Perminaitė Hace un día
that small cute kiddo looks like little lil peep T.T
rytsyr Hace un día
OMg... In 1:03:44 there was an angle in that part of the video from the Chuck E. Cheese conspiracy that literally looked like Fredbear Pizza's dining room, from the horror game Five Nights At Freddy's 2. It creeped me out so bad wtff
Suomitiare Herrero
Suomitiare Herrero Hace un día
Sooooooo what is this video all about?
Thea Dillistone
Thea Dillistone Hace un día
In the uk we have things called arcades all along the beach which are major attractions for people in holidays and they're like chucky cheeses but without the food so yh
Olivia Niamh x
Olivia Niamh x Hace un día
Pang content mate
Moomeko Hace 2 días
only the lucky people got a fresh pizza
the Galaxy gaming
the Galaxy gaming Hace 2 días
Chuck-E- cheese is just creepy as it is
Sarah Bremser
Sarah Bremser Hace 2 días
He kinda looks like Jake gylenhall (??)
Micah Lingard
Micah Lingard Hace 2 días
omg thats terrible what happened to her!! like if u agree :(
Sarah Bear
Sarah Bear Hace 2 días
My dog stepped on my iPad Doggo has spoken
Porta Hace 2 días
Shane we want new videos man!!!!
sweetie msp
sweetie msp Hace 2 días
wow she said not to not put that in around 58-59 lol she dead
Pokémon Is Lit
Pokémon Is Lit Hace 2 días
Not capping I was only here for the pizza theory and every second it change to a different thing 😭😭😭😭😭
Maddox Fitzgerald
Maddox Fitzgerald Hace 2 días
KennaGaming Hace 2 días
Why isnt Milo's in jail?!?! we all need to call the police untill he gets behind bars for LIFEEE
Zineb Chaatit
Zineb Chaatit Hace 2 días
who's here watching all the conspiracies in quarentine?
master L boy
master L boy Hace 2 días
The problem is...the kid will miss his dsd milos
master L boy
master L boy Hace 2 días
Get gordon plzzzzzzzz
master L boy
master L boy Hace 2 días
Now...wont we talk about her crying? It seems so fake... the fbi things she hides her face if she laughs im kinda feeling suspicious
reaqlz Hace 2 días
master L boy ?
ELizabeth MOrgan
ELizabeth MOrgan Hace 2 días
I will admit, when she made that video of you being pregnant and engaged... I thought something was... not right. Like I thought it was alittle sketch. And then when I found out that they were no longer together.. I really thought something was wrong. And now I know that my suspicions were right. And I know that I can’t be the only one
Balloon Girl
Balloon Girl Hace 2 días
This video gives me chills •~•
nerdy_ neko
nerdy_ neko Hace 2 días
OMG ur poor friend D: I’m so sorry this happened to her!!!!!!
Communist Earthworm sally
Communist Earthworm sally Hace 2 días
If I found your bff’s ex husband I’d take out all of his teeth boil them into a sword cut his limbs into little pieces then finally end his pointless life
KittenLa Hace 2 días
This is why my parents always take the pizza for go
Forever Awesome
Forever Awesome Hace 2 días
finally he's finally made a conspiracy video
Patton Sanders
Patton Sanders Hace 2 días
Me -* watches this at 3 AM * my sister- *IM HARRY POTTER SCREW OFF BISHES* Me in Harry Potter cosplay- what the heck is she doing-
ThaSoda Fam
ThaSoda Fam Hace 2 días
Morgan is bootiful *period*. Who watching this in 2020 quarintine just watching all of his good vids. 👇🏽👇🏽
Suzanna Stenger
Suzanna Stenger Hace 3 días
1:01:1 ryland's face is my mood always
Rae Rae Lami
Rae Rae Lami Hace 3 días
The fact that he used a video clip from Laurdiy and Alex wassabi’s video
jose ribeiro
jose ribeiro Hace 3 días
Shane REALLY looks at his food GOOD
Mister Sweet
Mister Sweet Hace 3 días
You know when you watch a tv show and you're like, "Why is there so much filler? And why do they spend the entire video building up to something that could be shown in 5 minutes?" I thought that would die with big companies, it's weird to see it used by individual creators.
Ella Marks
Ella Marks Hace 3 días
I love you shane but I got a question??
SeaveyBessonsLimelights! Hace 3 días
“he’s so happy! what is that like?” me too sir. me too😌
Cammie Wright
Cammie Wright Hace 3 días
Anyone else get prison break vibes about the fbi thing at the start?
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