[Intelligence-High School Debate] Governments should provide a universal basic income _ Part.1

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Governments should provide a universal basic income / 정부는 기본 소득 제공을 보장해야한다.
What would it be like if governments provided an unconditional sum of money to all citizens regardless of income or property owned? That way, we can spread the wealth in our society, thereby reducing the growing inequality across the nation or even the world. However, others claim that recipients might lose sight of the value of hard work, which is one of the most noble and treasured aspects of life.
On the third episode of “Intelligence - High School Debate,” students from Incheon International High School, Seongnam Foreign Language High School, Hana Academy Seoul and Yang Jae High School debate over the motion “This house believes that governments should provide a universal basic income.”
So, which two teams will make it into the semifinals this week?
세 번째 토론 대결의 출전 학교는 바로
[인천국제고등학교 vs 성남외국어고등학교 vs 하나고등학교 vs 양재고등학교]
참가자들의 뜨거운 관심 속 밝혀진 세 번째 토론 주제!
정부는 기본 소득 제공을 보장해야한다.
세금의 증가와 비윤리적 소득! vs 복지제도의 사각지대 속 절대적 빈곤 철폐!
완벽한 동의 없는 그 치열한 갈등 속, 다가올 세상을 이끌어 갈 우리 시대 청소년들의 생각은 과연? 얼마 남지 않은 발언 시간 속 계속되는 상대 측 POI와의 싸움!
그리고 찬반 진영 각 연사들 중 예상치 못한 에이스의 등장으로 술렁이는 심사위원들!
호스트 서미소랑 또한 감탄을 금치 못했는데...
각 학교의 명예를 건 미래 글로벌 리더들 중 준결승전에 진출할 단 두 팀?
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Alakathu Hamun
Alakathu Hamun Hace 22 horas
I hope there are some good debate videos in my country... Indonesia. Sadly If I type "debat" (debate in Indonesia) in ESwomen, one of the list show "Debat Kristen vs Islam" (Debate Christian vs Islam) So sad that the people in my country are very undevelepod... the majority want to win everything and the minority just want to be protected. (A muslim that love peace)
Megha Singh 8 B
Megha Singh 8 B Hace 23 horas
9:07 the boy behind the girl in right side
Lindsay Langthasa
Lindsay Langthasa Hace un día
I agree UBI cannot fully influence our society or make it equal, but the possibility that it could help the lives of even one or two people is a greater priority we should focus on and acknowledge
Lindsay Langthasa
Lindsay Langthasa Hace un día
Me: watching this just to fill my time and to hear koreans speak english Also me: genuinely getting interested in the points they're making and the topic
Kaede Vanilla
Kaede Vanilla Hace un día
3:38 when I heard *"Yonsei University"* I thought of Cherry ❤❤❤ (from the channel Cherry & Dong go check them out)
Tatiana Hace un día
Brandon Jaramillo
Brandon Jaramillo Hace un día
What is the debate topic?
Nyabin Rodriguez
Nyabin Rodriguez Hace 2 días
Didn't understand a fucking w o r d. Maybe I need to improve my english listening skills...Any recommendations?
melissa rhoades
melissa rhoades Hace 3 días
the 1975
Drowing & Coloring
Drowing & Coloring Hace 3 días
Me watching this because it feels like its making me smart.
How To Do
How To Do Hace 4 días
HOW GOVERNMENTS CAN PAY FOR UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME When you deposit your money with the banks, you are not actually depositing it in an account to be safely held in trust for you. You are actually loaning the bank your money and within certain legal limits they can do anything with it they please including gambling in the stock market, and loaning it at a profit. This is where fractional reserve lending comes in. The banks are allowed to reserve only a fraction of your deposit and loan the rest out. Let’s use 10% reserve ratio in this example, this means if you deposit $100, the bank can legally take $90 and loan it. The bank must hold $10 of your deposit in reserve just in case you want some of it. But why does your bank account still say you have $100 when the bank took $90? Because it left IOUs it created, called bank credit in it’s place; these are nothing but numbers the banks typed in their computer but they are still currency. So now, there is $190 in existence. Let’s say someone wants to buy something from a seller, as borrower he takes the $90 the bank loaned from your account and he pays the seller. The seller deposits the $90 to his account and his bank loans out 90% of that (i.e. $81) and leaves IOUs in it’s place. So now there is $271 in existence (i.e $190 + $81). This process repeats and repeats until under a 10% reserve ratio an initial deposit of just $100 can create up to $1000 of bank credit. This fractional reserve ratio varies wildly, in our example it’s 10%, on others it’s 3% etc. About 92% to 96% of all money in existence is created in this way. With this system inflation is inevitable because of oversupply in currency. (oversupply of currency/money causes inflation or rising prices because if there was only $100K in existence you can't sell a house for $1M but because there is a billion dollars in existence then you can sell it for 1M or even 2M) If it's impossible to improve this inflation creating engine that's causing problem for everyone then at the very least we should benefit from it somehow. So what I propose is: in order to finance a Universal Basic Income, the government should create a law that takes a cut from the proceeds of all this fractional reserve lending and distribute it as Universal Basic Income (if not to fully pay for Universal Basic Income, then at least part of it). Question: Why would the government and the people have a right to do something like this? Answer: All the real money in the banks are the people’s money, so why can’t they all benefit from it since the inflation it brings hurts them all anyway?
Sph Lrrn
Sph Lrrn Hace 5 días
How I hope to be like them huhu chr
Rohan Sastry
Rohan Sastry Hace 5 días
This is the worst debate I've ever watched I got so angry lmao
touthang ginminlen
touthang ginminlen Hace 7 días
wow what an interesting debate to see all the student giving their level best and a very logical argument debating on the current issue which need to be taken into consideration that is on issue to do with income tax to be made compulsory nor not inoder to elevate the living standard of the citizen in the country......
Adam Harrold
Adam Harrold Hace 7 días
The leader of opposition is very weak In points and is shattering to much
Murat Özgün
Murat Özgün Hace 7 días
Empty tin strums a lot.
Deborah A. Duran
Deborah A. Duran Hace 8 días
I agree with the last girl. Completely solving the economic inequality is nearly imposible. People wouldn’t quit their jobs even after a basic income is provided, therefore, increasing the gap even more. A basic income is just giving money away, but at what cost? In order to give that money to the poorer, taxes will need to increase. Tackling the social aspects of inequality is a better way to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Giving better opportunities to those who live in poverty is the way to approach the problem. This students are admirable, English is not my first language and I couldn’t see myself defending my pov on such environments.
Murat Özgün
Murat Özgün Hace 8 días
Bla bla bla... Bring some coffee ;)
Great Sendpie
Great Sendpie Hace 8 días
Are they really high school? Damn when i was in high school i was debating my classmate if my answer is correct but later none of us got the correct answer.
Rufus477 Hace 8 días
Socialism 101 Where does government get the money from to give a "Basic Universal Income"? Answer: From everyone else. As the government does not make money. Any money that governments give must be taken from other. Koreans and all Asians generally are born with the mentality of thinking they deserve free stuff.
Peyn Fool
Peyn Fool Hace 9 días
Here in the PH we debate wthout handouts its just our toxic mind and pure sarcasm HAHAHA
winthi patotie
winthi patotie Hace 9 días
The topis is soo good. But I can't understand sometimes because they talk fasts huhu. Im not dumb I know they need to speak fast kskz
Kabeer Rao
Kabeer Rao Hace 9 días
not to offend anyone.....but what the fuck is this???
Ramon Salgado Vencio Jr.
Ramon Salgado Vencio Jr. Hace 10 días
The goverment will exhaust its resources in a bad way.
Mo mo
Mo mo Hace 10 días
Is this still on earth? Lol
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright Hace 10 días
treasure bop
treasure bop Hace 11 días
almost half of the boys were wearing eyeglasses kskekek
seungmin l
seungmin l Hace 11 días
daaaamn so this is what the smart students in my school watches
a.random.trash. passing.through
a.random.trash. passing.through Hace 12 días
I'm sorry, but what are they writing about?
Arwa Banat
Arwa Banat Hace 13 días
are they reading books or what ? I didn't understand why they just shutting each other of they are debating
Quezia Jones
Quezia Jones Hace 13 días
who gave caffeine to that first girl? Man .. can she talk haha
Paul Encinares
Paul Encinares Hace 14 días
I wish arirang bring back this kind of show.
AL Segnar
AL Segnar Hace 14 días
No thank you 😎
Jalym Rambey
Jalym Rambey Hace 14 días
This video was horrible. Kids were rushing to speak the fast as possible. They kept gagging and mispronouncing words. I’m a native from US but I wasnt able to understand what they were trying to say.
Bankruptcy Hace 14 días
But why would they give money to people who already have it? It's possible to create a "standard" poverty level. I understand when she talks about a " Matter of equality" but it actually enlarge the gap of *inequality*, since as the girl said, makes the taxs more expensive to the population, and also support rich people with more money. If the UBI went only to actual poor people, the taxs would be cheaper, and since there would be less people to recieve it, they'd be able to give more money to the population in real need. It's just a question on my mind, if anyone wants to show their own point of view I'd love to hear!.
Bankruptcy Hace 14 días
Folks were same age as me, yet if try to debate I stutter and cry lol
Daisy Hace 14 días
why they need to debate in English??
CRFan Hace 14 días
A tip for handling debates. Don't accuse the opposite party of anything. Instead ask them questions that will expose their weaknesses.
Amy Vunghoih Guite
Amy Vunghoih Guite Hace 14 días
I know this is random but they fair
Athena Sanogal
Athena Sanogal Hace 15 días
ALBERT Einstein,be like: 😛
Mohan Siriga
Mohan Siriga Hace 15 días
17:40 Meanwhile, me and my friend master planning from behind. Me: Shall we press the button? My friend: Let's do. Me: Okay, first I will press and then you press so that nobody doubts us.
danastri wijayanti
danastri wijayanti Hace 15 días
Marielle Petty
Marielle Petty Hace 15 días
dang they speak more professionally than I do and English is my native language.
blank Hace 15 días
australian british accent?
đạt lý
đạt lý Hace 15 días
Holly molly, i always think that korean is not good at english but damnn these student are so good
danastri wijayanti
danastri wijayanti Hace 15 días
Tbh thats me until i watch this video
Kier John Señerez
Kier John Señerez Hace 16 días
7:33 this girl looks like our class top student in Junior high. Hehehe
Kier John Señerez
Kier John Señerez Hace 16 días
4:32 me thingking what's really happening. Hahaha
PEACHYFIQAH Hace 16 días
I heard she say UVI system? can someone tell me what is that?😂😅
Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Rin Hace 16 días
Are they really in 11th Grade??? :))?? I can listen what they say but I can't understand ANYTHING :))
Kao Anthon Co
Kao Anthon Co Hace 17 días
I feel dizzy watching this video. 😵😵
Adam Berger
Adam Berger Hace 17 días
Terrible speech honestly. No eye conact. Constantly repeating words/syllables after making mistakes. Saying "um" multiple times. This is bad lol.
chich _xxx
chich _xxx Hace 17 días
The video : debate also in comment section: Debate Isee ಥ‿ಥ
Sj Sulath
Sj Sulath Hace 17 días
I like the way they defend thier sides.
Dovey Hace 18 días
When the contestants are more smarter than the judges.
Tatiana Susan Pofele
Tatiana Susan Pofele Hace 18 días
This girl must be embarrassed
Tatiana Susan Pofele
Tatiana Susan Pofele Hace 18 días
Can't lie.... Their English is better than mine as an American....
Elle's Tube
Elle's Tube Hace 19 días
Me this whole video:whaaaaaaaaaaatttt? I don't understand
Yshii stans Talent
Yshii stans Talent Hace 19 días
I knew that 4th girl was badass.
Yshii stans Talent
Yshii stans Talent Hace 19 días
They need to know the difference between Equality and Equity.
Yshii stans Talent
Yshii stans Talent Hace 19 días
I can feel the tension and I’m feeling tension.
nelgieee Hace 19 días
Pag ako nag debate : AH TALAGA? SHARE MO LANG? HA? HAKDOG!
guess who
guess who Hace 18 días
Jazin Seng
Jazin Seng Hace 20 días
To be honest, I don't understand anything. I think their sound should be a bit more like talking speech , not monotone and just reading.
Vin Ray
Vin Ray Hace 20 días
Why i am here ESwomen
Nathanael Andreas Hutahaean
Nathanael Andreas Hutahaean Hace 20 días
When i read arirang from the channel's name, i assumed it's South Korean. But when i read the title "Governments should provide a universal basic income" on the first half i thought it was North Korean TV show.
Umer Usman
Umer Usman Hace 20 días
am i the only one who noticed a lot of harry potters sitting on both sides ?
Rahman Hace 20 días
Whats the point of these shows? Does it bring in a change in the society, all they do is talk and talk
Bree Acosta
Bree Acosta Hace 21 un día
Who thinks they are smarter, But never won in debate competition? Hahaha
Sh1ro Kuro
Sh1ro Kuro Hace 21 un día
How did I come from cat videos to this?
İbrahim Belen
İbrahim Belen Hace 21 un día
Remember kids, theres always an asian better than you
Faizan Rizwan
Faizan Rizwan Hace 22 días
I am against Universal Basic Income. I think that the government should use progressive taxation to provide basic income to the less privileged, such as orphans, widows, disabled and old people. Poor people can also be given income if it is ensured that they are playing an active role in the development of society. That is basically the Islamic ideology of a wellfare state.
somewherelse Hace 22 días
Muuu Hace 22 días
Calm down mate! : 3
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