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What IF Rick f**ked a planet? The Rick and Morty crew decided to explore it.
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rick and mortyinside the episodechildrick of mortrick and morty season 4 episode 9

Sonic Guyver
Sonic Guyver Hace 5 días
1:12 Beth's reaction to getting praise from her father is so damn funny.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma Hace 6 días
How DO you frick a planet? I'm just curios, I'm not having any ideas
zoelkarnain uno
zoelkarnain uno Hace 13 días
piano music
Ananda Padmanabhan
Ananda Padmanabhan Hace 15 días
DJ's, influencers and foodies = unproductives😁😁
Timothy O'Rourke
Timothy O'Rourke Hace 24 días
She was a lady planet.
madapakah rin
madapakah rin Hace un mes
Give link please where can i download rick and morty free
Brasco Arts
Brasco Arts Hace un mes
More like "Elon Tusk"
Zain ALATTAR Hace un mes
Kyounghee looks like dr Wong
Aman Goyal
Aman Goyal Hace un mes
is that ms wong the therapist.
Sam Guevenne
Sam Guevenne Hace un mes
Sry unpopular opinion. Weakest episode in all of Rick and Morty. Quite odd compared to the strong second half of this season.
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson Hace un mes
I want to know more about. Kyounghee Lim. According to IMDB she spent the first half. of her career making bible stories and the second half making King of The Hill, Bob's Burgers and Rick and Morty.
Ernar Jandos
Ernar Jandos Hace un mes
Did they know that gaia gave birth to uranus who was the father of kronos, who is the father of zeus. So you can say that zaus fucked his great grandmother?
Yggdrasil Hace un mes
It's not to out of place, I think Uranos is also Gaia's son.
Arda Çakar
Arda Çakar Hace un mes
How To F*** A Planet Training Video 1080P Watch Full English Dub Rick And Mort Adult Swim
Jason Noel
Jason Noel Hace un mes
The fight scene between Rick and the Zeus type character reminded me of God of War, if God of War what's a hobo fight
Mafozochoro Mortem
Mafozochoro Mortem Hace un mes
I wonder how long will be the final season and ep
Unmesh L.
Unmesh L. Hace un mes
Adults always think they know what's best for kids. But kids have the right idea, life is not about petty ideological wars, it's about getting high and playing videos games. But kids still need guidance, because they are wont to overdo it and kill someone with a spaceship. Human civilization is a messy thing, but it's the best we got. Thanks, R&M.
catsndogs98 Hace un mes
I can’t believe the director is a nice asian lady
brown beast
brown beast Hace un mes
"young, dumb and orbiting a sun"
SlobbNobb b
SlobbNobb b Hace un mes
Hace un mes
I love this episode.
Borsu Hace un mes
The irony is the director for this american poop culture can't even speaka binglish, wtf, this is a psy-op.
Sedat Talha Değirmenci
Sedat Talha Değirmenci Hace un mes
Türkçe alt yazı eklensin
Samyak Tuladhar
Samyak Tuladhar Hace un mes
It says a lot when Dan Harmon says, "The acorn doesn't fall of far from the tree" and the context of the tenth episode
ThePeopleVerse Hace un mes
Yeah, but Rick got his ass kicked. WTF AND, and he had a laser. He cut the opening to get to the ship, so why not blast Zues' eyeball and then brain. Instead he quits as if he is losing.
Aashish Hegde
Aashish Hegde Hace un mes
Wow Jian Yang's Mother is the director of this episode
bebas rule
bebas rule Hace un mes
Battle of gods
Tony Kimari
Tony Kimari Hace un mes
Are you all patients of Dr. Wong (btw a RaciSt name... and accent ) too?
Eterna Pesadilla
Eterna Pesadilla Hace un mes
"Camping is basicly like being homeless" these people are fucking idiots. And clearly pedophiles.
J C Hace un mes
which episode is this
Robert Lembo
Robert Lembo Hace un mes
I was not a fan of Rick losing the battle to Zeus, I don't think he was really even trying, if he was he probably would have curb stomped...
Robinjhoe1 Hace un mes
I wonder what a day as an intern with the rick and morty crew would be like? The first sentence alone has so much random chaos in it, i just love it lol. Questions humanity needs answers to
angry birdsfan202
angry birdsfan202 Hace un mes
Kill them nigga cyberdemons
paula fitzhugh
paula fitzhugh Hace un mes
Does Rick always yell at morty?,like wtf🤔❓
the minecraft kid valeez
the minecraft kid valeez Hace un mes
Kim jong un The second
Kim jong un The second Hace un mes
Is season 4 going to be released in the eu
Confused wolf
Confused wolf Hace un mes
The director clearly has never seen a Rick and Morty episode to be surprised by this one
Marco Antonio Romeiro Junior
Marco Antonio Romeiro Junior Hace un mes
i´ve never seen this episode! and i watched all of the episodes from the first to the 4 season! witch episode is this?
NoBannerFlags Hace un mes
Its the latest one
kj3283w Hace un mes
this season feels off, each chapter is not related to the others and there's no big plot whatsoever. Why did they replace a good plot and dialogue with better visuals? I want the old rick and morty back
Zovera Wizo
Zovera Wizo Hace un mes
I feel rick and morty new episodes are going down comparing to the older season.
jake peralta
jake peralta Hace un mes
Where is that director from because if she's Japanese Rick and Morty would make a lot more sense to me xD
JoyBox Trickster
JoyBox Trickster Hace un mes
Rule 34 artists: *sees Construction Beth* “WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!”
Morty Smith
Morty Smith Hace un mes
omg the director is so cute it makes this episode more funny cus she looks so pure and this shld be beneath her but she has a sense of humor. YESSSSSSSSS!
Deathnotefan97 Hace un mes
The only question I have is _how_ did Rick fuck the planet? Did he do some Sci fi bullshit to make himself giant (like in the toilet episode)? Did he stay as is and just wow her with pure skill and technique? Was heavy excavation equipment involved?
Racool Hace un mes
Another penultimate episode that explores the relationship between Rick and Beth.
ab am
ab am Hace un mes
Im sorry but this season of rick and morty sucks. These episodes touch so lightly on these characters aspects and regurgitates their problems from last season.
Clips Twitch MBI
Clips Twitch MBI Hace un mes
Capitulo completo
Raredays Hace un mes
0:52 The Shadman knows what he must do
RandalfElVikingo Hace un mes
This episode is recycled as hell. This belongs to season 3, what a shitshow.
Mihail Yantsen
Mihail Yantsen Hace un mes
By Rick and Morty standards that was a very lazy episode.
sIyceth Hace un mes
little poo poos
Anton Petrov
Anton Petrov Hace un mes
one of the lamest episodes
Starkill3r 306
Starkill3r 306 Hace un mes
I love that they made fun of the “i cAn PlAy viDeO gAMeS sO i CaN aLSo fLy aN ALieN sPaCEsHiP” such a stupid trope
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz Hace un mes
man that chinese lady cant pronounce english for shit. She should just speak chinese and have subs at the bottom like those asian dramas
Destoffeldv Hace un mes
You had an interesting idea and you had degenerate it to making it about family for the millionth time. The writers should look what went right in season one.
Big Dingo
Big Dingo Hace un mes
The anti-PSA was amazing... "Do drugs, play video games..."
En P
En P Hace un mes
They should have updated the sorting process into essential and non essential
spaceknight Hace un mes
Why is Rick and Beth evil in this episode?
Manager 2008too
Manager 2008too Hace un mes
Rick's burping is disgusting, and spoils this good cartoon. . .
Sonic Guyver
Sonic Guyver Hace un mes
I loved foodies and trend setters being labeled as unproductives. They really are just useless people making noise to give the appearance that their existence serves *no purpose.*
Claudio Antoci
Claudio Antoci Hace un mes
This is one of my favourite episodes of the show
Simoun Antonio M. Salinas
Simoun Antonio M. Salinas Hace un mes
Jerry excelling at camping because it’s basically being like homeless is the best idea of 2020 executed perfectly in this episode.
Nereus Hace un mes
Garbage episode, not funny at all.. maybe next time we're a fuckjng episode in two days instead of only one.. idiots
Adam Zeon
Adam Zeon Hace un mes
The series has sunk to the bottom, jokes are not funny at all! And jokes about God and everything connected with religion in general the last century. Do you have a crisis of ideas creators of rick and morty? Or are you too dumb to make jokes less vulgar and stupid? I put dislike for the last two seasons, too much nonsense about the gods
KingMarkus22 Hace un mes
“This show is insane, I loved it” (all of us)-same
Kai Kai
Kai Kai Hace un mes
This is insane, and I love!!!!
LoLBuZzeR Re-
LoLBuZzeR Re- Hace un mes
“It’s insane I love it “
Sam Baggins
Sam Baggins Hace un mes
There is a fine line between in good taste and crazy as hell. That line was trampled by a heard of velociraptors in season one, episode one and continues to this very episode. I love every one of them. I’m probably not your demographic lol. White, mid 50’s, retired military. Current world traveler. Again though, this slice of Americana keeps me sane as possible. So, thank you very much and keep them coming 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
tpoxa Hace un mes
Drugs? Zeus the god? We already had time travel, what else? Zombies?
tpoxa Hace un mes
The show’s quality is decreasing entire season.
Architius Hace un mes
I feel like someone at adult swim watched deep space 69 episode 11 and that's where they got that idea from.
DistortedStar 0026DT
DistortedStar 0026DT Hace un mes
Why the hell isn't season 4 not on hulu?
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