Inside Look At New Car Company Canoo - Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay gets an exclusive inside look into the cars and factory at Canoo!
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.
Inside Look At New Car Company Canoo - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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TooManyHobbies Hace 4 horas
Commie depersonalization "pod".
Mixima101 Hace 6 horas
Sheesh these guys need to find a better spokesperson.
El Piloto
El Piloto Hace 7 horas
It reminds me of the car from the national lampoon movie that came out not too long ago lmaooo
carlos salas
carlos salas Hace 7 horas
This will revolutionize the ride sharing, food delivery, and last mile delivery business.
EejuVava Hace 8 horas
Sounds super quiet and super comfy. Perfect vehicle to drive before a meeting or shop, at the end of a very tiring day. A shape probably requires a little fine tuning. No edges would make it a unique, cute little car.
Nputaansuu Hace 11 horas
I am not comfortable with the subscription model.
mightyspuds Hace 12 horas
I really like the potential it has.
Manuscript Films
Manuscript Films Hace un día
No way in hell you're getting 5 star safety rating in a van
Murray Madness
Murray Madness Hace un día
Can I get the Rat Rod version with patina rust and chainlink steering wheel? No, we don't need these cars when we can have actual trains and buses that work like appliances.
Manuscript Films
Manuscript Films Hace un día
I drove a van like this when I was at University. Absolute death trap!!
William Grant
William Grant Hace un día
Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains the whole Bible God bless
William Grant
William Grant Hace un día
No seatbelts cop right behind them lol
Travis Decker
Travis Decker Hace un día
That thing is beyond ugly
Happily Ham
Happily Ham Hace un día
Basically the only unique thing about this electric VW bus is the subscription service, so once large vehicle manufacturers start allowing such a thing, what does Canoo really have going for it?
John Everett
John Everett Hace un día
The "subscription model" still smells like a lease. I like to buy cars outright so I don't stress about trail dirt and petrified french fries. I do like the easy-to-clean setup though.
Lancashire Dynamo & Cripto
Lancashire Dynamo & Cripto Hace un día
You know the Innovari ?
richard easther
richard easther Hace un día
Don’t want to be in that in a head on crash
jimpeel Hace un día
How many times did they go around the same block? Does it make left turns, or do you have to make three rights?
jimpeel Hace un día
We took the concept of the actual canoe. Does it tip over easily?
Todd Short
Todd Short Hace un día
Wow, that thing is UGLY!
jimpeel Hace un día
250 mile range @15mph. Impressive.
Garry Mills
Garry Mills Hace un día
Their business model seems to be the same as that which killed nsu - if it breaks we take care of it... Hmmm that'll be make or break I feel 😁
Ship Wrecked
Ship Wrecked Hace un día
It reminds me of Noah's Ark, not a canoo.
RealHandy Handyman Real Estate Agent & Handyman
RealHandy Handyman Real Estate Agent & Handyman Hace un día
15:18 “that was fun!” I call BS sir. Lol
Samuel Wood
Samuel Wood Hace un día
Invest in the company as $HCAC
Samuel Wood
Samuel Wood Hace un día
This is under ticker $HCAC buy now :)
Outlaw Six
Outlaw Six Hace un día
It looks like a potato bug.😆🤣
Aron Paul
Aron Paul Hace un día
TBH I like it. Its the perfect car for people who aren't car enthusiasts.
Glenn Howden
Glenn Howden Hace 2 días
Judging from the amount of nay sayers on this thread; I predict that this car will be a great success.
John D.
John D. Hace 2 días
I'm in
thisiscrazy4 Hace 2 días
TheGrayWolf81 Hace 2 días
Those Canoo people seem very disingenuous.
bird bird
bird bird Hace 2 días
So it's a car rental service...
tis Phil
tis Phil Hace 2 días
Not sure what made him more awkward, the VW bus reference or the Bang Bus one.haha
Žanas Tumasonis
Žanas Tumasonis Hace 3 días
Seating arrangement looks more like a concept than something actually usable by adults not kids. Frontal area looks dangerous in a crash, and stop focusing on making everything out of glass.
Bob Bates
Bob Bates Hace 3 días
Jay Leno must be a conservative since he has a cop on a bike protecting him from behind. That and he get no ticket for no seat belts
Daniel Hace 3 días
It's a cool idea for people who don't mind always paying for a service. I buy a vehicle and I keep it 20 years, saving money by doing most of the upkeep myself, so it wouldn't make economic sense for me. But, then again, I don't live in a crowded city. I can see an advantage to a vehicle like this in a city. I guess it depends on where you live and what you want.
Alan 59
Alan 59 Hace 3 días
Not for me , I couldn't afford to pay the Cop following me 24/7 !
SquillyMon Hace 3 días
This video made me feel old... Younger people these days aren't subscribing to the usual Merican brain washing that used to drive vehicle sales and or life in general. Their way of thinking is noticeably different, good or bad.
Vinnie J
Vinnie J Hace 3 días
Wait what is the point of manufacturing a car as a service? Why wouldn't you use existing cars? Plus when we have level 5 autonomous cars why wouldn't you just use a Uber style taxi for everything? Why would you want a car as a subscription when you can have one drive up to you at any point in time.
Vinnie J
Vinnie J Hace 3 días
I always expected Jay to be a massive snob. He really isent.
Alex Rico Esteban
Alex Rico Esteban Hace 4 días
This is one of the most uncomfortable video that I watched.
kryptonite96 Hace 4 días
Motor Oil for life? They why do we chance differential oil on axles? Same concept. Just sale gimmick.
《BRELAND 》 Hace 4 días
Jay pulled up with a leather jacket.. you know its gonna be lit.
Rizky06 Hace 5 días
If you add two ejection seats I could drive that rolling toaster in a Demolition Derby.
akumabito2008 Hace 5 días
Subscription? Bro, it's a rental car. Call it what it is. It's not even a time-share.
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez Hace 5 días
Millennial geek confusion.
El Toronjita
El Toronjita Hace 5 días
Its a matter of time before we see this on pornhub under bangbus lmao
James Beane
James Beane Hace 5 días
Like it.!!
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Hace 5 días
this is the embodiment of everything i hate
Jeff B
Jeff B Hace 5 días
I can see something like this for a ride share. A very easy vehicle to transport people.
Pragmatic Cynicism
Pragmatic Cynicism Hace 5 días
When the toast pops up, it gives you extra horizontal stabilization.
Aviation Hace 6 días
This thing is just plain stupid. Sorry boys no disrespect intended.
JackOSUrulz Hace 6 días
“Your’re in a Johnny Cab! Helluva day, isn’t it?”
IQUIQI IQUIQi Hace 6 días
Very unsafe Chinese shape and quality like all glass
IQUIQI IQUIQi Hace 6 días
no masks????? what example are you setting
IQUIQI IQUIQi Hace 6 días
Jay is aging with young heart
C.J. Hace 6 días
On the topic of the VW Bus: "We know that car," "I'm pretty sure that car is a lot bigger than this one." No, all of that is wrong. Exactly what I expected to hear from a company that are not car guys. "Nice chassis," "we call it the skateboard." So cringey. No need for the body camo guys, you're not fooling anyone.
It can't rain all the time
It can't rain all the time Hace 7 días
Some things shouldn't be produced. This is one of them.
lv danny vl
lv danny vl Hace 7 días
They should have a beefier version with less glass (since glass can cut you in a accident) for those who like privacy
Qardo Hace 7 días
Subscription base car ownership...I mean renting. Yeah. Tesla is already a million miles ahead of you. As the new Tesla cars have all the features you need. Yet you have to shell out like 3k just to have the software to unlock the freaking heated seats. I mean I see the concept and understand it. If I was in a major city and really do not need a car to own. As there is really no space. Yet if I need to move stuff or go on maybe a trip further than is normal within my normal boundaries and the means to transport there is just out of reach. Yeah. I can see this kind of subscription base renting a car. Would be a good concept. Though does not work everywhere. At least within the USA. As there is so much space and may cities are so spread out. Though on the East Coast and maybe some parts of the West Coast. Oh, and of course, Europe. This concept may do well. Though European Laws may stab you in the butt in some places.
Geoff Hace 8 días
Awesome. Wish them all the luck toward market success. Our homeworld needs more folks like this for us to have a future.
bansheemania Hace 8 días
Sure.. First you make Gas pedals DBW. now The Steering is. Nope 😂
bansheemania Hace 8 días
My Golf cart is Faster And Quieter
bansheemania Hace 8 días
My car is My CAR. NOPE
Christopher Schweiger
Christopher Schweiger Hace 8 días
Reminds me of a later day Brubaker Box.
Elmer Tudball
Elmer Tudball Hace 8 días
The seat belts aren't working!
Adventures In Modern Recording
Adventures In Modern Recording Hace 8 días
For automatons, the two Canoo guys were very life-like.
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson Hace 8 días
Nice jacket jay
mark shaw
mark shaw Hace 8 días
Never support a company that is anti private ownership.
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