Inside a $21 Million Wine Collection

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Inside an $21 Million Wine Cellar in VIENNA, Austria
Most Expensive Wines:
During our trip to Vienna, Austria, we received an invitation to tour the second largest private wine collection in Europe.
Located at the Palais Coburg, the collection comprises of 6 cellars and over 50,000 bottles.
The entire collection is currently valued at around 18 million euros, that's around 21 million dollars US.
The tour was hosted by sommelier Wolfgang Kneidinger, one of the 4 at Palais Coburg.
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Comentarios Hace un año
Hey Aluxers, while shooting our 900,000 Special we went inside this 21 million dollar wine collection! Enjoy! PS: The full video is coming soon!
Zachary Mccoy
Zachary Mccoy Hace 6 meses
Is this a personal collection or what?
Balázs Tóth
Balázs Tóth Hace 9 meses
Hi! 3.32 is it hungarian wine?
Murder Bong
Murder Bong Hace 10 meses
Jason Chiang
Jason Chiang Hace un año
you're retarded
Bruce Lendrum
Bruce Lendrum Hace un año
Most red wines are rich in antioxidants and the alcohol preserves it for years. You may remove the ethanol to less than 0.5% and still have 100% of the iron and antioxidants.
Salvatore Caruso
Salvatore Caruso Hace 2 días
When you have 21M in wine, you know you reached the apex in life.
D Rock
D Rock Hace un mes
Make more videos like this please
nosferatu 507
nosferatu 507 Hace 2 meses
Tyrion's paradise
rdwoodw Hace 2 meses
I wonder how many of these bottles are rancid unbeknownst to the curators?
MrRahja666 Hace 2 meses
mkay dude are You holding it all for Me to drink ? or Its going to waste throat …. :/
Ákos Cristescu
Ákos Cristescu Hace 3 meses
its DOM not don bruuuuh
Rufus Chucklebutty
Rufus Chucklebutty Hace 3 meses
Get back to us when the racking gives way.
Jason Atabay
Jason Atabay Hace 4 meses
I want to get each of the following: DRC La Tâche, DRC Romanée-Conti, DRC Montrachet, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild, Château LaTour, Château Margaux, Château Haut Brion, Pétrus, Château Cheval Blanc, Le Pin, and Château d'Yquem. Also include wines from Domaine Roumier, Domaine Georges de Vögue
TR Goohileshea
TR Goohileshea Hace 5 meses
I'm trying to figure out how to pay all the bills this month. Thanks for rubbing in my face that people who work far less hard than I do have money flowing into their bank accounts like water. I'm on my feet for 14+ hours every day, but it seems that those who earn more actually work less. Good for you, asshole.
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Hace 6 meses
2:38 I see 7 boxes of Screaming Eagle, oh and a large box of Shafer....
juscurious Hace 6 meses
What good is wine on a shelf?
piranhaful Hace 6 meses
I want to locket hire for the rest of my life !!
Dash Eight
Dash Eight Hace 6 meses
My question is, what's the cheapest bottle of wine in there?
SteelWarrior115 Hace 3 meses
Probably in the $150 to $200 range unless someone really likes a cheaper wine or there is a bottle of barefoot as a joke
acer2hahaha Hace 6 meses
Thank you
John Hace 6 meses
Im watching this as I take a shit.
Kristiadi Hartanto
Kristiadi Hartanto Hace 6 meses
People got their passion different one from another
Quanah Hace 7 meses
Wines are made to be drunk and shared, not for collection. Wines collectors are rich and stupid people.
Jeff Paggett
Jeff Paggett Hace 7 meses
Love the way the visitor kept his coat on - likely because security was coming to say his Visa was declined and he was escorted out immediately. Anyway - this is reason #1 to visit Austria - wow, great video.
adi dharma
adi dharma Hace 7 meses
wait for the earthquake to hit that cave
Kikru Belho
Kikru Belho Hace 7 meses
SHAME.... All the proud OWNERS present & future won't enjoy the taste of their wine....
Watch Me Rise
Watch Me Rise Hace 5 meses
That's the true meaning of life
Watch Me Rise
Watch Me Rise Hace 5 meses
I feel like it gives you more of a reason to let it age. You do the first move so later your kids could reap the fruits of an aged wine. (Even though you could enjoy it)
Cayton Flooring
Cayton Flooring Hace 7 meses
Just a point in time someone you think is important put some grape juice in a bottle and morons pay thousands for the idea of it.
MAAACKLE Hace 7 meses
weird flex, but okay.
Lee Burton
Lee Burton Hace 8 meses
Business owner loans available. Email:
Simon Phi
Simon Phi Hace 8 meses
Så skal der laves gløgg
AlphaLeader Hace 8 meses
Mhmm, I smell a hint of red oak. This must be from California.
McPuffs Hace 8 meses
shit editing
Nathan Watts
Nathan Watts Hace 8 meses
21 million / 50 000 = $420 per bottle on average.
Luigi Mercurio
Luigi Mercurio Hace 8 meses
It’s actually DOM perignon
Alfredo Castañeda García
Alfredo Castañeda García Hace 8 meses
What's the point of this if you never drink any of those bottles
Johnny Dutch
Johnny Dutch Hace 8 meses
Nice 21 million dollar wine collection. I cant visit the love of my life because I dont have $700. Or thousands for visa bullshit that 1 of these bottles has in value, but nice wines.
Jørgen Laastad
Jørgen Laastad Hace 8 meses
Average price is 420$
TheHolydruid Hace 8 meses
... why does humidity matter?
unexampled Hace 8 meses
humidity keeps the cork wet and elastic, so it keeps the seal on the bottle. if the relative humidity of the cellar gets too low, the cork will dry out and let more oxygen through, which will eventually spoil the wine
Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez Hace 8 meses
I know they mention that this collection is like art but what is the point of having all this wine just sitting there? Why not drink it and enjoy it? It’s crazy to see how one bottle of wine is valued that much but probably cost less than 10 dollars to make. There’s no good for it just to sit there
Russian Babushka
Russian Babushka Hace 8 meses
Y'know what'd be funny? Throwing a grenade in there.
Alternative Secrets
Alternative Secrets Hace 8 meses
There was a story about this couple that thought they brought a $200.00+ bottle of wine to dinner for their anniversary. They opened it and were amazed by all the beautiful flavors, telling each other it the most fantastic experience ever. After they got home they realized that they actually grabbed the wrong wine. In fact they were drinking a $15 bottle the entire time.
Annoying Guy
Annoying Guy Hace 8 meses
now watch this
ASSY MAM Hace 8 meses
I like everything you do men, GREAT videos👍 may God bless your channel
FlagsLIVE Hace 8 meses
To have just one of these bottles would be a dream.
Maximus Decimus
Maximus Decimus Hace 8 meses
Been there and seen it live and we had a chateau Haut Briton on that occasion. Fantastic wine cellar!
DarkE Hace 8 meses
Apparently wine distorts time and makes everything slow motion
Axe God
Axe God Hace 9 meses
At this point I wouldn't call it a collection. More like wine hoarding.
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez Hace 9 meses
How much do you think you’d make if you recycled all the glass?
MrHousetronic Hace 9 meses
It would take 136,89 years for someone to drink the whole collection, one bottle/day. Amazing wine for two lifetimes!
?,?, Hace 9 meses
If fresh jiuce had this kind of bling packaging the world would be healthier. But no , poisonous liquid is what's being showcased here .
?,?, Hace 8 meses
@Amedeo Rottichieri I agree your mom is ignorant
Amedeo Rottichieri
Amedeo Rottichieri Hace 8 meses
Conker Hace 10 meses
When I die I wanna wake up here
Haze Hace 10 meses
plot twist, all the wine is rotten.
noname0red Hace 10 meses
DJ Hammond
DJ Hammond Hace 11 meses
any goon?
Assita Branglidor
Assita Branglidor Hace 4 meses
6_tteikkkk 558987 Mkkkkk0 Oo0000000ooo
Ørangey Hace 11 meses
Who would win? A barricaded room filled with bottles that are hundreds of years in age. Or one earthquacky boi
Yeet Man
Yeet Man Hace 10 meses
*im already tracer*
Johannes Wichert
Johannes Wichert Hace 11 meses
There are people starving and some people buy themselves a bottle ofwine which some people cant afford after saving their money for their whole life. Just saying
mena seven
mena seven Hace 11 meses
Impressive Vienna wine collection. I will rather have $25 million worth of jewelry, paintings, statues and watches.
Anton Hari Wirawan
Anton Hari Wirawan Hace 11 meses
How if an earthquake stike?
Lee Donghun이동훈
Lee Donghun이동훈 Hace un año
That’s interesting. I never knew people collect alcohol. I collect alcohol glassware.
consuela banana
consuela banana Hace un año
I don't understand keeping all the wines fr years and years saying only 3 left in world it's a wine it manet to get drunken .....can someone please tell me the motive behind this
Ujwal Suresh
Ujwal Suresh Hace 8 meses
Aged wine tastes better
Matt Lynn
Matt Lynn Hace un año
Pretty boring video
simam fouzan
simam fouzan Hace un año
Make video on nizam of Hyderabad India
Talavera jr
Talavera jr Hace un año
I bet one bottle of 1796 bottle mardia wine outvalues all his "rare" wine.
SAINT 65 Hace un año
Collectors/Investors #Ugh
SpraysHaze Hace un año
Earthquake=rip 21 million
Phil Chwalinski
Phil Chwalinski Hace un año
Beyond amazing.
Qwe Qwe
Qwe Qwe Hace un año
all this for a bunch of grapes, crazy world
no love for a nation
no love for a nation Hace un año
wow, this is stupid
Erin Luoto
Erin Luoto Hace un año
the editing of the video drove me ABSOLUTELY insane. Where is the content? everything in annoying slow motion. god. kill me.
William Switzer
William Switzer Hace un año
Absolutely perfect video. Drawers filled with 50+ years old Petrus and Mouton Rothschild, absolutely my paradise. Not to mention Yquem, drinking only one bottle is the absolute best thing in life forever, witnessing a "wall" of it gives goosebumps and is just such a pure emotional moment. I haven't seen such a satisfying video in a while... 4:25 actually never seen my dream bottle in so much quantity, the absolute best vintage of the absolute best claret in the world... Thank you sincerely for sharing this. It was absolutely beautiful.
Wine Jam
Wine Jam Hace un año
I would probably never leave this wine cave!!
TheZenguitarguy Hace un año
The opening looks like a scene from the Matrix? lol
F. E.
F. E. Hace un año
Albert Joseph
Albert Joseph Hace un año
I wish i had a chance to taste this wines
alexerer1 Hace un año
So en gude Palzwoi
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