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Murr and Joe whisper stupid things to strangers at a grocery store, creeping out everyone. #truTV #Insidejokes
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Did You Fart? | truTV

Impractical JokersImpractical Jokers Inside Jokes

Laura Bishop
Laura Bishop Hace 15 días
The guy with the crutches was the best
Lucy Felix
Lucy Felix Hace 28 días
Poor guy with the crutches
Zero Cool
Zero Cool Hace 29 días
A salmon is silver with black spots. Salmon flesh is pink. Your shirt is the color of salmon meat.
Jahaira Calle
Jahaira Calle Hace un mes
Murr sucks
Just found out who Joe is
Just found out who Joe is Hace un mes
the world would end when this show stops
LEXI GRAVES Hace un mes
Hey last night I was watchng an inside jokers episoode about imagine dragons, when they anounce the teachers name it sasy that Murr got spanked with a paddle by his teacher, is that true? Does anyone know if thats a punishment or where I can see that on youtube?
Louis Costa
Louis Costa Hace un mes
This show sucks.
Bigboss Kid
Bigboss Kid Hace 10 días
Night Hunter
Night Hunter Hace un mes
i seen that already that lady she is police officer
Nik D
Nik D Hace un mes
Impractical assholes
Yvette Dean
Yvette Dean Hace un mes
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson Hace un mes
I need to be on this show... How can I get on and work with the guys? I'll do it all, I have no shame! :D
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar Hace un mes
0:22 that's so weird to watch right now... #coronavirus #socialdistancing #Namaste 🙏
Cerebroscopio Hace un mes
No seriously did u farrrt?????
Bryan _956
Bryan _956 Hace un mes
Speed DeMonaco
Speed DeMonaco Hace 2 meses
Why did Joe lose?
diehardrvdfan22 Hace un mes
Everyone answered him in full volume. He was supposed to get them to whisper back.
Samuel Keeler
Samuel Keeler Hace 2 meses
Impractical Jokers is the 24-carat diamond in the sewage sluice that is truTV
X. Y.
X. Y. Hace 2 meses
Do u want to finger paint was creepy af lmao
CodeyDaFlop Hace 2 meses
i wonder how this show will survive with covid-19 atm lmao. Great show
Ahmedhafez Hace 2 meses
Yassine Rodri
Yassine Rodri Hace 2 meses
Joe needs an award
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Hace 2 meses
Imagine your job being revolved only around social interaction whilst your government is inforcing social distancing practices
silverback17 S
silverback17 S Hace 2 meses
I love all those guys but honestly it's a toss up between Joe and Sal on who's the funniest.
jonathan carlson
jonathan carlson Hace 2 meses
I have to be honest. I'm not a reality show guy, but I laugh every time I watch this show. Under the current circumstances, stuck home, ECT. , you guys really help me get by. Thank you very much. I hope your movie does great I'll see it as soon as I'm allowed. Peace. A big fan.
Gunner Singleton
Gunner Singleton Hace 2 meses
You need to have one of the jokers put on a walmart employee uniform and stand in walmart and whoever asks you for help you have to ask if they farted before you help them
TDFan623 Hace 2 meses
No one: New Yorkers: *Did you fawht?*
King Budsalot
King Budsalot Hace 2 meses
Buy the ticket!
Ether Secure
Ether Secure Hace 2 meses
I'm afraid that at some point in our future, the entire human civilization will be put on trial by an intergalactic tribunal, where the determination will be made to decide whether we deserve to live on. Then the videos of these idiots will be submitted as evidence, where we all proceed to collectively facepalm. Then... darkness...
Straight White Male
Straight White Male Hace 2 meses
Cocaines a helluva drug
Dave M
Dave M Hace 2 meses
guess this show is done now
Saad Keen
Saad Keen Hace 2 meses
2:12 who agrees mur looks like a pimp :D
crymeadinner Hace 2 meses
1:16 Steve Bannon
Hamza Khattak
Hamza Khattak Hace 2 meses
@1:23 HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA that dark side of Joe hahahahhahahahaha
Denise Hilkes
Denise Hilkes Hace 2 meses
Really, Hunter S Thompson?? Yikes😬😬😬😬
Sarah V
Sarah V Hace 2 meses
Lmao! Omg they alwayssss make me die!! 😂😂🤣🤣 I adore them! Joe is so hot! Frick!! And he’s hilarious, like how could u NOT love that man??!!!!💕🤭😭 OMG “DID U FART!”😂😂
American Patriot
American Patriot Hace 2 meses
Are You bored too? Lots of hearts and smiles. Why are girls so sensitive?
Grise Blacolar
Grise Blacolar Hace 2 meses
I like how people sometimes treats the jokers as special needs/crazy person.
First Last
First Last Hace 2 meses
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Hace 2 meses
Gary? I think he meant to say Larry
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Hace 2 meses
He probably thought murr wanted to ride him😂
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Hace 2 meses
AC Milan sucks
Cryonic Family
Cryonic Family Hace 2 meses
Joe is known for his stern demeanour during his stint as the director of a college. He was known for not allowing students with overgrown beard into the classroom. He would also celebrate mass every morning as he was a priest.
Rock On!
Rock On! Hace 2 meses
MisterMalik Hace 2 meses
Impractical jokers is the only thing that would keep me busy during lockdown.
Sarah V
Sarah V Hace 2 meses
Mostly the only thing making me laugh
Sarah V
Sarah V Hace 2 meses
Noel C
Noel C Hace 2 meses
Squidward @ 2:28
mrbobjrsrv Hace 2 meses
2:33 guy jumping up and down in the top-right, in the background
PublicEnemyGELO Hace 8 horas
Good eye I never noticed that 😂
YouTubeModerationTaskForce Hace 2 meses
Is this not the color of a salmon? 1:15 Random guy: It IS, actually. Guy from happy Gilmore: Grizzly Adams DID have a beard.
Colleen Walsh
Colleen Walsh Hace 2 meses
You’ll definitely get arrested breathing on someone like that RN! :)
Up The Gooners
Up The Gooners Hace 2 meses
😂 Did you fart.. That woman had no f**ks given saying it out loud 😂 😂 😂
Ana design
Ana design Hace 2 meses
Sway Valentine
Sway Valentine Hace 2 meses
If You Love Good Music Please Give Me A Chance -
American Adventures
American Adventures Hace 2 meses
Why did Joe lose?
CodeyDaFlop Hace 2 meses
couldn't get the people to whisper
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith Hace 2 meses
Stay healthy everyone!
Dane Jones
Dane Jones Hace 2 meses
Pity the Movie wasnt on par, as the TV EPISODES......
Diddy Doodat
Diddy Doodat Hace 2 meses
Do you wanna finger paint?!
Abubakar Dar
Abubakar Dar Hace 2 meses
Why did Joe lose?
Bigboss Kid
Bigboss Kid Hace 10 días
Because the person was supposed to answer them in a whisper voice and they didn’t
Sarah V
Sarah V Hace 2 meses
Abubakar Dar shouldn’t have😭
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Hace 2 meses
Joe will say just about anything. He's hilarious.
Running Wolf
Running Wolf Hace 2 meses
2:32 Hahahhahaahh
Angels Exodus
Angels Exodus Hace 2 meses
"Guy with the crutches, he can't get away" 😂
Innovative Developers
Innovative Developers Hace un mes
Joe is Brutal.
thatguywhodoesstuff Hace 2 meses
Why did joe lose?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Hace 2 meses
The people they were pranking had to whisper back to them. None of them whispered back.
Franco Xero
Franco Xero Hace 2 meses
- Is this not the color of a salmon? - It is, actually
GarbageCannot Hace un mes
Love the profile pic 😊
Meme Man
Meme Man Hace un mes
Nice profile pic, R.I.P. Chester
The Merovingian
The Merovingian Hace 2 meses
No its pink. He just doesn't want to admit it
Giovanni I
Giovanni I Hace 2 meses
Rock On!
Rock On! Hace 2 meses
@Cryonic Family Spam
Jared E
Jared E Hace 2 meses
Nick Link
Nick Link Hace 2 meses
What a wierdo 😂
Rik Hace 2 meses
The woman looks like a gta online character
oskar alegre
oskar alegre Hace 2 meses
Rik i dont get it
Faith Patterson
Faith Patterson Hace 2 meses
Hey I have a crush on someone but she has a boyfriend what do you think I should do please help me out someone please help me out i really love this girl but she has a boyfriend what if you had to guess what would you do
Faith Patterson
Faith Patterson Hace 10 días
@Bigboss Kid what do you think I should tell her i can't tell her right now because I can't go anywhere right now but I will keep you updated on how it went wish me luck
Bigboss Kid
Bigboss Kid Hace 10 días
Faith Patterson well if she has a boyfriend then no but that’s up to you if you want you can
Faith Patterson
Faith Patterson Hace 10 días
@Bigboss Kid do you think I should tell her how I feel about her because she is my friend right now
Bigboss Kid
Bigboss Kid Hace 10 días
Faith Patterson ummmm because she is already taken
Faith Patterson
Faith Patterson Hace 10 días
@Bigboss Kid why
Danio Hace 2 meses
I miss the golden days of milan.
LEXI GRAVES Hace un mes
@Danio hi last night i was watching impractical jokers inside jokes when they did the imagine dragons concert and when they announced their teachers name the bonus fact said that one of the jokers teacher from high school spanked murr with a paddle. is that bit on youtube, where can I find that? is that a punishment? thxxx.
Danio Hace 2 meses
@MC19 You can. If you live in america no one will give a toss.
MC19 Hace 2 meses
He gave me confidence now I will wear my RM Jersey in stores
Mike Jason
Mike Jason Hace 2 meses
Me too 😭 We only have the memories now
Randy Angel
Randy Angel Hace 2 meses
Danio bruh
Kiss Krisztián
Kiss Krisztián Hace 2 meses
2:31 in the background
Chiefs Lightning
Chiefs Lightning Hace 2 meses
@Anish Dhawan There's a dude dancing behind Murr. The guy's in a black shirt.
Anish Dhawan
Anish Dhawan Hace 2 meses
Whats there?
Laurit Zenc
Laurit Zenc Hace 2 meses
You accounting genius, you.
Lorena Mackey
Lorena Mackey Hace 2 meses
Omg...I just love yall😂😂😂😂..
Morne Swanepoel
Morne Swanepoel Hace 2 meses
Nathan Wurz
Nathan Wurz Hace 2 meses
Murry is one weird guy
Maryna R
Maryna R Hace 2 meses
"Buy the ticket Take the ride"
Maryna R
Maryna R Hace 2 meses
@Rohn Jackson All you got to do is buy that 🎟. Is such a fun ride
Rohn Jackson
Rohn Jackson Hace 2 meses
Abhishek Panchal
Abhishek Panchal Hace 2 meses
2:28 this knocked the breath out of my body LMFAO, why did he have to look back, he could've kept going forward. ROFL
Nerr Name
Nerr Name Hace 2 meses
Imagin that dude walked out the store and just hopped on some random bus 😂
Giovanni I
Giovanni I Hace 2 meses
Wow I watch one thing you know, I'm binge watching
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