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Tyler, The Creator - Topic

Tyler, The Creator - Topic

Hace 29 días

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IGOR'S THEME · Tyler, The Creator
℗ 2019 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment, as exclusive licensee
Released on: 2019-05-17
Composer, Lyricist, Recording Engineer: Tyler Okonma
Composer, Lyricist: Symere Woods
Recording Engineer: Vic Wainstein
Assistant Engineer: John Armstrong
Assistant Engineer: Ben Fletcher
Assistant Engineer: Rob Bisel
Mixing Engineer: NealHPogue
Assistant Engineer: Zachary Acosta
Assistant Engineer: MeMiceElfani
Mastering Engineer: Mike Bozzi
Auto-generated by ESwomen.

Rob. Myx Cox
Rob. Myx Cox Hace 3 horas
Regular show intro be like 0:00-0:23
Itz_sarenity 2
Itz_sarenity 2 Hace 6 horas
I can’t believe that’s lil uzi vert singing
_NeRvIn_ Hace 7 horas
0:00-0:22 iPhone alarm song
madison walton
madison walton Hace 8 horas
Ugh😩😩😩 album of the year
BlueHeat ッ
BlueHeat ッ Hace 9 horas
Music to my ears....
KaylaAu79 Hace 10 horas
All Tyler the creators 1st track album always dark theme
MarQos MarQos
MarQos MarQos Hace 11 horas
Joshua Rhoden
Joshua Rhoden Hace 14 horas
like tyler, jamaroquai, badbadnotgood, kanye and santigold had a baby
Xavier The Virgo
Xavier The Virgo Hace 19 horas
The Best Intro in the last 10 years.....
Iamm0ra Hace 19 horas
0:00-0:23 what your hand feels like when its asleep
Meanwhileinthestudio Hace 21 un hora
Roland D-50 Holla!
JJsparkxx Hace 22 horas
This sounds like music I would hear in a puppet combo game
Flyin Yoku
Flyin Yoku Hace 22 horas
*Doesn't see a single comment about Uzi being in the song* 😭
Kendra Jones
Kendra Jones Hace 23 horas
9:43p on Friday, June 14th, 2019: Good evening, I think this is my 1st time ever listening to a song of yours, & I liked it. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I gave it a fair chance & listened. 🙂 Good job, sir. 😁👍🙏 Also, I hope you have a safe, happy, & wonderful weekend. P.S. I'll be checking out more of your art & content later. 😄
Jurassiccc Hace 9 minutos
Kendra Jones Wholesome comment
J Cage
J Cage Hace un día
Somebody need to make attack on titan Dragon ball super or One piece video to this intro😂
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Hace un día
Literally worst song ever created
kathy evans
kathy evans Hace un día
waay better than father of asahd
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Hace un día
This is why u should never drink baths salts mixed with battery acid ur brain will b matted and your logic will get erratic u can't lern from all the static of sliced up slime rhyme broke off sunshine rain most of them lame live 4 cocaine!
Gill Hace un día
Lookin' like Grace Jones though.
SuS Cranberry
SuS Cranberry Hace un día
Mwark out here sampling a microwave
yung chapo
yung chapo Hace un día
lil uzi is on here
ToOLzZz Hace un día
kinda sounds like "got my eyes over"
Mauricio Betancourt
Mauricio Betancourt Hace un día
DJ Khaled heard that intro and was like “this shits mysterious” 😂🤣🤣
hoenotized Hace 12 horas
Ikr his wack ass lmao 😂
Jared Towery
Jared Towery Hace 12 horas
Yo i play this shit at my work all the time
Cooky Kola
Cooky Kola Hace un día
IGOR FOR COMMODORE 64 Coming July 1985
negro Uchiha
negro Uchiha Hace un día
Uzi killed this
Chris W.
Chris W. Hace un día
This sounds like a song you hear when you play a mission on True Crimes: Streets Of LA.
ayana Hace un día
i set this as alarm about 2 weeks ago & let me just say it wakes you up
Jayden Luna
Jayden Luna Hace un día
Someone should make a version where it's Igors Theme except it's just 0:00-0:23 for an hour and the last 5 seconds the beat starts and the video ends.
Vodka _
Vodka _ Hace un día
The static in the background makes me feel very strange
Josiah Moore
Josiah Moore Hace un día
Super woke 👁
PatrickB Hace 2 días
DJ khaled thought his album was better than this? LMAO
I Mig I
I Mig I Hace 2 días
This is great production
im shookk
im shookk Hace 2 días
When tyler said: uhhhhhhhhhhhh I felt that 😔
jelly fish sok
jelly fish sok Hace 2 días
Lily JM.
Lily JM. Hace 2 días
I thought my laptop broke in the beggining
EdgyTeenTryingToBeEdgierThanHeActuallyIs Hace 2 días
DJ Khaled implying this album is "mysterious shit" is fucking disrespectful. A much better album than his garbage album.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones Hace 2 días
Tyler clappin cheeks
GoThadaway Hace 2 días
Hypno-toad !!
Hi What's up
Hi What's up Hace 2 días
2:44 is cool but a little trippy
Flaming Yøinksss
Flaming Yøinksss Hace 3 días
Sounds like sprite
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones Hace 3 días
We need something new with feeling ... Tyler... hold my beer
Orion Herrera
Orion Herrera Hace 3 días
Can we have this in the next gta???
Kai Stephens
Kai Stephens Hace 3 días
0:00 to 0:23 trying to put a video tape in a modern dvr
Matthews Enterprises
Matthews Enterprises Hace 3 días
Keep it going: ..Yeah Ho..
D'Allyn White
D'Allyn White Hace un hora
Matthews Enterprises yeah ho
J BROWN Hace 3 días
Listened to this song *Now i'm deaf* You know exactly what i'm talking about.
XXXShinobi- San
XXXShinobi- San Hace 3 días
uwu luis
uwu luis Hace 3 días
how a concussion feels like 0:00 - 0:23
urmom Hace 3 días
At 0:07 when he said “..,.,.,,,,.....,.,,.....,.,...” i really felt that😔
Bean Hace 3 días
GuyFromWalmart Hace 3 días
1:00 when I hit my toe on the table
jamtoast Hace 3 días
vaporwave Hace 3 días
siuol sivad
siuol sivad Hace 3 días
I was right to drop sum acid
Uriel Hurtado
Uriel Hurtado Hace 3 días
I feel like I’m in a Charlie Brown episode with this one
Jah Kusto
Jah Kusto Hace 3 días
Less is so much more
N Rico
N Rico Hace 3 días
Sick intro
J BROWN Hace 3 días
0:00 - 0:23 "How it feels to chew 5 gum"
Please help me
Please help me Hace 3 días
When it’s 2am and you’re microwaving your burrito
Diego Cacique
Diego Cacique Hace 3 días
Dj Khaled sucks
MacksGz Hace 3 días
what instrument or technique or whatever is being used at 2:46 , I really like that electronic sound bruh
DarkDiamondgaming Hace 3 días
The beginning has me imagining Tyler coming out of his futuristic ass 3019 house bruh
Evan Gjerde
Evan Gjerde Hace 19 horas
You missed a good opportunity for a 3005 reference
Become a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter
Become a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter Hace 3 días
Valerie Boynton
Valerie Boynton Hace 3 días
IGOR - THEME 🎧 ⭐⭐⭐1/2 🎤
NO FUCKS GIVEN Hace 3 días
He didn’t say one word wtf bro wtf is this
NO FUCKS GIVEN Hace 3 días
Wtf is this
Vernell Thomas
Vernell Thomas Hace 3 días
Mind blown! 🤯🤯
William Gomes
William Gomes Hace 4 días
essa ta tao pesada que nem dj aladin aguento Tyler you is cool nyyga daen ow the best album niyyga
Kiya Smith
Kiya Smith Hace 4 días
I understand why DJ Khaled is mad this fucking album is illustrious🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
unapieza25 Hace 4 días
I don't wanna hear no mysterious shit.
OMG Mind BloWn
ur mom
ur mom Hace 4 días
Yooo let's get Tyler to the top again, he fucking deserves it, I mean he got true talent
KxngCorrupt Hace 4 días
0:00-0:23 the sound of bart getting alarmed by homer
Ruan Lucas
Ruan Lucas Hace 4 días
At first it seemed like it was bad and in the end it seemed like it was at the beginning.
CrazyLoco Ghost
CrazyLoco Ghost Hace 4 días
Ride around town they gonna feel this one
caeden is cool
caeden is cool Hace 4 días
KsX SenSEi
KsX SenSEi Hace 4 días
First time hearing igor's theme:trash Second time:ok better Third time:RIDIN ROUND TOWN THEY GON FEEL THIS WAY Fourth time:unoriginal comment coming right up
TrAsH_Killer_Gold_Games Hace 4 días
Tv static
halz Hace 4 días
microwaves be like : 0:00-0:23
Natali Ramirez
Natali Ramirez Hace 4 días
shadows Hace 4 días
thought my phone was broke
dantrel81 Hace 4 días
Tyler is a great fuckn producer!! I love his sound his drum patterns synthesizers and shit is crazy! He's gonna be up there with KanYe 1 day
Animez Hace 4 días
He's gay tho
6026961 Hace 3 días
Your mom gay
Juanita G de Campos
Juanita G de Campos Hace 4 días
Genius lyrics Verse 1:uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhh Random ad and description cause the lyrics to the songs are over
Abby :3
Abby :3 Hace 4 días
ESwomen: how many comments do you want there to be about 00:00 - 00:23? Tyler: yEs
Juanita G de Campos
Juanita G de Campos Hace 4 días
0:49 icejjfish with a lil bit of auto tune
Grindmode Hace 5 días
Thinkin about revenge 00:00-00:23
jeffreyyy Hace 5 días
1:58 to the end is so fucking beautiful
Malachi Saint Remy
Malachi Saint Remy Hace 5 días
Sounds like a beginning to a love movie cinematic
BE FILMS Hace 5 días
Funk that #igor hard as fudge and crackers ...
[white slate]
[white slate] Hace 5 días
Daft punk called. They want their analog synths back.
y0ungm4ri Hace 5 días
*feat-lil uzi vert*
Barry Morris
Barry Morris Hace 5 días
Love the Elton John keys mixed in.
CruncheeHD Hace 5 días
0:20 best part
End Me
End Me Hace 5 días
The opening is what fat niggas hear everyday
astro kid
astro kid Hace 5 días
insta:theastronautkid (SO, this track had me lifted so much that its what i wake up to in the morning!) I made toaster strudellss like a boss!
Profane Momento
Profane Momento Hace 5 días
Dude makes some original sounding beats thats for sure. Bumpp bumpp
Squadron 4
Squadron 4 Hace 5 días
this aint the velvet room theme
Y S Hace 5 días
0:00-0:23 Loki moaning in max. pain when Hulk smashed him like a wet laundry to the ground
Mark Wardel
Mark Wardel Hace 5 días
Love it...stylish package too!
charlie rivera
charlie rivera Hace 5 días
Hey Tyler, your cover photo makes me cringe like a mf
Paint with me ft  intense procrastination
Joana Ceddia
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Driving mistakes I made ft my dad
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