If Steve Jobs Built a Honda Prelude | Bumper 2 Bumper

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The Honda Prelude usually does not come to mind when you think of an EPIC car build, but Big Mike used this Prelude as a canvas for his vision of THE perfect Honda Prelude … We’re talking Steve Jobs would be proud of this build. We are going fully one-off custom front bumper to asymmetrically perfect rear bumper.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace un mes
What’s your favorite car that never got the recognition it deserved? 🤷🏼‍♂️
The Unknown
The Unknown Hace 23 horas
i loved my st204 celica, awesome interior great looking exterior shit engines for Australian market it ran a 5sfe camry 2.2lt engine with no power, they looked brilliant in the hands of people with great taste, the problem just like the prelude is a lot of tasteless pricks owned them, that in the video is very tasteful.
Bhuvan Teja
Bhuvan Teja Hace 2 días
HM Ambassador and Contessa
nico vc
nico vc Hace 2 días
Im racist I don't like turcs
Jacoby Brundage
Jacoby Brundage Hace 6 días
Mazda eunos cosmo
Prajith PS
Prajith PS Hace 6 días
Suzuki Zen :)
Steve-Lex Parkes-Qwan
Steve-Lex Parkes-Qwan Hace 17 horas
Rob Jr
Rob Jr Hace 19 horas
I do te he same with a Dx d-serirs
Eugene Ng
Eugene Ng Hace 22 horas
Donut media crew's car review... Bumper to bumper style pls...
Shane Case
Shane Case Hace 22 horas
me: *sips tea* him: "thats nuts, actually bolts" me: *spits tea everywhere*
Jordan Moir
Jordan Moir Hace un día
Steve didn't even build apple.im confused.he could market the hell out of it and the Honda would only cost 85,000.
Tehseen Sajjad
Tehseen Sajjad Hace un día
Steve did it before trump......sold shit to the world and got praised for it
Sure Why not
Sure Why not Hace un día
And that's how you build a Honda!
Ante Covic
Ante Covic Hace 2 días
should have done rear end nicer not "stock" cause everyone will look your rear end not front 😜
8TK8 guy
8TK8 guy Hace 3 días
The privacy means porn 😉
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Hace 3 días
This is an awesome car. I'm not seeing the connection to Apple. Stop being such Steve Jobs fanboys
Josema 2000
Josema 2000 Hace 4 días
the new apple ilude
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods Hace 5 días
Don’t ever compare a prelude build with Apple again. It doesn’t make any sense at all. It sounds fucking stupid
alan Santiago
alan Santiago Hace 5 días
theres so much wrong with this video bro
Gecko Hace 5 días
Big respect to Big Mike for acknowledging the non US Honda scene. Holy shit I remember all his cover cars ! Never knew they were the car 😎👌
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 4 días
Thank you! It's awesome to be able to see other countries builds and talk to the enthusiasts and spend time with them.
Sloth Master64
Sloth Master64 Hace 5 días
looks like a saab in the front
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 4 días
A couple other people said that and I can actually kind of see it too now LOL
mico wee
mico wee Hace 6 días
Fuck steve jobs
Tomasz Pieniak
Tomasz Pieniak Hace 6 días
DAMN, this video is one of the best I have ever seen, camera work, soundtrack that gives goosebumbs,the car itself is awesome. Bumper 2 Bumper is (in my opinion), even better than up to speed.
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 6 días
Thanks for the love on the car. But yea, they have such a crazy style and the editing is amazing.
James Tipton
James Tipton Hace 9 días
Pre. Not pra.
3rdHalf Hace 9 días
So much care put into this car. But it is still a Honda.
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 4 días
That it is LOL
Gorgeous Nova
Gorgeous Nova Hace 9 días
ahhh that's one of the nicest setups I've ever seen. My favourite colour for cars as well
Alkiviades Levetass
Alkiviades Levetass Hace 9 días
Where is the exhaust? I didn’t see anything in the back.
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 6 días
Presently the dumptube turns down after the front subframe
craig forsyth
craig forsyth Hace 9 días
It would be over-priced, faulty and you wouldn't be able to repair it........And a bit shit!
daryl doyle
daryl doyle Hace 9 días
This should be the next Apple ad
kmieciu4ever Hace 9 días
Still FWD tho...
ItsYaBoiBoozy Hace 10 días
If the iphone X was a car this is the car I think
Whoeven Knows
Whoeven Knows Hace 10 días
I'm about to buy a 2001 honda prelude wish me luck guys
Charles M.
Charles M. Hace 10 días
I miss my 94' VTEC.
mikrobinamtv1 Hace 11 días
If Big Mike built this car like Steve Jobs would have, then he should go around saying how revolutionary is that he made the wheels round.
Johnny Sterling
Johnny Sterling Hace 11 días
Hey Donut! Would you do an up to speed on the Toyota Tundra? Thanks, Everyone!
Sicko Ribs
Sicko Ribs Hace 8 días
Johnny Sterling yes plz my dad recently got a 2019 model and oh boy is that thing luxurious.
Yooda Sillyyy
Yooda Sillyyy Hace 11 días
hahah😂i got a Samsung ad
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk Hace 11 días
I freaking loved Honda Preludes. Honda should bring it back
RudolfRelease Hace 7 días
Agree! It was different back then... The dashboard was so wow.
Cheddaframanga Hace 11 días
Superlative B
Superlative B Hace 12 días
hondas are at their best being daily driver beasts. if you can't even change the oil without pulling the valve cover or getting a funnel .....sorry I'm out. plus this was a turd of a body style IMO. either later or earlier have more character.
Ertan Can Atik
Ertan Can Atik Hace 12 días
When you say Apple Car I think about optional cylinders.
Roseth Henning
Roseth Henning Hace 12 días
Would love to see a cool buildt about mr2 mk1.. in supercharged version
Henryk Gödel
Henryk Gödel Hace 13 días
It probably wouldn't run for long because he'd take it to a homeopath instead of a mechanic whenever it needed maintenance.
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar Hace 13 días
That’s my last named sweet
Yerr Hace 13 días
Apple died with Steve jobs and after that android got better and now its the best
pydeen Hace 14 días
anyone know the song/beat at 9:30
Void Triller
Void Triller Hace 14 días
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 11 días
Thank you very much
Berverlyhillbillie93 Hace 15 días
Steve Jobs wouldn’t build a Honda he would build a VW
Micah AP
Micah AP Hace 15 días
You said the Keyword.. "Perception". Steve Jobs was nothing more than a conman. No one was ever as full of $hit and a lying POS as Steve Jobs! 🤣🤣 you really go for fake BS. The only thing Jobs was good at was lying, conning and screwing over people. .... And the prelude a POS! No wonder the guy had to rebuild it 3 times!
Sandra Maynar
Sandra Maynar Hace 15 días
That car sounds like pardise🔥
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 11 días
Thank you. It's so much better in the cabin.
Mikael S-P
Mikael S-P Hace 15 días
Steve Jobs would actually care about design tho
Saad Naseem
Saad Naseem Hace 15 días
Steve job will suicide after see that..
MrBaku432 Hace 16 días
love the show, love the car, but I absolutely HATE the badly drawn comparison between a legitimate visionary (love him or hate him steve jobs did change the world) and some random dude I've never heard of that reworked an already good looking prelude into a subjectively uglier race car...
ViZu Restart
ViZu Restart Hace 16 días
So the video has absolutely nothing to do with Steve Jobs
Rogue89 Hace 16 días
Next step, s2000 swap with rear wheel drive
David Sanchez
David Sanchez Hace 15 días
At that point just keep that drivetrain the more expensive and better looking S2000. But yes, it would be different.
Alan Caldoza
Alan Caldoza Hace 17 días
If Steve Jobs built a car, its not gonna have one part that all kinds of cars or trucks have......the Windows
Diganta Biswas
Diganta Biswas Hace 17 días
I wish this Prelude was in Initial D series, racing down the mountains with the AE86 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 11 días
That would be amazing
BASS boss-DarkMind
BASS boss-DarkMind Hace 18 días
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Hace 19 días
Steve jobs would never do this because he's fuckin dead asshole!
LovinPavan Hace 19 días
Singer Prelude.
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 11 días
I have heard people make this comparison and it is amazing. Thank you.
Manny Rojas
Manny Rojas Hace 19 días
Ryan integra from rywire. I would love to see that one in your show.
Past Timer
Past Timer Hace 19 días
He could have fed half of Africa’s population with the money he spent.
Matvey Galkin
Matvey Galkin Hace 19 días
7:35 looks like one of those 2008 honda accords
Neg Ative
Neg Ative Hace 20 días
11:00 is the saddest disappointment I’ve ever seen on a Donut Video. It reminds me of an ancient (1990’s) tuner joke: Winning a race in a Honda is like winning a race in the Special Olympics. You may have won but you’re still a retard.
Neg Ative
Neg Ative Hace 20 días
Is Big Mike the real life Hector? Is he too slow to get away?
PHILMKD1995 Hace 20 días
Matte grey paint and six spoke Volk rims? Mmm, yes please.
bayskiff90 Hace 20 días
U should do a. What if hitler built a toaster....or...what if Ghandi built a skateboard.....orrrrrr......what if Albert Einstein built an ear hair trimmer
carpetmantis Hace 20 días
What the fuck is a pray lude
Andika S
Andika S Hace 21 un día
Engine sound like a 4G63
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 6 días
@Andika S You hear what you hear, wrong or right is up to you :)
Andika S
Andika S Hace 10 días
Is my hearing wrong?
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 20 días
I don't think I've gotten that comparison before
D-LAN Hace 21 un día
Filipino = old hondas , toyotas and , mitsu
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 20 días
Aiden King
Aiden King Hace 21 un día
I have a 1500 horsepower integra in forza
Carstuff111 Hace 21 un día
What a beautiful 4th generation Prelude!!!! I am lost for words!!!
The Barbell Philosopher
The Barbell Philosopher Hace 21 un día
Im not Typically a Honda guy, HOWEVER this is one of the nicest builds I've seen in ages. i love Big Mikes attention to detail, and his colour choices are super classy (Engine bay is super slick) 🤙🔥 Also, Mr Donut, i think this is one of the best vids I've seen from you yet. i really like your enthusiam and passion, which comes through a lot in this video... yes, moreso than usual lol. the video effects are wicked too.. (like the crowbar that took your head off hahaha) 👌 nice work man. Respect 🤜💥🤛
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 20 días
Thank you very much! I appreciate your observations and kind words.
Omar Segovia
Omar Segovia Hace 21 un día
Chads 😂😂
Gaphalor Hace 21 un día
500 hspwrs FWD, this is madness
Gaphalor Hace 20 días
@Big Mike i am normally not into Honda because FWD, but i think in your case the FWD might even add to the crazyness of the car. Love it, and your sence for detail is a big inspiration man!
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 20 días
It is crazy fun to drive!
MichiGangster !
MichiGangster ! Hace 21 un día
iam 15 am ive been looking at preludes as a first driver and this just made me want one even more
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace 21 un día
By the way, Can You Find the PATTERN?
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