Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Round 1

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Hace 6 meses

Ice Cream Trucks have so many delicious options so obviously we need to do a taste test to determine the best one! GMM #1568
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Grace RidesHorses
Grace RidesHorses Hace 2 horas
My favorite was tweety bird, I got it every single time and I don’t think I ever tried anything else 😂😂
Olivia Ruzicka
Olivia Ruzicka Hace 4 horas
I relate to Link's sensitive teeth so hard
Havoc Racing
Havoc Racing Hace 7 horas
Uncultured swine spongebob sonic ninja turtles bugs bunny all the best ice creams from truck
no. Hace 9 horas
I have sensitive teeth to
Taylor's Daily Mistakes
Taylor's Daily Mistakes Hace 2 días
My favorite ice cream truck thing is Mississippi Mud chocolate ice cream sandwich
Papa and Spirit wolf
Papa and Spirit wolf Hace 2 días
I'm proud of my sesetve teeth
LOL Hachecorne
LOL Hachecorne Hace 2 días
I feel link on the Ice Cream truck anxiety thing
Mad T
Mad T Hace 2 días
So many people are saying they have sensitive teeth but if you bite it like me, reply on this comment. Un-sensitive teeth gang 🙋🏽‍♀️
JustRandomStuff12435 Hace 2 días
How dare they... Spongebob Is good because of the rendering ... WHO ELSE SAYS SPEND NGEBOB POPCICLE 10/10 We will not be forgotten..we will rise up
Emmy C;
Emmy C; Hace 2 días
My teeth are sensitive but I still bite it
Just A Member of The Kool Kidz Klub
Just A Member of The Kool Kidz Klub Hace 2 días
Sponge was my favorite😢
Just A Member of The Kool Kidz Klub
Just A Member of The Kool Kidz Klub Hace 2 días
With sensitive teeth... I just bite from the side...
Kendell Adams
Kendell Adams Hace 3 días
Is it bad that i like thosw spongbob popsicles
kittycat moodle Doodle
kittycat moodle Doodle Hace 4 días
Store brand drumsticks are the low key meta especially the caramel ones
Unlimited Minecraft
Unlimited Minecraft Hace 4 días
they had to have old town road. THEY JUST HAD TO!
First Last
First Last Hace 4 días
I really dont like that they're biting all of this. Ur supposed to be likin em
corianna helm
corianna helm Hace 5 días
The Spongebob popsicle was my favorite when i was little...
STM Lifestyle
STM Lifestyle Hace 5 días
I always get the spongebob or bomb pop 🤷🏾‍♀️
Rosette Reyes
Rosette Reyes Hace 6 días
hope y’all didn’t forget the ninja turtles and Dora popsicles
The Beaver
The Beaver Hace 6 días
Ahahha i did not expect the history lessons from our dear josh ahaha
Ikine Hace 7 días
That tri colored thing is called a Firecracker. And it's the best one.
Chris Feild
Chris Feild Hace 7 días
Chaco tacos hunnid
charley sheeley
charley sheeley Hace 7 días
One time my friends dad bought me and the whole group of neighborhood kids i was hangin with ice cream. 11 year old me had faith in humanity
Kaitlyn Baird
Kaitlyn Baird Hace 7 días
Am I the only one that’s upset that the little cups of ice cream (the ones that come with the little wooden spoons) didn’t make it in the taste test options?
Billy Guy
Billy Guy Hace 7 días
In our country we dont have ice cream truck but we have ice cream bike
Angelo Romero
Angelo Romero Hace 8 días
He said loose nuts. I think they both like nuts
Dr.Lester Video game Historian
Dr.Lester Video game Historian Hace 9 días
i remember all 9 besides sponge bill round panties 10th one wasn't a thing in 80s an early 90s we had a similar one tmnt one
DougJK Hace 9 días
7:24 Same here!
Baylee Williams
Baylee Williams Hace 9 días
Love the remix of old town road lol
_ Milk
_ Milk Hace 9 días
I have sensitive teeth and i still bite into ice pains me though
Sanaa Broadway
Sanaa Broadway Hace 9 días
I'm a picky eater (that likes to try new things in moderation) but when i was little... i only got the sponge popsicle
Amber N
Amber N Hace 9 días
watching this video in january and craving ice cream
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll Hace 9 días
Spongebob and drum sticks
Crash Weekly
Crash Weekly Hace 10 días
Bomb Pops AKA Rocket Pops in Canada and the drum sticks with caramel in the middle make it an 11
Alison Bale
Alison Bale Hace 11 días
anyone remember babalo bill?
F T Hace 12 días
I really like the sour patch kids popsicle things
TheGarlandLogs Hace 12 días
bootiful intro
Liora Lasry
Liora Lasry Hace 12 días
When I was little I would beg my parents every time we heard an icecream truck melody because I wanted to get a sponge bob pop and there is a picture of me over the moon while holding one so the sponge bob pop holds a lot of memories
Rachel Reeves
Rachel Reeves Hace 13 días
Yes link we are proud
Karina Marie
Karina Marie Hace 13 días
I feel like this should considered made for some channels just risk it
Hillq G
Hillq G Hace 14 días
I like the description
Jerseygirlgm Hace 14 días
The sponge bob popsicle was always my favorite :( I thought that was gonna be an easy win
Unknown Legend
Unknown Legend Hace 16 días
The only thing better than Drumsticks are Caramel Drumsticks.
Josh lugert
Josh lugert Hace 16 días
Did they never have gumball ice cream? I used to get the cone at the mall one I was little
Josh lugert
Josh lugert Hace 16 días
Strawberry shortcake all the way. The only other one I would even bother with I the ice cream sandwich but I always go for the strawberry shortcake.
Bob Weird
Bob Weird Hace 17 días
Spongebob is my fav though :(
Priya Bagurdes
Priya Bagurdes Hace 19 días
i just feel bad for rhett in the intro
Rebecca Lewers
Rebecca Lewers Hace 24 días
“easily donkey lipped”
Kaleb Sizemore
Kaleb Sizemore Hace 24 días
The intro was hilarious! That's the sort of thing I'd do to my sister XD
The Pianiolist
The Pianiolist Hace 26 días
The spongebob is cotton candy flavor
SAS_ Flame
SAS_ Flame Hace 26 días
My faverite was the strawberry short cake
Carlos Rodríguez
Carlos Rodríguez Hace 26 días
I just clicked because of the spongebob popsicle
Kishi And Ai Gacha
Kishi And Ai Gacha Hace 26 días
To be honest, the Spongebob popsicle is my favourite. I love the taste, and once your done you get to eat the eyes (gum), and I LOVE gum. Also my dad gets Drumsticks, and it’s the kind with butterfingers on it
Tenebrus • 10 years and
Tenebrus • 10 years and Hace 26 días
10:49 then why even eat ice-cream? ;-;
Rob G
Rob G Hace 27 días
Choco tacos
Cherri Blossm
Cherri Blossm Hace 27 días
I'm actually really confused on what the Spongebob ice cream tastes like, I used to get it all the time as a kid but I never got what the flavor was, could is possibly be fruit punch? That's as close as I can get
HAZARD Hace 27 días
Such a branding missed opportunity not to call it a SpongeBobsicle.
Hikaru Asami
Hikaru Asami Hace 28 días
I'm a simple person. I see Ethan Slater, I click.
Melissaa Here
Melissaa Here Hace 28 días
Link also “doesn’t love” : ice residue
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato Hace un mes
I totally want that theme song to be a real song
Drayden Gee
Drayden Gee Hace un mes
Links mug looks like its on life support
Mia Nekic
Mia Nekic Hace un mes
We have an ice cream machine in the cafeteria and it has a lot of these ice creams
Corey Glosson
Corey Glosson Hace un mes
What about the push pop
sunflower urie
sunflower urie Hace un mes
anyone else mad at some of the ratings?
Aheony Hace un mes
Rhett: bites popsicle Me: *where can i dispose of this delusional alien?*
Highlord91 Hace un mes
Josh is great, he's a terrific cook and funny dude
nathan Hernandez
nathan Hernandez Hace un mes
I used to be a donky lipper the trick is to bite with your 2 front teeth
Clay Dragon09
Clay Dragon09 Hace un mes
Link bite with your molars
Briana Rud
Briana Rud Hace un mes
Does anyone else want ice cream when you watch this? LOL
Mark Christopher Doniza
Mark Christopher Doniza Hace un mes
I want to eat gum in the middle of eating ice cream.
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