i won.

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Jake Paul

Jake Paul

Hace un mes

i won.
and this is why.
Shoutout to MPHClub for taking care of us in Miami!!!
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tank kill
tank kill Hace 4 horas
anyone noticed gid spoted posting after this xD
Beyblade Master
Beyblade Master Hace 20 horas
Jake: wins! Jake next ten years: world champion
Zamy Lizardi
Zamy Lizardi Hace un día
Ok gib is very terrible he like dosent know how to even punch or fight gib is acting like a chicken
Andrei Ferrer
Andrei Ferrer Hace un día
Did the old team 10 congrats you? Or your old bestfriends chance and anthony?
Cooper McDermott
Cooper McDermott Hace un día
Who is he fighting
Kyle Don’t mess
Kyle Don’t mess Hace un día
Gib you are good but jake put you in your place
Baldy‘s YouTube Chill
Baldy‘s YouTube Chill Hace un día
Wow tanner fox wow
Roise Trainor
Roise Trainor Hace un día
Congrats 🥳🤩
PlaZma F1end
PlaZma F1end Hace un día
Fight starts at 7:29 you’re welcome 😇
Fucking Lol
Fucking Lol Hace un día
Olmost 20 min bro
Alexthegod Vazquez
Alexthegod Vazquez Hace 2 días
Killing Sexual Innocents What does that spell................. KSI
Alexthegod Vazquez
Alexthegod Vazquez Hace 2 días
Do Jake Paul vs KSI
Tanner Raynor
Tanner Raynor Hace 2 días
Short short's
Cesar Miranda
Cesar Miranda Hace 2 días
Yo bro I’m your fan but I don’t think u can with ksi
0 0
0 0 Hace 2 días
I miss the old jake
EpicGamer 3000
EpicGamer 3000 Hace 2 días
How bro
ravioli ravioli fuck you
ravioli ravioli fuck you Hace 2 días
i love how most of jake's subscribers like fortnite lol
Ashton DeFreitas
Ashton DeFreitas Hace 2 días
5:52 who else saw him on his knee next to Kobe’s number
James Dobson
James Dobson Hace 2 días
4:26 Anyone see Armani yawning in the background!?
Lots sp
Lots sp Hace 2 días
I’m this is a rly weird question but do u think Jake could beat John Cena ;_;
Tiffany Rodgers
Tiffany Rodgers Hace 3 días
Beat him up jake
Viral Drago
Viral Drago Hace 3 días
You all think what you want Jake deserves that win without a doubt
Jack Stoker
Jack Stoker Hace 3 días
Jake went from its everyday bro to pass the joint bro
Costanicolas Fernandez
Costanicolas Fernandez Hace 3 días
Jake Paul vs Ryan garcia
Vojta Hace 3 días
this makes me cry bro :d
undead gaming
undead gaming Hace 4 días
Jake Paul is the trashiest ESwomenr ever
Everett’s Channel
Everett’s Channel Hace 4 días
Go Jake I knew you would win
Red Sìlence
Red Sìlence Hace 4 días
I won.** @Jake Paul
Sam the gamer 2010
Sam the gamer 2010 Hace 4 días
Let’s go
jennifer dixon
jennifer dixon Hace 4 días
EC Phoenix
EC Phoenix Hace 4 días
the thumbnail looks like bray Wyatt
Luis Arias
Luis Arias Hace 4 días
Daisy Keach was there former HYPERHOUSE member
Mohammad Zayed
Mohammad Zayed Hace 4 días
"Running , punching , kicking"
h boi
h boi Hace 5 días
He such a prik
Damian Buczek
Damian Buczek Hace 5 días
Hey jeka you suk
FARID Yassin
FARID Yassin Hace 5 días
Skylee Cranmer
Skylee Cranmer Hace 5 días
This is why we do wrestling instead kids...
Axl Rahm
Axl Rahm Hace 5 días
Where is the implant camera
Lil Ted.e
Lil Ted.e Hace 5 días
He won but he will lose
Emma-jade Horton
Emma-jade Horton Hace 5 días
You go Jake
Mack Bowen
Mack Bowen Hace un día
Emma-jade Horton well yes kid your 2
Emma-jade Horton
Emma-jade Horton Hace un día
Mack Bowen no
Mack Bowen
Mack Bowen Hace 2 días
you go to bed kid
Litynes gaming
Litynes gaming Hace 6 días
Zack Hace 6 días
Love logans care for Jake ❤️
I_skate_like_no_other SK8ER
I_skate_like_no_other SK8ER Hace 6 días
Jakes outfit was already ready for the corona outbreak
Dr Moe 4 life
Dr Moe 4 life Hace 6 días
u aint going to win against ksi
Sammy Sprinkler12
Sammy Sprinkler12 Hace 6 días
Nobody: Zombies: 0:21
Sammy Sprinkler12
Sammy Sprinkler12 Hace 6 días
That’s funny but i don’t remember asking
Emak Hace 6 días
Arianna Vaccaro
Arianna Vaccaro Hace 7 días
It hurts to think about how I've been a fan sense vine...
Ngọc Anh Nguyễn
Ngọc Anh Nguyễn Hace 2 días
it hurts to think about how u should learn how to write ''since'' but watch jake paul instead
Bananaman2468 Hace 7 días
love you jake
Mack Bowen
Mack Bowen Hace 2 días
Bananaman2468 just shut up
FYBER Viper Hace 7 días
Can Jake go back to the old Jake
Fiaz Ali
Fiaz Ali Hace 7 días
You didn't deserve to win Eason gib the only thing people came for was ringside u idiot this is Zeeshan Fiaz
Josh H
Josh H Hace 8 días
Oh really
Xd_woah Hace 8 días
Sohaib Steam
Sohaib Steam Hace 8 días
He thinks he is tough lmao , try this in an arabic country
samuel merz
samuel merz Hace 8 días
Nobody: Jake Paul: FACTS
Aiyannah Toloai
Aiyannah Toloai Hace 8 días
Taylor holder is the video
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Hace 8 días
I love you bro but shave yo beard.
Emily Angle Allen
Emily Angle Allen Hace 8 días
Good Job Jake you did good you are amazing plz see this you work so hard everyday i love you i wish we could be friends in real life but i live in U.S.A you don't but i love you
Flora Gashi
Flora Gashi Hace 8 días
Flora Gashi
Flora Gashi Hace 8 días
Jake ksi will f****** clap you jake
putri balqis
putri balqis Hace 8 días
Thomas Fentress
Thomas Fentress Hace 9 días
He’s changed
Celi Lainey
Celi Lainey Hace 9 días
He's friend (aka.i forgot his name.) Him and Bryce hall fought..... and Tyler from tiktok caught Jake as will in the trust fall
Marwin Klr
Marwin Klr Hace 9 días
Who is that fat one with the glasses
bey blade
bey blade Hace 9 días
Where tydus at
AdamShmadam 2020
AdamShmadam 2020 Hace 9 días
2:42 what’s with the face mask coronavirus wasn’t around yet then
darkkk Hace 6 días
makes it were it can’t let him breath as much like captain guy said
Captain ButterBalls69
Captain ButterBalls69 Hace 8 días
To add pressure in his breathing. Who TF knows 🤣🤣
Krappa Hace 9 días
well at least he got punched. he could probably use a few more punches tbh.
Miguel Young
Miguel Young Hace 9 días
Fight starts at this 8:05 your very welcome
eddie maletino
eddie maletino Hace 9 días
suck so bad ksi had to cry
CRAZY TY Hace 9 días
I Hate Jake Paul.
Logan Paul
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