I Used Hearing Aid Secretly

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My Story Animated

My Story Animated

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I can’t believe my mom would do this again. She’s walking into the house with another brand-new designer hand bag. My dad would go ballistic if he found out she’s been spending money on purses again. My mom has a serious shopping addiction. She tries to hide it from us, but she talks to her fancy friends about it all the time. She thinks I can’t hear her because I’m deaf. Well, surprise, I can!
Since I was seven years old, my hearing started to deteriorate. It’s because of a rare ear disease. By the age of ten - I was completely deaf. We tried operations and treatments, but nothing worked.
I had to go to a school for students with hearing and sight disabilities. It was extremely traumatic. I had to learn sign language and reading lips. Luckily, I made a few good friends.
I felt really miserable. One day, during breaktime, I fell to the ground in tears. I couldn’t believe that I would never be able to listen to music again, or hear anyone’s voice. My friend, Rosie, pulled me to the side. She was acting really strange. “I have a secret!” She mouthed.
From her pocket she took a hearing aid. “It’s really powerful” she mouthed. “Give it a try.” At first, I was hesitant, but what did I have to lose. To my shock! It worked! I could hear birds, and cars, I could hear Rosie laughing. It was a miracle. Rosie gave it to me and said, “keep it until you feel a bit better.”
I decided not to tell my parents about it. I was sure they knew something like this existed and they never bothered to buy me one. Also, I wanted to know if they kept anything from me. That night I could hear my parents fighting about money and purses. “I’m making all the money, and you’re spending it on handbags!” said my dad. “Oh, Honey, it doesn’t cost that much, you know that! It’s all for the show!”
Even though it was really great to hear again, I didn’t like listening to my parents fighting. But nothing could prepare me for the secrets that I would find out next.
That night my parents got all dressed up. My mom was showing off her new glittering designer dress and matching shoes. Off they went to a fancy dinner at some rich guy’s house. My dad was only a small shop manager, and my mother stayed at home. Where did they get all that money from?
Luckily, I was old enough and didn’t need a babysitter. I watched some TV, with the sound turned to full volume. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I got a fright, and switched off the TV. The knock became louder and louder.
I looked through the peephole, it was a lady. She seemed distressed. “It’s Mia, open up! Open up! They’re looking for me!” Everything in my body told me not to open the door. But I did it anyway.
I had my sign nearby, “I can’t hear you, I’m deaf.” I showed it to the lady as she forced her way in . She was going on a total rant about purses, and something about the police, and where my parents were.
She looked as though she hasn’t slept in days, I guided her to the couch. She seemed harmless, so I made her a cup of tea and gave her some left over pizza. She said, “thank you” but I shrugged my shoulders, pretending not to know what she was saying.
In a matter of moments, the lady fell asleep. She was snoring so loudly. Finally, my parents came into the house. They were arguing again. My mom said, “If you didn’t give it all away, we’d be rich by now!” to which my dad replied, “If you have just stuck to the plan, I wouldn’t have given it away.”
Then they saw me, “Honey, you’re still awake?” I pointed to the sofa. My mom was completely shocked, “Mia! Mia! What are you doing here?” My dad used sign language to tell me that it was my mom’s childhood friend. Then he told me to go to my room. So, I did.
I tried to listen to my parents, and what they were saying, when something really weird happened. My hearing aid started to buzz. It made these strange noises, like a radio tuning into a station. Was I picking up signals?
“It doesn’t seem like Mia will be coming out of that house tonight.” I quickly jumped to look out of the window. A black SUV was standing outside. Two men were sitting in the front. It looked like one had a hand radio. I heard them talking, “Let’s go, we can catch up with her tomorrow. We don’t want them seeing us.” The SUV drove off.
A few moments after the two guys left, I could see my parents and Mia walking to her car. They opened the boot and removed 5 big black bags from it. My dad said, “We’ll keep them in the safe.”

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Greta Gega
Greta Gega Hace 2 horas
You can use a calculator implant to hear
Izzy Telisak
Izzy Telisak Hace 3 horas
This story doesn’t seem completely realistic but I can’t help feeling bad for this girl
XxNoOb_InVasIoNxX [CONTENT DELETED] Hace 3 horas
That thing is a hearing aid it ain’t no James Bond hearing thing like lel
Jp Cruz
Jp Cruz Hace 4 horas
So you’re saying the batteries never died out?
Nade Grinds
Nade Grinds Hace 5 horas
I happy she can hear but why pikachu :3
Brendon Neufeld
Brendon Neufeld Hace 17 horas
I’m happy for you.
Camilavibess Hace 18 horas
*girl stuck in a safe full of money panicking* me if I was locked in a safe full of money: HEY YALL IM RICH NOW HEHEHEHHE *shows off money*
Kuldude 420
Kuldude 420 Hace 23 horas
How dose this get 125K+ likes?
Kuldude 420
Kuldude 420 Hace 23 horas
And I don’t mean this comment I mean the video,
Kuldude 420
Kuldude 420 Hace 23 horas
ok this is just gatcha life.
Sean Thomson
Sean Thomson Hace un día
30 seconds until the nerve agent is released so make the most of it Only gta casino players will understamd
Tiko Fan24
Tiko Fan24 Hace un día
I am 6
Tiko Fan24
Tiko Fan24 Hace un día
Do you no what thsi means 🖕
Aron oslo Rassmusen
Aron oslo Rassmusen Hace un día
Kaitlyn Rangel
Kaitlyn Rangel Hace un día
? I’m confused you can’t use a hearing aid if your completely deaf? It’s an AID, a mini microphone used to amplify sounds.
Lily Rowlands
Lily Rowlands Hace un día
Lily Rowlands
Lily Rowlands Hace un día
M3GAB3AST Hace 2 días
Sometimes i just want to laugh...
Nova Eller
Nova Eller Hace 2 días
Even tho people think she death SHE NOT AND She can hear what her mom says secretly and all the people gossiping
Peppa Porkchops
Peppa Porkchops Hace 2 días
" I Used Hearing Aid Secretly " Me, Who got yelled at whenever I said something grammatically incorrect : *EXCUSE ME?*
hàngíñlxght zz
hàngíñlxght zz Hace 2 días
This is litt i love how heard then in the car from her windows
mr meme boi
mr meme boi Hace 2 días
That a big hand
Ginger Smith
Ginger Smith Hace 2 días
Nice friend dude
Jolie Loeb
Jolie Loeb Hace 2 días
Make this a movie and I’ll definitely watch it
Denise Chung
Denise Chung Hace 2 días
everyone watch free movies on soap2day
JB Ngwest
JB Ngwest Hace 2 días
9:28 That mother must of known she can hear her cuz she replied.-.
Tiffany Hace 2 días
Snookie's tan is realer than this crap.
daniel garcia
daniel garcia Hace 3 días
daniel garcia
daniel garcia Hace 3 días
hayden scott
hayden scott Hace 3 días
girl buy the hearing aid yourself
Athena Kennedy
Athena Kennedy Hace 3 días
This is the faker then seeing a free house
Nolen Wright
Nolen Wright Hace 3 días
5:00 those faces...
shabana cano
shabana cano Hace 3 días
WAt!? Why r you posting this stuff on yt tho...
Mia Hace 3 días
Sure 😂😂
Jaire Alexander
Jaire Alexander Hace 3 días
Wait ain't she deaf how did she here her friend without doing sound language or reading her lips hmmm🤔
Low Quality Cartoons
Low Quality Cartoons Hace 4 días
I’m gonna have to call bullshit
Adam Ali
Adam Ali Hace 4 días
This shit gets more far fetch
Viv Palma
Viv Palma Hace 4 días
Take some money secretly. U need it.
Y Hace 4 días
I like how these channels tend to steal assets from themselves XD
جابر كنعان
جابر كنعان Hace 4 días
Wait how do you know what they say if you were deaf ???? Now you can hear but how can you understand
Sports Kids
Sports Kids Hace 4 días
This is the most real thing I’ve ever seen
Xyro MastR シ
Xyro MastR シ Hace 4 días
So what you're telling me is... She is deaf, and her hearing aid makes her hear, but when it picks up radio frequencyshe can suddenly hear? But where tf is the radio frequency coming from. Where is the radio? How is it coming from thin air.
Finn Nathaniel
Finn Nathaniel Hace 4 días
1:11 pikachu XD
Krishan Menon
Krishan Menon Hace 4 días
Woah the fakest story in the world
Jamaii_TV Elizabeth
Jamaii_TV Elizabeth Hace 4 días
Omg I have a hearing aid on me I can't hear
Captain Roblox
Captain Roblox Hace 5 días
If your deaf don’t worry there is something called subtitles
Eric Lucas
Eric Lucas Hace 5 días
The thumbnail: don't worry she's deaf Me: u stupid she can turn around common sense
Ash Beast
Ash Beast Hace 5 días
there is no way in a million years this story is real.
Johnathan Utke
Johnathan Utke Hace 5 días
Who’s Here From Infinite?
Beach Blue
Beach Blue Hace 5 días
Yeah, this is 100% realistic. I have never seen anything more real then this 😳😂
Tameka Ward
Tameka Ward Hace 6 días
I thought the secret was going to be that the mom was a hooker, and thats how she got the money for all those bags.
emilyy maraa
emilyy maraa Hace 6 días
yep, she totally got magic powers from a hearing aid.
Chloe Tinay
Chloe Tinay Hace 6 días
How could deaf could talk
• ʟ ᴏ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ᴀ •
• ʟ ᴏ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ᴀ • Hace 6 días
.. Wtf?
Eagle birb
Eagle birb Hace 7 días
Why the hell is there a random pika hu here 1:11
Zhaira G
Zhaira G Hace 7 días
Her mom watching this vid- 👁️👄👁️....
Csaba Koszoru
Csaba Koszoru Hace 7 días
I mean hearing aid doesn't heal being deaf, it only works with people who's hearing is working it is just really bad
Rubz Hace 7 días
They can afford an operation but they can’t afford a hearing aid...
Rubz Hace 7 días
Anyone here after watching another YTer react 2 this video
Kevin Durst
Kevin Durst Hace 7 días
How can she hear Rosie? The heck
Lucas the gamer Juett
Lucas the gamer Juett Hace 7 días
Blurre that out
Richard Crompton
Richard Crompton Hace 7 días
How can she hear her friend talking?
Aquil's Hangout
Aquil's Hangout Hace 7 días
A lot of us knows these things are made up but we still watch it, probably cause of quarantine 🤣
Beatrice Hace 7 días
1:38 hot feets
Ton Minh Nguyet
Ton Minh Nguyet Hace 7 días
Parents: spend TONS of money for her treatment and surgery but fail Also parents: hearing aid? Expensive n no need
Mol Anderson
Mol Anderson Hace 7 días
if u believe this i will prey for you to get some brain cells
Toby Huston
Toby Huston Hace 7 días
Who else was here too see what infant blurred out?
Steven Hace 7 días
*snifs* snifs* do y’all smell that I smell cap 🧢
Lps Shortcake
Lps Shortcake Hace 8 días
This went from I secretly got hearing aids to my parents are in a fricken gang
Zackery Miller
Zackery Miller Hace 8 días
Funny enough Mia is my puppy’s name!
Daisy Mcclain
Daisy Mcclain Hace 8 días
Who’s here after watching infinite
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