I used an AIMBOT controller in ARENA Fortnite..

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► I used an Modded AIMBOT controller in ARENA Fortnite.
twitter: twitter.com/ShotGunRaids
instagram: instagram.com/shotgunplayss/
talk to me on discord: discord.gg/shot
snapchat: ShotGunRaids

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ShotGunPlays Hace un mes
i'm going to make an asmr channel, what videos should i do on it? i got one ideas rn: shotgunplays boyfriend asmr but i need more ideas
Isaiah Givens
Isaiah Givens Hace un día
@S H I R A G 🍐
Lynette Souch
Lynette Souch Hace 2 días
You know me have channel at TGS OllieMonsta
Lynette Souch
Lynette Souch Hace 2 días
Idk Haha
December Rose
December Rose Hace 6 días
im a better controller player ;3 XD jk im a bot
SlimeRancher_ 5974
SlimeRancher_ 5974 Hace 6 días
ShotGunPlays Ehotgun Asmr 100%
Nico Channel
Nico Channel Hace 2 horas
Is this really?
Floris Leenders
Floris Leenders Hace 5 horas
Bru this vid has 300k likes why would you like this vid
vanok Hace 6 horas
you might wanna do something about the post code on the amazon page if you really care
Guynamedjace Quintana
Guynamedjace Quintana Hace 8 horas
Fearless is better on controller
The0n3 Hace 8 horas
Why would u do this on ur main account???😂
Albert Montenegro
Albert Montenegro Hace 9 horas
God, i cant believe idiots actually think this is real
Kevin Faivre
Kevin Faivre Hace 12 horas
noob 😂🤣 j'aurais pus t'appelé bambi mais pour moi vous valez moins qu'eux.
Memory Solution
Memory Solution Hace 13 horas
Its funny bec as im writing a comment im on the toilet..
Wlad Hace un día
Mighty Cakwak
Mighty Cakwak Hace un día
Landon Milner
Landon Milner Hace un día
Fayez King
Fayez King Hace un día
He didnt play a single match of arena
Mr.Smiley 132
Mr.Smiley 132 Hace un día
I liked 10 times That spider was Fudging scary
Jimajerplayz My young g gorge
Jimajerplayz My young g gorge Hace un día
Why is the first pers on he kills starts with an l
L2 Janis
L2 Janis Hace un día
Is this a cheat I mean I hit these shots too
Escape Entertainment
Escape Entertainment Hace 2 días
Bruh shotgunplays changes games? 4:10 look in corner
Jacob Hackett
Jacob Hackett Hace 2 días
I know a better player than you, me.
Anthony Andy Silva
Anthony Andy Silva Hace 2 días
Me Im a better player controller
Pedro Is the GOAT
Pedro Is the GOAT Hace 2 días
I am a better controller player than you
Huren Sohn
Huren Sohn Hace 2 días
Haha faker
77 Evo
77 Evo Hace 3 días
This was not arena
callme juice
callme juice Hace 3 días
I need a controller my controller stopped working and I dont have the money to buy a new one-_- can you please help😭😪🙏
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas Hace 3 días
This is the amount of times ShotGunPlays zooms into the kill feed | \/
Tfue Vega
Tfue Vega Hace 3 días
Walked by chug splashes
lil nigga
lil nigga Hace 3 días
He's voice is so annoying
Alek Ludwikowski
Alek Ludwikowski Hace 3 días
Is this boomhauer from king of the hill
Dunch Master
Dunch Master Hace 4 días
I dont understand the reasoning for constantly zooming in and out while talking.
Dunch Master
Dunch Master Hace 3 días
@jake_gaMiNg Sorry I mean in the video editing he keeps zooming in and out to like accentuate his words or something.
jake_gaMiNg Hace 4 días
Console aim basically locks on a little but when you zoom in
Tannerz21 Gaming
Tannerz21 Gaming Hace 4 días
7:37 Faze sway
Dark Pro gamer
Dark Pro gamer Hace 4 días
so you missed him
Le Stalker
Le Stalker Hace 4 días
One V One me, if you still have that aimbot controller
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Hace 4 días
7:58 walks past chug splashes
SonOfGod D
SonOfGod D Hace 5 días
haha funny aim bot and i dont see any headshots i can do better with a normal controller lol
Nicholas_13 Hace 5 días
it’s funny how he thinks controllers can have mods😂 he needs a mod menu 😂 what an idiot
Dominc Fortnite
Dominc Fortnite Hace 5 días
Me I’m a better controller player
pugslife 246
pugslife 246 Hace 5 días
I hate u cause i hate spiders and i have a phobia of them
Brenden P. Peraza
Brenden P. Peraza Hace 5 días
Dude how can you even tell you are using auto-aim of fortnite?
moble gamming
moble gamming Hace 5 días
If u really have aimbot why didn't u get at least a win
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Hace 5 días
just flag him off... every fortnite youtuber does this ban ban ban
Alfredo The Man
Alfredo The Man Hace 5 días
Sernandoe has entered the chat
Tomm Irvine
Tomm Irvine Hace 6 días
Funny thing about fortnite is it’s so glitchy and shitty if someone hacks or used aimbot no one would notice because of how often people get lazered and shot through walls
Bryan Aviles
Bryan Aviles Hace 6 días
Misses shots: "He'S AcTuAlLy HaCkInG, ePiC bAn HiM"
NickManBruh Hace 6 días
Wtf is wrong with the way this guy speaks
Changed Wizard
Changed Wizard Hace 6 días
Guys its okay to cheat as long as you are recording and making money off it
Sir Idowas
Sir Idowas Hace 6 días
Stop clickbaiting bruh...
chrystle cueva
chrystle cueva Hace 7 días
You are a bot
Randi Teninty
Randi Teninty Hace 7 días
How does a controller have aimbot
Jean GBR
Jean GBR Hace 7 días
Hey maaan, u kill me bro haha 4:00
Feminism Hace 7 días
this is just the autoaim fortnite gives you if you user controller nice try
EliteSnowWolf Hace 7 días
guy sounds like DoniBobes
Pewds fan 69
Pewds fan 69 Hace 7 días
Where do I buy this
MrBeppe Hace 7 días
A lot of peaple say that xbox players suck. Let me tell ya, im from xbox and peaple is much better
I Do Not
I Do Not Hace 3 días
ORIN PAO Hace 7 días
Can't understand a word he's saying
Mark Pearston
Mark Pearston Hace 7 días
I’ll take some chicken. Thanks
BluntsAndGuts Hace 7 días
You wasn’t playing arena
Jimppa Slayer
Jimppa Slayer Hace 7 días
What he tryna say
ViP3R_SKU11 Hace 7 días
We need a good player to test this out
Datreo Hace 8 días
Hablo español y no le entendi ni verga, que el dijo xd?
Chris Bowles
Chris Bowles Hace 8 días
Literally revealed his own postcode when showing the controller
DJY djy
DJY djy Hace 8 días
I forgot to like. So now I’m never going to the toilet...
Giraffe Hace 4 días
Did you go to the toilet yet
Zar_ ttg
Zar_ ttg Hace 8 días
Some high definition what camera do you use
Jack Wassy
Jack Wassy Hace 8 días
I like how this guy calls other players annoying and trash cans yet he’s using a modded controller with aimbot etc for “science purposes”
dj waterninja426
dj waterninja426 Hace 8 días
I know I’m late to watching this but shotgun we can see where the controller is getting shipped to at 1:47
Ben Btv
Ben Btv Hace 8 días
Y sound like fresh
Jake Malette
Jake Malette Hace 9 días
*first minute into video* uhhh... WHAT?? SPEKUH DI ENGRICH?
TheLegendDino Hace 9 días
On what server are you playing, because I really want to encounter that sort of enemies in my game... But yeah, everytime i play I encounter enemies like they are playing with "that sort of controller"
MarshmallowGaming TV
MarshmallowGaming TV Hace 9 días
you literally didnt play arena
678 jayjay
678 jayjay Hace 9 días
"Licking u feet and everything" ffs 😂😂😂😂thats y i liked
Nathaniel Hinton
Nathaniel Hinton Hace 9 días
samurai 7 love your profile pic
Regret _
Regret _ Hace 9 días
Nodded zone says only rapid fire works
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