I Tried Selling My Diamond Play Button **they really offered this**

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FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Hace 6 meses

We took my 10 million subscriber diamond plaque to pawn shops to see how much they would buy it for... We also tested to see if it was real diamond!
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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Hace 6 meses
like & subscribe and you will get a 10 million diamond play button by the end of the year
Bethany Miller
Bethany Miller Hace 24 días
Max Reyes
Max Reyes Hace un mes
Robert AlvaradoJr
Robert AlvaradoJr Hace un mes
Ok I did you have me every day after school l love your videos so much
King-kroblox Hace un mes
FaZe Rug I subcribe
David Lechuga
David Lechuga Hace 2 meses
FaZe Rug hi
Vika Niupalau
Vika Niupalau Hace 56 minutos
1k subscribers without any videos challenge
1k subscribers without any videos challenge Hace 3 horas
He said its priceless then he seen the Gucci bag then he said I'm down lol
Soledad Roman
Soledad Roman Hace 3 horas
I watched SS Sniper Wolf first of her trying to sell her plaque and then I came to watch this video
Riley does stuff
Riley does stuff Hace 3 horas
I've been going 5 years
Allie Harwood
Allie Harwood Hace 3 horas
Leafy Hace 6 horas
Was that a boy or a girl
awesome 88012
awesome 88012 Hace 6 horas
Can’t wait until you get 100mil to see what thats worth!
Yung Golfcart
Yung Golfcart Hace 8 horas
I’d say it’s worth 10,500$ because it has your name on it, but for morgz you would have to pay me to take it
LittleOpian LO
LittleOpian LO Hace 13 horas
The diamond play button isn’t actual diamond 🤦🏽‍♂️
Braybraybacon Carries bots
Braybraybacon Carries bots Hace 13 horas
CuddleBear :3
CuddleBear :3 Hace 13 horas
FaZe Rug: Only ESwomenr's with 10 Million Subscribers have this.... ESwomen Company: Am I a joke to you?
RANGE BLACK Hace 17 horas
They said their driving for 5 hour but to the video it's 8 minutes
JIB Rios
JIB Rios Hace 19 horas
Im a fan
JIB Rios
JIB Rios Hace 19 horas
ChubbyJamesYT Hace 23 horas
10 million views anyone?
Cruz O
Cruz O Hace un día
7:00 you can see a Lamborghini logo
Harish Mutyam
Harish Mutyam Hace un día
It's invaluable 🤘
Sandy Snider
Sandy Snider Hace un día
Faze: Im hoping its like four digets like 1000$ Me: I have a four diget number 0001 xD
MobilePlays 101
MobilePlays 101 Hace un día
7:48 that music do It was funny cuz she couldn’t help either 😂 🤣
Mikel Brunet
Mikel Brunet Hace un día
Hi rug
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy Hace un día
I love Sssniperwolf
TenerCube TTV
TenerCube TTV Hace un día
Probably $500
Chris Cabrera
Chris Cabrera Hace un día
bruh if someone offered me 10,000,000 dollars for that i will sell it in a instant
Crazy Minnesotans
Crazy Minnesotans Hace un día
I think it’s too much
dehswitch Hace un día
worth less
Life of Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Life of Jeddah Saudi Arabia Hace un día
Katie Wong
Katie Wong Hace un día
Scratch glass and if it scratches then it might be diamond
Katie Wong
Katie Wong Hace un día
*flexing* No hate 😅
Keno PASCO Hace un día
Shout out
Keno PASCO Hace un día
Faze can u shout uot me pls and watch my videos in youtube sub me if you want name is keno and kobi pasco
Faysal Muhammad
Faysal Muhammad Hace un día
The 10 million subscribers plaque materially may not be that much valuable, but the reward makes it valuable which money can't buy.
Dafuq Hace un día
Same like Mr Beast channel doing stupid content
Ansh Talwar
Ansh Talwar Hace un día
2 mil
Im a blinkeu Blackpink Is Life
Im a blinkeu Blackpink Is Life Hace un día
Im surprise this video isn't DeMoNItIZE YET like youtube do everytime
pelaaja hemmo
pelaaja hemmo Hace un día
I like really sell for nothing its cool
Jett Hickey
Jett Hickey Hace 2 días
BombTubeJamz Hace 2 días
Should of went to rick Harrison
habiba sayed
habiba sayed Hace 2 días
Fraziixian Official
Fraziixian Official Hace 2 días
6:09 I think that's a girl
Tomas Dobbins
Tomas Dobbins Hace 2 días
Normal people of society”oh yeah this is just heavy plastic” faze “UhThIs Is prIcLeSs”
Adam 86
Adam 86 Hace 2 días
500 bucks is pretty good for the cheaply made shit... the achievement it represents is of course way more.. but the object itself is crap.
Zelin Ren
Zelin Ren Hace 2 días
I love your vids
Xiaomin Li
Xiaomin Li Hace 2 días
10million is million dollars
Shayena Rahman
Shayena Rahman Hace 2 días
Are you a real FaZe
Noah Kelch
Noah Kelch Hace 2 días
Why does no one know what the play button is
Victoria Fajardo
Victoria Fajardo Hace 2 días
that dimond thing in the middle is glass
Thalassinos Mitsou
Thalassinos Mitsou Hace 2 días
200$ maybe
Moomnazeshan.haider@gmail.com Haider
Moomnazeshan.haider@gmail.com Haider Hace 2 días
I think it costs about 10,000,000
Nabil Mahit Erraji
Nabil Mahit Erraji Hace 2 días
Nabil Mahit Erraji
Nabil Mahit Erraji Hace 2 días
Yo vine aqui por culpa de que thegrefg no subió el video prometido y tenia las duda para saber cuanto costaba
saima moin
saima moin Hace 2 días
I searched it on Google it was 50 dollars
Vicky Dix
Vicky Dix Hace 2 días
I’m not a ESwomen tho
Lichi Nana
Lichi Nana Hace 2 días
It real price is 1000000000000
Maryjoy Capin
Maryjoy Capin Hace 3 días
metal playbutton
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell Hace 3 días
Dude at @6:00
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace 3 días
He said 10 billion
Stefan from the verge Anti pc disposal squad
Stefan from the verge Anti pc disposal squad Hace 3 días
I would only pay like $5
Jung Whang
Jung Whang Hace 3 días
All this is is a big flex
kc Garcia
kc Garcia Hace 3 días
10:52 is that Albert???
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Cummings Hace 3 días
Upward and onward!
Jayzx 13
Jayzx 13 Hace 3 días
I did not now fazerug do coke
Polish Afrikaner
Polish Afrikaner Hace 3 días
This must be for little kids
Izyoboi Zid
Izyoboi Zid Hace 3 días
Sell it on auction or eBay
GangXx54Bloodlitlikebit Hace 3 días
Imagine if the girl that told him to keep it actually switched it
Jony Hernández
Jony Hernández Hace 3 días
50000 dollars
Jeremy Kinsey
Jeremy Kinsey Hace 3 días
I bought a diamond ring for a woman. It didn’t work out. I tried to sell it back to the jeweler I bought it from.. paid 2500$.. it was only worth 500$
Ivan Venegas
Ivan Venegas Hace 3 días
Raizen jade Domingo
Raizen jade Domingo Hace 3 días
10M?? OR 5M???? OR 50M?????? IDK TELL ME
Lena Olena
Lena Olena Hace 3 días
I would sell it for 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Lena Olena
Lena Olena Hace 3 días
It would be expensive
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