I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial

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Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

Hace un mes

So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps - and last year I even tried following a soap art tutorial to attempt to make my own batch of snazzy, swirly soap. So when I stumbled upon a whole new category of soapy treats - *dessert* soaps - I figured, we had to try and make some soap cupcakes for ourselves. So I followed a sparkling champagne soap cupcake tutorial from Soap Queen TV/Bramble Berry with ~interesting~ results, to say the least!
EDIT: also, apparently the goggles we were wearing aren't the safest option, so if you try something like this please get some real soap-making goggles!!
This video is NOT sponsored!!
Safiya's Instagram: instagram.com/safiyany/
Twitter: twitter.com/safiyajn
Facebook: facebook.com/safnygaard/
The tutorial we followed is here: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-qwnm0gpJk2M.html
You can check out Anne Marie's channel here: eswomen.com/wname-soapqueentv
And the Soap Queen blog here: www.soapqueen.com/
And the Brambleberry store here: www.brambleberry.com/
And the inspo for this video, Nectar Bath Treats here:
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Hace un mes
HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy our latest foray into the world of soap making!! as a disclaimer, the footage filmed in the soap store at the beginning of the video was pre-quarantine! i hope u all are staying safe
vald bagina
vald bagina Hace 3 días
you ok? you havent posted in a while.
Chloe Orton
Chloe Orton Hace 6 días
SpaceOrc13 Hace 9 días
You did an incredible job, Safiya! They look great!
Addison Fagundes
Addison Fagundes Hace 9 días
You should melt and mix all the lush soaps! Just like the bath bombs.
Chloeokee Hace 19 días
Love you so much ❤️, missing u being on ESwomen
yolkyolk Hace 6 horas
"homemade with love, but not much skill." LMAO that killed me
Carrie Swank
Carrie Swank Hace 6 horas
New soaps!
Joy2thec Hace 7 horas
When will there be another video?!?!
Unicorn Wilson
Unicorn Wilson Hace 10 horas
Sapfiya are u dead
Helena Valencia
Helena Valencia Hace 10 horas
Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep lol
Izzy Hace 12 horas
I miss you 😢
Turtle King
Turtle King Hace 13 horas
U r in ten
massacre makeup by toni Defields
massacre makeup by toni Defields Hace 14 horas
Wait where did your merch go ?!!!! :(
J Sand
J Sand Hace 15 horas
When is the "baby" soap coming?
Amelia Sie
Amelia Sie Hace 16 horas
ok yall anyone else notice that safiya's kitchen layout is exactly the same as jenna's?? like even the over the stove faucet is the same
Grace Yost
Grace Yost Hace 17 horas
You should make something with Royalty Soaps 😊
Djana Mebelli
Djana Mebelli Hace 18 horas
Can you make a house tour pls
Nadia Rodrigues
Nadia Rodrigues Hace 19 horas
Hii Saf Please come back it’s been a hole month 💔🤍 missing you guys.
Carla Silva
Carla Silva Hace 22 horas
Pleaseeee make more videos i need them!!!
Rita Arya
Rita Arya Hace un día
That was soooo good for a first try!!👍👍👍
Fawzia Tarek
Fawzia Tarek Hace un día
Ok why the hell did you stop posting like im no longer interested in you're videos you BARELY! post anything Like what a video once a month or 2 what the hell is this honestly I don't think you even care you're ESwomen channel anymore?! (im not hating im just saying my personal opinion everyone has their own so don't attack me💅🏽)
Lara Kutin Funda
Lara Kutin Funda Hace 15 horas
Last year she posted about 21 videos ... This year, in the past six + months she's posted 4 (plus the wedding dance) ... I don't know what they're doing either 🤔🙄
Angela Hetherington
Angela Hetherington Hace un día
You did wonderfully!!!!
Sonya Bantick
Sonya Bantick Hace un día
Hi love your videos have you made 1 about all the different hair brushes you can buy 💜
Joceline Goss
Joceline Goss Hace un día
How are you not demonetized from the last video
Olive Gabrielle Evetts-Perry
Olive Gabrielle Evetts-Perry Hace un día
When will you post again? Please post if anyone knows why she isn’t posting please tell me
Femo Memo
Femo Memo Hace un día
Safiya really screams "WAAAA" when she's scared huh?
Audrey Adams
Audrey Adams Hace un día
You should do kind of a sequel to this video where you try to bake the real cupcakes that are edible 😏😏😏
no name
no name Hace un día
What happened to videos, only once every other month now?
Lufa2023 Hace un día
Me: Safiya hasnt uploaded since her bathbomb video- My notofacations: Safiya Just uploaded a new vid- Me: I HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! IT HAS TO BE SO GOOD- Oh, its Soap.........
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Hace un día
For the first time doing this those cupcakes look sensational!
Glenda Mazariegos
Glenda Mazariegos Hace un día
Glenda Mazariegos
Glenda Mazariegos Hace un día
Safiya why havent you been posting videos
Ofelia Esquivias
Ofelia Esquivias Hace un día
Missy K
Missy K Hace un día
I've been making homemade soap for years thanks to Anne Marie. Brambleberry has the best soap making supplies and their fragrance oils are to die for.
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Do a house tour saf
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Do a house tour saf
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Do a house tour saf
Sofie Storli Olsen
Sofie Storli Olsen Hace un día
Why havent you posted?
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Saf do a house tour
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Do a house tour saf
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Saf do a house tour
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Do a house tour saf
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Safiya do a house tour
lola munchkin
lola munchkin Hace un día
Saf do a house tour
Emily Finn
Emily Finn Hace un día
I paused it at the best moment 16:02 😂😂😂😂
soylalilalilalula Hace un día
The Saf night sky version is sooo much better than the original!
Weasel Buttercup
Weasel Buttercup Hace un día
Ахах!) Побольше бы таких видео :)
Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez Hace un día
mixing all the hand sanitizers she can find
Piper Dayton
Piper Dayton Hace un día
Mix all the Bath and Body Works perfumes/ lotions together?
Caroline Fraser
Caroline Fraser Hace un día
Parker Douglas
Parker Douglas Hace un día
who else thinks safiya needs to mix all the soaps from her fav soap store!
X Sushi time X
X Sushi time X Hace un día
" - Holo-" Heyyy Christineeeee is hereeee
Adree Hace un día
Why does she only upload once a month 🥴
UwU xD
UwU xD Hace un día
Its been a month since she uploaded
Adree Hace un día
If that.
Floor Brabers
Floor Brabers Hace 2 días
You can use them to clean your make up brushes because they have so much texture I did that with mine al lot
K-popTrashPanda Hace 2 días
Honestly, Saf swearing like a million times when she was piping out the frosting is such a mood
ItsMatcha Hace 2 días
You oddlynremind me of adams family lmao
Sarah Noelle
Sarah Noelle Hace 2 días
When they said “smack that” the song by akon started playing in my head and i responded “all on the floor” 😂
xAmai Doku
xAmai Doku Hace 2 días
18:59 it looks like the purple cupcakes from cat in the hat and now I want to eat them
_random_ _person_
_random_ _person_ Hace 2 días
Jānis Spenners
Jānis Spenners Hace 2 días
Why are your videos soooooooooooo long
Angel Gordon
Angel Gordon Hace 2 días
new video idea: Mix all the soaps from bath and bodyworks to make a Frankinsoap?
Ally Patti
Ally Patti Hace 2 días
Franken Cookie, mixing all the cookie doughs together
Sophia Sauseda
Sophia Sauseda Hace 2 días
Heyyy micha powder😬😬 not great... kids in developing countries ave paid very little for dangerous child labor mining in unsafe caves for micha and it’s really not something to promote or buy, (try to avoid it in your makeup items)
Melodi Kosagan
Melodi Kosagan Hace 2 días
It’s been a while since I actually checked out Safiya’s profile and I noticed something... “New videos every other week” 😂
Harjit Kaur
Harjit Kaur Hace 2 días
"Holo glitter" simply nailogical💅
Noel Kathleen
Noel Kathleen Hace 2 días
Lye is used in hair relaxing
Life With Luke
Life With Luke Hace 2 días
Post more
ADHD Alex Hace 2 días
where is all the food, that fridge is BEYOND empty, what do you people eat? soap???
Ashley Tijerina
Ashley Tijerina Hace 2 días
I always love how vampy you look sometimes
Evelyn Chaulklin
Evelyn Chaulklin Hace 2 días
Are you and Freddy from BuzzFeed still friends
Sunny Faith
Sunny Faith Hace 2 días
You should do a video with SimplyNailLogical and bake a cake using nail powder next time you two are together and after this pandemic is over
Kate Ashton
Kate Ashton Hace 2 días
Does anyone else really miss Saf's weekly uploads? I always forget that she's my favorite youtuber until I see her monthly video. Just wish she were around more :-(
Your soapfia 🙃
Owen W
Owen W Hace 2 días
Safiya: Doing a perfectly fine job frosting the soap on top of her soap cupcakes. Also Safiya: "Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck"
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