I Tried Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

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Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra Schultzzie

Hace un mes

Trying on dolls kill halloween costumes! I tried fashion nova halloween costumes last week, now I'm doing a try on haul of dollskill costumes! I tried some weird dolls kill plus size and standard size women's halloween costumes to give my brutally honest review!
I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-oVve3TdimfQ.html
Styling the Ugliest Clothes from Dolls Kill for a Week eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-4ow3XvWTxog.html
Women's Halloween Costumes that Shouldn't Exist eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-vXGqYPspTLU.html
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I Tried Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To
Sierra Schultzzie

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Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett Hace 2 días
I say costyoom too!!! lmfao
Robin Cecelia
Robin Cecelia Hace 12 días
Halloween is over, but you know.... Also these costumes are so dang expensive what the heck?! I was Taako from The Adventure Zone: Balance this year
Aashmika Mishra
Aashmika Mishra Hace 13 días
I totally enjoy your all videos...
lexy oesterwind
lexy oesterwind Hace 14 días
I like the Zombabe top on you! :) I love the glasses for the crazy cat lady costume, they are super cute! I LOVE the skeleton top & beret of the dead girl scout costume!
Emily Torgalski
Emily Torgalski Hace 15 días
Where is your sweater from! It’s so cute
Bya Serra
Bya Serra Hace 16 días
can't hear "party city" without thinking of rpdr
Elizabeth Midford
Elizabeth Midford Hace 17 días
I think Dolls Kill's best quality is looking at their models on tbe website. I know they're an alternative store, so I went to look for shoes on their a few months ago. I found two or three shoes, but I didn't know their clothes were so scandalous. The models rock them.
Katie Licheni
Katie Licheni Hace 17 días
I say it like coshtume as well!!!!
LovelyIKnowx Hace 17 días
Flashback to Mia Maples
Chloe O'Keeffe
Chloe O'Keeffe Hace 18 días
Love the Girl Scout outfit as it is so cute
Nayandria Waters
Nayandria Waters Hace 18 días
So upset that they didn’t call it the Ghoul Scout costume
Nayandria Waters
Nayandria Waters Hace 18 días
So upset that they didn’t call it the Ghoul Scout costume
madi Jay
madi Jay Hace 18 días
I had one of their cheerleader costumes and their large didn’t cover my booty, and at the time I wearing a size 6 pant. It was cute though
nayi 99
nayi 99 Hace 19 días
dolls kill is a boutique and they have tons of different brands
My neck! My back! My juice box and my snack!
April Dawn
April Dawn Hace 19 días
I have always maintained that putting together a costume or making a legit cosplay yourself is way more creative and fun and probably looks better than most of these overpriced garbage costumes with questionable fabrics and ethics that just contribute to consumerism, bad labor practices and clogging the environment with waste. Especially the cat lady one could be done easily by checking out the thrift store for materials. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I am on the higher side of plus size spectrum and they often don't make them higher than 3X Juniors Plus.
natalie papolis
natalie papolis Hace 19 días
you're lucky Halloween is hot where you live, I grew up wearing a snowsuit under my Halloween costumes when trick or treating😂
Toaster Hace 20 días
My therapist: Pumpkin Sierra isnt real she cant hurt you Pumpkin Sierra: HEY GUYS TIME TO PARTY
Taryn Hace 9 días
I laughed way too hard out loud by myself at this.
Nina Cyra
Nina Cyra Hace 20 días
Way too old for your channel but i love you girl- you are authentic and hilarious xo
Andreia Dumitrica
Andreia Dumitrica Hace 20 días
You look amazing in the strawberry, dead scout and the mad scientist costume
Ceri M
Ceri M Hace 20 días
That pumpkin looks just like the $3 Wish one Annalise Wood had in her video. Rip off for sure
Kelsea Williams
Kelsea Williams Hace 20 días
the jack o lantern costume is literally the slutty pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother
Laura Mae Jobin
Laura Mae Jobin Hace 21 un día
My bestie and I are going to be Mike Wazoiski and Sully💚💙💜
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Hace 21 un día
Mia Maples says costume the same way you do. Everyone pronounces certain words differently
Olive & Eunice
Olive & Eunice Hace 21 un día
I thought 1X usually meant XL?
Carly Sierra NG
Carly Sierra NG Hace 21 un día
Same name not the same comedy you are wayyyy funnier than me
Maria biersack
Maria biersack Hace 21 un día
dollskill carries a lot of brands
Jai Not So Lovely
Jai Not So Lovely Hace 22 días
Don’t even try and say that pumpkin costume wasn’t fire. I wore that costume when I was a child and won a costume contest man.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 22 días
The clueless costume’s underwear should’ve said “As If!” Also all I’ve learned from watching these costume try ons is mia maples, Sierra, and piinksparkles all say “coshtume” 😂
CheshireKat Hace 22 días
I'd probably wear the dead girl scout costume just for fun, not Halloween! And the giraffe one as pajamas.
CheshireKat Hace 22 días
Annalise Wood tried the cat lady costume from Dolls Kill as well and the wig held up just fine. Think you got a bad one. She loved the costume.
pinkfuzzycow Hace 22 días
We really need to stop supporting dolls kill.
Kizzabell Hace 23 días
I say cost-yoom. I think everyone pronounces it like that in Australia.
Catherine Hace 23 días
Dolls kill is definitely a boutique store. Been shopping there for years and have never bought anything from there that was actually the brand "dolls kill". Probably cause I don't buy halloween costumes
Paige Connelly
Paige Connelly Hace 23 días
We say costume as "coshtune" in UK and seeing as we are the inventors of the English language, you are right, Sierra, and everybody else is wrong. Next.
Lilly Hace 23 días
If anyone ever has a stocking, boot, etc that doesn't have the rubber to help it stay up you can use a small line of hot glue to give it the same affect.
Karina H
Karina H Hace 23 días
I say “coshtume”
Erica Macon
Erica Macon Hace 23 días
I actually think the pumpkin looks cute on you. Change the head peice with a bow
Rachel M
Rachel M Hace 24 días
Way too many commercials!!!
Miss Hush
Miss Hush Hace 24 días
To me, about 90% of the products on Dollskill is overpriced and crap quality :/
Tracey Crawford
Tracey Crawford Hace 24 días
I love the pumpkin!!
Adora Mae
Adora Mae Hace 25 días
I'm fairly certain that's the same pumpkin costume I wore for my first Halloween when I was like, 8 months old.
Marie Knowlton
Marie Knowlton Hace 25 días
I love the pumpkin lol it’s so cute!
MissDarkkya Hace 25 días
Yeah easy to come up as a giraffe.. '^^
Janelle King
Janelle King Hace 25 días
But... Dolls Kill DOES sell multiple brands. Lazy Oaf, Dr. Martens, Delias. And they do say when it's a different brand from Dolls Kill.
Melissa Chavez
Melissa Chavez Hace 25 días
Not to be rude but Dolls kill actually carries a lot of brands, (dr martens, poster grl, delia*s, lime crime etc) if you actually look it says what brand it is above the name of the item and/or in the description (at least typically it does).
Sophie Elizabeth
Sophie Elizabeth Hace 25 días
Does anyone know what Sierras Poshmark is??
Chantelle Coster
Chantelle Coster Hace 26 días
When you said you used to work with wigs a lot I immediately looked for wig videos on your channel! Would love if you did wig hauls showing how to style them, trying cheaper ones vs expensive ones ect*
Katie Jack
Katie Jack Hace 26 días
Wow I never regretted WATCHING this in my ENTIRE LIFE
Sadie Frye
Sadie Frye Hace 26 días
Sierra at the beginning of the video: "I am going to try to say "costume" correctly in this video" Sierra for the rest of the video "COSHTUME"
Dani Stratosphere
Dani Stratosphere Hace 27 días
Dolls Kill does sell lots of other brands tho! Not just their own.
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Hace 27 días
I really liked that dead girl scout look - wish I'd seen that before I ordered my costume - so up my alley.
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Hace 27 días
I so glad I found Sierra. I have often looked at the plus-size costumes on Dolls Kill and Fashion Nova and thought "really? are plus-size girls actually going to wear that outside for Halloween?" So many of these things only look bedroom-appropriate.
Danny Nielsen
Danny Nielsen Hace 27 días
I'm gonna be a dead prom king for halloween, just in case you were wondering. @SierraSchultizzie
Marina The Octoling
Marina The Octoling Hace 27 días
And i almost threw up from this🤢
Faith marie
Faith marie Hace 28 días
I need that scientist costume 😭💖 soooooo cute
Miki Hazel
Miki Hazel Hace 28 días
The pumpkin costume suits you.
amberisrad Hace 28 días
idk about anyone else but i always knew dollskill hosted other items on their website from different brands
Margaret Yonce
Margaret Yonce Hace 28 días
Get this girl to a million please please
100K subs with no videos challenge
100K subs with no videos challenge Hace 28 días
Omggggg goalzzzzzz🐙🦑🦔🕸🦓🤪🤪
Bunny Hace 29 días
I also say costchume ... i’ve never had anyone point it out though wtf
Sabrina Forrest
Sabrina Forrest Hace 29 días
Hi would you be willing to sell the clueless costume because dollskill is sold out with that one??? 🤞🏾🤞🏾
Shinigami Hace 29 días
I pretty much only shop on Dollskill for Psycho Rebel, Lurking Class and some Killstar.
Sue B
Sue B Hace 29 días
When did girl scouts ever wear black? Nope .. always dark green.
Sue B
Sue B Hace 29 días
They are too short! You couldn't sit down or bend the slightest if you actually go out in these!
Tierra Robbins
Tierra Robbins Hace un mes
The strawberry reminds me of Christmas...
DiscoverTheMonkey Hace un mes
Is it bad that i love The pumpkin costume? That is totally something I would wear 😂
Kelli Braun
Kelli Braun Hace un mes
the pumpkin costume is my absolute favorite OMG lol
Jess Lynn
Jess Lynn Hace un mes
I don't think those 1X shorts would've even fit me, and I'm between an XS and a S
Lauren D'Amico
Lauren D'Amico Hace un mes
u look like a push pin
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