I Tried Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

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Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra Schultzzie

Hace 8 meses

Trying on dolls kill halloween costumes! I tried fashion nova halloween costumes last week, now I'm doing a try on haul of dollskill costumes! I tried some weird dolls kill plus size and standard size women's halloween costumes to give my brutally honest review!
I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-oVve3TdimfQ.html
Styling the Ugliest Clothes from Dolls Kill for a Week eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-4ow3XvWTxog.html
Women's Halloween Costumes that Shouldn't Exist eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-vXGqYPspTLU.html
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I Tried Dolls Kill Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To
Sierra Schultzzie

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Annika M
Annika M Hace 8 días
Gotta say, as a European who is used to European (overweight) sizes I am so confused about the differences between XL and 1X, XXL and 2X, like??? America why???
Black Kun
Black Kun Hace 11 días
8:43 my fav
Amanda Hace 14 días
Why do I love that pumpkin coshtume tho
Word Of Imagination With Ashleigh
Word Of Imagination With Ashleigh Hace 14 días
that clueless costume is so cute on you
Abbey darci
Abbey darci Hace 17 días
I live in Canada and I can't wear any cute Halloween costumes because I have to put a parka under it. (I have to wear things like that pumpkin) :(
Hey It’s Lana
Hey It’s Lana Hace 20 días
the clueless costume should of said “as if!” on the back instead
Alicia Altom
Alicia Altom Hace 24 días
Me: Some of these were awful! Also me: heads straight over to dolls kill to plan Halloween 2020 (Yall mfks better not ruin it with rona!) 😂🎃 seriously though. Just give us haloween plz!
purplegrrl711 Hace 25 días
You say costume like Australians do
Susan Sherlock
Susan Sherlock Hace un mes
You look sooo hot in that strawberry costume!
estelle healer
estelle healer Hace un mes
I pronounce costume both ways hahahaha
Iyar g
Iyar g Hace un mes
SeXy CoRn
Keri N
Keri N Hace un mes
I don't understand why people are so annoyed by the way you say costume..........like, WHO CARES!
EmmaJane Poteet
EmmaJane Poteet Hace un mes
Honestly you can make any Halloween costume out of an old dance costume and they make the best costumes........ I was an angel with an old ballet costume
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan Hace un mes
don't change the way you say things to make your fans happy. if they say anything against it, they don't love you for you. I have a slight lisp and mispronounce a couple of words and used to try to change the way I said them. I would practice until I noticed what I was doing. actually training myself to speak differently. so yeah, please be yourself and speak the way you speak. kay bye! :)
Jessica Brighton
Jessica Brighton Hace un mes
Don't worry Sierra in Australia we pronounce it "coshtume" aswell.
Mary Jo Frausto
Mary Jo Frausto Hace 2 meses
giraffe? Oops!
Mary Jo Frausto
Mary Jo Frausto Hace 2 meses
Loved the leopard hoodie set! A keeper.
Aishayas Sain
Aishayas Sain Hace 2 meses
I swear to god my baby brother was given this Halloween costume and was so purely terrified of it he ran around the house screaming and I feel like that was the appropriate reaction
Lovi Tomato
Lovi Tomato Hace 2 meses
I think it's more of a Madegascar reference
Chanel Cupcake
Chanel Cupcake Hace 3 meses
I liked the pumpkin the most on you just make sure you wear pants when you wear it out 😂
Malynn Hace 3 meses
"It's gonna be a no from me dawg." 😆
TJ jones
TJ jones Hace 3 meses
If I was an enzyme I would be a helicase so I can unzip your genes
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward Hace 3 meses
I also say cosh-tume not cos-toom 😂 I'm British though 😁
Nicole Rodrigue
Nicole Rodrigue Hace 3 meses
The fact that they put “Whatever” on the Clueless costume underwear instead of “As if!” is a huge missed opportunity.
LaLaLanD MyO
LaLaLanD MyO Hace 3 meses
You do stand just in one Position. I Think that this way you Cant see the peoduct verry well!🤔😔
Madame Red
Madame Red Hace 4 meses
oh my god i lowkey love the pumpkin one
2D's blue-ty shorts
2D's blue-ty shorts Hace 4 meses
Yo, I would highkey wear the girl scout costume (minus the sash and hat) as a legit outfit.
Mikaela Hace 4 meses
dolls kill is pretty terrible for sizing of their costumes. I got the hell scout costume last year in a small and the top width was about 4 INCHES smaller than the skirt! I had to take the skirt in for it to fit me 😤
cat cat
cat cat Hace 4 meses
The best Halloween costume I've bought was from Dolls Kill, it was a leopard outfit that was moderately sexy and, crucially, WARM. It had cute paws with pink toebeans and everything. They had a sexier version of it too that I did not go for but like you said it's nice to be able to choose what level of revealing you want.
Violet soul
Violet soul Hace 4 meses
Dollskill: zombae Mykie/glam&Gore: am I a joke to you??
Rosalina Hoff Kjærgaard
Rosalina Hoff Kjærgaard Hace 4 meses
I just lost the game
Lunam Hace 4 meses
7:47 if there was a competition for the lamest costume this costume would win
bcgrote Hace 5 meses
Long neck cheetah FTW!
Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young Hace 5 meses
the clueless costume reminds me of Iggy Azalas fancy costume
Tahnee Sanchez
Tahnee Sanchez Hace 5 meses
You had me rolling with that pumpkin costume! 🤣😂
Michelle Bates
Michelle Bates Hace 5 meses
@SierraSchultzzie I found this on facebook today. It is for diet pills and they put you in it as the before and used a different girl for after. I thought you should know this.. facebook.com/107749043968891/posts/160742955336166/
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Hace 6 meses
Dolls Kill actually is a boutique. It has a bunch of different brands on the website including Sugar Thrillz.
Jenna R.O.
Jenna R.O. Hace 6 meses
No one: Not even fashion nova: Sierra:MY BACK MY NECK 🎶🎤
unicornzNbeez Hace 6 meses
I pass on all these costumes 😂
Mercy Maker
Mercy Maker Hace 6 meses
Sierra: *clap* hey guys time to party! Everyone else: 'ight I'ma head out
Lexi Tesi
Lexi Tesi Hace 6 meses
I loved the jack o lantern! It looked so cute on you
Pejan Hace 7 meses
If the “seeds” on the strawberry costume fall off you could just be a tomato!😂🍅
Victoria Nomad Madison
Victoria Nomad Madison Hace 7 meses
New subscriber here love your videos your awesome ❤️
sheshe7 j
sheshe7 j Hace 7 meses
I'm in Washington and next year I'm definitely wearing that giraffe outfit ☺️
nancy simpson
nancy simpson Hace 7 meses
I like the yellow
nancy simpson
nancy simpson Hace 7 meses
it looks too big, in the armpits. love the color I would wear it, I'm about your size I truly am grateful that you do the videos that you do, it helps me feel a little less self-conscious about my size. thank you so much.
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes Hace 7 meses
I say coshhhhtume also, screw everyone who has a problem with it, they know what you’re saying “I’m a long neck cheetah” 😂
Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett Hace 7 meses
I say costyoom too!!! lmfao
Robin Cecelia
Robin Cecelia Hace 8 meses
Halloween is over, but you know.... Also these costumes are so dang expensive what the heck?! I was Taako from The Adventure Zone: Balance this year
pilates perfect
pilates perfect Hace 8 meses
I totally enjoy your all videos...
lexy oesterwind
lexy oesterwind Hace 8 meses
I like the Zombabe top on you! :) I love the glasses for the crazy cat lady costume, they are super cute! I LOVE the skeleton top & beret of the dead girl scout costume!
Emily Torgalski
Emily Torgalski Hace 8 meses
Where is your sweater from! It’s so cute
Bya Serra
Bya Serra Hace 8 meses
can't hear "party city" without thinking of rpdr
Elizabeth Midford hates cops.
Elizabeth Midford hates cops. Hace 8 meses
I think Dolls Kill's best quality is looking at their models on tbe website. I know they're an alternative store, so I went to look for shoes on their a few months ago. I found two or three shoes, but I didn't know their clothes were so scandalous. The models rock them.
Katie Licheni
Katie Licheni Hace 8 meses
I say it like coshtume as well!!!!
LovelyIKnowx Hace 8 meses
Flashback to Mia Maples
Chloe O'Keeffe
Chloe O'Keeffe Hace 8 meses
Love the Girl Scout outfit as it is so cute
Nayandria Waters
Nayandria Waters Hace 8 meses
So upset that they didn’t call it the Ghoul Scout costume
Nayandria Waters
Nayandria Waters Hace 8 meses
So upset that they didn’t call it the Ghoul Scout costume
No P
No P Hace 8 meses
I had one of their cheerleader costumes and their large didn’t cover my booty, and at the time I wearing a size 6 pant. It was cute though
nayi 99
nayi 99 Hace 8 meses
dolls kill is a boutique and they have tons of different brands
My neck! My back! My juice box and my snack!
April Hace 8 meses
I have always maintained that putting together a costume or making a legit cosplay yourself is way more creative and fun and probably looks better than most of these overpriced garbage costumes with questionable fabrics and ethics that just contribute to consumerism, bad labor practices and clogging the environment with waste. Especially the cat lady one could be done easily by checking out the thrift store for materials. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I am on the higher side of plus size spectrum and they often don't make them higher than 3X Juniors Plus.
Nat Pap
Nat Pap Hace 8 meses
you're lucky Halloween is hot where you live, I grew up wearing a snowsuit under my Halloween costumes when trick or treating😂
Toaster Hace 8 meses
My therapist: Pumpkin Sierra isnt real she cant hurt you Pumpkin Sierra: HEY GUYS TIME TO PARTY
Alicia Altom
Alicia Altom Hace 24 días
Laurie Cox
Laurie Cox Hace 2 meses
Toaster this made me legit laugh out loud!
Aishayas Sain
Aishayas Sain Hace 2 meses
Toaster in quarantine and laughed at this so hard I now feel light headed
Taryn Hace 8 meses
I laughed way too hard out loud by myself at this.
Nina Cyra
Nina Cyra Hace 8 meses
Way too old for your channel but i love you girl- you are authentic and hilarious xo
Andreia Dumitrica
Andreia Dumitrica Hace 8 meses
You look amazing in the strawberry, dead scout and the mad scientist costume
Ceri M
Ceri M Hace 8 meses
That pumpkin looks just like the $3 Wish one Annalise Wood had in her video. Rip off for sure
Kelsea Williams
Kelsea Williams Hace 8 meses
the jack o lantern costume is literally the slutty pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother
Laura Mae Jobin
Laura Mae Jobin Hace 8 meses
My bestie and I are going to be Mike Wazoiski and Sully💚💙💜
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