I tried 10 Crazy Challenges for 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

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I tried 10 Crazy Challenges for 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to I did 10 Crazy Challenges for 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
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Natasha Espital
Natasha Espital Hace 34 minutos
azzy i love your videos
Isabella Applegate
Isabella Applegate Hace 2 horas
my dads 6 ft 4
Tia Yeates
Tia Yeates Hace 3 horas
Who else thinks Azzy is awesome x
1000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
1000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge Hace 4 horas
Anyone who subscribes to me. I will subscribe back . I'm fast
Abraham Groenewald
Abraham Groenewald Hace 4 horas
Jelly also short so
lK ã t į ël
lK ã t į ël Hace 6 horas
Shins for days.
Bethany Boyles
Bethany Boyles Hace 6 horas
Love it well done 😁😁😁
Vallyn Fornes
Vallyn Fornes Hace 7 horas
ابتسام عمر
ابتسام عمر Hace 10 horas
Why do I feel like azzys boyfriend does not like her much and he likes jelly and josh more
Sum yi Ng
Sum yi Ng Hace 13 horas
Lucyheartkill_ fairy
Lucyheartkill_ fairy Hace 14 horas
fredbear99 Hace 15 horas
I'm part duch
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia Hace 17 horas
jordy didnt do a vlog that day so that's what he was doing
Ceasar Gonzalez
Ceasar Gonzalez Hace 20 horas
It's like watching my mom making a big mess after cooking 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🎂
Skyler Nita
Skyler Nita Hace 20 horas
Charry Gamer1257
Charry Gamer1257 Hace 21 un hora
OMG I want one of those people who subscribed
Charry Gamer1257
Charry Gamer1257 Hace 20 horas
Wait I'm 6 inches shorter than her and I'm 9 WOW
Vercel Catane
Vercel Catane Hace 22 horas
She said 5 two times in putting the grapes in her mouth so it wasn’t 10 it was 11
Marlly Forrester
Marlly Forrester Hace 23 horas
Was literally laughing so hard when she put 11 grapes in the mouth
Chanise George
Chanise George Hace un día
Skylar O’Neil
Skylar O’Neil Hace un día
X3 The 10 feet tall thing must be embarrassing (also I’m still watching the video)
OlivAve Best Friends
OlivAve Best Friends Hace un día
...what are you doing...🤔😑😑 girl what in the world are you doing you can’t make or can you is it what can you do and what can you not day I’m just being silly #YouCan’tBeTallI’mNotTallEitherGirlIGetYouYouGetMe👩🏼👱🏻‍♀️ girl girl girl you can’t stack the cake just kidding try your hardest OK OK
Keepingupwiththeminors Hace un día
Love it 😍
Veronica Estrada
Veronica Estrada Hace un día
Azzy I am 5 feet and I am 11 years old
Little Koharu
Little Koharu Hace un día
Is that in Amsterdam?
Angel Smith
Angel Smith Hace un día
A Canadian advert just came up
Mimuna Hussain
Mimuna Hussain Hace un día
natia mazanashvili
natia mazanashvili Hace un día
Gurl you deserve more then dis subs look what you did in this video lol if l was you l would be like REeEEEEEEEE in cake challange
natia mazanashvili
natia mazanashvili Hace un día
Brodie18Bruh 18
Brodie18Bruh 18 Hace un día
You are the best ESwomenr ever for spending so much time and effort in this video all for us😃
Faith Feathers
Faith Feathers Hace un día
azzyland is my favorite show on youtube i love azzy
Autumn Gacha
Autumn Gacha Hace un día
i will cherish this FOREVER! *drops cake*
jazmine gonzalez
jazmine gonzalez Hace un día
Of corse u would get that much subs your the best!,!! 😁😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leighlani Villareal
Leighlani Villareal Hace un día
Who else almost fell of there bed laughing so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iris OrangeMoon
Iris OrangeMoon Hace un día
I'm 9 and can bake better than you xD
Lil’ Cupcake
Lil’ Cupcake Hace un día
Trishneet Buttar
Trishneet Buttar Hace un día
For some reason when Azzy was taking the cakes out of the oven I SWEAR I smelt the cakes like I swear
Janet Miller-Brown
Janet Miller-Brown Hace un día
I can fit 20 grapes in my mouth🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇
Sofia Leon
Sofia Leon Hace un día
She forgot her size 13 Nikes
Crystal Sink
Crystal Sink Hace 2 días
I have youtube channel called crystal Sink
Crystal Sink
Crystal Sink Hace 2 días
I’m sorry you suffered so much
luna van den berg
luna van den berg Hace 2 días
omg do you really live in the netherlands so yes where cause i also live there maybe i could meet you once in my live
Pack 37 Treasurer
Pack 37 Treasurer Hace 2 días
They are my favorite youtuber
Jenna Lane
Jenna Lane Hace 2 días
Awww azzy we all love you right? give a 👍if you love azzy
Anna Movies
Anna Movies Hace 2 días
Omg I live in the Netherlands too!! I'm actually really tall for a girl!😅 But that's okay coz I live here! I hope we can meet some day🥺💕
Clara Gonzalez
Clara Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Contgrats on the 1 mill i hope u are having fun u are the best wonderfull And beautiful person i have ever seen btw u are the best u tuber i have ever watched and again congrats 😌😌😌🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤗🤗
Rylee Wilson
Rylee Wilson Hace 2 días
I am 9 years old and I'm 5 foot 1 sorry i z but I'm going to be taller than you hopefully
Mohammd Abbaspour
Mohammd Abbaspour Hace 2 días
I😐😐 am from iran
Gubblebum UwU
Gubblebum UwU Hace 2 días
I’m 10 and probably as tall as you!
Life With Lucy
Life With Lucy Hace 2 días
Azzy I'm 5'5 ish too *But I'm 11*
Kinga Kowalczyk
Kinga Kowalczyk Hace 2 días
I live in The Netherlands
Carolina Leon
Carolina Leon Hace 2 días
I’m so sorry you had to do that but it was really funny like so funny thanks for doing it for us 🦋
Libby Mize
Libby Mize Hace 2 días
That was wrong that make you again
Libby Mize
Libby Mize Hace 2 días
Yunior Azcona Ventura
Yunior Azcona Ventura Hace 2 días
I love your videos I’m rossy im 7 years old🤩
Livvi van de Pijpekamp
Livvi van de Pijpekamp Hace 2 días
I live in the Netherlands and my dad is 6,6
Taieba Bushra
Taieba Bushra Hace 2 días
It's not right to express your joy in this methods!!!! you have wasted A LOOOOTTTTT OF FOODS which is really BAD
Dynamic Gacha
Dynamic Gacha Hace 2 días
This is a video of us watching azzy suffer
Gabby Robertson
Gabby Robertson Hace 2 días
i UN SUBSCRIBED from Kwebbalkop sorry if i spell wrong but i thinking about if i should subscribe again...*goes to Kwebbalkop* EDIT i did
Malak Ziani
Malak Ziani Hace 2 días
I’m sick and I was I laughing so hard that my cough got louder and louder
Penelope Bivin
Penelope Bivin Hace 2 días
Never use olive oil when baking!!!
nobody anonymous
nobody anonymous Hace 2 días
poor poor jordy
Crafty Mermaids
Crafty Mermaids Hace 2 días
Azzy tip of advice you’re supposed to stick wooden dowels or skewers inside of the middle of the cake so that it can hold together
Crafty Mermaids
Crafty Mermaids Hace 2 días
I was sick 😷 🤒 but watching azzys video is making me feel better😌I love her videos
Crafty Mermaids
Crafty Mermaids Hace 2 días
“ Chocolate is kind of like vanilla right?”😂😂😂😂im literally dead😂😂
MARY-CATHERINE Pisano Hace 2 días
I am 10 and 5’3”
Victoria Husen
Victoria Husen Hace 2 días
honestly so funny watching this!
Victoria Husen
Victoria Husen Hace 2 días
i full on CRACKED UP laughing when Azzy stuffed her mouth with marshmallows.
Victoria Husen
Victoria Husen Hace 2 días
Dear Azzy: im pretty sure it would be cheaper (and definitely sure it would be easier) to by 10 cake mixes instead of ingredients worth 10 cakes.
Abigail Mccall
Abigail Mccall Hace 2 días
omg, congrats!!!!
Maeve Bidonde
Maeve Bidonde Hace 2 días
Jordi came in while Azzy was baking turned around then walked away. Lol
Cloudfalcon Hace 2 días
We just cracked 4 jumbo eggs and 3 had two yolks
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