I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Hace un mes
Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas
Game Gameplay
Game Gameplay Hace 5 días
Wish you complete all tings whats in mind, you really are on the right path :) Subscribed xD
100 subs no video challenge
100 subs no video challenge Hace 7 días
Always seek discomfort.... please like my comment so I would see this again... and also feel free to subscribe without any reason. thanks.
Seaf Halabi
Seaf Halabi Hace 8 días
Hey , im going to palma de Mallorca
Berserk Studios
Berserk Studios Hace 15 días
Dude if u carry ur pizza delivery guy y can't u get ur subscribers a trip
Zade X1Z
Zade X1Z Hace un hora
What if my first step is to get older?
Alex Jay
Alex Jay Hace 13 horas
"We're taking a water boat" lol is there any other kind of boat???
Kris Kris
Kris Kris Hace 21 un hora
Much love guys..
JustDeluded -
JustDeluded - Hace 23 horas
Pizza time
Bridget McGirr
Bridget McGirr Hace un día
you should see how far you can take a pizza delivery guy around the country by changing where you want the pizza delivered when he gets to each place. BTW I love you channel
Mystic Griff
Mystic Griff Hace un día
Is anyone else confused why they flew Swiss to Venice not Alitalia?
xGeekGames Hace un día
Same hotel as the one that they were in before Exploring with Josh at the Death Island
Ningsang Longchar
Ningsang Longchar Hace un día
Pizza delivery guy and photographer? That guy spider Man!
Mr Fi
Mr Fi Hace 2 días
I just visited Venice (Italy). What a beautiful place. Sure that Pizza driver had a great time.
Pooja Bidari
Pooja Bidari Hace 2 días
Sooo heartwarming ❤️❤️
Mykel Bantang
Mykel Bantang Hace 2 días
My 1st Step would be waking up in the Morning and to think what the 2nd Step would be.
Emissary SparkBird
Emissary SparkBird Hace 3 días
Wierd. I subscribed to you already a very long time ago (2015) and now I check im unsubscribed. This happened now 2x. Does ESwomen unsubscribe me from channel If I do not watch Videos after a while from that Channel? :Thinking:
Danielle Silvero
Danielle Silvero Hace 3 días
lol I might be one of the 54
Gabriel Maric
Gabriel Maric Hace 3 días
Hello, please can you take me to Brazil?
Adi Panchal
Adi Panchal Hace 3 días
7.45 Dear Tomas I am one of them who hasn't subscribed but just done it again. You won't believe i have subscribed and unsubscribed more then 4 to 5 times in last one year if you ask why because its so contagious and addicted i can't live without watching you guys even several times i have selected Not Interested in recommendation videos list so it doesn't appear in my list because i can't stop watching next next next its so amazing.. But seriously when i watch your videos they give me a big smile on my face and it inspires a lot how fantastic friendship can be. Literally thank you very much for making such wonderful videos. Love you brothers.
Present Khanal
Present Khanal Hace 3 días
good to see someone using their platform in a goodmanner. haha
shaktam Hace 4 días
exboe _25
exboe _25 Hace 4 días
13:55 Alease don’t forget to Subscribe
Will Tyndall
Will Tyndall Hace 4 días
You guys should do a challenge where you throw a party, and you guys go out and find two strangers who want to come. Then, tell those two strangers to find two strangers each who want to come, and every stranger that’s added brings two more strangers. When the party comes you’ll hopefully have tons of people who have been affected by saying yes to a spontaneous opportunity and can see for themselves what it’s like to interact with awesome strangers on the level you guys do
Valerie Bello
Valerie Bello Hace 4 días
Damn i gotta start being nice to people so maybe one day ill be just working and someone walks in and wants to take me wherever i want to go.
Rebecca Gatt
Rebecca Gatt Hace 4 días
yo guys you should really visit Malta one day. it is the jewel of the mediterranian!!!!
Leggie Meggie
Leggie Meggie Hace 4 días
Lesson to everyone.. GET YOUR PASSPORT!! 😂 ....even if you have no money to travel.. cause you never know!!
Aexception Hace 5 días
How can you not have a passport?
chris Hace 5 días
Why didn’t he have a uniform on??
Hisham Zaza
Hisham Zaza Hace 5 días
10:05 I died 😂😂😂😂
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Hace 5 días
He doesn't work at a pizzeria tho? He works for postmates, not the same thing, right?
Himnish Ishaan
Himnish Ishaan Hace 5 días
Please come to India vellore
User Bots
User Bots Hace 5 días
My nigga got free pizza
SammySingally Hace 6 días
When you didn't realise you were part of that 54% till now when you actually looked.......over a year after you started watching their videos.
Veronica Leandri
Veronica Leandri Hace 6 días
I was born in Venice, I live and study in Venice and this video really touched me. All of the thing you saw and were amazed by are everyday life for me and sometimes I take them for granted, so thank you so much to have reminded me how beautiful is the city where I live!
RÆ G Hace 6 días
You guys should do a world tour go literally everywhere
S J Hace 6 días
Wait what did the Australian say when Matt asked him if he was having a good time?
AliAsghar Hace 6 días
i want to start my business and ace it !!!!
Matthew Perron-Tennant
Matthew Perron-Tennant Hace 7 días
This is the second Yes Theory video I've watched so far. You guys are amazing!!
nathan butler
nathan butler Hace 7 días
I’ve be to Venice
Lon LO
Lon LO Hace 7 días
I love this guys! Hit me up when going to venice again I can walk u aroud!
SBroS Hace 7 días
7:45 NEVER
Aviriia Hace 7 días
Next video: Take one of your subscribers on a holiday!
Othman Al S
Othman Al S Hace 7 días
salam alaikm my journey is to read all the reglious book Jews christians Muslim ,curiosity
Mariana Marimarimariana
Mariana Marimarimariana Hace 7 días
I am truly blessed to say that everything I saw during this video I got to see in person!
Super Girl
Super Girl Hace 5 días
That's so awesome!
sayuj rana
sayuj rana Hace 7 días
Alease? typing mistake at the end ?
Jessica Liang
Jessica Liang Hace 7 días
the place where peter Parker film the movie 🎥
Marsh P
Marsh P Hace 7 días
Okay I’m going out now and I have my passport with me! Who knows
alezx22 Hace 7 días
Why guys didn't you pass in Milan? :-(
Geir Fossaberg
Geir Fossaberg Hace 7 días
Wauw this is soo inspiring 🤪 He is soo happy 😃
DanTheDino Hace 7 días
Who else is getting Spider-Man vibes from this
Loreta Brunton
Loreta Brunton Hace 7 días
The editing is unreal wow
100 subs no video challenge
100 subs no video challenge Hace 7 días
Always seek discomfort.... please like my comment so I would see this again... and also feel free to subscribe without any reason. thanks.
Alessandro Micheli
Alessandro Micheli Hace 8 días
Like se sei italiano
DavidSriracha Hace 8 días
Keep on making video 😁
Britzz Hace 8 días
It’s pizza time
Ally Woolley
Ally Woolley Hace 8 días
Hi. I just spun my globe and landed on, the ocean....bummer, I really wanted a chance to travel with you to a far off land. Ally
Chloe Feldmane
Chloe Feldmane Hace 8 días
Woooow so glad I found you guys! I find you respectful to the places you visit, you arent rowdy and loud like most vloggers. Much love!!
martijn koks
martijn koks Hace 8 días
5:38 water boat?😂😂 I thought a boat was for in the air😂😂. Sry guys love yall
Azazel F
Azazel F Hace 8 días
In the country I live in it's illegal to go around without your passport after the age of 16
oh my lawd
oh my lawd Hace 8 días
If I had the chance I would love to visit the alps in Europe , I live in England so its acessable, it's just traveling alone is the problem.
Sam Cashit
Sam Cashit Hace 8 días
Fun thing im close to italy rn at vacation 😂😂
Claro Austria
Claro Austria Hace 9 días
This is like Spider-Man far from home recreated
r e t r o m o m
r e t r o m o m Hace 9 días
holidayonion Hace 9 días
If I was given this opportunity, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone would have been my pick. I've wanted to go for years!
Pixie MacCarthy
Pixie MacCarthy Hace 9 días
This is brilliant! :D
monivideosable Hace 9 días
Can you take to me to London? to enjoy the things i didnt enjoy because i thought i would be living there, my boyfriend dumped when preparing the visa.
Zak Zaid
Zak Zaid Hace 9 días
I mean who don’t got a passport 😕😕😕
anotherjourneyman Hace 9 días
Have an Internship interview today. Ill say thats ok timing to watch this?
NeverNedDead Hace 9 días
I mean it is nice! But god the flight takes so long for just one weekend :D You must love the way to do that XD
Katie Haupt
Katie Haupt Hace 9 días
my first step: meeting with a Marine Corps recruiter tomorrow
Noah Kelley
Noah Kelley Hace 9 días
These videos make me feel good about the world and the people in it.
Laura Clark
Laura Clark Hace 9 días
If I went to Italy with the guys, I don't even know. Wow.
alex santiago
alex santiago Hace 9 días
Get him a job with you guys pizza man got some photo skills
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