I Thought The Longest Yard Would Change My Life | Joey Diaz

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Joey Diaz Clips

Joey Diaz Clips

Hace 4 meses

TCOWHN# 700 - Ian Edwards
Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt
#JoeyDiaz #LeeSyatt #Madflavor

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THE WOAT Hace 3 horas
is that LUKE CAGE?!
Jeff English
Jeff English Hace un día
The crazy thing is Joey that is where I know you from! Lol love ya brother!
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Hace 4 días
Big ol bullshitter Joey Diaz
The Maineiac
The Maineiac Hace 11 días
They knew about your coke problem... it's obvious, exspecially when you call out numerous times the day of...
Jack Sadaka
Jack Sadaka Hace 28 días
I fuckin love Uncle Joey
Johnson21 21
Johnson21 21 Hace un mes
Stow snorm
ryan olson
ryan olson Hace un mes
Lol Lee has 2 years in, and thinks he's ready to do Caroline's or the store and blow up! Lol he needs to follow ask Ari shaffir to mentor him, cause lee isn't a storyteller like Joey. He should stick to one liners.
kihlos Hace un mes
Joey: “I went to Kansas state” Sandler: “are you shitting me? For coach Snyder?” Joey: “Kansas state penitentiary”
Josh Larson
Josh Larson Hace un mes
Tracy Morgan, Nicholas Turturro, and Terry Crews were literally all famous before The Longest Yard 🙄.
TheOldschoolkat03 Hace un mes
What’s that black dudes name?!? He’s played on Ashton Kutcher’s punk’d back in the day! Lol
Webster Lyons II
Webster Lyons II Hace un mes
"Can of corn, can of corn"! Lol!
SpinelliBoyz TV
SpinelliBoyz TV Hace 2 meses
“You assholes better not cut me I’m still on this team”
M Pdaugherty
M Pdaugherty Hace 2 meses
I absolutely loved the movie... I watched it numerous times. I could watch it a million times more. Joey, maybe you didn’t get additional movies, or things you consider that would change your life. I remembered you and listen to the pod cast with my husband all the time. Your the shit Mr. Joey Diaz !!!!!!! More than you give yourself credit for. Much love and respect Mikalyn Paolucci-Daugherty
douglas jardine
douglas jardine Hace 4 meses
The ending is the opposite of endearing or funny
Adam Cole
Adam Cole Hace 4 meses
Why did I think Joey was interviewing Chad Johnson...
King Jerel
King Jerel Hace 4 meses
Sad bc I remember this dude on NYPD blue and Baseketball... NYPD blue had the first naked people on regular TV I think 🤔.. just asses but it was crazy seeing that shit as a kid but oh my how times have changed.. Big props brother Joe 👍🏾💯
Kurt Matejkowski
Kurt Matejkowski Hace 4 meses
You don't want to join that hollyweird elite they become puppets!What your doing is great!Wish i could do what you are doing peace brother!
Anthony Ornelas
Anthony Ornelas Hace 4 meses
Joey didn't get work after the longest yard because he didn't stand out in the movie and was overshadowed by the other cast members. His entire persona is a typecast which makes finding work difficult.
MosEisleyBlues Hace 4 meses
Anthony Ornelas I thought having a typecast persona made work easier to find
Tariq Whiting
Tariq Whiting Hace 4 meses
I'd hand Joey some toilet paper if I seen him in person cuz that mothafucka is the shit
ultrarooster Hace 4 meses
Damn bro. I fuckin feel you man. Keep grinding is what I take from this. Thanks for the inspiration.
The Bill Show
The Bill Show Hace 4 meses
It almost feels like you need to lose the part of you, that made you. Fun, but lots on the cutting room floor.
Shogun San
Shogun San Hace 4 meses
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce Hace 4 meses
How did people not know Joey Diaz?
Rich Ratchford
Rich Ratchford Hace 4 meses
Lee and his damn levels of shots.
kingjappyjoe420 Hace 4 meses
Now I gta go watch My Name is Earl all over again
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Hace 4 meses
Got to be able to act to get a call back dude
Pat Topo
Pat Topo Hace 4 meses
I feel he is full of shit
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Hace 4 meses
The longest yard kinda of did change his life
Mike Burda
Mike Burda Hace 4 meses
Let me get that Roberto Clemente photo in the background#21
Kknelson Nelson
Kknelson Nelson Hace 4 meses
Joey Diaz is my new spiritual guide on how to make it as a comedian, I'll see yous on the podcast in a few years 😚 and stay alive Joey
Matthew Horizon
Matthew Horizon Hace 4 meses
Joey "it's all about cultures " Diaz
South Philly Mafia Tours
South Philly Mafia Tours Hace 4 meses
Joe Diaz looks like a real southern looking Italian
XXthekingofyouXX Hace 5 horas
South Philly Mafia Tours - Sicilian.
MR SKANDAL 0121 OFFICIAL Hace 4 meses
You was in my name is Earl?? I've watched every episode of that I can't remember seeing u haha
Chris Broughton
Chris Broughton Hace 4 meses
What the hell's a treeout.
Josh Hopgood
Josh Hopgood Hace 4 meses
Fell in love with you Joey after seeing U on JRE and now I watch your podcasts but was on a flight and watched spider man two and was blown when I saw you on the train!
Jax Pebz
Jax Pebz Hace 4 meses
Omfg I didn’t even clock it was joey
kilo dogz
kilo dogz Hace 4 meses
I respect joey but he and Joe rogan are terrible comics but great at podcasts that's why they're not so big comically
Camren Cramer
Camren Cramer Hace 4 meses
kilo dogz nobody liked this
ARIEL GOLD Hace 4 meses
Had NOOO clue till I saw a random clip of him ranting on alex jones and JRE back in 2011-2012
You're the man now Dog
You're the man now Dog Hace 4 meses
I had no idea Joey was in the longest yard, but I remember him from Mad TV, playing Big Pussy in that Soprano sketch
hector Torres
hector Torres Hace 4 meses
On gAwd that man is lying he ain't even watch that shit If you watched the longest yard you remembered Joe Diaz 💯💯💯💯💯
JSL2001_ 2001
JSL2001_ 2001 Hace 4 meses
"Come to tr..tree out. " "It says try out...tree out wtfucks a tree out yeh half a meatball "
Gabriel Galactic
Gabriel Galactic Hace 4 meses
Adam Sandler is a clown 😂
BosoxnationI972 Hace 4 meses
How exactly did Joey think his career was gonna take off? The movie was AWFUL, and he was a 450lb buffoon. Terry Crews was a jacked former NFL player who looked like an action star. Nick Tuturo's career didn't take off at all after The Longest Yard. He did a guest spot on King of Queens, and then Kevin James put him in a few of his movies, including Zookeeper, Here Comes the Boom, Paul Blart 2, etc. James even let him do a spot on his new sitcom Kevin Can Wait. Lobo's career didn't take off either, as he just did a bunch of guest spots on TV shows playing such pivotal roles as Sawyer's sparring partner in 1 scene of lost, a drug dealer on Reno 911, and Eblin on Arrested Development. Joey was doing bit parts like this too, so what the fuck is he talking about?
BosoxnationI972 Hace 4 meses
@Jesse Grimley It's unreal. I mean the truth about Sandler is that he made 2 funny moves 25 years ago, 2 decent ones, and about 25 shitty ones since! Sandy Wexler, The Cobbler, Grown Ups, Little Nicky, Click, I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Pixels, Grown Ups 2, You Don't Mess With the Zohan, Jack and Jill, That's My Boy, Just Go With It....would you watch any of these abortions again?
DEEP WEB VIP Hace 4 meses
Jesse Grimley you missed half of what he said, misunderstood the rest, and now you’re talking out of your ass. Spend time listening to something you enjoy, maybe you’ll listen better.
Jesse Grimley
Jesse Grimley Hace 4 meses
Exactly bro, I liked him until I heard him on here, whining about not blowing up after doing a terrible , shitty movie, and then crying about the people that did do bigger things after the movie and saying it should of been him instead. Dude is a overweight, mouthy , uncontrollable comic and he thought a shitty ass B movie with Sandlar was gonna launch his career?!? SMH , dudes got millions in the bank and he's whining like a toddler after mommy said no more Oreos. Bitch
John Chase
John Chase Hace 4 meses
The original is why the remake didn't do shit.
dejesus32 Hace 4 meses
Whoever this other guy is doesn't know shit about the longest yard. I wouldn't take his opinion for shit.
Kristopher S. Douglas
Kristopher S. Douglas Hace 4 meses
That 250 half a mill is my shot fuck dat
J.P Sensational
J.P Sensational Hace 4 meses
Damn I never noticed
Corey berkompas
Corey berkompas Hace 4 meses
I didn't know Joey was in 50shades of grey! Crazy
Derrick the gr8 and b8
Derrick the gr8 and b8 Hace 4 meses
Snorted the coke off that bitches tits
Corbin Miles
Corbin Miles Hace 4 meses
lol he tied up that bitch and sniffed the muffla
ninja xjets
ninja xjets Hace 4 meses
“I guess we get to watch tv alllllllll night” 😁
Thomas Paiva
Thomas Paiva Hace 4 meses
Ok how did you also forget Terry crews was in the movie? You probably didnt see it
solid snake
solid snake Hace 4 meses
joe is a great guy i feel sorry for him dont making the break but still much people love him and he has his own shit
pootie tang
pootie tang Hace 4 meses
This motherfucker talks too much about himself nobody even asked stfu already.
michael martin
michael martin Hace 4 meses
Wtf does coming back in cultures mean...
ImInnuendo Hace 4 meses
Wasn't he in Mafia 3?
Grrrface 5283
Grrrface 5283 Hace 4 meses
Seen spider Man 2 the other day, n he's like" (swallow) u gotta go thru us", I was like oh shit lol
Timothy Carr
Timothy Carr Hace 4 meses
Wait, Lee does stand up?
jbeats._rlrr arimoto
jbeats._rlrr arimoto Hace 4 meses
Joey I've always known u as the guy from longest yard loved your character.get me a can of corn and I'll be fine.
ShugoBear Hace 4 meses
you got fans from the longest yard get that man diet coke
Joey The Eagle
Joey The Eagle Hace 4 meses
Try to act better looking
William Hargraves
William Hargraves Hace 4 meses
My favourite line of yours comes from that movie . Can of corn and I'll be fine . I say it everytime I hurt my self 🤣 .
Lucas 011
Lucas 011 Hace 4 meses
It’s bullshit he didn’t get a big break he was really good in that role .
KB 28
KB 28 Hace 4 meses
The Longest Yard was like The Expendables of comedy movies.
KB 28
KB 28 Hace 4 meses
To be fair, I think Terry Crews took off because of a White Chix, not The Longest Yard. I think he got The Longest Yard as a result of his fame from White Chix
Cecil Sharp
Cecil Sharp Hace 4 meses
Fuck that my favorite part of that movie was “can of corn! Can of corn and I’ll be fine!”
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Hace 4 meses
Somebody bring me a Diet Coke !
Skufius trood
Skufius trood Hace 4 meses
I thought that dude on the floor with the burger was some famous guy I was too young to know.
Cryomaniac2099 Hace 4 meses
They don't let Joey be mega famous cause he isn't scared of speaking the truth and ain't a puppet
willou901 Hace 4 meses
Cryomaniac2099 Eddie?
Tyler Heberer
Tyler Heberer Hace 4 meses
“What’s a tree out? “ “It’s a try out ya half a meatball”
Kevin R.
Kevin R. Hace 4 meses
For a second I thought Joey was Big Pussy. But nah, he's not Vincent Pastore. Joey can play Tiny Puss, Big Pussys son
O C Hace 4 meses
I don't remember longest yard but I remember BASEketball
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