I Tested the Tik Tok Strawberry BUGS Hack with a Microscope

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I don't want to believe there are bugs in my strawberries, so I have a microscope and a dream.
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Paul Donegan
Paul Donegan Hace 51 un minuto
Ewwww throw
Paul Donegan
Paul Donegan Hace 52 minutos
The bugs are called pesticide they only live for 1 day 😝
Valerin Reyes
Valerin Reyes Hace un hora
:( oh man why you show me that I love Eating strawberry, s so so much now I m not going eat strawberry, s ever again
Elisa Dawood Åk 3A Drottninghögsskolan
Elisa Dawood Åk 3A Drottninghögsskolan Hace 2 horas
Dusty Petwash
Dusty Petwash Hace 7 horas
Morning mom says that you’re editing 😐
acemanga1 Hace 8 horas
theres probably more bugs in your eyelashes than there are in the strawberries
martinfrankj Hace 9 horas
Glom I love your ESwomen!
Lachimolala Hace 10 horas
At least your strawberries don't have needles in them...
Righteous Gaming
Righteous Gaming Hace 10 horas
“The saltiest salts” the way she said it, the voice she said it in.
Kitten In A Mitten
Kitten In A Mitten Hace 10 horas
I've Eaten An Ant Egg Before, And It Wasn't Sweet.
Pius Foon
Pius Foon Hace 10 horas
did you know strawberries aren’t really berries but bananas are berries Well I think everyone knows that
Minty Cousinz
Minty Cousinz Hace 11 horas
That's why when I was small I hate eating strawberries
Cristina Massimino
Cristina Massimino Hace 12 horas
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Danielle Zitron1
Danielle Zitron1 Hace 12 horas
So this person is like “eating These bugs is extra protein” but if you were that bug would you like to get eaten just like that
Gacha star
Gacha star Hace 12 horas
Lol! So nasty😂
Lily Games
Lily Games Hace 12 horas
I think there edible..
Henry Esses
Henry Esses Hace 12 horas
fe4rless Hace 13 horas
As soon as it said warning on the screen I covered my eyes a lil and then saw that HUGE bug i screamed and then my mum screamed at me
Ray Gomez
Ray Gomez Hace 14 horas
And also The thing that was swimming across the water look like a cute little Tatapool
Shaheda Bana
Shaheda Bana Hace 15 horas
Me: eats strawberry’s Also me: does not read what she’s doing Her: I’m going to see if there is bugs Me: AHH WAIT WHAT
Asli Nuur
Asli Nuur Hace 15 horas
I'm so scared of eating little bugs I'm eating sandwiches with jam that's strawberry
MEGAN ASHTON Hace 16 horas
My mom: * washes strawberries* Me: watches* *Shows my mom the vid * My mom: *washes the strawberries with bleach*
Wencrslao Gonzales
Wencrslao Gonzales Hace 16 horas
Hi that looks really really really Really disgusting
Sincero F
Sincero F Hace 17 horas
Thank u
Ray Gomez
Ray Gomez Hace 17 horas
Why would you smell vinegar that’s disgusting
Ray Gomez
Ray Gomez Hace 17 horas
Gloom ew
Christopher Omer
Christopher Omer Hace 17 horas
This is how many people think gloom is thick 👇
Octavia Xox
Octavia Xox Hace 17 horas
Have y’all heard the Rumor that kassie is Karthas twin?
Bernadette Kamau
Bernadette Kamau Hace 19 horas
I tried it
Ráhel Brudi
Ráhel Brudi Hace 22 horas
Mukriz Anwar
Mukriz Anwar Hace 23 horas
i hate bugs
Hammy 01
Hammy 01 Hace 23 horas
Katha Before: I’m not going to care After: 6:04 Ewwwwwwwww!
Cacha Glitches
Cacha Glitches Hace un día
puglord Hace un día
Right just saw a bug 😑 come on there so tiny (no harm at all)
puglord Hace un día
There are also teeny tiny little bugs in raspberry’s freshly picked from a farm (not from shop)
Sameera Alsulaimani
Sameera Alsulaimani Hace un día
Sameera Alsulaimani
Sameera Alsulaimani Hace un día
All of them have bugs
Taiba Behzadi
Taiba Behzadi Hace un día
I don’t want to eat strawberries 🍓 again
Tegan Mawson
Tegan Mawson Hace un día
Why did she bring up her dog after saying staby staby
matt hudson
matt hudson Hace un día
I’m scared now
RottenThanAFruit 《syla》
RottenThanAFruit 《syla》 Hace un día
3:32 - 4:01 And that's how Tsukishima from Haikyuu was Made(°▽°)/
Tina Castell
Tina Castell Hace un día
I’m never eating strawberry’s again like if you agree
catherine brand
catherine brand Hace un día
Mimi Flamesyy
Mimi Flamesyy Hace un día
Yes the bugs in strawberries I saw a bug in mines and it’s little not even Lying 😂 I just threw the whole thing away
Cash Newell
Cash Newell Hace un día
I have the same phone as u gloom
Cash Newell
Cash Newell Hace un día
Swim in the salt and vinaigr
Maya Angelou Vlogs
Maya Angelou Vlogs Hace un día
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-CX-82ZBO9cc.html maybe you should watch this
Zoe Howard
Zoe Howard Hace un día
Genavieve Barrow
Genavieve Barrow Hace un día
What the heck that so scary
Lindsey Daniels
Lindsey Daniels Hace un día
Sagelc07 Gacha u-u Real
Sagelc07 Gacha u-u Real Hace un día
You get more protein with bugs in it because they have protein from fruits
Sis vs bro Team
Sis vs bro Team Hace un día
Descusting I’m never eating strawberries 🍓 or 🕷🦗
Ary Playz
Ary Playz Hace un día
When you saw a bug I was drinking water and now I'm scared if there is bugs in MY WATER 😫😱😖 next you should try water.
Ncaldwell08 Hace un día
No one has died from strawberries… yet
yamuna anna
yamuna anna Hace un día
You know what?
Om mohamed Abd elrahman
Om mohamed Abd elrahman Hace un día
Alright. So i do hate strawberries because it had seeds and i hate it but you Let Me learn about Bugs on foods EEEEEEWWW
Alexa Pujols
Alexa Pujols Hace un día
I don't care either we NEED the bugs
lillith mcwilliams
lillith mcwilliams Hace un día
i love school
[AnimatorZoe] Hace un día
I like these Kartha guert?idk I like em vids tho
Yumi nicka blogs
Yumi nicka blogs Hace un día
Well i eat a lot of strawberry im not died 😊
Arfan Aris
Arfan Aris Hace un día
So... Let buy strawberry and eat
Kamya Parikh
Kamya Parikh Hace un día
this video haunted me from eating strawberries
Katarzyna Kosinska
Katarzyna Kosinska Hace un día
Natalia lopez
Natalia lopez Hace un día
Yall feeling bad because you ate a bug in a strawberry but no one cares about that poor bug just eating a straeberry and then died because someones eats him
Matthew Garza
Matthew Garza Hace un día
Yes science
Amiel Uhlenkamp
Amiel Uhlenkamp Hace un día
Me. Love. Vinegar!
Nhật trung Nguyễn bùi
Nhật trung Nguyễn bùi Hace un día
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Hace un día
It's the larvae of flies that pollinate strawberries that gets stuck
Hello What up
Hello What up Hace 2 días
I don’t think I should’ve watching this because it has ruined my love for strawberries 🍓😂😂 although I am relieved to watch this because now I know there are bugs in them 👍👍
DAPHNE and a purple
DAPHNE and a purple Hace 2 días
I hate strawberries
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