I Spent the Night in my Crush's House and She Had No Idea!

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Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera

Hace un mes

like this video if you are in the SINGLE CLUB! :) haha
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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Hace un mes
happy Valentine's Day!! enjoy this week's video ❤️ like this video if u were single on valentines day💕😂
Shiralee Robinson
Shiralee Robinson Hace 3 días
Thank you
Hi_ItzMuffin Hace un mes
ya i wasnt single, cause i had my mom with me <3
DriftLegend_379 Hace un mes
Brent Rivera I wasn’t
Tia Sanderson
Tia Sanderson Hace un mes
ryan bambi
ryan bambi Hace un mes
So all of ur fans because they are all fucking 12
P T Hace 12 minutos
Forever single 😩😩😩
LOKI ODINSON Hace un hora
I don’t think its a joke 😂
Sabrina Walsh
Sabrina Walsh Hace 2 horas
What was hilarious when your truck still pass away
Shaitaan Snsu
Shaitaan Snsu Hace 2 horas
im single
MyPasswordIsThis _
MyPasswordIsThis _ Hace 3 horas
Dang three k people r taken
Kylee Johnson
Kylee Johnson Hace 10 horas
I have a boyfriend
_JIHEE.JK_98_ Hace 10 horas
Yeah I'm single and I'm going to be mingle 😂😂😂😂
Raegan Humphryes
Raegan Humphryes Hace 12 horas
He wouldn’t be single if he just asked Eva out!!??
Graceski Hace 15 horas
Nicoleplaysroblox #roblox
Nicoleplaysroblox #roblox Hace 16 horas
#am in single club XD
Carolyn Huang
Carolyn Huang Hace 16 horas
Cayleigh Bell
Cayleigh Bell Hace 17 horas
I am not single
Tomzy Ademolake
Tomzy Ademolake Hace 18 horas
Brent is like the hot cupid version......😹😹
Payton Poirier
Payton Poirier Hace 18 horas
I am singal
Amanda Vili
Amanda Vili Hace 18 horas
ailsa winfield
ailsa winfield Hace 18 horas
Ok you are beast
Emilia Newton
Emilia Newton Hace 19 horas
The honest title: I stayed a long time in my unconfirmed girlfriend type person and she knew I think it not
Santa Beltrez
Santa Beltrez Hace 19 horas
I’m simgul to
Manchester, NH Homes for Sale
Manchester, NH Homes for Sale Hace 20 horas
I have a boyfriend but I cold not like the video so ueaha
Jaylene pelletier
Jaylene pelletier Hace 20 horas
im still a single pringle
Gina Cline
Gina Cline Hace 21 un hora
I’m single to
Sana Al Faraj
Sana Al Faraj Hace 21 un hora
I am lonly like you brent
Desree Savage
Desree Savage Hace 22 horas
Date me brent
Emily Buckman
Emily Buckman Hace 22 horas
I honestly knew it would be McDonald's
Heena Afzal
Heena Afzal Hace un día
Brent: Eva is my friend Also Brent: *refers to Eva as his girlfriend or crush*
Casey Stafford
Casey Stafford Hace un día
I’m single
Katie Pinckney
Katie Pinckney Hace un día
I'm taken bacon and i am only 10
Sheena Lovell
Sheena Lovell Hace un día
My boyfriend thinks am chetting
CSgo zuhn
CSgo zuhn Hace un día
# Single Club !!!!!
Katene bennett
Katene bennett Hace un día
i had one that had to move so we broke up
AudreyPlayzRoblox Hace un día
emo king
emo king Hace un día
Me too
Jessica Lozano
Jessica Lozano Hace un día
b l o s s o m s
b l o s s o m s Hace un día
I feel so freaking bad for Andrew
Layla schulle
Layla schulle Hace un día
i am singel and i am proud of it
Mila Bi
Mila Bi Hace un día
I am...its very disappointing........
Nightcore_ItzBrøkéñ_Łįfé Itz_BrøkenŁøvé
Nightcore_ItzBrøkéñ_Łįfé Itz_BrøkenŁøvé Hace un día
I'm dis was #month ago but I'm single to UwUz bc I am uhmmmmmm sInGlE :3 pls check out a song dats called "No friends" plz
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers Hace un día
I hate eva
Faythlynn Purkey
Faythlynn Purkey Hace un día
Is it just me or do I not lien his cousin Nicolette she’s soooo spoiled
Penelope Sabatino
Penelope Sabatino Hace 9 horas
I know right! I mean she's cute and I don't wanna offend anyone but...
Graham Thiel
Graham Thiel Hace un día
this is wack as fuck
Cassie Grandbois
Cassie Grandbois Hace un día
I know how you feel my cusuin has a crazy crush on me
anaveragegamer21 Hace un día
what happened to stay six feet away?
Maloah DTR
Maloah DTR Hace un día
Felicia Mcbride
Felicia Mcbride Hace un día
my son is
Nathan MacLean
Nathan MacLean Hace un día
I wish I could meet you 🤓
Xochitl Martinez
Xochitl Martinez Hace un día
Same I’am single Brent Rivera
Christopher gamer YTT
Christopher gamer YTT Hace un día
Bro I’m 10 and with a gf no Lamo
Isabella Venmore
Isabella Venmore Hace un día
i think andrew actually likes lexi
Susan Tomei
Susan Tomei Hace un día
I would like to be happy to see them
Katethekitty _
Katethekitty _ Hace un día
I feel so freaking sad for Andrew
Angela Santillan
Angela Santillan Hace un día
I'm single to but I understand why because I'm only 10 I'm single like a pringle
Susan Wanjiku
Susan Wanjiku Hace 2 días
hey brent! i like ur video
Mia Hughes
Mia Hughes Hace 2 días
It’s been two years since husband cheated. he has done everything he can to fix his mistake. I just can’t get over the fact some other girl was having sex with him while he was married to me. Two years and I still can’t stomach it. @redhackpro on instagram he was able to hack into my husband mobile phone, You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491, Email: hackprivate8@gmailcom. he has changed. he has learned his lesson. All I see is a nasty slut who had a nasty girl on him with his penis in her.
Isla Webling
Isla Webling Hace 2 días
Hello I'm your biggest fan
hamsini sivathas
hamsini sivathas Hace 2 días
that was so funny that Eva knew that brent was there and brent you are the best and funniest and nicest person I've seen in my life
Sarah Longstaff
Sarah Longstaff Hace 2 días
Aren't you and available together
Aaron Graham
Aaron Graham Hace 2 días
Ben and lexi is so cute together
Tyler Ellis
Tyler Ellis Hace 2 días
I am single as well
Anisa Begum
Anisa Begum Hace 2 días
I’ve been single my hole life XD
Nisarg Bhaila
Nisarg Bhaila Hace 2 días
The Title says she have no idea lol😂😂
Trevina Fortune
Trevina Fortune Hace 2 días
Brent: “ Single life 😭” Eva: I’m waiting whenever your ready Me: She’s literally waiting
TheWeirdestAnnessaEver -_-
TheWeirdestAnnessaEver -_- Hace 2 días
I'm single
Beth w
Beth w Hace 2 días
I'm 11 but I'm not single
[NBD] fᎾᏒᎬᏉᎬᏒ Hace 2 días
I’m single forever ):
Abby Wiebe
Abby Wiebe Hace 2 días
I feel so bad for andrew
Abby Wiebe
Abby Wiebe Hace 2 días
Tina Yui
Tina Yui Hace 2 días
David Hall
David Hall Hace 2 días
I'm kinda kinda not single and I'm 9 almos
Johanna Garcia
Johanna Garcia Hace 2 días
don't worry i'm single too
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