I spent a day with VSCO GIRLS

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I spent a day with VSCO GIRLS to learn the truth about this elusive trend that has swept social media in recent months.
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▸ Director, Creator, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
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▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
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AnthonyPadilla Hace 7 meses
come back next week for *I spent a day with ADULT BABIES (Diaper Lovers)* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) luv, anthony padildo ps: shoutout to the ~padingdongs~ who turned on notifications 🔔.
Medaya McMahon
Medaya McMahon Hace un mes
I'm new here and have only watched your newer videos. Then one day one of your older videos popped up on suggested and I was like woah he used to look so different (the hair). And i was watching the videos you've posted about your hair before and you never said anything about your new cut. Well new cur 6 months ago. What inspired you to cut it? Last I saw you didnt mind the long locks.
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel Hace 3 meses
AnthonyPadilla fuck you im not boomer I’m fucking 10 bitch
Ellen Shaw
Ellen Shaw Hace 4 meses
Spend a day with flat earth believers
Let’s theory and games With L
Let’s theory and games With L Hace 4 meses
AnthonyPadilla kinda like emo is back again Why do i see you doing this Anthony (Plays black parade Gnote) Anthony: (single tear)
FLEXZ-_-AIM Hace 5 meses
sonic the hedgy
sonic the hedgy Hace 13 horas
was i the only one waiting for the sound "SKSKKSKSKSKKSKKS"-
Lucid Labyrinth
Lucid Labyrinth Hace 14 horas
I love Corey shes hilarious!
YoRt MrCodemann
YoRt MrCodemann Hace 18 horas
Basically cancer
Cassie Loveall
Cassie Loveall Hace 2 días
Y’all I’ve been dressing like a vsco before “VsCo” was even a thing
Aminat Salikhova
Aminat Salikhova Hace 2 días
Taylor Runyan
Taylor Runyan Hace 3 días
I like the idea of vsco but sometimes it gets annoying to hear and i oop and sksks over and over and over again.
Alissa Torres
Alissa Torres Hace 4 días
None of those girls shouted out their vscos. So they are all posers😂
Ultimate Potato
Ultimate Potato Hace 5 días
And I oop came from that one video
Maclyn Lucille
Maclyn Lucille Hace 7 días
Poor Jasmine Masters never gets her credit for ‘and I oop-‘
Shahir Kabiri
Shahir Kabiri Hace 7 días
i dont like the new haircut
Chaparra Yay
Chaparra Yay Hace 7 días
Just call them what they are. Basic white girls. Beckys, if you will.
sara._. Hace 7 días
And a oop sksksksks
sadeel bani younes
sadeel bani younes Hace 9 días
who created vsco girls
Alien Hace 9 días
sksksksks and i poop
jeyminie Hace 9 días
Wanting to save the turtles with their plastic bracelets that turtles Will eat and die from it then... lol :(
CJ Mertzlufft
CJ Mertzlufft Hace 10 días
This is just another type of consumer
Mlg Big boss
Mlg Big boss Hace 10 días
Is it me or does the blond chick look like a chubby Jennifer Lawrence
Halo Tis Me
Halo Tis Me Hace 11 días
“I’m VSCO on a budget” “has $80 trendy backpack”
Estefania Hace 11 días
Why was this so cringe to watch? Do they even know where and I oop comes from
depresses monkey
depresses monkey Hace 11 días
8:48 need the human contact tho
Kaelyn Kate
Kaelyn Kate Hace 12 días
I love how he makes this seem like some murder show and he’s trying to get to the bottom of the crime😅😅😅
James Netherian
James Netherian Hace 12 días
I just see mentally ill girls.
Elena Fernandez Martín
Elena Fernandez Martín Hace 14 días
jackie looks so much like jennifer lawrence
Akali's Nightcore
Akali's Nightcore Hace 14 días
ridiculous, that's the end of western civilization
Gopikachu Hace 15 días
I can't believe Jasmine Masters was the original VSCO girl
jusemoma Hace 15 días
in colombia we call dogs the same face skskskskskks the same way in english they say "here doggy"... just a fun fact :P
Caroline McClain
Caroline McClain Hace 16 días
most boring video i’ve ever watched of yours
Jessica Rosenblood
Jessica Rosenblood Hace 16 días
"And i oop" is from Jasmine Masters... she sayed it cuz she hit her b*lls while she was telling a story
Pando • 65 years ago
Pando • 65 years ago Hace 17 días
Vsco girls are already dead lmao
Bush_Man Hace 17 días
Vsco girl: And i oop Me: *DA SHIT*
J Vega
J Vega Hace 17 días
Concerned but not concerned enough to not drive a car
J Vega
J Vega Hace 17 días
I've never heard of vsco girls before
B3njamin Ac3
B3njamin Ac3 Hace 17 días
That one blond reminds me of Jenifer Laurence
Brittany Robinson
Brittany Robinson Hace 18 días
Literally never heard of this trend until this video haha
Mason Carrasco
Mason Carrasco Hace 19 días
I am just now seeing this video and completely forgot VSCO girls were a thing until right now
Lucile Femenias
Lucile Femenias Hace 19 días
*Smack smack* suck it !
TaffyChu Hace 21 un día
“RIP in oop :’(“ GAIAKBWHWW IM-
HootieQ Hace 21 un día
Seeing this made me think “am I a VSCO girl???” Let’s see I have my cheap Thermos scrunchies a Polaroid camera oversized T-shirts outdoorsy sandals Lastly persvota bracelets (sorry if I spelled it wrong lol) and I like turtles. I’ll let u decide
Ethan Bovill
Ethan Bovill Hace 21 un día
they’re really just the new basic white girls
Kaitlyn Nora
Kaitlyn Nora Hace 21 un día
Damn that’s me and my friend brittany are in the third pic😂😂😂😂
videovedo Hace 22 días
I feel very uncomfortable when such an amount of utter VOID is treated as a real thing. Even more uncomfortable thinking young generations literally grow up in these social media driven mindsets, where image is everything, and that everything is full of nothing.
its chalomma
its chalomma Hace 22 días
They just took a few objects and made it "vsco"
its chalomma
its chalomma Hace 22 días
In my opinion vsco girls don't exist
Amy Smith
Amy Smith Hace 22 días
Since when is aesthetic a thing? Aesthetic is the way something looks, not A look, if that makes sense. Like that's just the English language... even tho it's failing me in my attempt to make a point lol
Samuel Goshgarian
Samuel Goshgarian Hace 22 días
Ahh yes bc a hydro flash, Polaroids, and scrunchies make you another special human being
Jules Hace 23 días
it have been 6 months and nobody cares about vsco girls anymore. Am I right?
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Hace 23 días
You should interview hippies or unique quirky people
Maya Kinney
Maya Kinney Hace 23 días
The guy at 4:37 reminds me of my vegan friend.. I am not vegan never will I ever be
背中ておい Hace 23 días
Some people actually need straws including some of the elderly because if they are having a cold drink they can't drink it without a straw because it hurts their teeth
Dr. VHS Hace 24 días
I think they are like modern hippies
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry Hace 25 días
Well now I’m 2020 sure has fizzled out
Heisquareman Hace 25 días
Vsco is just another label society wants to place on teenage girls. 🙄
Rob Shoup
Rob Shoup Hace 26 días
Western civilization is fucked.
Fhuura Liulfr
Fhuura Liulfr Hace 26 días
This is like the Late 90s-2005 or so version of the "cute hippie stoner/surfer girl" but on steroids. Think Roxy ads from that era lol
Skskssksksksksksks and i oop
I do what I want I'm Punk rock
I do what I want I'm Punk rock Hace 26 días
I feel like the first requirement to be a VSCO girl is being white
YeetZilla Adventures
YeetZilla Adventures Hace 26 días
I never had a problem with VSCOS whoever is a VSCO well i think its school but a few months ago some of the girls in my school became VSCOS i didnt mind it at first but they started say their catchphrases (if you wanna call it that) everyday but now i dont see any VSCOS in my school anymore btw no hate to yall VSCOS be what you want to be😁
Chloe Bates
Chloe Bates Hace 26 días
anthonys editing makes me think he was being held captive and that was the only way he could communicate
redrum Hace 27 días
it’s sad how i was unironically a vsco girl and i’m happy being one until people started labeling it
Cassidy Hace 28 días
Honestly vsco girls is kinda just coined term cause it’s fun to crowd hate on a group. Kinda like how everyone likes to make fun of theatre kids. Low key sad
Snowman The snow
Snowman The snow Hace 28 días
ʚ blossom ɞ
ʚ blossom ɞ Hace 29 días
i didn't think there were people who actually are vsco girls
Fage Skata
Fage Skata Hace 29 días
What an incompetent and embarrassing generation...not only just worthless, especially compared to the incredible culture and counter cultures of Gen X and the Boomers/Hippies. Desperate as can be too, not to mention self-righteous to the point every single attempt at compassion or sympathy is obviously feigned and for nothing more than self-promition because in a generation so obsessed with group identity culture and identity politics with an all out war waged on free thinking, free speech and a deep deep HATRED of the individual, people will do anything to feel special for a minute which they only have three options for. Copying something that had already been done, convincing themselves that they have been victims of some sort of oppression, or claiming a group identity of some totally stupid group like VSCO or kin or tik tok users. And the kicker? They're too stupid to realize how absolutely petrified and humiliated they will be in just a few years looking back because they actually put it all up on the internet for all time. Morons. And forever-after international morons.
Fer López
Fer López Hace 29 días
Not only the turtles need to be saved🙃 lots of marine animals suffer because of our waste.
Milica Katarina
Milica Katarina Hace un mes
let's be real: people only hate vsco girls because it's a younger, adolescent girl thing which automatically makes it "bad" and "shallow." i don't think there'd be so many nitpicky comments about straws if it suddenly became a thing with adolescent boys.
clarice lee wj
clarice lee wj Hace un mes
it was so disturbing i had to scroll through the comments to distract myself
warrentan831 Hace un mes
Red Rooster
Red Rooster Hace un mes
I don’t have a problem with Vsco girls the only thing than annoys me about them are the phrases “and I oop” and “skskskskkskss” and I think many people can agree
Red Rooster
Red Rooster Hace un mes
Tik tok? More like *shit fuck* Haha get it? No okay I’ll show my self the door (Tik tok is shitty)
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