I spent a day with FAMOUS ASMRtists (ft. Pokimane, Gibi ASMR & Matty Tingles)

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I spent a day with famous ASMR ESwomenrs to find out if all the rumors are true.
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▸ Assistant Camera Operator - Paul Kane
▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
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AnthonyPadilla Hace 3 meses
come back next week for I spent a day with BEYONCE, AUSTIN POWERS & MARILYN MONROE (celebrity look-alikes). and i’m finishing up the pilot for my new cooking show SOON. luv, anthony padildo ps: shoutout to the ~padingdongs~ who turned on notifications 🔔. you're helping the "I spent a day with" series become more successful, and the more successful it is the more "interesting" guests i can fly in and the more people learn about misunderstood & underrepresented people 🖤
Nila A
Nila A Hace 3 días
you said if you get more than 150k likes you'll do an ASMR video. DO IT (please)
Aaron Weir
Aaron Weir Hace 10 días
Hey you got 150,000 likes you better show up
MekenRythVA Hace un mes
this video gave me ptsd from your face
v 5ali
v 5ali Hace un mes
Yoooooo it's 152k already
Alchemist Hace un mes
You should do this again but with lesser known asmrtists, such as Frivvifox, Seafoam Kitten, VisualSounds, etc.
That One Weeaboo
That One Weeaboo Hace 11 horas
I would love to hear that “Mr. Wallace” scene from Pulp Fiction re-enacted in ASMR style.
Alexisasheep Hace 18 horas
I get tingles but I don't like them. They're not the good tingles, it's like the fight or flight tingles. It makes me want to punch something. It's like the sound of someone eating. Tapping I get but whispers I hate.
TheRealKillerX Hace 19 horas
U guys watch videos to get asmr, while I ask my dog to give me aamr
scaly raptor 1944
scaly raptor 1944 Hace un día
Alrightvl when when the vid
Paulo Sanches
Paulo Sanches Hace un día
This video just proved that I'm not an ASMR person
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Hace 2 días
Someone Whispering is anti ASMR to me. It's very annoying
ShadowX the gamer
ShadowX the gamer Hace 2 días
I listen to a lot of ASMR & I don't know any of these people. Some ASMR creators I know are Cherry Crush, FrivolousFox, JoJo, Gina Carla, Graceful, Whispers Red, & Art of Sound. Cherry Crush is my favorite, because I love her youthful energy. It's as if she drinks 5 cups of coffee before making ASMR.
Dorky Nugget
Dorky Nugget Hace 2 días
I quite like ASMR, it helps a load with my anxiety, depression, mind, emotions, and all that - though I rarely watch it due to the fact a lot of people around me find it weird and god I dont know - not right? So because of that, I refrain from watching it incase they catch me - and the times I *do* in fact watch it I usually delete it from my history or searches :T
Carlos Alanis
Carlos Alanis Hace 3 días
oona p
oona p Hace 4 días
I thought I have had tingles but now that I listened to their experiences I've come to a conclusion that I have never even come close to it
Adam V.
Adam V. Hace 4 días
Catherine Hicks
Catherine Hicks Hace 5 días
Now you have to do it.
MokuTom Hace 5 días
3:40 sup ya'll it's me, it's ya boy asmongold.. asmongold
Psychopathic Mother Nature
Psychopathic Mother Nature Hace 5 días
Faith Rose
Faith Rose Hace 6 días
Why do i think that Anthony should totally do asmr now... Like his whisper is actually decent wtf
Andrew Starkey
Andrew Starkey Hace 8 días
2:17 porn? Did you just describe porn?
Maria Eduarda Ayala
Maria Eduarda Ayala Hace 9 días
150,000 likes were achieved...
gemstony85 Hace 10 días
11:35 update Anthony?
anton kucherov
anton kucherov Hace 10 días
I love how he put asmongold's head slam in this video lol
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma Hace 12 días
Our asmr is not creepy at all, even though I haven't heard it in a long time
Dam4en AKA Agent Potato
Dam4en AKA Agent Potato Hace 12 días
I am deeply annoyed by pokimanes voice
OooFeeO Hace 13 días
Duckling Dudly
Duckling Dudly Hace 14 días
Pokimane is my favorite streamer
S7even M3rcado
S7even M3rcado Hace 15 días
You had to put Asmr ads lol
Rey _Truji77
Rey _Truji77 Hace 16 días
What's the music played when they introduced the asmrtists
mr swiggs
mr swiggs Hace 16 días
Artx Decos
Artx Decos Hace 18 días
When Anthony was squeaking the popcorn it made me cringe so hard. Also asmr makes me nauseous. Is that normal?
Bende S
Bende S Hace 18 días
150k likes. Go do the ultimate experience.
Marina Reimer
Marina Reimer Hace 18 días
155.000 likes, when are you going to the whisper-house?
Enrique MR
Enrique MR Hace 18 días
he got 150k likes
Luis castro 1234
Luis castro 1234 Hace 19 días
Why people consider asmr creepy? Have you seen Cyr videos?
Luis castro 1234
Luis castro 1234 Hace 19 días
Wait pokimane does asmr?
hikingtotoro Hace 20 días
14:04 what u expect 14:00 when it arrives
hikingtotoro Hace 20 días
Josue Gonzalez
Josue Gonzalez Hace 20 días
Of course, Gibi had to bring her toast coaster... lol
Paul Gaming
Paul Gaming Hace 20 días
mila Hace 20 días
I have misophonia so ASMR is my nemesis still watched the video tho, gotta respect the ppl who do it
Jeremie Masse
Jeremie Masse Hace 21 un día
14:33 99999999999/9999999 i love it
Brady A
Brady A Hace 21 un día
Anthony, it's time to go to the asmr lounge thingy
David Hu
David Hu Hace 22 días
Is it just me orrr... When I saw Pokimane in the thumbnail, I thought she was CAMILLA CABELLO
Brady A
Brady A Hace 21 un día
I didnt, because I dont listen to that shitty music
Annie Lord
Annie Lord Hace 22 días
ASMR its literally makes me puke My best friend when i wanna fall asleep its Vodka , way lower chances to puke . I almost puked at the 10:23 sorry Anthony for not watching the whole video.
Pontus Welin
Pontus Welin Hace 23 días
I don't watch much ASMR, though I do get the tingles. And I must say, Anthony you have a great voice for ASMR.
Martina Giesbrecht
Martina Giesbrecht Hace 24 días
It’s to fill the void. I don’t know what happiness is.
Pipoy 1999
Pipoy 1999 Hace 25 días
I didn't even know poki makes asmr
Frankie Pinckard
Frankie Pinckard Hace 25 días
You need to go tolive asmr!!!!
hondai Hace 25 días
Omg the bread cork from Gibi is literally my FAVORITE. It made me happy she brought it with her.
petros papanhkolaou
petros papanhkolaou Hace 25 días
It reach 150.000 likes, when the ULTIMATE ASMR EXPERIENCE video is coming out???
Dijar The king
Dijar The king Hace 25 días
pokimane is thiccc like if u agree
john constantine
john constantine Hace 26 días
kim jong un the socialism dude
kim jong un the socialism dude Hace 26 días
Well,I don't think that it's creepy,if it's a normal ASMR
Dhhdfh Hxhxhxh
Dhhdfh Hxhxhxh Hace 26 días
Gibi and anthony i ship it- Gibi: my family and my fiance Me:dvshdub
Dubs GamingYT
Dubs GamingYT Hace 27 días
Honestly I don't understand it😂
Green day! At the Disco
Green day! At the Disco Hace 27 días
he's got the right amount of likes
Travis Osei-Asante
Travis Osei-Asante Hace 27 días
150k likes boyyys
Alyssa Hace 27 días
ASMR helped me a lot with my epilepsy & panic attacks so thanks for keeping me out of the emergency room lol
Wilberplayz Hace 27 días
MarkTere Hace 27 días
When the Asmongold clip came up I laughed so hard
jeremy jimenez
jeremy jimenez Hace 28 días
Pokimane play fortnite now Anthony
Gabriel Castellan de Oliveira von Mühlen
Gabriel Castellan de Oliveira von Mühlen Hace 28 días
150k likes, bruh
I I Hace 28 días
I feel like in few years from now there will be so many medical researches about ASMR. Also I feel that if Anthony did even one ASMR video, his fans will be in awe XD
Bea Triz
Bea Triz Hace 28 días
5:55 Jajajajajajajajaja I love ASMR and i love you Anthony💟
Kyan Schrievers
Kyan Schrievers Hace 28 días
Love the editing!
Probyron Hace 29 días
when you're trying to get food at 3am but youre trying not to wake the demons: 14:13
A.Lyfestile Hace 29 días
1:33 in and im cringing. Shit’s weird
Kira Quintessence
Kira Quintessence Hace 29 días
So... 150k likes.... Waiting for the Whisper Lounge video
Hayyul Qayyum
Hayyul Qayyum Hace 29 días
omg i saw @Suga Kookie at 0:41 yaaay ARMY lol
Abby From Wii Sports
Abby From Wii Sports Hace un mes
שחר שושן
שחר שושן Hace un mes
11:35 know its abit late but could you try this whisperlodge? And yes every week i checked ♥️ you bro
Роман Мавроян
Роман Мавроян Hace un mes
Asmr makes me nervous, not relaxed. I'm broken beyond repair, apparently...
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