I reacted to my FIRST game of fortnite...

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I reacted to my FIRST game of fortnite...
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Rifty Hace un mes
ngl after I changed my keybinds i'm just as bad now kmsmyself for a chance to be in next video drop a like & caption this! 3:29
ACE_ Jayy988
ACE_ Jayy988 Hace 10 días
Definitely my favorite video
Spazz Hace 10 días
They have gone back in time season X
TheNameIsZaDude Hace 14 días
Rifty when you said you want factory’s and dusty depot you got your wish in season ten
danger dustins
danger dustins Hace 21 un día
Fortnite heard your crys factorys has returned
IceManFort Hace 26 días
This is great yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Boss Plays
Boss Plays Hace 11 horas
Me behind curtains when rifty tells me to caption the picture
Mister Rq
Mister Rq Hace un día
Ilike Drawing
Ilike Drawing Hace 2 días
When your wife is naked
Jj Watt
Jj Watt Hace 2 días
Ok caption😭
josuel mercado
josuel mercado Hace 3 días
Caption:rifty stalking his girlfriend and mooning at the same time
Chaolence Draendow
Chaolence Draendow Hace 3 días
Psychic Hace 4 días
some wishes granted
Doode Average
Doode Average Hace 4 días
Caption: watching my trap to kill that one lizard go right
Eddie M
Eddie M Hace 4 días
when you see big bird comming
Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy Hace 5 días
3:42 when you see your gf hanging out with your best friend
Camden Cunningham-Fetch
Camden Cunningham-Fetch Hace 5 días
"bring factorys back" little did he know...
LiL Timmy 2nd account I'm cool
LiL Timmy 2nd account I'm cool Hace 6 días
Caption: when you get caught peeping and try not to look weird
Zombie James
Zombie James Hace 7 días
It looks different cause its not at 60 fps yet
Karell Kam
Karell Kam Hace 8 días
I’m always watching mike wasowski always wathching (caption)
Impulse Hace 8 días
Caption:When you’re looking through your neighbor and they are doing the funny Fortnite.
Bowser Jr ROBLOX
Bowser Jr ROBLOX Hace 8 días
7:41 Epic games: We got you fam
Harvey John
Harvey John Hace 8 días
When you see your crush in the window
Colin Augstein
Colin Augstein Hace 9 días
Caption: goats in the pen when they see food
k9shyper Hace 9 días
Caption:your Asian neighbor
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Hace 10 días
Caption: when u see rifts actually doing good in fortnite
Neil Valecha
Neil Valecha Hace 10 días
caption: when you see your pansexual queer LGBTQ lesbian son in the bathtub with a toaster
Swiss Elfin
Swiss Elfin Hace 10 días
Caption: when you see your dream girl drive by when your at work
douglas mcgoon
douglas mcgoon Hace 10 días
caption: when you see your crush at school
Maicutul Domnului
Maicutul Domnului Hace 10 días
Caption: me drinking water
XxOptics_MellowxX Hace 10 días
you predicted the future
L3gt_ Omega69
L3gt_ Omega69 Hace 11 días
Is no one gonna state that he said his his kill was him picaxing that default though his teammate downed him wasn’t his actual kill
The Ostrich Show
The Ostrich Show Hace 11 días
HollowKiller_TTV Hace 11 días
When the kid with the most wins is walking down the street
Cynark A
Cynark A Hace 11 días
Caption: Your neighbour when he comes over and notices you watching videos of yourself when you were younger.
Ari Camejo
Ari Camejo Hace 11 días
Rifty: 10:50 "I wish they would time travel us back." People how are watching this video in Season X: (*In Swedish accent*.) WHAT!!!!
Aiden Elliott
Aiden Elliott Hace 11 días
Caption: when you miss a scar and see someone else pick it up
Rifai Hace 11 días
caption: When dad says he comes home in 5 minutes
Lunaa Hace 11 días
Caption:When you get sent out of class and you look through the window at your best friend like
HRKING 1 Hace 11 días
That image looks like when his daughter is making love
The Oshawott Gamer
The Oshawott Gamer Hace 11 días
Caption: when you try to fart quietly but it ends up loud
Pichu Gamer679
Pichu Gamer679 Hace 11 días
3:29 you take my beans boy
Mr Corn
Mr Corn Hace 11 días
When fortnite WAS GOOD now its forttrash
Hack and Friends
Hack and Friends Hace 11 días
Almost to 1 mill EEEKKK
Nate Shalkon
Nate Shalkon Hace 11 días
Every body clam down
Jolley Unicorn
Jolley Unicorn Hace 11 días
Caption: When someone in your stream on Twitch see's you playing fortnite and surprise its a stream sniper
SoliD Ethxmatt
SoliD Ethxmatt Hace 11 días
When your spectating the guy who danced on u and he gets shreked by a mecha
Destiny Hace 11 días
7:41 Fifty predicts season X conspiracy
Carlito /czajnik
Carlito /czajnik Hace 11 días
Caption: yes
Avery Carson
Avery Carson Hace 12 días
Caption: when you see your mommy and daddy touching each other. You: can I join
yeeter_ 76
yeeter_ 76 Hace 12 días
When you pedifeleaic uncle watches you put in foot cream
PBOOMGaming Hace 12 días
Chandiddy played four games and had you as one of his only 2 kills
Jacob Maccan
Jacob Maccan Hace 12 días
when you fart in a grocery store and walk away but look back to see the destruction
Merio Man
Merio Man Hace 12 días
super_mg gamersss
super_mg gamersss Hace 12 días
Caption: its an idiot LOLOLOP
mkeventing Hace 12 días
caption: me after getting arrested and knowing it’s a two way mirror
IPlay 24/7
IPlay 24/7 Hace 12 días
Caption: when you try to talk in a group chat and people ignore you.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay Hace 12 días
Caption: When rifty sees a 3 years old video and says that a kid has his own kids now.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay Hace 12 días
Caption: When rifty tries to pickaxe someone.
Pebbles Productions
Pebbles Productions Hace 12 días
When cap seen carter
ItzEliboiz Gamer pro
ItzEliboiz Gamer pro Hace 12 días
When mom brings on the Oreos
Hazlear Terror
Hazlear Terror Hace 13 días
Is that Embear?
Lost Aminio
Lost Aminio Hace 13 días
LOL we have the same shoes
julian sosa
julian sosa Hace 13 días
caption: when you see a meach coming for you Rifty:
Megan Thomas
Megan Thomas Hace 13 días
Caption:spare coochi maym P.s I know im 3 weeks late
Bannana Hace 13 días
3:55 when you watching p*rn and the step brother peeps on his family
Bannana Hace 13 días
3:55 when you know your friend is gonna do something stupid
Scratched Trickshots
Scratched Trickshots Hace 13 días
Caption: when you finna third party but they both fall to there death in a fight like a complete dumb***!!
Hayden udell
Hayden udell Hace 13 días
In the future now they did it
Austin Taylor-bartsch
Austin Taylor-bartsch Hace 13 días
Caption: me going back in time just to watch 911 in person
over drive
over drive Hace 13 días
Humans create other religions god
Sacul Games
Sacul Games Hace 13 días
Caption: My Mom getting mad at my dad for drinkin all the beer when it was me
Guacomolo ricardo
Guacomolo ricardo Hace 13 días
Me when i see my mom play fortnite and raging!!! rwhieeee
Fortnite Builder
Fortnite Builder Hace 14 días
Whats riftys name?
Audbaii&UwUSunset Animations
Audbaii&UwUSunset Animations Hace 14 días
When you see your neighbors having-nvm
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