I reacted to my FIRST game of fortnite...

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Hace 6 meses

I reacted to my FIRST game of fortnite...
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Rifty Hace 6 meses
ngl after I changed my keybinds i'm just as bad now kmsmyself for a chance to be in next video drop a like & caption this! 3:29
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Hace 9 días
When u forget to grab ur pickaxe in fortnite
Braxton Hace 17 días
Luca Paglio2
Luca Paglio2 Hace 17 días
Caption: Sixnine be like
Yvng _
Yvng _ Hace 22 días
Maybe Fortnite
Maybe Fortnite Hace un día
Caption: When you see your mom make pizza rolls
Face Os
Face Os Hace un día
Caption: me watching my crush play fortnite
Laugh Ethicxc
Laugh Ethicxc Hace 2 días
Caption: when u caption something old
Liam PCK
Liam PCK Hace 2 días
Caption how I be staring at enemies from my 1 × 1 in fortnite
vivid Hace 3 días
I knew it was a thing since it first realised from fucking SSundee lol
SuperLaw3012 Hace 3 días
When ur the third wheel
Drake Cook
Drake Cook Hace 3 días
When you see a hot grl
warm drogon
warm drogon Hace 3 días
Were U playing with embar?
The Fight
The Fight Hace 6 días
That time you come back from the toilet and the toaster pops as soon as you arrive
Douglas stuffie
Douglas stuffie Hace 6 días
Caption: me when my mom is making pizza rolls in the room right next to me
Elmo but in Hell
Elmo but in Hell Hace 7 días
The Robo hoe
The Robo hoe Hace 8 días
I’m sorry rifty don’t beat me I’ll caption it
Mr YouTube 156
Mr YouTube 156 Hace 10 días
Caption......When your 6 months late but still enjoy it like its new
Les Thorpe
Les Thorpe Hace 10 días
When yo girl cheating
mysterious mango
mysterious mango Hace 11 días
Caption: when Karen doesn't let u in
mysterious mango
mysterious mango Hace 11 días
" Karen please let me in"
Emil Grov Fuglestrand
Emil Grov Fuglestrand Hace 11 días
no the old island just blipzz back to exisanse
Ruben Van Aardt
Ruben Van Aardt Hace 11 días
Caption=me wen I watch the guy who third partyd in the top 5
masqarii Hace 11 días
when you see your side winning the argument
Oo oof
Oo oof Hace 14 días
Me Watching Me Watching Me Watching Me Watching Me In An Endless Loop 3:49
シNico Hace 14 días
3:37 When you watch your dad wrestle your mom
Coen Alexander
Coen Alexander Hace 14 días
Gets caught lying
NoahPlayz Hace 15 días
I’m too scared not to like big bird scares the ish out off me so i had to like
Fe4ndres 18
Fe4ndres 18 Hace 15 días
Caption:when rifty demands u to caption this caption to caption this caption to caption e.x.e
The Pandamator
The Pandamator Hace 15 días
Caption : When your friend says they’ll give you $1,000,000 if you go to jail
Ambery Amber
Ambery Amber Hace 16 días
Caption:when u find out wwIII is happening butt realize that u arnt gonna be apart of it,
Harrison Psilomisis Borg
Harrison Psilomisis Borg Hace 16 días
13:50obviously a central intelligence reference
Kiwi N
Kiwi N Hace 17 días
Caption: Rifty/Cole’s Indian neighbor staring at him
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 14 días
Kiwi N I don’t think ur gonna get in the next vid..
noodle ninja58
noodle ninja58 Hace 17 días
Caption : when you crush is dating you bestfriend and you try to find you weakness
Big bird died so ha
DRMCx Mark Dunham
DRMCx Mark Dunham Hace 17 días
caption: when my least favorite office worker wins fortnite
Fl flames
Fl flames Hace 18 días
One day your gonna react to this
Matt Brown
Matt Brown Hace 18 días
Caption.,,.,,my neighbor looking through my window
Banjam Bear
Banjam Bear Hace 18 días
I just subbed
Galaxy_World Hace 19 días
Caption:When You See your Ex In Jail
Flower Wii
Flower Wii Hace 19 días
Caption: *when mom brings home food but nothing for you*
heirsh bhayani
heirsh bhayani Hace 19 días
caption me giving 1 last look to the satan doll i left in the church
Harry Godliman
Harry Godliman Hace 20 días
Darth kermit243
Darth kermit243 Hace 20 días
Watching your crush then them seeing you but it's too late
Andrew Dunham
Andrew Dunham Hace 20 días
Caption.Riftys Indian neighbor when he has the blinds open
JohnMason Halley
JohnMason Halley Hace 20 días
Caption: when your looking at your boss and his worker talking about firing you
Critical_kills 17
Critical_kills 17 Hace 20 días
epic adding mechs
Blue dolph
Blue dolph Hace 20 días
Caption: when you look out the window and see people kissing
Raid_ klan
Raid_ klan Hace 21 un día
Caption: when u see ur friend in the same trench in ww3
Naruto Uzumake
Naruto Uzumake Hace 21 un día
Caption: When your spying on your crush
Yokey vlogs
Yokey vlogs Hace 22 días
:caption looking through the window at a nice butty
William Gomes
William Gomes Hace 22 días
Wtf does caption mean
Emo Godd
Emo Godd Hace 22 días
Girls knees when they wear ripped pants
Lamborghini XX
Lamborghini XX Hace 22 días
He sees your soul
xd_tallcobra68 Hace 22 días
01:34 anyone notice he said Ethans ESwomen name bezhinga who’s part of the sidemen
AC_GAMER09 turtles
AC_GAMER09 turtles Hace 22 días
Caption: when youre mom sees you playing fortnite while youre grounded
AC_GAMER09 turtles
AC_GAMER09 turtles Hace 19 días
For one i didnt and two youre an ID10T
SteffanRD Hace 19 días
Talk about liking your own comment
Garrett Brewer
Garrett Brewer Hace 22 días
The face u make when ur best tool ur girl
infinite stone
infinite stone Hace 23 días
And i'm a big fan
infinite stone
infinite stone Hace 23 días
Hey you killed me in season 1 i was treesmokin thats crazy
Playz Arsenal
Playz Arsenal Hace 23 días
ok boomer
SLaP_ChoP SLAPCHOP Hace 23 días
Caption: me trying to scare my mom when I was four looking through the window, but caught the kwebbel-nut...bruh
ASAM_CM _ Hace 23 días
What are you talking about that was only like 2yrs ago , chillll
Gacha life is life
Gacha life is life Hace 20 días
Noemi Reyes
Noemi Reyes Hace 23 días
"Just give us are map back" fortnite-"So u want the black hole??"
Licario Playz
Licario Playz Hace 24 días
Caption: when ur in the top 10 in a solo and you’re camping in a one by one and hit someone for 70 with your scar.
Caitlynne Muy
Caitlynne Muy Hace 24 días
Caption:when you see food in the microwave at work
Im Trash
Im Trash Hace 24 días
Anyone else still watching in 2020?
pd Destroyer
pd Destroyer Hace 24 días
Na I want everything back
YEET 123
YEET 123 Hace 25 días
Caption when the cat died my dad cryed and he did not no it was me that killed it
Dancing Turtle 123
Dancing Turtle 123 Hace 25 días
Caption:15 year old me staring in a window at people having sex
Sucky Default
Sucky Default Hace 25 días
The first thing I did in 2020 was watch this 😂
Gub Web
Gub Web Hace 25 días
Caption: when you wach your mom make pizza rolls
NaKMg Hace 25 días
Caption: When you think Jim is messing with you
Jojo Ricci
Jojo Ricci Hace 25 días
When yr girlfriend walks in naked
Defunct Hace 25 días
The hell, Rifty practically guesses season x?
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