I PUT MY LITTLE BROTHER ON HIS FIRST DATE! **Jonathan & Sienna Finally Meet**

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I PUT MY LITTLE BROTHER ON HIS FIRST DATE! **Jonathan & Sienna Finally Meet**
Nick&Sienna - eswomen.com/women/UCj6iro4W3AhPsaNQ1T1fgzw
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If you read this far down the description I love you. You’re a real one.
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Zion Drake Milan
Zion Drake Milan Hace un hora
Looks like Jonthan has a girlfriend already 😏
Joseph Firoa
Joseph Firoa Hace un hora
This is to cute bruh im to shocked like this is the cutest date I have ever seen on ESwomen this is soooo 😍 😊
Joseph Firoa
Joseph Firoa Hace un hora
Me:u both have cute little holly souls💗💖 My sister:sHoW MeH PlZ My older brother:wait a minute is that dads phone bruh Me:shut up let me boi Me its trueeeee
suzana katsioni
suzana katsioni Hace 2 horas
Luxury 88
Luxury 88 Hace 3 horas
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
We Are The Bañacia’s
We Are The Bañacia’s Hace 3 horas
Why after serving a for someone trying when was a child and white
Miss Shah
Miss Shah Hace 3 horas
Lolz u can see they’re shy ❤️🥺ship aww
ken pham
ken pham Hace 3 horas
wow that best ESwomen just do it do it do it just do it oki
Adjaratou Seré
Adjaratou Seré Hace 4 horas
Blanca Osegueda
Blanca Osegueda Hace 4 horas
They grow so fast *sniffs*
Blanca Osegueda
Blanca Osegueda Hace 4 horas
*crying* oh
Blanca Osegueda
Blanca Osegueda Hace 5 horas
The ship has sailed
Giubel Padilla
Giubel Padilla Hace 5 horas
Que bonitotos🍰🕯️🎉🎁🎂🎈💝☺️😍
the gacha tub twins 가차 욕조 쌍둥이
the gacha tub twins 가차 욕조 쌍둥이 Hace 5 horas
This was the cutest and best friens ship ever😢😢😢am gonna die am cryinvgggv😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ALEXIS AND ELI Hace 5 horas
Who else notice that the word sienna's coming look like andy's coming hhahaha
mrtjohnson99 Hace 6 horas
I sHiP :)
UnstableJack YT
UnstableJack YT Hace 6 horas
When Jonathan beat the shit out of the bear made me laugh so hard
Jerome Aromin
Jerome Aromin Hace 6 horas
When i saw them hug i was like mdytetshdrhdbjdjdj!!!!! My mom:😳😳😳😳😐😑😶 what are u doing?
Keyla TheKeylola
Keyla TheKeylola Hace 6 horas
My 4 year old cousin had a crush on Jonathan and she was so sad when she saw this 😭
Zyonna Dancy
Zyonna Dancy Hace 6 horas
They just stole my heart 😍😘💖❤️
juan galindo
juan galindo Hace 7 horas
When he wasinst smileing: =-/. Him smiling and blushing inside☺️
Alexia Thomas
Alexia Thomas Hace 7 horas
He to your to have date
peachy hae 29
peachy hae 29 Hace 7 horas
Jonathan Alvarado
Jonathan Alvarado Hace 7 horas
He got a date before me 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Grace beatrix Rompas
Grace beatrix Rompas Hace 8 horas
Cutest thing i will always see
Zo Ripp
Zo Ripp Hace 8 horas
Poorboyo Hace 8 horas
Vasilisa Dragomir
Vasilisa Dragomir Hace 8 horas
I absolutly love how the friends are about this whole thing. its adorable.
Qien Deirdre Areola
Qien Deirdre Areola Hace 9 horas
Henritta Casey
Henritta Casey Hace 9 horas
Isn't that shirt a little......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣HAHAHAH NVM
Brandon Tait
Brandon Tait Hace 9 horas
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee Hace 10 horas
*plush toy sound*
Lady L
Lady L Hace 10 horas
Cute 💕
Catherine De castro
Catherine De castro Hace 10 horas
kaitelyn Sinoro
kaitelyn Sinoro Hace 10 horas
Awwwwwwwww cute
sara quiambao
sara quiambao Hace 10 horas
Amaya's prank Prinzess ballao
Amaya's prank Prinzess ballao Hace 10 horas
Uyyy sana all jonathan
Shavira Amalya
Shavira Amalya Hace 10 horas
Hai 🙂🙂🙂🙄😋😍🙂☺😋😊😍😘🙄
Jireh Gadong
Jireh Gadong Hace 11 horas
Laura True
Laura True Hace 11 horas
I love you
c o o l g a m e r
c o o l g a m e r Hace 11 horas
i love how he is soo cute and oml they look so cute together
Sindile Nero
Sindile Nero Hace 11 horas
Hi WOW Justmaiko So
Go Eunbi
Go Eunbi Hace 11 horas
Lol I have the app ring too and they are cute couple
Fanny Kaholongo
Fanny Kaholongo Hace 11 horas
Cute first date 😁😁🎉🎉😍💞💞💕💕☺️☺️☺️😋🌸🌸😘😘😊😊💓💓👌👌.
Jessie Ahpha
Jessie Ahpha Hace 11 horas
I think jonthan is just in love with the sour patch kids
Seth Owsley
Seth Owsley Hace 12 horas
So you a fan of juice world
Argentina Doves
Argentina Doves Hace 12 horas
So cute🥺
nookz alin
nookz alin Hace 12 horas
Zyna Oloyede
Zyna Oloyede Hace 12 horas
Fernanda vitoria
Fernanda vitoria Hace 12 horas
Será que só eu do Brasil estou assistindo e não estou entendendo nada
Baylie Finch
Baylie Finch Hace 12 horas
Look what it says on the back of Maikos shirt
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen Hace 13 horas
And the lil boy has a better bed than me..
Mary Holland
Mary Holland Hace 14 horas
Lozier Family
Lozier Family Hace 14 horas
Hes last face OMG that got me
Alexa Catalan
Alexa Catalan Hace 14 horas
Awwwwwwwww sooo cute
Alexa Catalan
Alexa Catalan Hace 14 horas
My heart literally fell out because of the video
Orain Richards
Orain Richards Hace 15 horas
This video is great 👍
iHustleMedia Promotions
iHustleMedia Promotions Hace 15 horas
have a good day bye
Aleesya Maisara
Aleesya Maisara Hace 15 horas
iHustleMedia Promotions
iHustleMedia Promotions Hace 15 horas
they look so cute
Daniel Raji
Daniel Raji Hace 15 horas
Jonathan and Siena are cut☺☺☺
Shaneka Millington
Shaneka Millington Hace 15 horas
I love you sexy boy I want kiss you
Brenda Nduku
Brenda Nduku Hace 15 horas
Awwwwww ......they grow up so fast 😭😭
Robmairi Paulino
Robmairi Paulino Hace 16 horas
Hayden Vlogs
Hayden Vlogs Hace 16 horas
so cute
Anetra Carter
Anetra Carter Hace 16 horas
Calesha Jeffery
Calesha Jeffery Hace 17 horas
That song make me 😂😂 lol
Max Beltrán
Max Beltrán Hace 17 horas
700 0000000 millon
Vilis Pared
Vilis Pared Hace 17 horas
Milagros Acosta
Milagros Acosta Hace 17 horas
Sofia Monroy
Sofia Monroy Hace 17 horas
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