I Played Minecraft on "Baby Mode" Difficulty...

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I Played Minecraft on "Baby Mode" Difficulty...
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Caitlin Sheldon
Caitlin Sheldon Hace 2 minutos
Ugh, omg I ate rotten flesh and it gave me hunger for thirty minutes again 🙄
Junior Cabasag
Junior Cabasag Hace 29 minutos
crazyspongegamez /
crazyspongegamez / Hace un hora
When you at the end and say no u the dragon will die
Skilled Pres
Skilled Pres Hace 6 horas
Me=2 years of Minecraft and already killed wither
Skilled Pres
Skilled Pres Hace 6 horas
And made a mansion
Elaine Venter
Elaine Venter Hace 7 horas
hay skeppy sub to fundy
Elaine Venter
Elaine Venter Hace 7 horas
hi hi
Annamation Hace 9 horas
Lol he should’ve researched
Skeppys kitty cat
Skeppys kitty cat Hace 13 horas
Skeppys kitty cat
Skeppys kitty cat Hace 13 horas
Plz like and reply
Skeppys kitty cat
Skeppys kitty cat Hace 13 horas
Skeppys kitty cat
Skeppys kitty cat Hace 13 horas
Sorry I never gotten any subs or likes or reply’s
BreadPlays Hace 14 horas
Emmanuel Cromwell
Emmanuel Cromwell Hace 16 horas
Play raid shadow legends lol
Oluwatoyin Ayandeji-Ojo
Oluwatoyin Ayandeji-Ojo Hace 16 horas
You could ask in chat whatever you wanted and you would get it
Anže Potočnik
Anže Potočnik Hace 17 horas
Why do you need armor for🤔🤔
Rhoy Bejasa
Rhoy Bejasa Hace 21 un hora
He din't say no you its easier you can do that whit the wither
Emily Lps b****
Emily Lps b**** Hace 21 un hora
When the dragon says “i Will destroy you” u can also just say “no I will destroy u!” And then it die
yu zhao
yu zhao Hace 22 horas
Why u lying skeppy I didn’t sub but I’m not a baby NOOB
Kate Redman
Kate Redman Hace 22 horas
Skeppy: like and sub or you baby Me: I wanna be a baby no school!
Guitar chicken
Guitar chicken Hace un día
Chitchat Kittycat
Chitchat Kittycat Hace un día
You should have said no y and the dragon would die
KAVYA SHAH Hace un día
Skeepy I love you
Justine Zeanreil Servilla
Justine Zeanreil Servilla Hace un día
He didn't chat no u cause it will kill it instantly LOL XD.
Ash Garringer
Ash Garringer Hace un día
he just had to type "can i have some blaze rods" & "can i have some ender pearls"
YandereChan Hace un día
did anyone notice that when you look at a mob and it disappears in the chat the mob says "nope"
Ashrafj979 Hace un día
He took 1 and a half hearts
Miauztra the kitty
Miauztra the kitty Hace un día
If skeppy 0_0 is garbage what am I then qwq
Miauztra the kitty
Miauztra the kitty Hace un día
I liked but I am still a baby cat qwq
Starri h
Starri h Hace un día
Fundy is so smart with all the new things he creates on minecraft. He did this baby mode btw.
smaragdchaos Hace un día
wonder if skeppy actually noticed he took damage in the ender dragon fight
Lanie Barone
Lanie Barone Hace un día
“Like and sub or become a baby” as if I wouldn’t love to immediately become an infant and start over my life
the amazing king
the amazing king Hace un día
I didn't press lije because i hate beening a teen 3 years later i am an adult i hate my life
Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy Hace un día
Ahh I cringed at the baby cry at the beginning 💀
Sprite The Last
Sprite The Last Hace un día
Julian Popkewitz
Julian Popkewitz Hace un día
Why are you so loud
Danyelo Alvarez
Danyelo Alvarez Hace un día
Skeppy :Zombie Zombie :nope
Luke Giblin
Luke Giblin Hace un día
You were ment to say no u to the ender dragon
Bushu Man
Bushu Man Hace 2 días
If you say no u to dragon or wither they will insta die watched fundys vid
A_Dumb_Red_Weeb QwQ
A_Dumb_Red_Weeb QwQ Hace 2 días
I already am baby tho
Yuki Keys
Yuki Keys Hace 2 días
George Anderson
George Anderson Hace 2 días
So you’re playing fundys version
Gaming Ninja
Gaming Ninja Hace 3 días
Guess what I did it 10 ha
Robo Noob
Robo Noob Hace 3 días
*sees video length 14 mins* 14
R_duski8 Roblox
R_duski8 Roblox Hace 3 días
Actually I wanna be baby
Marcellofp Hace 3 días
Hamoozy Lighting
Hamoozy Lighting Hace 3 días
ur the cry baby
Tech Lato
Tech Lato Hace 4 días
Mega is so fun :)!
Cristina Rivera
Cristina Rivera Hace 4 días
Skeppys voice is adorable
Nathan Montgomery
Nathan Montgomery Hace 4 días
you scream to much
terence martin
terence martin Hace 4 días
how do you download this?
Jorik De Vos
Jorik De Vos Hace 4 días
and type i will hef enderpeals ride now
Jorik De Vos
Jorik De Vos Hace 4 días
be the enderdragon you say no you than you kill him vaster
Bryce Farr
Bryce Farr Hace 4 días
gummy -gamer
gummy -gamer Hace 4 días
Just at the beginning PUT VOLUME 100% and LOL LISTEN TO THE BABY CRYING!
Raunak - Nandita Roy
Raunak - Nandita Roy Hace 4 días
To kill dragon you say no u to it
TurboSwitch Hace 4 días
no u
Nathanz Gaming
Nathanz Gaming Hace 4 días
I honestly think that instead of helping beginers, it will confuse them
Ice King 2.0
Ice King 2.0 Hace 5 días
Then you beat the game easier
Ice King 2.0
Ice King 2.0 Hace 5 días
I'd the dragon say 'i will destroy you' you say 'no u'
Peighton Childs
Peighton Childs Hace 5 días
Virtual Shockwave
Virtual Shockwave Hace 5 días
Mooncrift babl mode
JustArty Hace 5 días
i WiSh I hAd EnDeRpEaRlS!!1!1!1!ß?ß?ßß?
Kennedy DOINK
Kennedy DOINK Hace 5 días
How do you turn on this mode
Trnky Hace 5 días
you could try jump into the void of the end i guess?
olkface Hace 6 días
its for baby s
Birisu Andrei
Birisu Andrei Hace 6 días
13:35 "literally no damage done" well it's 3 hearts...that's something. Also you can fall in the void in the end, I wonder if that kills you.
Nathan Echavarria
Nathan Echavarria Hace 6 días
I liked and subbed, because my birthday was tomorrow...
Lewis Hayes
Lewis Hayes Hace 6 días
IS tomorrow
MY LIFE Hace 6 días
Just cause he wanted to be here :)
GlempsR6 Hace 6 días
anyone noticed it sounded like skeppy said the n word at 9:30
Lewis Hayes
Lewis Hayes Hace 6 días
I can’t unhear it now
Χρήστος Χαλάστρας
Χρήστος Χαλάστρας Hace 6 días
Go to the dragon again and bafore fight him say no u in baby mod and see
Gene Vlogs
Gene Vlogs Hace 6 días
12:51 say in chat "no u"
Khadijah Raza
Khadijah Raza Hace 6 días
Omy gosh
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